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Lindsey Patterson

Start Making More Money with These 5 Tips

4 min read

Whether you're an employee, a freelancer or a business owner, it's natural to want to increase how much money you're making. This is obviously easier said than done, and it's especially difficult to make more money without also needing to spend more money in the process.


The good news is that it often just takes a few key adjustments to boost your income every month. Here are five tips that will help you take a big step forward in the amount of money you're making.


1. Evaluate Your Current Sources Financial Situation

To find ways that you can increase your income, you need to fully understand your current financial situation, including what your income sources and expenses are. Check your records to track exactly how much money you've made in recent months, how you made it and what your expenses were. You may find it easier to evaluate your expenses with financial consolidation.


The 80/20 rule often applies in terms of income – you (or your business) make 80 percent on your income from 20 percent of your income sources. Figuring this out can help you prioritize your most profitable income sources, and seeing where you spend your money will show you what expenses aren't earning you much of a return.


2. Build Your Network

No matter what your profession or business is, a good professional network will likely help. Your connections can put you in touch with new job opportunities or clients and provide valuable advice. There are plenty of ways to build your professional network, including business events and LinkedIn.


Here's the key to building a good network – focus more on the quality of your connections than the quantity. A common mistake is to see the number of people you know as your measure of success, but connections don't do you much good if you barely know them. Make an effort to reach out to the people you know regularly instead of having a bunch of acquaintances who you barely talk to.


3. Never Be Afraid to Say No

It's natural to want to be a people pleaser. People feel like they should avoid turning down requests or job opportunities because they may offend the person asking. But any successful business leader will tell you that what's important isn't how often you say yes, but that you realize when you should say no.


This goes back to prioritizing the things that make you the most money. The only way you can do this is by turning down things that offer a poor return at best. Let's say that a client offers you a two-week job, and this client's jobs don't pay that well for the amount of time they take. If you say yes anyway because you don't have work currently or you just don't want to offend them, then you may miss out on a higher-paying job that comes your way because you don't have time.


4. Value Your Time More

What's your time worth? The easiest way to figure this out is to see how much you charge clients for an hour of your work. Even if you don't charge by the hour but by the project, it's still easy enough to do the math and figure this out.


If you want to make more money, a simple way to do it is to start charging more for your time. At first, this can feel weird, as you may think that you're asking for too much. That's why you need to be confident in the work you do and the value that you provide. Keep in mind also that charging more for your time can actually give clients a better impression of you and your abilities. If someone undercharges for their services, it makes them look unprofessional.


5. Be Ready and Willing to Make Changes

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you want to make more money is that you must be willing to do things differently. If you stick to the same routine, you're going to get the same results.


Although you shouldn't make reckless changes, you should look for opportunities that could result in a boost to your income. That could be searching for new jobs, investing more in your business's marketing or reaching out to new clients. Just don't let yourself get stuck because you're scared to try something new.


You can likely increase your income by much more than you think. All it takes is the right approach and some work on your part. Give the tips above a try, and you should gradually see your income increase.

Lindsey Patterson

Five Strategies for Making Your Business Competitive for the Long Term

4 min read

Running a business is not easy. In fact, it’s pretty much one of the most difficult things you can do. This is why only four percent of new businesses survive past the first decade.


With numbers like these, you may feel like the deck is stacked against you. It is true that being an entrepreneur is especially challenging. However, if you can improve your business and overcome the challenges you face, you don’t have to become part of a depressing statistic. Many small businesses, of course, go on to evolve into huge national and international chains. Even McDonald’s and Walmart started small businesses with a single location. Below are five strategies you can use to improve your business.


Upgrade Your Payment Processes

At its core, the most important element of doing business is taking payment for goods or services. However, this in and of itself can be a challenge if you don’t have the right software, equipment or payment processor. Only accepting payment in cash can seriously limit your reach to the majority of consumers that now use credit or debit to make purchases.


Instead, you need to integrate the services of a payment facilitator to help you accept that kind of payment in a quick and efficient manner. With the use of software and payment terminals, you’ll also have a much easier job accounting for every sale made. You certainly won’t make nearly as many errors when it comes to your finances.


