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Lindsey Patterson

The Many Benefits of Vitamin E

3 min read

Making sure that you are eating enough vitamins and minerals is something that is very important in order to live a healthy lifestyle. A great way for you to live a healthy lifestyle is by making sure that you are consuming enough vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to have very many positive benefits that can impact the way that you feel and the way that you live. Here are some benefits that come with consuming vitamin E.

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Everything You Need to Know 


1.) A great benefit that comes with vitamin E is that it helps to moisturize the skin. Moisturizing the skin is something that is important because the skin is the largest organ in the body. Making sure that it is hydrated and smoke and hope you feel a lot better about the way that you look in the way that you feel.


2.) Another great benefit that comes with vitamin E is that it is known to help heal the wounds. There have been many research studies done that have concluded that vitamin D supplements are great when it comes to promoting healing in the world. A great way for you to be able to consume vitamin E is by consuming products from the heal-n-soothe company. These products are known to have vitamin E and they will be able to help you heal muscles or any ones that you may have in the body.


3.) Vitamin E also prevents itchy skin and helps prevent skin cancer. In a recent study that was done, they were able to conclude that vitamin E can help prevent developing some sort of skin cancer. Usually, skin cancer develops when the individual is exposed to the sun without protection. It is always recommended that if you are going to be outdoors for a long period of time, that you are making sure that you are using sunblock. Sunblock has vitamin E and it is known to help protect your skin. If you suffer from a specific skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, putting vitamin E oil on your skin can make a huge difference. It can definitely help you feel less itchy and it can also help you from breaking out into hives. Having any type of skin condition can be hard to deal with.


4.) If you have a lot of scars on your skin, a great way to diminish the appearance of them is by using vitamin E oil. You will be able to find vitamin E oil in specific products that are related to skin care. For many people, having visible scars can be an insecurity and this is why taking the necessary steps to help them feel better is important. If you or someone you know is trying to get rid of scars, recommending them to use vitamin e oil can help them see the difference that they have been trying to achieve.


Taking care of your body and taking care of your skin are two very important things that are necessary if you were trying to feel better and look better. Vitamin E has many different benefits on the skin, and it can really help you alleviate any type of itching symptoms, eczema symptoms and psoriasis symptoms that you may be experiencing. It is recommended that you do your own research and that you consult with the doctor before you try out any products. 

Lindsey Patterson

5 Ways to Say "No" When Someone Wants to Borrow Your New Car

4 min read

A new car is something special, and if you're like most people, you'd be pretty hesitant to lend it to someone, even a close friend or family member. Thankfully, there are ways to say "no" when someone asks to borrow your car without appearing rude, ungrateful, or mean. Let's go over some of these ways to tell people that you don't want them borrowing your new car.


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1. Explain Why


One of the most powerful tricks in psychology is that of explaining your reasoning. This works both when trying to convince someone to do something, as well as when telling them why they can't do something. If you give someone a reason for what you're doing, they're nearly ten times as likely to comply.


In the case of someone wanting to borrow your Porsche, Toyota Tacoma, Crossover suv, or other vehicle, make sure you have a good reason to back up your decision not to let them. Think about it so that when the time comes your reasoning sounds legit, not like some made up answer off the top of your head. This should get them to stop bugging you about it.


2. The Insurance Excuse


Depending on how your insurance works, letting someone else borrow your car can be one of the worst decisions you could ever make. If your insurance doesn't cover the person asking to borrow your car, let them know that you simply aren't willing to take the risk. If they still nag you after telling them this, then you'll probably need to be more forceful with them.


If for some reason you're going to be riding with the other person when they want to borrow your car, they may use the excuse that if an accident happens that you can switch seats with them. This is a bad idea for many reasons, and may even constitute insurance fraud in some cases. In other words, don't do it.


3. Lend Them Money


This is a preemptive strategy but you'll find that it works wonders in your life when it comes to getting people to stop asking your for favors, including borrowing your car. Lend someone money, and if they don't pay it back, you don't owe them anything ever again. It's the perfect excuse.


Think about it. The next time someone asks to borrow your car and they still owe you money, just tell them that they still owe you, so you aren't going to loan them anything, not even your car. Just remember that they might get desperate and pay you back the money when they ask to borrow your car, so be ready with another excuse if this happens.


