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Lindsey Patterson

5 Ways to Give Your Entryway That 'Wow' Factor

3 min read

When it comes to your home, the prime "first impression zone" is your entryway or foyer. If you honestly look at your home's entryway and don't have pleasant, welcoming thoughts, assume guests coming into your living space won't either – even if they don't say so out loud. However, if you make an effort to give your entryway more of a "wow" factor you'll absolutely be making the right kind of first impression when company comes knocking. Here are five tips to help you get started.


1. Brighten Things Up


What's the point of sprucing up an entryway if there's not enough illumination to really make it eye-catching? If you have a foyer that's dark, a quick and affordable way to liven it up is with creative lighting. Chandeliers or pendant lights, for example, provide a touch of elegance. Lantern-style pendant lights are especially pleasing if you want to create an instant focal point within your home's main entrance point.


2. Provide a Place to Park It


Make your entryway more inviting by strategically placing some seating options within this space. There are plenty of small chairs or padded bench-style seats that could fit perfectly in a foyer. Go a bit further and match your seating pieces with the furniture that's in your living room. The coordination will create a more even flow from your home's entrance to the rest of its interior features.


3. Add Some Pizzazz to Your Walls


There's only so much space to work with in a typical entryway, so turn your attention to the walls! If you are really limited on space and light, mirrors can create the illusion of a larger entrance area while also reflecting natural light from nearby windows. Entryway walls also become less boring with wallpaper or contrasting colors if you prefer paint instead. Another option is to use one of your foyer's walls as an accent wall. Possibilities include a single huge painting or mural and unique textures like stone or wood.


4. Transform Your Entryway into a Mudroom


Create an entryway that's functional and visually appealing at the same time by turning it into a mudroom. This is a great option if you live in an area with a lot of rain or snow. Plus, your guests will appreciate having a neat, orderly place to put their coats, boats, umbrellas, shoes, and other outdoor accessories when they enter your home. And you'll appreciate not having mud, dirt, and other icky stuff tracked into the nicer parts of your home!


5. Don't Forget Your Exteriors


No matter how much your spruced up entryway rocks it's not going to have that full "wow" factor if the area immediately outside isn't all that impressive. So, consider investing in some landscape updates, especially if there are obvious issues you've been meaning to get around to. Even being more mindful of lawn weed control and routine yard maintenance can make a big difference. Speaking of adjacent areas, don't forget your patio or porch either!


What's great about entryway updates like the ones discussed here is the ability to make either minor or major spruces based on what's right for your budget and immediate needs or preferences. You can even spread your updates out over time if you want to go at a more casual pace.

Lindsey Patterson

Small touches that will make your living room look 100 times better

3 min read

Sometimes making your room to be pleasing as well as decorating it might be a bit challenging when you are having a planned budget. Considering the size of your living room can be one of your big problems when it comes to decoration. The living room is always an accommodation area for family and friends. Thus, it needs to be well organized and pleasing. Irrespective of the design, you have to consider what you are sure of, you do not want to load the living room with abundant equipment or ornaments. There are several things to choose such as


1. Wall Paints


Is very important to make the right choice when it comes to the color selection of paint to use in your living room. These are due to decorations; the theme to be used depends on it.


The kind of color you prefer for your sitting room walls will have much with all your essential decorations, their color palette or the décor theme has to be centered off on it. If you want to enlarge the size of your guest living room perceivably, use shadows and paint in bright colors. For those who don’t like white colors is helpful to use gray, pale brownish, cream, or modesty color. These colors are pleasing, bright, open, and decidedly cooler to ornament with all other items inside the room. For example, in case you decide to use a pale-brownish picture, the color of the decorations might be neutral distinctions. As kind of a pale pink coffee table, melodramatic coffered sofas or cream mat. Such a combination will enhance alteration to your living room.