Develop Your Employees

The most valuable resource a business has isn’t its capital or its real estate. Instead, it is that business’s employees. Your employees are a valuable resource you shouldn’t squander.


Every successful business knows this. This is why US companies spend $164.2 billion on training and developing their employees. While you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford, developing young talent in your company can help you create future managers and other important high-level staff members with a passion for making your business a success.


Focus Squarely on Customer Satisfaction

Of the different metrics you use to analyze success, customer satisfaction should be at the top of your list. While customer satisfaction and profit may not seem to be the same thing, these days they are linked more than ever before. The reason for this is thanks to the internet. Reviews and ratings for businesses are viewed by many customers before they even decide to enter an establishment. 97 percent of consumers use online reviews to help them make decisions.


With this in mind, online reviews and ratings can make or break your business. Make sure no customer leaves unsatisfied with the service and product they receive. If they do, your online reputation could very likely take a significant hit.


Institute Strong Quality Control

Quality is a big determining factor in long-term business success. This means providing a high-quality product consistently. Every chain in America relies on the idea of reproducing the same exact product to the same specifications. If you can recreate your product every single time with the same high level of quality, you could become wildly successful if your product catches on with the public. However, to do this, you need to institute strong quality control procedures to enforce that consistency.


Don’t Be Afraid to Evolve

The world of business is constantly evolving. While jumping on every new trend can be foolhardy, you shouldn’t become stuck in your ways either. This should be true in regards to technology that can improve efficiency and widen your appeal. For example, integrating mobile has become standard practice in recent years. You should also not be afraid to rethink your assumptions regarding your marketing and customers.


Running a business can be extremely difficult. Many fail. However, if you make strong attempts to improve your business over time, it is possible to achieve long-term success. Your passion for your business can certainly pay off.


Lindsey Patterson

Top Interior Design Tips for Your Home

4 min read

 The design and style of your home ultimately determine how comfortable you feel in the setting. When it comes to decorating, it's important to incorporate the latest designs to create a contemporary environment that you feel proud to show off to your guests. If you want to make your friends jealous when they enter your home, there are a few home decor tips to follow.


Add Wallpaper

Although wallpaper may be used in your grandmother's home, it is now back in style and looks modern with the different patterns and prints that are available. Consider applying wallpaper in your living room or a guest bathroom to make a statement and add a decorative element that is dramatic.


Set the Tone with the Front Door

Painting the front door with a pop of color will set the tone of the interior setting and can also make your house stand out in the neighborhood. Consider using the color red, which is charming and pairs well with neutral colors on the exterior of the building. Remove an outdated screen door, which can detract from the appeal of the home.


Group the Furniture Items

Grouping your sofa and chairs will invite conversations and can create an intimate setting that makes it easier to entertain. Create a conversation area that has a u-shape and allows the home to look professionally designed. Avoid pushing all of the furniture items against the walls, which can make the room appear smaller.


Choose a High Contrast Palette

A high contrast palette that is paired with the color white will create a sharp environment that looks updated and modern. The colors will look crips in different rooms of the home and aren't too trendy that they'll look outdated in the coming years.


Use Velvet Decor

Velvet decor will create a regal and luxe touch to the interior setting without making the house feel cold or bare. Velvet decor can be incorporated into various rooms by adding a velvet sofa in the living room or a velvet headboard in the master bedroom. Consider choosing emerald green, blue, or gray velvet furniture items, which are the latest shades that are found in interior design magazines.


Hang Artwork at the Right Height

Many people make the mistake of hanging art too low or high in the home, which can allow it to appear awkward once it's on display. You'll want to hang artwork at the right height by measuring the center of the art and hanging it 60 inches from the floor. Although you may feel inclined to hang the item higher in a room that has higher ceilings, it's important to measure it for accuracy. You can also take a picture once it's hung to ensure that it looks like it's at the right height.


Avoid Themes

Themes were popular in the '90s but can now look too dramatic and can lack individuality. Instead, opt for a coastal vibe or rustic style that doesn't have too many rules with the pieces that are used in the setting.

You'll also want to create a focal point that draws the eyes to a specific area of each room, which can include a fireplace or an entertainment center. You can also consider using pre lit Christmas trees as the focal point year-round if you enjoy the design and elegant style of the piece. You can create a new trend by having it on display in each season for a festive look.