4. Be Prepared for Dirty Psychological Tactics


When people want something from you they will use all kinds of psychology to get it. Maybe they'll try and guilt you into loaning them your car, maybe they'll remind you of times they helped you in the past, or maybe they'll come up with some kind of sob story.


It doesn't matter. Don't let anyone trick you with all this psychology stuff. If you don't want to lend them your car, don't let any of this get to you. Even if you do owe the person for kindness they've shown you in the past, it doesn't mean that this is the way to repay them. Don't let anyone get in your head, it's your car and you don't have to loan it to anyone.


5. Be Assertive


Some people are really persistent when they want to borrow your car, and you have to get tough with them. Tell them firmly that you aren't loaning your car no matter what they say. If they won't back down, use more aggressive language, and tell them to cut it out. Let them know how annoying they're being, and tell them to stop bugging you. If that fails, raise your voice if you have to, and let them know that you're the boss when it comes to your car.


Don't Be Intimidated


In the end it's your car and you can do what you want with it. Just be aware that some people may attempt to intimidate you into letting you borrow it through emotional abuse, status, and other dirty tactics. Don't give in. Stay strong and remember that anyone who doesn't respect your decision not to loan your car isn't really your friend anyway.

Lindsey Patterson

How to Keep School Kids Safe and Happy

4 min read

School is definitely something that is very important for all children to be a part of and to attend on a day-to-day basis. However, not many students enjoy school, and some are not very happy to be a part of it. Here are some great ways that you can start implementing so that your child start incorporating more into the school environment.

How to keep school kids safe and happy all year long:

1.) A great way for you to start helping out your child in school has been making sure that you are a big part of their education. It is very important that you are involved in the child’s learning because this shows that you care about them and their educational goals. Great way for you to show your children that you are involved in their education is making sure that you are attending all meetings and conferences. If your child sees that you are involved in conferences or meetings, this can be a great way to help your child become more motivated, inspired and encouraged to do your best in school. This can also be a great way for you to get to know his or her classmates and his or her teachers. If you have a good relationship with your child’s teachers, this can be a great way for you guys to work as a team to help ensure that your child is up to date in their educational goals.

2.) Another great way for you to keep your child safe and happy in school has been making sure that You try your best to make sure that your child has everything that he or she needs for school. A great way to do this is by making a list of all of the necessities that your child with me throughout the school year. One very important thing that a lot of schools are starting to implement for school uniforms. Making sure that you find the correct boys school uniform can help ensure that your child feels better, safer and a lot more excited to attend school in the first place. It is also important for you to check in with the teachers to make sure that you get your child everything that he or she will need throughout the school year. Some of the most common types of tools back here she will be using or, for example, markers, crayons, scissors, pencils and paper as well.

3.) Being involved in your child’s school can also help you be more informed on the after school activities at the school has to offer. It is important that you know the interest in the dislike of your child. This will be able to help you better find an after school activity that your child would like to be a part of. If your child is part of an after school activity, he or she will start to feel a lot more excited attending school because they will be able to be a part of a group. Checking in with your child can also make a huge difference. It is important that you were taking the necessary amount of time to check in with your child one on one. During this time, you will be able to learn more about what your child likes and dislikes about attending school.

All of the above or grade methods and ways that you can help ensure that your child is safe and happy during school hours. School is definitely something that is very important for all children to attend and be a part of, and hoping to make the transition can be a great way to incorporate the school environment to your child.

Lindsey Patterson

Ways To Get Your Kids To Hang Out At Home

4 min read

There are different ways to get your kids to hang out at home. You can also talk to them about what they want to do while they are at home. Some weekends you can even let friends come over. With younger kids like my daughter who is only five, it's very easy. Now my son who is twelve that's a big difference. We talk about the things he wants to do at home. So we have set down and talked. He loves to have friends come over which that's fine with me. Which, I am very happy with that I would rather have my kids at home than anyplace else. This way, I know my kids are safe.


So if you're anything like me, then you want your kids to be at home where it is safe. When we have my son's friends over, we watch TV. We All love horror movies. It's so much fun to be in a room full of teenagers, and they get scared and scream. They are always coming back for more. They want to watch horror movies. We also pop our own homemade popcorn. They love our home theater screen size TV. It's better than going to the movies. When the kids get tired of popcorn then we will make our own homemade pizza. The kids who come over love the fact that we make our own homemade food. I also love the fact that I am saving money while my kids have a great time.


