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Lindsey Patterson

The Entrepreneur Blueprint: Five Steps to Starting an E-commerce Business From Scratch

4 min read

According to a 2013 study, about 65% of all millennials want to start a business of some kind, whether products or service-based. And now, with the popularity of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Squarespace, it's easier than ever to do exactly that.


But before you go traipsing into the great digital unknown, there are some steps you need to take that could make the difference between selling your business for 10-figures in a few years time and abandoning the site within a few weeks.


1. Niche Down

There's an old business expression: "the riches are in the niches." In other words, if you want to truly succeed and separate yourself from the rest of the pack, you have to pick an industry and really nail down the demographics.


For instance, say you wanted to start a business that has to do with pets in some way. You could simply buy a pet-related domain and throw up some products that have to do with dogs, turtles, and guinea pigs, but if you truly wanted to make an impact, you should niche down further than that. Instead of simply saying "pets," try dogs, or to be more specific, German Shepherds. Now, you'll have a smaller market with a fanbase that is raving about their animals, which means loyalty to any website that delivers a quality product.


2. Choose Quality Products

This is where you choose between developing your own product or "private labeling" a product already on the market. The advantage of the former is you have a product that is truly your own, but if you decide to private label a product, it'll be an easier and quicker path to market.


If you do decide to private label a product that's already in existence and put it under your brand, try to modify it in some way so that it fits your target market. To private label a chew toy, for instance, make it tougher and bigger to fit the size of the average German Shepherd's mouth. By doing this, you'll give your customers a reason to choose you over the next shop.


3. Build a Brand

The difference between entrepreneurs and "wantrepreneurs" is whether or not you sell a few products or whether or not you build a brand; product selection is quick, but brand building is scalable and, most importantly, transferable if you decide to sell.


Brands are built by developing relationships with your customers, developing content that customers can rely on as resources, and building a voice that is purely unique. Whole Foods is successful from Walmart in that they stay true to the mantra of organic and healthy food first, despite the fact that Walmart has pushed in recent years to include more organic offerings in their supermarkets. By defining their niche and having a consistent voice, you can build a brand that is valuable by itself.


4. Build a Platform

There are advantages to using one e-commerce platform or the other, such as cost, ecommerce website design, functionality, or the like, so make sure you do research to discover which one is the best fit for your business. Consider not only the ease of use but also integration with external applications, customer service, cost for adding multiple product lines, etc. It's much easier to pick the right platform now than to have to migrate your shop to a different service later.


5. Focus on Marketing

One of the best ways to start your business off on the right foot is by generating anticipation for your launch, which can be done by using paid advertising to create leads or give out coupons for a launch sale. Focus on building an e-mail list of customers who are anxious for your product and use retargeting pixels to keep reminding them to return back to your site. Assume that no one will find your shop unless you reach out to them first and be prepared to put some money into the marketing engine to drive that traffic to your doorstep.

Lindsey Patterson

Make Your Friends Jealous of your Gluten Free Lifestyle

4 min read

The gluten-free lifestyle is something that many people are finding an excellent way to increase their health. Your friends may not understand your decision to give up gluten. However, they are certain to see the long-term effects of the lifestyle. Here are a few ways that you can certainly make them jealous.


More Energy

Decreasing gluten intake often results in an overall increase in energy. This usually has several side effects. First of all, you will have more energy to spend on your family. While others are exhausted after a long day at work, you will have the energy to make it through the day and more. You may choose to spend this time spending time with the people you love. You may pick up a new hobby or activity that you enjoy. This excess of energy may be spent working out. That beach body is definitely something that your friends will notice.


Having more energy can impact multiple areas of health. If you are less tired, you will feel happier. You will also be more productive. Raised productivity can lead to better job performance. This can, in turn, lead to promotions and raises. All of these can be directly tied to experiencing more energy.


Mental Clarity

Mental clarity is related to the increase in energy. In fact, many of the benefits are the same. You will experience better focus. This will help you be focused on things that you may have had trouble focusing on in the past. You may be able to pick up reading or doing a crossword puzzle. You may come to enjoy deep conversation or researching difficult topics. All of these things can lead to better overall happiness. In fact, these things also can build your brain power. This may help you in anything from retaining knowledge to leading a healthier and longer mental life.