Your home can have more appeal and design by following the right decor tips when you're redecorating the setting. By knowing specific rules to follow that are implemented by professional designers, you can create a stunning interior environment that is stylish and will make your friends envious.

Lindsey Patterson

Finally! An easy way to become that slim sexy mom

4 min read

One of the most common challenges for most women who have children and become a mom is accepting their new body. It can be difficult to have confidence if you've experienced weight gain and are no longer as slim as your pre-baby days. If you want to become a sexy, thin mom, there are a few easy steps to take to transform your figure.


Join a Fitness Class

Motherhood can often make it difficult to socialize when you're limited on time and are caring for your little ones throughout the day. Finding a local fitness class in the area will allow you to make new friends and also improve your physique with the help of an instructor. Consider joining a dance class at your local community center or enrolling in a cycling class at the gym. You'll feel motivated to work out several times each week due to the fun setting and can also have accountability with the other women in the class.


Use a Healthy Meal Service

Most moms have busy schedules and can resort to using the drive-thru when it comes to eating snacks and meals throughout the day. Weight loss can be obtained long-term if you make the process easy on yourself. Instead of packing on the pounds, opt for using a healthy meal service that offers a high level of convenience each day and will make it easy to maintain a healthy diet. You can enjoy eating low calorie meals that are flavorful and allow you to save time throughout the week and avoid spending more time in the kitchen.

You can also plan your meals to ensure that you stay within your allotted calories and reduce the portions that are consumed.


Establish Goals

It can be challenging to stay motivated if you don't have goals established when trying to slim down. Make it a point to write down a few goals, which can include losing a specific amount of weight or increasing your muscle tone. Keep the goals visible in an area where you'll see them each day to keep them on the forefront of your mind. You can reward yourself each time you meet certain goals by purchasing new workout clothes or equipment.


Avoid Diets

Avoid trying out fad diets, which can cause you to crash and return to your old habits. You can obtain long-term results by making lifestyle choices with baby steps that are taken, which includes only eating junk food only on cheat days or cutting out soda from your diet.


Hire a Registered Dietician

Working with a professional can allow you obtain the right tools and advice to lose weight healthily without going to extremes. Hiring a registered dietitian will allow you to practice a safe weight-loss strategy by improving your diet. You'll learn what foods should be avoided and how to prepare more nutritious, healthy meals that make it easier to shed excess weight.


Avoid Eating Out

Limit how much you eat out during the week, which can make it easy to choose unhealthy options. It can also be easy to consume more calories at cafes and local eateries due to fatty salad dressings and bread that can pack on the pounds. You'll want to prepare more meals at home to have control over the ingredients that are used and establish more discipline with the food that you're consuming. It can be challenging to avoid eating out at times, but you can opt for ordering a salad with the dressing on the side to maintain your progress.

It doesn't have to be impossible to become a slim and sexy mom while working towards your previous weight. With the right steps taken and by obtaining the help of professionals, you can achieve your goals and feel more like yourself after becoming a mother.

Lindsey Patterson

The 5 Indicators Of A High Quality Business

4 min read


No matter what kind of business you run, there is no substitute for offering a high-quality product with superior service. While some businesses may be able to "cheat" and temporarily boost their business by a number of different tactics, overall the businesses that survive over the long haul do so by seeking to integrate the highest quality standards at every level. Here are the 5 key hallmarks of a high-quality business.


1. Stellar Customer Service

There is perhaps no more important task that any business faces than that of providing outstanding customer service. In addition to the fact that it is far more expensive to try and draw in new customers than to keep an existing one, current customers are 60-70% more likely to buy from you than a new customer and your existing customers will also be your best salespeople. Considering 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends over advertising, keeping your customers happy is a monumentally important priority.


2. Critical Community Engagement

More than just offering good customer service, the best and brightest brands are also heavily invested in their communities. Whether that is the global community in cases of brands like Apple, Nike, and Ikea or whether that is your local community, the most quality businesses do far more than just sell a product or service. Whether this is hosting a local pancake breakfast or sponsoring a little league team, no matter how big or small your business is, quality businesses invest in their communities.