2. Throw cushion/pillow


Simply, a pillow can be the best decorative accessory you can go for. Cozy, well-designed, they can animate up your living room as well as your sofa. Depending on the colors of the furniture or walls, there is an extensive variety of patterns, colors, and texture that you can fall for.


Large gold and red pillows for the green couch


In case you are not pleased with one color, you can mix different colors to match with your seats. For instance, if in your room you have a grey couch with grey or white cushions, add a few orange cushions for a fiery and bouncy touch. Size of the Fittings is determined by the size of the apartment.


Decide on furniture in relation on the size of your living room. In reality large sofa has more comfort compared to sized ones, so it’s wise to select a more compact model that does not require a huge space. The same imperative goes for a coffee table or shelving units. If you need to revive your room with inexpensive and elegant pieces of furniture, choosing Leeks can enable one to achieve a good design. These provides one with a smart & stylish design items and any other thing you may need to design your room. Area rugs can really transform a space. Room mats help ground furniture arrangements, define rooms, and add more interest to an area,

4. Chandeliers


Modern and old-fashioned, lampshades are the most fashionable items of your living room that will enhance an elusive and fairy warmth sensation inside the room. Moreover, designers says that local lighting does wonders. Consequently, do not vacillate to use lamps, candles and spotlights.

Lindsey Patterson

The Essentials for Running a Parade

3 min read

A parade is usually a group of individuals that are organized move forward in a procession style format. The parade can consist of floats, balloons, marching bands and more. As the procession moves down its route, the route is usually made so that those interested in watching the parade can line up along the route and watch as the parade moves on. Parades can range from small processions to elaborate and illustrious themes with ticker-tape and more.


Why We Like Parades


Parades are like a moving party, and everyone likes a party. A parade can be used to market, celebrate, or inform those that attend. There are many different types of parades that are parades to inform us on topics of interest, such as civil rights. Most parades however, are for marketing a product or for celebrating a cause; such as Pride, Techno, or Victory parades. Overall, parades have been means to get people together and enjoy the moving party that is visually stunning to all that attend.


Deciding on the Type of Parade to Run


Just like with any festivities or parties, you must decide on a theme or showcase the importance of the gathering; the same is true for a parade. It is during this stage of planning you have to decide on colors, incorporating floats, marching bands, and etc. So depending on what you are trying to showcase will determine what theme and other necessities you will need for your parade.


The next step, after deciding on a theme, is to decide on the scale of parade you want to run. Do you want a parade that is small and more intimate for the viewers or a large and elaborate parade with multiple cars and sedan, mega floats, and lots of balloons? Are you creating this parade for section of the town or for the entire city. Sounds like a lot, but it is definitely an intricate part of the planning.


Once you have your theme and size narrowed down, you will need to decide on a time for your parade. Timing is everything for a parade, you want to make sure that you get the most viewers and that the weather is in cooperation. The best thing to do is decide on the day of the week, most parades happen over the weekend; this will guarantee a good amount of attendees. Also, what time of the day is important as well, morning and afternoon parades seem to do fairly well compared to those in the evening.


There are many more things you need for planning your parade. From budgeting to rules and guidelines, planning a parade takes time and effort. The best and most important tip, is to plan ahead. Make sure to take the time to plan for the parade at least a few months before the show. Planning ahead will give you the time you need for getting permits, marketing your parade to the public, and creating an overall great experience for those attending.

Lindsey Patterson

Different Ways To Increase Your New Home's Value

3 min read

So you just bought a brand new house. You walk into the backyard and see a clean slate to build your paradise. Often times you consider which trees, shrubs, and flower beds to plant; but seldom do you consider having a swimming pool installed. More than likely this is because you have just invested so much money into your home loan. However, if you consider a pool loan you will spend countless hours of enjoyment with your family for years to come.

Just imagine the pool parties, cookouts, and low impact exercise you will now have access to. With a pool in your backyard you can rest assure your children will get plenty of exercise while they stay cool in the hot summer months. You will also have the comfort of knowing where they are more often than not.