We will order pizza once every three months for something new and different. Even now that all the kids are teenagers they still love board games. Along with many other games. My daughter and I will play also. It's so funny when I wake up at two am and see the kids still playing. Then I'll ask would y'all like to play on the computer? Then everyone will rush to the computer room. Always look to the computer room. Always look to make sure they are age-appropriate. Never let them play any game other than there age. Always make sure that it's okay with the other moms as well. My son has one friend who's not allowed to play anything except for board games. His mom has never told me the reason why.


I always respect everyone, so I stick with that. This way, the kids are always allowed back to my home. If the kids are not playing on the computer, then they are on the Xbox. Inside mini golf is so much fun. And very cheap to make. You just use what you have. Everyone of my son's friends was shocked by that. I always pick the one in my bedroom to use for my golf course. My daughter picks her bedroom. She doesn't have to do anything because it already looks like a golf course.


My son and his friends pick the kitchen. Just so they can make an exploding volcano. But as I have said before it's cheap and so much fun. And we love bingo we make our own everything that we need. We don't use balls, we draw cards instead. We can't find the actual bingo game or even the set, so we made our own. It's still so much fun. I do try to stay away from video games some. I always win at bingo. The kids love to play, which makes me very happy. Hide and seek is so much fun for everyone. Even I play with the kids sometimes we will play outside. But the house has the best hiding places. My daughter loves to hide in the cabinets. My son loves to hide in the closet. I love to hide in the shower. My son's friends are really good at hide and seek they hide everywhere. They never hide in the same place. But it is very hard to find them at times. I'll get scared at times and tell them to come out, or you will be going home.

Lindsey Patterson

How You and Your Husband Can Work Out Together

4 min read

Living a healthy lifestyle, working out and making sure that your relationship with your husband is in good condition, are all very important priority in your life. It is not always easy to accomplish living a healthy lifestyle and balancing out a good relationship with your husband. However, you can do both at the same time following these tips and tricks listed below.


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Ways that you and your husband can work out together:


1.) A great way that you and your husband can work out together is like going for a walk at the park. Walking at the park can be very romantic, and it can be a great way for the both of you to get a good workout in. With our busy schedules, they can be very difficult to get a good workout in during the day. However, going on a walk at the park will be able to give you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your husband and also get a good workout in as well.

2.) Another great way that you and your husband can work out together is if you guys consider installing a pool in your own backyard. There are many swimming pool financing companies that you can ask for “if you were planning on installing and building a palling all backyard. If you have a pool in your own backyard, you and your husband will be able to spend some quality time with one another, get a good workout in, and create memories that you will have for the rest of your lives. It is always very important and highly recommended that the two of you were spending enough time with one another. Spending enough time with your husband can improve your communication, improve your relationship and it can also help you guys fall in love with each other even more. Researching and contacting swimming pool companies can be a great way for the two of you to get a better idea on how much it will cost to install a swimming pool in your backyard.

3.) Hiking together can also be a great way for you and your husband to exercise together. Hiking can be a very enjoyable activity because the two of you will be able to enjoy the amazing scenery, explore nature and be able to enjoy being in the outdoors all at the same time. Hi can you can also be a great way for the both of you to get away from the city and to enjoy the presence of one another instead. Most of the time, the city can absorb all of our day because there’s so many things that need to be accomplished and so many things that we need to get done during the day. Taking a small hiking trip with your husband can allow the both of you to work out together and spend some quality time with one another as well.

If you follow the tips and tricks listed above, you will immediately start seeing better results in a relationship. Communication is one of the biggest factors in maintaining a good relationship with your husband. Going on the dates listed above will help ensure that the two of you are spending good quality time with one another, and that the two of you are getting your workouts in as well. Having a good relationship with your husband is definitely something that is necessary in order to be happy with one another, and in order to teach your children a good example of how we could relationship should be.

Lindsey Patterson

How to Stay on Top of Cold Season

4 min read

If you have a large family, the cold season can definitely be overwhelming and stressful. During the cold season, it is very likely for you or one of your family members to experience flu like symptoms. Getting the flu is definitely something that is not very enjoyable, and it can be something very draining and exhausting as well. If you have a large family or if you have young children to look out for, here are some great ways for you to stay on top of the cold season.