3. Quality Employee Care

The highest quality businesses understand that your employees generally take care of your customers the same way you take care of your employees. If you genuinely want to offer great customer service, you first have to offer great employee care. Sometimes this means benefits, but more often than not it means treating your employees like human beings. Interaction and engagement with your employees are just as critical - if not more so - than interactions with your clients, consumers, and your community. Take good care of your employees and they will provide that stellar customer service you are looking for.


4. Outstanding Asset Management

Whether you own a bakery, a retail store or a roofing business, managing your assets is of utmost importance. Whether you need to know exactly how much flour or sugar you have on hand at any given time, how many hours your crews put in that week or how many units you sold that day, the most well- run businesses utilize a quality management system to help them know exactly where they stand at any given time. Good asset management is critical for any business to run effectively and you can't deliver a quality product, good or service for long without great asset management.


5. Rock Solid Branding

Global tech giant Apple has not only made its mark by doing one thing and doing it far better than anyone else they have also created an utterly relentless brand message. Apple not only offers a certain design aesthetic in every one of the products they make but also carry that same aesthetic into their retail stores (recently redesigned and rebranded as a "town square"), their corporate headquarters and even their retail store employee "uniforms" (a simple Apple t-shirt). From top to bottom, Apple knows exactly who it is and so do their most loyal consumers.


No matter what product or service a business sells, provides or offers, quality businesses all have these key traits in common. They understand that at the end of the day, their businesses are dependent on people. Quality businesses pour the majority of their resources into caring for the people that make their company great - whether that be their employees, their customers or their community. After that is managing their resources to keep their business running smoothly and doing the work of building a quality brand that people trust.


Lindsey Patterson

Importance of Having Satisfied Employees

4 min read

The employees of a company are one of the most important people in any firm. Most companies have a human resource department that looks into affairs of employee recruitment and management. However, most of these departments fail in executing their mandated duties. Employee management stretches beyond payment of salaries and defining the different roles of a company’s workers. They should also check if the employees are comfortable with their working conditions and everything about the company. This way the administration will be able to apply the respective measures to improve the attitude of employees. Happy employees are very productive. They also create a very vibrant working environment for each other.


Three major factors determine the productivity of employees. When these crucial factors are fully satisfied, the productivity of any company will soar to immense levels. They include:


1. Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction revolves around the fulfillment of the individual employee’s feelings. A dissatisfied employee is sad and lacks the motivation to work hard. On the other hand, a happy employee has an internal self-drive to bring positive changes to the company. What makes employees happy or sad is the working environment that the employer offers them. When the working conditions are favorable, the employee owns the company’s plans as his/her own and strives to fulfill them. Therefore, the human resource department should ensure that they create the most conducive employment that brings satisfaction to the employees. This can be done through the following means:

• Reviewing their salaries regularly. Employee dissatisfaction develops when one realizes that he/she is not paid according to their value. Underpaid employees are always in a revolt of new ideas that are brought up to increase the company’s profits. Instead of embracing reforms, they look at changes as tools of continuing to exploit them. Ultimately, such employees will spread their discontentment to others, and the entire company will be in revolt.

Giving employees a chance to open up. Every person likes to be given a chance to express themselves. This also applies to the employees. A company that offers its workers a chance to air their grievances has a more conducive working environment that results in staff satisfaction. When employees are granted a platform to speak up, they also put forward new ideas that can be used to improve the company.

• Giving them a chance to be creative. Every institution has principles and procedures that they follow in conducting their daily activities. A company that rigidly sticks to the set methods has limited chances of improving. Employees should be given the liberty to come up with new ways of doing things. This will make them more adventurous and satisfied. In the long run, they will discover new means of doing things that are easier and less tedious.


2. Engagement

Employee engagement is a consequence of satisfaction. Satisfaction brings about the physical feeling of happiness. Engagement is the positive response of the employee after being fully satisfied by the working environment. An engaged employee is highly self-driven to the fulfillment of the company’s ambitions. He/she owns the company and carries its interests personally. An engaged employee will also defend the company whenever its reputation is questioned.

However, it important to note that satisfaction does not always bring employee engagement. An employee may be unhappy with the company, but his engagement levels remain high. Therefore, engagement is an unconditional situation for employees who have a self-drive to achieve irrespective of the work environment.