Outdoor Spaces

With all of the health benefits that come with a pool it is a great option to invest into an aquatic therapy system, also known as a swimming pool. Aerobics and cardio work have never been so enjoyable. You do not want to miss the ability to increase your flexibility, or simply avoid the exercises altogether. So instead of making an excuse about how you just can not afford that new pool, consider the many benefits of having one instead.

With so many options in regards to swimming pools the hardest part will be deciding if you want an exotic getaway feel versus a spa themed pool. You will also have to decide which accessories you are interested in such as a diving board, slide, or even a waterfall. Not only will you increase your health while reducing stress, but you will also enjoy better balance and endurance as long as you use your pool regularly.

There really is no need to wait any longer to repair your health, shed a few pounds, and boost your financial investment. It has been proven that houses with swimming pools sell for higher values on the market. When you install a pool in the backyard of your new home you can rest assure you have increased the return you will receive when you finally decide to sell.



Obviously you will not be selling your home considering it is brand new. This allows for many years of great memories with friends, family, and neighbors. There is no reason to endure the hot summer months when all you simply need to do is contact a reputable pool builder to help install your new pool. This installation will be the second best investment you made considering buying your new home was the first.

Now all you have left to do is add your outdoor lawn furniture, pop up your umbrella, and relax by the refreshing waters of your new swimming pool. Everyone in the family will thank you for the ability to live a happier, healthier, and cooler life. Do not let another day go by feeling stressed, exhausted, and achy. Especially when the fix is as simple as calling a local pool installer to help you with your pool installation needs.

Lindsey Patterson

5 things every woman in tech should know about their industry

4 min read

It is not a very well known fact that the first coders were women. Though it took a lot of time now women are developers, team leaders and, even CEO in the tech industry. It cannot be set that there is equality but the future is promising.


Be Confident

Since the number of women in the tech industry are few, it is very common to be the only woman in a board meeting. Some might try to steal your clients and that can make you act aggressively. In such a scenario, doing nothing makes you look weak while being aggressive about it makes you look overly sensitive. This kind of situation can be handled tactfully and without being aggressive if you could tactfully handle the situation explaining to the clients that why you are the better choice. You should be confident in your salary as well. Many women don’t ask for a raise, and they don’t negotiate on their base salary either. One thing you can do to make up for this is to create a plan to get a better pay within the next 6 months, and also open up a self directed 401k to save some of that money for important life events like having a child or buying a home.


Thinking Big

It can be daunting for any coder, particularly a woman, to think of her own startup. In case of pitching to investors, you can really get hung up on the current reality, and not let your visions speak for you. It is common to be analytical about the situation but in tech, it can be advantageous to pitch yourself as someone who likes to take risks.


Improving Your Skill Sets

It is important for any person particularly women in tech to keep improving their skills constantly. The skills requirement in IT is ever-changing and volatile. Thus it is good to keep learning the latest and advance technology. For instance, a networking specialist should know all the latest networking security trends, network management, data backup techniques, data security measures. It can be a good idea to keep learning from someone who is 10 years ahead of you. Finding a mentor can be an advantage that can separate you from other coders, it technicians and analysts.


Make A Group

For a woman in IT, it is crucial to find other women who are dealing with the troubles she is. Women helping women have been the success story of many female CEOs in the tech industry today. It is essential to form groups and allies that can look out for you, teach you more, provide growth opportunities for you. It can be easier to look up to a woman as a mentor as she might have already faced the situation that you are in and can be more helpful.


Under-promise And Over-deliver

It is wise to not promise much to clients but try to do more than you promised them. This builds trust for you among the clients. For a woman, this strategy can be more helpful as they have to constantly prove that they can be capable leaders someday. When you under promise a client and at the time of delivery surprise them with more features it will win you the trust and confidence of the clients. You might be preferred by the clients more and this is likely will increase your orders. The client recommendation and reviews would get you more reviews that will help in the growth of your business.