Some other benefits of the mental clarity that come from giving up gluten may include increased job performance. This performance is very likely coming from both the mental clarity and the increased energy. If you are better at your job, you are more likely to be satisfied with your entire life. After all, you spend about 1/3 of your life at work. If you are good at what you do, you will be more likely to enjoy your job. This satisfaction is what comes from focus, clarity, and energy.


Delicious Options

The market for delicious gluten-free food has definitely grown. If you still want to enjoy the finer things in life, you can find gluten-free options for almost anything. There is gluten-free bread, and there is even gluten-free beer. All of these options are usually available in a gluten-free section of a grocery store. This makes living the gluten-free lifestyle much easier. Be advised that these products can cost more. It is ok to opt for foods that are naturally free of wheat and natural flour. You can still eat carbohydrates in the form of oats, rice, nuts, and beans. Most gluten-free options simply replace regular wheat substances with one of these other materials. Products vary in taste and flavor, so you may need to find something that works for you.


Other options that will fit your lifestyle include gluten-free meal delivery service. This has become increasingly common. This allows ingredients to be delivered to your home along with instructions on how to cook various dishes. Many people have found this a great way to learn to cook appropriate dishes. Restaurants are also having more and more gluten-free options. This allows you to be able to enjoy everything you love!


Your friends will not be able to contain their jealousy when they see the effects of your gluten-free lifestyle. More energy, better mental clarity, and delicious meal options certainly make it worth the extra work.


Lindsey Patterson

Why There Is No Internet of Things (IoT) Without Satellite

4 min read

For quite some time now, the role of satellite in the success of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a topic of discussion among industry players and tech specialists. From consumers and customers to business enterprises, the number of connected devices is expected to increase exponentially. From connections as simple as a cooker or lighting system to a smart home that is entirely connected, the Internet of Things industry is still uncertain on how to handle the massive number of devices that will need to be connected. One of the most significant factors that are adversely mentioned is the rise of 5G internet which will facilitate faster internet connectivity speeds going into the future.

However, one of the critical aspects that are often overlooked is the satellite. To many industry players, the satellite is sometimes news, or they have heard it and ignored it. The truth is satellite has been a significant component of supporting the Internet of Things and the considerable number of connected gadgets in remote geographical locations. Such devices for consumers include pipelines, trackers for business organizations and heavy equipment monitoring systems. The other critical question in the IoT market is how it will affect the machine-to-machine learning by satellites otherwise known as the M2M market. In this article, we have compiled how satellite M2m will affect internet of things (IoT)


Satellite machine-to-machine and IoT

The improvements in cost and throughput technologies will be made possible by using high throughput platforms together with innovative ground technology. The utilization of these two technologies will drive high efficiencies in the business operations for many companies that are using M2m technologies. Such technological improvements will resonate on the bottom line which will, in turn, trigger more interest in the satellite-enabled machine –to- machine market. For instance, for decades on end, ships and maritime vessels have been installed with numerous data collection sensors. However, the information collected by these sensors has not been utilized for the optimization of maritime operations.


The main reason behind this is that the M2M delivery channels that are currently in use do not have the capabilities to move the data cost-effectively. Better tracking of containers will be realized through the use of throughput platforms delivered by HTS which is set to see operational efficiency improvement by between 10% and 25%. The improved efficiency is set to see the reduction of annual container spending by roughly $13 billion by the end of 2025.


New opportunities that will emerge as a result of Satellite

A recent study estimates that there will be over 5.8 million IoT and M2m connections through satellite around the world. In itself, the expansion represents a massive opportunity for the satellite industry which is set to grow over the years. For instance, the volume of opportunities provided by M2m and IoT is set to increase when both high throughput Ka- and Ku- band connections start to have a foothold in the tech industry. The collaboration between GEO and LEO constellation on a multi-million dollar investment will result in a Ku-band LEO/GEO satellite network that is fully interoperable which will even offer more opportunities in the M2M and IoT sectors. The combination of high angle of elevation by LEO solutions for towns and metropolitan and the GEO broadcast capabilities that are highly efficient will provide unmatched elevation angles and ubiquity for better access to the user in all environments for IoT and mobility.