3. Experience

Most people have past experiences from institutions that they have worked with. These experiences play a very crucial role in determining the degree of satisfaction of an employee. Every company should strive to build positive experiences so that when the workers relate to their past, they feel motivated to stay in the company. Treating employees in a fair manner will ensure that they are satisfied and they will speak well of the company. Rewarding them regularly for improvements and achievements also makes them satisfied, and they gradually build a nice experience for the company.


In a nutshell, keeping employees happy is crucial to ensuring that they are always productive. Every company should look into the specific conditions that cause discontentment to the workers and rectify them as fast as possible. The human resource department of any company, therefore, has an enormous task of continually tending to the concerns of the employees.


Lindsey Patterson

The Best Foods To Bring For A Day Of Backpacking

4 min read


There's a great deal of preparation that goes into planning a day of backpacking from choosing your hiking locale to making sure you pack the first aid supplies. Often, planning for meals gets left until the last minute, forcing hikers to make unhealthy impromptu choices at the nearest convenience store. By plotting your meals ahead of time and packing them the night before the big day, you can enjoy some of these nutritious and satisfying foods on your hike.


Dried Fruits

This is an excellent choice that can be eaten any time of the day and can even serve as a great on-the-go snack if your team would rather not stop for a lunch break. Dried fruits pack a punch, giving you a good supply of fiber and calories, while also giving you a boost of energy. Since the water is removed in the drying process, they're lighter to carry and won't pack on excess water weight, when you eat them.


Tuna and Crackers

Here is another healthy treat that can serve as a great lunch, during your backpacking adventure. Whether you choose the plastic pouch or the can, tuna won't take up much room in your backpack and it can be mixed with lemon juice or a small packet of mayo to enhance the flavor. Spread it on your favorite whole grain cracker and it becomes a filling lunch.


Bake Some Special Cookies

There's nothing better than a batch of homemade cookies, especially when you've added cooked quinoa and chia seeds to the mix. The extra protein in these oatmeal cookies will be perfect for increasing your energy levels in the middle of your backpacking experience. Bring along some oatmilk to compliment the snack and give yourself an even bigger energy boost.


Cucumber and Tomato Salad

For a more filling meal, fill a plastic container with cucumber slices and tomato wedges. You might also want to add some leeks for an extra kick. Dress lightly with oil and vinegar or your favorite dressing and you'll have a nutritious dinner time meal.



A great on-the-go option is a cheese and it can be bought either as a block or sliced if you don't want to stop to cut the block by hand. Cheese is a great source of vitamins, calcium, and protein and can be filling on its own, or added to a salad or sandwich. Tip: harder or firmer cheeses can last longer without refrigeration.


Beef Jerky

While this might not seem like a healthy option and vegans will be unlikely to consider it, the U.S. Department of Agriculture does recommend it as an excellent option for hikers. Because they're dehydrated, they can be easily packed and won't spoil, which means you can eat them throughout the day. Beef jerky can either be eaten solo or it can be added to salads and soups to make a bigger meal. It provides an excellent source of protein, which will be needed for longer hikes.


Cinnamon Apples with Honey

If you're the type of person that gets frequent cravings for something sweet, you may want to bring this snack along. Cut apples up into wedges and toss in a baggy along with cinnamon and honey. Next, pack them in an airtight freezer back to seal in the freshness. They make a sweet, but sticky, treat, so be sure to pack moist toilettes to clean up with afterward.


Nuts and Seeds

Depending on your hiking schedule, you may prefer to pack a variety of snacks, instead of focusing on regular meals. If that's the case, you may want to add a few containers of nuts and seeds. There's a wide variety to choose from, whether you select nuts or seeds, so you can bring a couple different kinds. They're all great sources of vitamins, nutrients, and protein.


Preparing for a day of backpacking means ensuring you'll have enough to eat for your journey. This isn't just about satiating hunger, but also making sure your body has a good supply of energy to carry you through the strenuous hike. By bringing healthier foods, you can ensure the energy boosts you receive from eating will be longer lasting, instead of burning out quickly and leaving you feeling fatigued and weak.