Great ways to avoid getting sick during the cold season:

1. A great way for you to prevent getting sick during the cold season is by making sure that you are constantly washing your hands. If you live with a lot of family members, this is especially important because if one of you guys get sick, it can easily start to spread to the rest of the family members immediately. Making sure that you were constantly washing hands can be a great way for you to prevent getting any type of flu like symptoms around the household. When you wash your hands, you immediately started to kill the virus is in the germs that may be present in the area.


2. Another great way to stay on top of the cold season has been making sure that you are taking care of your body. It is very important for you to give your body the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins that it needs in order to remain healthy throughout the cool the time. A great way for you to make sure that your body is receiving all of the nutrients and minerals in order to remain healthy, it is by consuming products that are filled with vitamins and nutrients. You can find some of these products with a company called Le vel thrive. The bell for eight has been able to hold of millions of people all over the world. They offer different products such as body patches, capsules and also shakes that are very beneficial to living a healthier lifestyle. If you have further questions on the products that we offer, you can check out the Le-vel Thrive Reviews online were you will be able to get a better glimpse of how beneficial these products are, and the way that they have been able to help many people all over the world.


3. Making sure that you were constantly cleaning the household can also be a great way for you to prevent getting any type of flu like symptoms. During the cold, it is very likely that your children are around other students who have the flu. The flu to immediately start to spread, and this is why it is very important for you to make sure that the house is always clean, and free of any viruses or germs that may be present. The sooner that you were able to get rid of any germs or viruses, the better it will be for your entire family. Also, it is very important that you are giving your body the necessary amount of rent that it needs and deserves. The more that you rest, the stronger that you’re immune system will be. Your immune system needs to be strong and healthy in order to fight off any type of virus or infection that may be attacking your body.

Following the tip and the tricks listed above will definitely help you stay on top of the cold season. It is also going to help you and your family members avoid getting sick during the cold time.

Lindsey Patterson

6 Beauty Tips for Looking Your Best

4 min read

From the moment your alarm sounds, to the moment you fall asleep at night, there is something to be said about wanting to look your best. You can make excuses for not applying a little extra effort because you worked too many hours, you had a bad day, your children were not behaving themselves, but it doesn't take too much extra time, money, or effort. In this article, we will explore 6 different beauty tips for looking your best.

1. Skincare

It is important to first identify your skin type. Is it oily? Is it acne-prone? Combination? Sensitive? After a quick evaluation, decided on a cleanser, toner, serum, and a moisturizer. Finding 4 different products can sound a bit stressful, but you might actually have some of them lying around in your kitchen.


Did you know that raw honey acts as a natural antioxidant? Yes, you can pour a teaspoon of honey and mix it with your favorite essential oil for a healthy natural glow. Cinnamon-sugar scrubs also can be used for a natural face and body exfoliating treatment. That leftover yogurt you didn't finish at breakfast, simply rub it all over the face to reseal moisture back into the skin.

2. Hair care

Hair care is often times overlooked, especially when you are in a rush. Many will completely go without washing and conditioning their hair, and simply put the hair in a bun, or put on a hat. There are quick and easy steps you can follow to ensure your hair is kept healthy and clean.


There are a plethora of dry shampoo aerosols, and lightweight conditioning serums. After brushing your teeth and prepping your face in the morning, a few minutes of applying a dry shampoo and moisturizing serum will revive the life in your hair. If you have a busy schedule, these 2 simple steps are especially made perfect for you.


3. Body care

Exfoliating dead skin cells and applying a thick moisturizer can keep your skin shiny and with a natural glow. In the summer months, a thick moisturizer would not necessarily be needed but do not go slacking on your exfoliating treatments. Just like mentioned above in the skincare section, you can D.I.Y your own exfoliating treatment.


Prepping your body before you go to bed is paramount for the best body care results. Lathering on your favorite moisturizer will soak into the skin, cutting down your morning regimen. If you have severely damaged or cracked skin, try using a moisturizer that has healing properties.


4. Staying hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated will allow your body to flush out all unwanted toxins. Simply carrying a on-the-go water bottle, or setting reminders on your cellular device are ways to stay on track. Hydrating the inside of your body will show in a vibrant way on the outside.