The future of satellite


Communication companies are offered a huge market opportunity by the bandwidth delivery to the “connected car.” By making use of the LTE mobile networks, we are beginning to see cars on the road incorporate such developments in technology. To take the connected car to the next level, it will be critical to making use of satellite as it is the ideal technology for such an innovation. Auto manufacturers will now be able to reach all their cars in a single network with the ability to broadcast information to multiple locations using satellite technology.


Lindsey Patterson

4 Tips to Manage Monthly Bills Like A Financial Guru

4 min read

As an adult, it is up to you to manage your own money. This means making sure that there is enough to pay the rent, pay the cell phone bill and stay current on any other debts that you may have. While staying current on your bills can seem like a challenge, there are ways that you can stay on top of your finances with relative ease.

Determine What Your Expenses Are

It is always easier to stay current with your bills if you know what you owe each month. If you haven't created a budget yet, now is the time to get a copy of each bill that you pay on a monthly or on a regular basis. From there, you should make a note of how much each payment is and when it is due. You should also make a mental note about the interest rate a debt may carry as well as how many payments remain.


Create a Schedule for Paying Each Bill

Knowing when your bills are due is important because it allows you to create a schedule for paying them. In some cases, you may choose to pay your cable or cell phone bill based on when it is most convenient to do so. However, important bills such as your rent or mortgage payment should be made as close to the beginning of the month as possible.


Many creditors will allow you to make your payment automatically on the same day each month. This makes paying your bills easy because you don't even have to remember to send in a check or make a payment online. In the event that you don't have enough money to make a payment on that date, it may be possible to postpone the payment or change the date it comes out on in future months.


Consolidate Your Debts If Possible

If you are sick of keeping track of multiple credit card bills in addition to your rent and other monthly expenses, it may be possible to consolidate your bills. At the very least, it may be possible to consolidate certain expenses into one monthly payment. For instance, you could combine your credit card payments into a single payment each month or combine your student loan debt into one payment every month.


In addition to making it easier to keep track of your payments, it may help to reduce the amount of those payments. Many credit card companies offer 0 percent interest for new customers when they transfer a balance to their cards. Using personal loans to combine debts into a single payment may also be helpful.


Look for Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Your Debt

Let's say that you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage payment. Instead of resigning yourself to foreclosure, it may be possible to find a roommate to split that payment with. It may also be possible to sell the home and move into a smaller home or apartment that costs less to live in. Instead of paying $100 or more for a smartphone, you could buy a regular phone and skip the data plan.


Alternatively, you could download a WiFi calling app and skip the voice and data plan entirely without losing the ability to make full use of the device. Finally, doing a health insurance comparison may help you get the best coverage for the least amount of money. You may also benefit from comparison shopping for the best car, home or other insurance products as well.


Making sure that you pay your bills in a timely manner ensures that you have a place to stay and access to affordable transportation. It may also make it easier to buy food and have a cell phone that you enjoy using. Finally, it can increase the odds that your good credit remains intact, which may offer greater financial flexibility in the future.

Lindsey Patterson

Current Societal Advancements Show a Bright Future For Veganism

4 min read

By now, millions of people have discovered the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet. Aside from the impact it has on our environment, vegan diets are also improving our mental and physical health. These results are enticing generations of people to give up meats and other animal products, finding healthier alternatives that taste just as good.


Millennials are Leading the Pack

Surveying 10,000 people across the U.K., researchers found that 542,000 people have switched to a vegan diet, which represents a 350% increase over the past 10 years. Of that number, 42% were between the ages of 15 and 34, indicating that the idea that older generations make up the bulk of vegans is false. That represents a significant number of millennials choosing a plant-based diet, making researchers wonder why there's such a dramatic shift.