Lindsey Patterson

Brighten People's Day: Pay It Forward

4 min read

Make a Difference With One Word

The importance of having positivity throughout the day is widely discussed, but likely harder to accomplish in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Everyone encounters at least one person throughout the day that is having a bad day, or a mundane, boring day. Even those that are having a particularly good day could use the smallest thing to make the day more positive. The smallest of things can maintain good health, lower cardiovascular disease, decrease the chance of depression and extend lifespan, according to Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania. The next step is figuring out the best ways to shed some positive light in someone’s life.


The Power of “Thank You”


Going out of the way to show appreciation for someone can go a long way. Friends, coworkers, family or even a completely random stranger could benefit from hearing a simple thanks for small things.Writing an email, posting on social media, telling the person to their face, or sending a card are the simplest ways to thank someone. Statistics show that those small gestures help as certain studies have been done all over the world. One study shows that romantic couples are three times less likely to break up in the next six months if they say thank you to each other daily. Thanking someone for work they’ve done makes them twice as likely to volunteer again. Even a reassuring pat on the shoulder can brighten someone’s day.




Give someone a gift to make their day go a little smoother. Anything from buying a coworker a cup of coffee in the morning or even for the person behind you helps perpetuate that very cycle of being kind. Also called “paying it forward,” this kind of generosity can be contagious to continue for the person that was helped. That person is more likely to help the person behind them, and so on. For only a few dollars, a group of people can have a happier day when this cycle begins.


Be Nice to Yourself


It sounds backwards to help someone else by taking care of yourself, but doing little things for yourself can boost your attitude. It’s just as beneficial to be nice to yourself. Getting a massage, spending an extra five minutes in the shower, or picking up a different shade of blush and lipsense can really increase confidence. When you are gentle with yourself, you smile more and have a better day, increasing the likelihood of brightening someone else’s day with a smile and thoughtful words.


Help an Elderly Neighbor


It doesn’t matter what someone chooses to do for a neighbor, as long as it’s a help. Especially the elderly have a harder time doing things that the average adult can do without any difficulties. They deserve appreciation, and the smallest things make a difference. Shoveling a walkway, picking up groceries or even dropping off flowers will put a smile on their face. Even the simplest conversations can brighten someone’s day if they don’t leave the house as often as they used to.


Make a Care Package


When someone is sick or having a rough day, the best thing they can receive is a care package full of their favorite things. If the care package is specifically tailored for someone, it will be even more appreciated. For a family member, making a personalized playlist for them along with some snacks is easy. For someone sick, letting them borrow some DVD’s and including a comfortable blanket and soup will make them feel better than if they had gotten those things themselves.


No matter who it is, everyone can benefit from some positivity. Loved ones will appreciate that their hard work is recognized, and the simplest things can brighten their day. Brighten their day, and they’ll be more likely to return the favor one day. Nothing needs to be exaggerated or expensive for it to be effective, and best of all, it doesn’t take very much to make a difference.

Lindsey Patterson

Setting up a Successful Home Based Business

4 min read

An estimated 43% of businesses in the U.S. comprise of home-based entities according to statistics from the Small Business Administration. These startups have seen most businesses start from scratch and develop into large enterprises and international brands. Mary Kay Cosmetics, Apple, and Ford Motors are some of the brands that boast of a home based origin. Some states in the country do not allow operations of any business from home while others lay various laws and regulations to govern the home-based business sector. Therefore, an entrepreneur requires a lot of planning and research before launching a home-based business career. You need to be a girl boss!

What makes a Home-Based Business Worth It?

The home based businesses save on the entrepreneur on the cost to have a physical locations. They cut on the cost of rent, utilities, and insurance. People want a better work-life balance. Opt to start up a business from home instead of getting an office job allows you the freedom to make your own schedule. Having to travel less provides more time for the entrepreneurs to work on actually growing their start-ups. If you have a business plan don’t wait, take the leap to start your own business. The only regret you will have is if you don’t try.

Starting a Business

Starting a home-based business, isn’t a walk in the park, an entrepreneur should consider if their home offers a good environment for business. If yes, the entrepreneur should go for it full steam ahead. Before you jump in head first perform market research of the various viable businesses in the surrounding. Additionally, signing up for small business training instills knowledge on the basics of starting up a business.