Though it can be tough for a woman in the IT industry yet times are changing. We can expect more women leaders in the IT industry in the future who are skilled and competent.

Lindsey Patterson

Bringing the Spa to You, Simple Ways to Have Your Spa Day at Home

3 min read

Everyone loves feeling pampered and pretty. Not to mention the relaxing benefits of going to the spa. But not all of us can go out and have a luxury spa experience. Whether it’s time, money, or other reasons, it’s just not feasible. So what do we do when we need that relaxing and rejuvenating trip to the spa? There are great simple and cheaper ways to get your spa day in.


Set the mood

Get a hot bath going. Give your bathroom a relaxing feel by turning off the lights and lighting some candles. Bonus if they smell good or you have aromatherapy candles. Turn off your phone. Turning off your phone is surprisingly freeing. No one can interrupt your relaxation. Pick your favorite soft music. If you aren’t sure what type of music to listen to search online for music to accompany meditation or yoga. Or if you enjoy reading but are worried about dropping the book in the bath, you could find a nice audio book. There’s also the option of listening to rain or other nature sounds. If you need your phone for music, download the music and then put your phone on airplane mode.


Do your own treatments

Add a bath bomb, essential oils or other natural remedies to your bath. Bubble bath can add some fun to your spa day, or add some rose petals if you want a different feel. If you are really in need of some pain relief try supplements such as heal-and-soothe before the usual ibuprofen. Apply an egg mask or other home treatment to your hair. If you have a store bought face masks, go for it. Otherwise you can make your own. Pluck your eyebrows, and give yourself a manicure/pedicure. You can also try a facial steam. Follow that by moisturizing and gently massaging your face. Exfoliate, and shave if you want.


Pamper yourself

Throw your towel in the dryer for a few minutes before getting in the bath. The warm towel will feel amazing. Or have a nice soft robe ready for you. Make yourself some tea or lemon water. After getting out of the bath is a great time to read a book with your tea. If you have a heating pad or other warming device, put it in your bed before you get in the bath. That way you have somewhere warm to go when you’re done. If you feel like it, put on your make-up. Do whatever it is you do to feel gorgeous and confident.


Take time to just be you

You deserve to rest and relax. Not only is it good for your health, it will relieve stress and give you new vigor in life. You will find yourself much more ready to work hard after a good spa day. Not to mention the benefits of having some time to destress. So, pamper yourself, make yourself look good! Put some cucumbers over your eyes and take some time to just be yourself.

Lindsey Patterson

Why I sold my car to start my business

3 min read

Sometimes starting a business can be very challenging. It takes a lot of time, research, and money to start your own business. Do whatever is necessary to start your business if this is what you want. I would do whatever I needed to do to start my own business, even if it meant selling my car.


I own two businesses

Starting my own business was important to me. There are many businesses that you can start depending on what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. I know this because I also have 2 businesses that I own. I have a real estate business and I have a mortgage business. I like to help people find homes and provide financing for them for those homes. I have owned my own business for many years and it has provided me a great way to live. I also do other things in addition to owning my business such as writing.


You can get a business loan also

There are several ways to go about starting a business if you do not want to sell your car or home. You can go to a bank and get a loan. This is also a good way to start a business. If you don’t want to get a business loan, selling your car is a great idea.


Owning a business is very gratifying

Owning a business is very gratifying. You can make your own hours and work on your own time. This is great if you have children or if you just like the flexibility of having your own time. You can work when you want when you own a business and you can choose to work whatever days you like.


Owning your business takes a lot of hard work

Owning your own business requires a lot of time but it is worth it because you will reap the rewards from your hard work of owning your own business. There are lots of online businesses you can start as well that are very lucrative and do not take very much time or money to start. This is called e-commerce. There are many e-commerce businesses that you can start for a very small amount of money that you have to invest. You can also use different platforms to advertise your business if you have an online business. These platforms include Amazon, eBay, or Shopify, although there are many others as well.