The answer may lie in the fact that more and more scientific research is uncovering the hidden dangers of red meat and processed foods. When the World Health Organization released findings that suggested a correlation between eating processed meats, like bacon and ham, to rises in cancer statistics, there was a sharp drop in meat consumption across Britain. It seems people are weighing the risks against their love of processed meats and the meat production industry is losing out.


The Vegan Trend is also Flourishing in the U.S.

One of the biggest studies ever conducted on the effects of a diet based on red meat found that people who eat processed meats are 26% more likely to die from one of the nine major diseases. More research indicates that all protein is not equal. This is bad news for meat eaters who cite a need for protein as their primary cause for continuing their meat-based diets. The protein found in plant-based foods is just as nourishing for the body, but is more heart healthy than meat protein.


In response to these findings and to the vast numbers of people switching to vegan diets, restaurants and food manufacturers are compelled to change the fundamental aspects of their businesses. Cafes and restaurants are changing their menus to offer more vegan friendly entrees, while the manufacturers of animal based foods are switching to plant-based alternatives. Declining sales are forcing dairy manufacturers to offer more plant-based milk products, while pizza shops are removing animal products from their menus to appeal to the increasing vegan market.


Vegan Food Options are Getting Better

Industrial, agricultural, and government technology has expanded in recent years, evolving the production of vegan meats that taste as good as the real thing. One way in which this is done is by extracting a compound from plants called heme. When incorporated in the recipe for vegan meats, the heme makes vegan bacon sizzle like the real thing. It also helps other vegan meats as tasty as the real animal-based alternatives.


Food production isn't the only industry reinventing itself to appeal to vegan consumers, either. The fashion industry is going vegan too, offering leather products crafted from plants instead of relying on animal hides. Pineapple, mushroom, cork, and hemp are just a few of the sources attracting fashion designers looking to make the switch. In the coming years, we can expect to see more of our clothes and accessories made entirely from plant sources.


In fact, veganism is affecting businesses across the board. Even newer tech start-ups are focusing on utilizing plant-based products. The concern is as much for animal welfare as it is for offering healthier alternatives to consumers, so there really isn't any industry that can remain unaffected by this growing trend. Before long, veganism will have changed the way we do everything. While opting for a vegan diet helps us live a better quality of life for longer, other deviations from using animal products is helping us preserve the wildlife and strengthen the planet's ecology. With no sign of slowing, it seems veganism is here to stay.

Lindsey Patterson

4 Steps to Take When There is a New Driver in the House

4 min read

If someone in your house is starting to drive for the first time, such as if your teenager just turned 16, then you could be preparing for some major changes. Even though you might be excited about these changes, you might be unsure of what to expect or how to prepare. Luckily, this part is pretty easy. These are four things that you'll probably want to do if you have a new driver in the house.

New Driver

1. Make Sure the New Driver is Properly Prepared

First of all, you will want to make sure that the new driver in the house is actually fully prepared for driving. After all, as you probably already know, driving is a big responsibility. If it is your son or daughter who is going to be the new driver in the house, consider enrolling him or her in additional driving courses. Additionally, you can try to get in some practice time with him or her. This can help you ensure that the new driver is as prepared as possible for various driving situations that might pop up while he or she is on the road.


2. Shop Around for a New (or Used) Car

Of course, if you're going to have another driver in the house, then you are probably going to need to get another car. If this is something that your family is interested in rather than sharing a vehicle, then you will need to do some smart shopping so that you can purchase the right car.


In some ways, a brand new car can be a good choice for a new driver. Then, he or she will have a reliable car that has all of the newest tech and safety features. There are some reasonably priced models out there, so you might find that it will actually fit in your budget. Alternatively, you can consider looking at used cars. Just make sure that you do your research on the make and model that you are purchasing and that you have it checked out by a qualified mechanic before making the purchase. Then, you can ensure that the new driver in your house has a safe and reliable vehicle to drive when he or she hits the road.