5. Food choices

Grabbing a bag of salty chips, or sweet candy is quite easy to do when you are in a hurry and trying to settle your cravings. Opting for healthier food and snack options like green vegetables, carrots, hummus, and naturally sweetened granola will not only settle your cravings (believe it or not), but will boost your energy through the day.


6. Experimenting/Staying positive

If you are still unsure what beauty or skin hacks work for you, try scheduling a full day to experiment. This way, you can find out what is best for you. Keeping a positive attitude is also very important when you want to look your best. Make a conscious effort to maintain positive energy throughout your day.


With all of the quick tips to look and feel your best, hopefully you found something that is right for you. Le-Vel Thrive products are also an easy approach to achieving your overall health and wellness. Be good to yourself, and happy self-care!

Lindsey Patterson

Why a Business Should Utilize Data Analytics

4 min read

As a business owner, we are always trying to find new ways to improve and create more profits. Being able to take a step back and really get a good picture of where the business is and where it's headed can be tricky without using the right tools. In the 1940's, Governments and companies started to use predictive analytics. Prior to this, it was more of a guessing game of what the next week, month, or even year would bring as far as the business's success. Not being able to predict or explore other options to grow, has caused a lot of companies to come at a stalling point and eventually closing down.



What is Data Analysis?


This process is done by taking particular information and either inspecting, transforming, or even modeling the information to come up with a logical conclusion. Data analysis is very vital to a business. It helps support important decision- making steps to help improve one's business. If you own a business and would like to know where the company is at the moment and where it is headed, this would be one of the best ways to do it. There are several different ways to gather important information, some could be surveys or just by collecting numbers on the consumer population you serve. Being able to predict or explore options is a must for a business. For instance, You are a beauty supply vendor and you want to get a good idea of what population your business is catering to the most and what your chances are to branch out to different populations. This process has become easier because of the software that was created to help make this a smoother process.


What is Data Analysis Software and How It Is Used


You might be wondering what is data analysis software. This has been a leverage for companies to use for years to overall benefit the business. There are several different types of software, that include ECG, EEG, and Physiology software. Choosing the right one depends on what exactly the company is looking for. Time is money so you do not want to waste time on useless information. With almost everything being online, using a data analysis can help the business figure out if promoting and selling products online would be more profitable and if it will even work. Using data analysis can help the business to know: where, how, and when to promote whatever it is they are offering. 


Data analysis also comes in the form of social media now. You are able to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms can provide statics for you as well, by showing you how many people you have actually reached. You are able to see what age groups your company has catered to the most. It is very endless on what you can use the data analysis software for. Some businesses use it for salaries, skills, and new inventions. It is more than just producing numbers and putting things into graphs. With the many trend and consumer behavior changes, it is always good to try to stay within those changes. Don't get me wrong!, you can pretty much keep up with everything just by staying in the loop with social media. In order to view everything as far as a business standpoint, it is always still good to keep data analysis on things. Social media can only let you see things from a one-sided view. Remember, using data analysis software can help you make better predictions, that way the business can also focus on the future versus the "now" factors.


Lindsey Patterson

How to Afford a Brand New Vehicle

4 min read



Every year car manufacturers are coming out with the latest and greatest in car technology. From cars that connect with Alexa to cars that drive themselves there is always something new and cool on the market. But these cars are expensive and along with that they cost lots of money to pay taxes and plates on every year. Many people still can afford and choose to drive these amazing self driving or alexa connected expensive vehicles. How do they do they afford it? It is actually a lot easier to afford a brand new vehicle than you would think!

Drive Pre-Owned

There are a lot of people who choose to drive vehicles for only one or two years before they trade them in for a newer model. These cars still have lots of life left in them just waiting for someone to drive them. Also, the technology in a one or two year old car is still up to date and cool. The other benefit to driving pre owned vehicles is that a lot of the bugs of the brand new car have been worked out. Although engineers do their best to develop perfect driving cars, there often are bugs that are unforeseen. This is the point of car recalls. Therefore, driving a little older vehicles allows these bugs to be worked out and the recalls to be completed before you have to deal with them.