Time flexibility

Owning your own business also allows you the flexibility to spend time with your family whenever you want because you have your own time and do not have to go to work or be regulated by certain hours. This is great because it allows you a lot of freedom to do things you enjoy. Owning your own business requires that you sometimes put in a lot of hours but this is fine as long as you’re doing something that you enjoy.


Find a way

If you have a strong desire to own your own business then you will find the funds necessary to start your business even if it means selling your car. But if you do not have a car to sell you can get a business loan as well to start your own business.

Lindsey Patterson

Putting Together Fun Ways to Enjoy Summer

3 min read

If you live somewhere interesting, your town can be the source of fun summertime activities. This may include places such as Orlando, Atlanta, San Francisco or Las Vegas. But say you don’t live in any of those places, then create your own ways to have an enjoyable summer. Is there a spot in your city that you’ve always wanted to explore, but haven’t? Since there’s no more worrying about preparing school lunches or frigid temperatures spoiling your downtime, get ready to grill. Kamado grills can take the ‘ordinary” out of any meal. Plop on some chicken thighs or pile on shrimp and bountiful summer veggies, whatever you prefer. Just know that delectable delights await to soothe your taste buds. Besides getting your “grilling on,” you can take advantage of longer hours of sunlight.


Rather than cram everything into one group, this article will provide a brief rundown of five ways to get more kick out of your summer.


  • Browse your local community

  • Plan a camping trip

  • Go fishing, snorkeling, and beaching

  • Invite neighbors, friends, and acquaintances over for a backyard grill-fest

  • Turn your backyard into a meditation garden project


Browse Your Local Community


Now, for the rundown on a few of the activities. Browse your local community in a way you've never considered before. Play like a kid in the park or if you have children, play a game of tennis or soccer in the park with them and their friends. Invite other parents and adults for a potluck luncheon, after the game. Offer small prizes for the winners and prepare special snacks such as fried pickles or Cuban sandwiches. Make the entire day about rediscovering childlike wonder.


Don’t stop there, visit historic landmarks in town or plan a trip to the local history museum or visit a nearby wildlife reserve. Outdoor activities are a great way to enjoy nature, grill and eat lots of good picnic or finger foods.


Plan a Camping Day Trip


Who says camping has to be a nighttime activity? It doesn’t have to involve going anywhere, you can pitch a tent right in the backyard or go to a nearby camping destination. Either way, day camping is an excellent way to relax, catch up on the summer reading list, listen to music or just enjoy life. You can drink alcoholic beverages, without worrying about driving, just dive into the sleeping bag for a quick nap, when you feel like it.


Whether you’re empty nesters, a family or a single person, day camping combines the best of all worlds. Make steak kabobs and grilled vegetables for lunch and pour hot chocolate and smores when the sun sets. At the end of time, if you’re backyard camping use a sheet to watch a movie when night falls or invite your friends for a day camping breakfast buffet, roughing it style.




Whatever you usually do in the summer, don’t do it. Instead, switch to a new activity for a more enjoyable summer. But whatever you do, resist the urge to watch television, use electronic devices for web surfing or sit still in one spot for too long.

Lindsey Patterson

What to expect when you start studying web development

3 min read

What do you would like to know in arrange to effectively arrive a role as a junior designer? Would you like a Computer Science degree? What programming dialects ought to you know? There is a part of struggle suppositions on these matters. There’s a clear list of web improvement aptitudes you’ll have to learn, and once you have got those it’s one of the least demanding entry-level tech parts to arrive since the industry regularly enlists designers based on their portfolio and code, no past work encounter.