3. Make Changes to the Insurance Policy

Of course, if there is going to be another driver in the household, then you are probably going to need to make some changes to your insurance policy. Just as you would shop around and do a health insurance comparison before purchasing a policy, you may want to get some quotes and information from a few different insurance companies so that you can get the best possible insurance and the best possible deal. If you are going to be sticking with the same insurance company that you have now, then you will need to contact your insurance agent and let him or her know that you are adding a new driver to your insurance policy. Now is also a good time to check your coverage limits and to make changes to ensure that you have the best possible coverage for everyone who is listed on your policy, including the new driver.


4. Arrange for Parking

Depending on where you live, you might have a shortage of parking. Therefore, you will need to figure out where to park the extra car. For example, you might need to clean out the garage to make space for another vehicle. Then, you can make sure that there are no parking issues later on.


As you can see, there are some steps that you will probably need to take if you have a new driver in the house. However, if you take these steps, you should find that it's no problem for you to get prepared. If you get started now, then you can ensure that everyone is ready for the new driver and the rest of the household as soon as possible.

Lindsey Patterson

3 Keys To A Great Smoothie

4 min read

A refreshing smoothie can be a delicious and filling way to start your day or give you a boost of energy. There is more to it than just throwing a handful of things into a blender and hoping for the best, though! A smoothie that tastes great and is great for you is comprised of a few main components. Here are 3 keys to whipping up a delicious, healthy smoothie that will have you feeling fresh, full and fantastic.


Perfect Produce

The first key to a great smoothie is good fruits and vegetables! Fruits have natural sugars that can satisfy a sweet tooth, but they also have the added benefit of tons of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that a healthy body needs. According to expert dietitians Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh of C&J Nutrition, too much fruit can make your blood sugar level rise and then crash. 2 cups/servings of fruit is an ideal amount to incorporate into your smoothie.

According to WebMD, "just one cup of berries provides all the disease-fighting antioxidants you need in a single day." Try incorporating raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries to harness these awesome antioxidants! You could also try adding plums, prunes, or peaches to your smoothies for digestive help, or bananas for a creamy consistency that mimics less-healthy frozen treats like milkshakes. And don’t forget your greens! A smoothie is a great way to incorporate lots of healthy vegetables into your eating when you just aren’t up for a big bowl of salad. The USDA recommends eating green leafy vegetables for their amazing levels of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, as well as their high levels of folate and fiber. Try tossing in a handful of spinach, kale, broccoli, or bok choy next time you pull out the blender. Your fruit and vegetables don’t need to be fresh from the market, either – frozen produce works just as well!


Protein Punch

How do you turn a smoothie from a nice drink into a balanced meal? Add protein! According to Kris Gunnars, BSc, protein provides major benefits, including reducing hunger levels, increasing muscle mass, and boosting metabolism, to name a few. Some ways to incorporate protein into your smoothies are by adding a quality protein powder, but you can also try a handful of your favorite nuts or a spoonful of peanut or almond butter. Dairy products like yogurt or kefir, nut and plant milks, and even some grains like oats, quinoa, and brown rice all contain protein and can go right into the blender for a perfect on-the-go meal.


Lovely Liquids

Adding liquid to your smoothies is necessary to get them to a perfect blended consistency for drinking. Some people use plain water or even fruit juice, but another great option to add some extra flavor and nutrients to your smoothie without a lot of extra calories or sugar is an organic non-dairy milk like soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, or even pea milk. These typically contain good-for-you things like calcium, protein, and other vitamins as well as things like carrageenan, which is harvested naturally from red seaweed and, once extracted, stabilizes liquids and gives them a satisfyingly smooth mouthfeel. For a smoothie with a thicker consistency, use less liquid. If you have trouble blending or sucking it through a straw, or just prefer a thinner consistency, simply add more liquid!


Smoothies are a great way to incorporate loads of healthy natural ingredients into your daily diet. Remember: produce, protein, and liquid! With these three components, you'll be blending with the best of them in no time!

Lindsey Patterson

Is Your Christmas Tree Endangering Your Family's Health?

4 min read

Picking out and decorating a Christmas tree is a beloved seasonal tradition for families worldwide. And while a brightly-lit tree can certainly help people get into the festive spirit, putting up a tree is not always the safest thing to do. Many people don't realize it, but a Christmas tree can actually be a health hazard - and no one wants to deal with accidents or injuries during the holidays. Keep yourself and your family safe this year by being aware of these four common Christmas tree risks.