Save your Pennies

Another option to affording a brand new car is to save your pennies and just pay cash. Buy a clunker, eat a packed lunch and save all of your extra dollars every month. Then save up a decent down payment or just buy a car cash. The other benefits to this is that you don’t have an expensive monthly payment for six years. You can save those extra money every month for your taxes and insurance. We all know that a more expensive car means more expensive taxes and more expensive insurance! By saving up your money, instead of getting a loan, that opens the door for you to buy any car you want to as long as you have the cash for it!


Buy an Inexpensive Vehicle

Although there are thousands and thousands of different cars on the market, they can be narrowed down to three main categories, trucks, sedans and suvs. Trucks and suvs can be the most expensive cars especially brand new on the market, however, you can get various brand new foriegn sedan style cars for pennies in comparison. Some cars are listed brand new and under 10,000 dollars. However, a brand new, relatively inexpensive foriegn car is more likely to run in the 10,000 to 20,000 dollar range. However, that is still really cheap and affordable in comparison to a brand new truck or suv. Also, these smaller, foreign cars tend to be cheaper to maintain, cheaper to put plates and pay taxes on and cheaper to insure. Therefore, all around a much better deal. So if you are in the market for a new sedan style car and are hoping for brand new, consider a foriegn brand such as toyota.



In the end, driving a brand new car may not be as out of your reach as you first assumed. Brand new foreign brand cars can be fairly inexpensive and in your reach. Also, putting down a large down payment or just paying cash for a car can help cut down on the major overhead expense of doing a down payment. Also, driving a pre owned vehicle that is only one or two years old can still give you the experience of a nearly brand new nice car but without the expense of a brand new car. Besides, you will also spend less time in the shop with recalls when you purchase an older vehicle!


Lindsey Patterson

The Basics of Decryption

4 min read

In the world of technology and security, there have been many changes that are always constantly going on in the world. Decryption is one of the important aspects of providing security to the users. By decryption what is meant is to decode an encrypted data that has been sent securely so only the person that is ended to gets the data decrypted. Encryption and decryption are common methods that are used to provide security to users. In this article, a basic guideline is provided to make the readers with the technologies that are involved with decryption and to list out the uses of decryption.


In making sure that your data is transferred to the users securely the first thing that is needed to be made sure that the data that is to be transmitted is encrypted. Encryption is to break down the data into bits and change it with algorithms and sequences that would be unreadable for any normal person. In simple words, the data is ciphered and changed so it becomes of no use to anyone in that format. So even if the data is hacked during the transmission, the hacker would be able to obtain any information for the data.

Decipher Key

To decrypt the data a decipher key is needed. Without this key, the encrypted data cannot be decrypted. When a website is secured by SSL what it means is the data would be encrypted to provide security to the users. If you are thinking about what is SSL, then it stands for a secure socket layer and it can be used for providing authentication and encryption on a website. The decipher key is enabled only on the recipient's end so when a data is transmitted to the recipient only on that end the data would be decrypted. There are many kinds of deciphering keys that are available to make the system secure. Often multiple keys are used to make the system more secure so if even the hacker can get one algorithm he still would have to struggle to find the other keys. One of the most common decryption keys is the public key. There are also private keys that are more secure. There are also symmetric keys that provide only one pair of algorithms. There are asymmetric keys that have two layers of encryption to provide more advanced security to the users. Another type of key is the pre-shared key that is shared with both parties to add an extra layer of security.


The method of decryption works after identifying the recipient. This process is called authentication when the recipient is verified. After verifying the recipient the data is decrypted for only the recipient to be able to read in the format which was sent by the sender. Authentication is an important part of the whole process of encrypting and decrypting data. To make the system safe and secure multiple factors of authentication could be ensured in the backend.

Use of decryption

The use of decryption is fairly simple to recognize. With numerous hackers lurking around on the website to extract the precious data from the website decryption provides a secure method of receiving the data from the sender. There are now more modern encryption methods that can make the system much safer for users.

Some common encryption and decryption methods

There are many methods that are popular when it comes to encrypting and decrypting data. One of the most common ones is Triple DES which was reliable at a time but now many hackers have figured out the way to defeat it. Another encryption technique is the RSA encryption that provides better encryption to the system. Unlike Triple DES it takes a lot of time for any hacker to break the algorithm and within that time the system can detect the security threat.