Laws & Restrictions

An entrepreneur should check with the city office for zoning laws before beginning a start-up plan in the United States. Some neighborhoods do not allow any home-based business entity hence the need to check on the zoning rules before starting up a business. You can get information on the zoning restrictions online, in the public library, or in non-governmental sources such as trade groups and the local chamber of commerce. Some states require permit or business licenses for the home-based start-ups.

Making a Valuable Business Plan

A business plan is the backbone of any business, whether industrial or home based. The business plan should include the idea, the market options, business operations, financing, and the source of mentorship for your business. A business plan functions as a reference for an entrepreneur the entire time they are running their business. Friends and banks require a business plan before funding a business entity.

Where do I get the Money?

An entrepreneur should research on various financing options for home-based business in case they are not funding it themselves. Reaching out to friends and family has always been the best way to get funding, although there are other alternatives such as crowd-funding, corporate bank loans, and venture capitals.

Go to Market Strategy

Some of the famous business brands such as SeneGence and Mary Kay Cosmetics registered a good marketing strategy. Use marketing methods such as use of brochures, social media, direct emails, eBook templates, and email marketing accounts. Remember that proper marketing strategies determine the success of the business.

You Need to Be Everywhere

An entrepreneur should register a domain name URL upon launching the home based business. They should get accounts such as business emails and merchant accounts to facilitate easier online purchases.

Develop a social following on all social platforms. Building a presence takes time but the return on investment can’t be understated.

Lindsey Patterson

Should Your Company Make an App? Here Are Four Practical Questions to Answer First

4 min read

According to a recent MTV Networks consumer survey, 83 percent of daily mobile app users believe they're 'addicted' to apps. And indeed, it's hard to be in a public place today without seeing people using apps on their phones.

It's no wonder then that corporate management has caught 'app fever' too. Imagine the brand loyalty and customer engagement that will come from having your company's app on everybody's phone!

Yes, and imagine that nobody wants it on their phone and you've wasted a huge amount of money with no results. That's not meant to be discouraging. In fact, your company very likely could benefit from having its own app. But only if you go about the implementation right.


And that means answering some practical questions first.


Practical Question 1: Are apps just for customers?

Many managers automatically associate apps with customer usage. There are, however, many reasons to have company apps for internal use. A company-internal app can be a great way to organize internal communications, enabling employees to securely message, chat, and share files.


At the same time, be careful not to reinvent the wheel. There are many company communications tools out there already, such as Slack, Redbooth, and Wrike. Kronos is a popular choice for managers to approve time cards and employee work shift changes on the fly.


Before you commit company resources to an internal app, check to see if what you need is already out there. You could be saving your company a lot of time and money.


Practical Question 2: Why would customers want your app?

App addiction translates into app clutter. With phones cluttered with apps, customers are reluctant to download yet another app unless it has some value to them personally. Before you commit to building a company app, think objectively about how customers will be using the app for their personal benefit.


Here are some specific examples of customer-desired app functions: “. . . general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, and much more,” writes Melanie Haselmayr in Forbes Magazine.


Practical Question 3: Does value exceed cost?

According to app development experts, even a very basic app is going to cost over twenty thousand dollars. Add back-end architecture, and the price can run to a hundred thousand dollars.


So will it be worth it? There are two ways of looking at a cost-value analysis.

The first is in terms of projected increase in revenue versus the projected cost of creating and maintaining the app. This kind of analysis appears objective, but can be tricky to pin down. For example, suppose it turns out that ten percent of future bookings are through the mobile app. Are those additional bookings, or were they cannibalized from phone and traditional website bookings?


Sometimes quantity-less 'intangibles' can end up having a very tangible effect on company revenues. For example, what will customers think if your competitor has an app and your company doesn't? Can you afford to be seen as behind the times? Can you afford to not be seen at all?


Question 4: Who will control it?

It may seem that the affordable path to app development is by having it done in-house. But the skills that make a great IT person aren't the same as those that make a great web developer, and still other skills are needed to become an app developer.


The cost-effective solution of using your own staff to develop an app doesn't need to backfire. With training at a state-of-the-art web development bootcamp, your IT group can be brought up to speed on what they need to know to produce effective mobile web applications. The added costs of developing in-house will then be balanced by the long-term benefits of retaining control of the app's code.