Christmas trees are a fire hazard

Live Christmas trees pose a major fire risk, and if your tree catches on fire, the rest of your house might soon follow. Candles, frayed wires, and space heaters can all cause your tree to go up in flames. If your tree is dry, the risk is even greater. Here's what you can do to prevent your tree from catching on fire:

  • Pick a tree that's fresh. Make sure it doesn't have a lot of brown, dried-out needles on it when you buy it. If you can, cut your tree down yourself instead of buying a pre-cut tree.

  • Water your tree every day. This will help keep it fresh longer.

  • Set your tree up far away from fireplaces, space heaters, candles, and any other potential sources of fire.

  • Check all your lights and extension cords for damage. If a cord is damaged, don't use it!

  • Get rid of your tree soon after Christmas or New Year's. Don't keep it up for the better part of January - the longer it dries out, the more of a fire hazard it becomes.

  • Switch to an artificial tree. Most artificial trees are fire-resistant.


Your tree could be triggering your allergies

If you tend to get the sniffles around Christmas Time, it might not be a cold. Your Christmas tree (or even your Christmas wreath) can harbor pollen and mold, which aren't exactly the kind of things you want in your living room. Even artificial trees can trigger allergies if they're kept in a dusty attic all year long. While this might be merely annoying for people with mild allergies, it can be downright dangerous for anyone with asthma or other breathing problems. Reduce your risk of Christmas tree allergies by shaking your tree thoroughly (or even rinsing it down) before you bring it into the house. If you have a fake tree, wipe it down well, and store it in sealed plastic bags to avoid having the same problem next year.


Decorating can lead to slips, trips, and falls

Don't injure yourself decorating your tree. Make sure you've got a sturdy step ladder on hand for hanging ornaments up high, and keep pets and small children out from underfoot while you decorate. Fragile ornaments can be risky if you have pets or kids, so consider using unbreakable ones instead.


Curious pets can get into trouble with Christmas trees

If you have a dog or a cat, keep an eye on them around your Christmas tree. Some pets will knock trees over while trying to climb them, which can lead to injuries, broken ornaments, and damage to the tree. Don't let your pets drink the water in the tree stand, either - it can contain chemicals that are bad for them.


The Takeaway

Putting up a Christmas tree is a fun tradition, but it's important to know how to set up and maintain your tree safely. If you're not careful, your Christmas tree could cause injuries, breathing problems, or even a house fire. By taking a few precautions, you can keep yourself and your family safe from Christmas tree mishaps this year.


Lindsey Patterson

How to Help Your IT Department

4 min read

Happy at work

When it comes to managing or running a business, IT can be one of the more difficult things to deal with. After all, technology is running the world today and is becoming more and more complicated as a result. To ensure you're getting the most out of your IT department and helping them as much as possible, consider the following advice:



One of the first and most important things about your IT department to consider is making sure you are hiring the right people for the job. You should have quality people in place at every level. By doing this, you can enjoy a more reliable workforce who is more likely to solve problems with speed and honesty.


The end result is less time wasted on mistakes and happy customers. It will also make your IT managers more loyal to you and more inspired to do their jobs to the best and highest level. Failure to hire good people will result in poor IT which could negatively affect the rest of your business. To find great people, don't just rely on old school interviews. Use apps as well that can use AI to match you with good candidates faster than before.



What is NetFlow? It is something that IT pros use when they need to analyze some traffic on a network. It can help them identify the destination, point of origin, volume (amount of activity) and paths on your network. This is important for a number of reasons. It lets you collect IP network traffic as it flows in or out of the interface. This means that it can be analyzed and give you a picture of your volume and traffic flow.


It is important to monitor such things because it can affect the number of hacks that you suffer. If people are trying to use your network to high jack the business, the first point of attack will be given away if you help your IT department with the right software to detect it early. It could be the difference between them getting away with your valuable information or getting stopped in their tracks.