Life of a web developer

Web improvement is the method of taking the plans and formats made by web creators, at that point coding them into live, working websites. Web engineers, too called software engineers, are the individuals who do it. Most individuals have a difficult time when it comes to recognizing web advancement and web plan. These two relates, yes, but after you see closer they are different. Web plan includes the creation of the interface. Anything the client sees when it comes to your site and clicks on, that's web plan. A web creator fundamentally makes the site look great to the eyes, he is dependable for the colors, format, and text style on the website. In terms of what this really looks like, web improvement can be broken down into three common categories: Front Conclusion Web Engineers, Back Conclusion Web Engineers, Full Stack Web Designers.


Really need to know

Firstly you have to go through a web developer bootcamp. Presently that you simply have a thought of what web designers do, let’s see at the center aptitudes they utilize to do it. JavaScript HTML & CSS ,CSS Preprocessors,Responsive Design ,AngularJS ,Design Patterns ,Git ,NodeJS, and Task Runners. If you'll choose up a book on the language and you know at slightest something approximately every chapter heading and subheading within the book, you’re doing okay. I know senior designers who likely couldn’t do that. Once you peruse the rest of these focuses you might get it why.


How to Learn Those Skills

Presently simply have thought of the kind of aptitudes it takes to work as a web designer, you’re likely pondering HOW to really begin learning these aptitudes. And, based on the kind of questions we get from planned understudies, you can be letting a few biased ideas donate you unnecessary anxiety on the subject. In expansion to basically needing to know where and how to memorize tech abilities, newcomers to tech are often stressed that learning these abilities will: Take as well long, Require high-level math abilities, Require a college degree. In today’s world, degrees don't translate to being prepared for the job market. Most bosses within the tech industry don't center on your degree but or maybe, your involvement and aptitudes. Typically since the field could be a down to earth one. Continuously be on the post for modern things. Most of the effective engineers I’ve met share this common characteristic.

Lindsey Patterson

4 Tips for Running Errands

3 min read

There are a few tips for running errands. Here are some of the best that I have tried and found to be helpful.



The first tip is to make sure that any of the time that you are spending waiting on something is going to be you time. In other words, if you are stuck in line somewhere, you need to think of this time as peach and quiet for you. It is a good idea to close your eyes and picture yourself being in a peaceful place. Sometimes this place might be a desert at sunrise, in the middle of a massage at a spa, or the vast ocean. Therefore, you are going to need to let your mind go so that you will be able to take long deep breaths. You are going to be surprised how this is going to make you feel in the long run. This will make it a lot easier to focus as you drive around in your 2019 Honda crv, pick up the kids from school, drop them off at soccer, get the groceries, and more.



The second tip is to make sure that you have a grocery list on your computer. Most of the time, you are going to be buying the same groceries. Therefore, if you have a master list of groceries on your computer, then you are going to be able to easily add and remove things from the list as needed. It is a good idea to organize the list in the same order as the things that are going to be in the store. Therefore, if you see the produce section as soon as you walk into the store, then you are going to need to list the fruits and vegetables on your list first. Then all that you are going to need to do is to print off the list and you will be done.



The third tip is to try to use the Internet to do as many errands as you can. There are a variety of different things that you are going to be able to do online like your banking, buying your garden tools, ordering your office supplies, grocery shopping, or shopping for clothes. By using the Internet, then you are going to be able to save you a lot of time and stress when you are trying to do a lot in a short period of time. If you are considered about using your credit card over the Internet, you just need to make sure that the website uses a secure server. In fact, it is going to be safer than using the credit card over the phone or in the store.



The fourth tip is to keep an errand bag inside of your car. This bag is going to need to have all of the bills that you will need to pay, stationary and envelopes, pens, an envelope of coupons, a variety of different greeting cards, magazines, your calendar, and a good book even if you don't like to read. This is something that you are going to be able to do while you are sitting inside of the waiting room, waiting on a child's soccer practice to be over with, or stuck in traffic. Plus you are going to be able to complete some of the tasks that you can on your list while you were just sitting around waiting on something. In fact, you are going to be surprised how much you are going to be able to get done.