Clear Goals

Have clear goals as to what your IT department should be doing. This gives them direction. Without it, you might not get the results you want.


Review Periods

After setting goals for your IT department, don't forget to have reviews. Reviews allow you to see if you are meeting your goals. They give you a chance to take a higher level view of the information you are dealing with every day.


Performance Pay

Some engineers may prefer a salary. This does not mean that all of them do. Your IT guys might want some kind of bonus based on their ability to perform.



Listen to what your IT employees are telling you and you might have some key insights to help you grow your business. But don't just sit on that information. Put it to use as fast as possible so you can beat the competition to the punch.



Adapting to the market and getting the best network in place that is fast and secure is what is going to separate you from the pack. Don't just rely on the old tried and true methods. Be sure to try to predict the future. The battles are won when you can see what is coming and prepare early for it. New protocols or threats are coming out all the time. Don't be the last one in your industry to adapt to what is already coming, especially if you have the tools and resources you need to detect it.


When it comes to information technology, it is one of the most important aspects of your entire business. You don't want to risk having subpar IT if you want to run a quality business. However, if you take the tips above and put them to use, you will have more success as whole because your IT department will be happy.

Lindsey Patterson

Pinterest Becomes A New Marketing Frontier

4 min read

Pinterest took social media in a unique direction. Social media platforms present a means for people to share text, video, and audio. Pinterest focuses on sharing images. While almost all social media platforms may be used to herald a particular image, Pinterest makes sharing images the focal point of its existence. The marketing potential of Pinterest may now reflect a brilliant new landscape for online marketing.


The Visual Nature Draws Attention

One reason why Pinterest seems to be doing well for marketers centers on the visual nature of the site. People can respond quite well to a strong visual image. For marketers looking to catch the attention of someone, creating an active profile on Pinterest could prove beneficial. The visual component might make Pinterest more attractive as a marketing resource than Facebook or Twitter.


Certain businesses may rely quite heavily on visual promotions. A furniture store or an art gallery gain an advantage from displaying images of their product. A text description of artwork doesn't exactly help move buyers. For businesses reliant on promoting visuals, Pinterest becomes a solid social media site to work with.


Building a Strong Following

As is the case with all social media sites, success with Pinterest marketing relies heavily on building up a following. Building up a loyal and significant following makes it easier to market a product or service. If a solid audience exists for your promotional endeavors, the potential to generate sales. The key point here is a following must be built up. Many marketing message examples note the value of connecting with an audience.


Consistency plays a significant part in increasing the number of followers. Pinning scores of interesting images on a frequent basis does a lot more than only occasionally posting a generic image on an inconsistent basis. Choosing the most effective images and releasing them on a reliable schedule could yield positive results. Followers react well when a profile remains consistently active. People get into the habit of looking forward to new posts, shares, and pins. When a Pinterest profile goes somewhat quiet, enthusiasm for the profile wanes. The ability to build up followers wanes.


The Younger Generation and Pinterest

An interesting fact about Pinterest notes that a tremendous number of millennials use the social media site. For businesses, access to millennials could represent a lucrative pathway. Millennials are a prized marketing demographic that advertisers routinely target. Staking out a presence where millennials congregate online could lead to some positive results. Of course, simply pinning images won't automatically translate into sales. The pins must appeal to potential buyers in some way. Regardless of the purchasing power and potential of millennials, they won't respond to dull pins.


Tap into a Viral Strategy

A business owner need not be the only person who pins posts. Steps can be taken to stimulate interest in other people's parts to perform the pinning on the business' behalf. This might prove to be easier than assumed. A business could request a writer produce a daily blog for promotional purposes. Adding images to the blog makes the content much more visually appealing for sure. Other benefits come with adding images to the blog. The inclusion of a "Pin It" button allows visitors to pin the image on their own Pinterest account. The viral sharing of images can lead the material to be viewed by more potential consumers. The marketing value of this could prove both cost-effective and profitable.


A blog would be one venue in which images can be pinned from. A website would be another. An online article publishing site yet another. Publishing images on various places online could lead to more viral pinning. All this translates into valuable free publicity, a good thing to be sure.