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Lindsey Patterson

How To Stay Awake

1 min read

Have you ever wanted to know how to stay awake?
Have you ever wondered about the following:

  • How to stay awake in class?
  • How to pull an all-nighter?
  • How to stay awake at work?
  • How to stay awake while driving?
  • How to stay up all night?

If you asked any of these questions before, or something similar, we’re here to help.

There are some basic lifestyle changes you can make to help you stay awake. These changes might not make pulling an all-nighter super easy, but they’ll give you the energy you need to go throughout your day:

Lindsey Patterson

Why You Should Boost Your Employees

4 min read

In any business, your employees are the lifeblood of your operations. Without the right team and mindset, your business cannot compete with the best in your industry. So don't make the mistake of missing out on getting all you can out of your workers. Here is why you should boost your employees with motivation, hiring, and leadership every chance you get:


Motivation and Morale

Attitude is a large part of how your employees are going to perform. If they are feeling down and out, they are not going to go the extra mile to deliver quality results for your company. That is why you need to make sure you are injecting the right kind of motivation and morale into your team for a solid employment boost.


Have daily meetings where you review the progress of the day so they can have a sense of accomplishment after a hard day of work. Hand out compliments more than you criticize your team, as negativity will eventually wear away at them. And finally, step up to the plate by leading and showing them that you're willing to do what you're asking them to do. This could include handling inbound phone calls, going out to sales meetings with your managers, or learning some basic tech skills.


Hiring and Recruiting

When you focus on boosting your employees, you will be able to hire and recruit better than ever before. No matter how great your business is, you are likely to have some kind of turnover of employees leaving the ship for some other companies. You need to bring in new blood to not only grow but also to stay afloat.


When your employees are elevated and made to feel more important and happy at work, they do a lot of this recruitment for you. It seems indirect at first, but it has a big impact on the way you bring in new talent. They will begin to post positive things on their social media about your company and recommend their talent friends to join you because they are proud of where they work.


Goals and Performance

Some business owners make the mistake of not setting solid goals from the start. You need to set expectations from the top down in your company. Without clear goals to work towards, people lose steam.


In addition to having specific outcomes you are aiming for, you need to go the extra mile to ensure that your employees are as committed as you are to attaining them. Consider trying their compensation and bonuses to their goals that they hit. This makes them have skin in the game.



Great communication is key to helping your employees grow and bring their best to what you're trying to accomplish in your market. Without communication, small errors or conflicts can turn into huge problems.


This can range from a dispute between employees to a customer complaint about an employee. Set a policy of open communication by constantly boosting your employees and reassuring them that you are there to talk through issues whenever they arise, with appropriate courses of action following that aren't related to office politics or nepotism. This will increase their trust in you.


If you want to have the best company in your space, then it will take a lot of work. However, as you get so busy with all the things you have to manage on your plate, you may lose sight of your employees and how they are performing and feeling. That is why it is crucial that you make this a priority, rather than a luxury, by reviewing and implementing the strategies above.


Lindsey Patterson

10 Ways Veganism Improves Your Physical and Mental Health

3 min read

Choosing to go vegan is a step in the right direction for a wide variety of reasons. Animal welfare and environmental factors are two of the top priorities for individuals who decide to go vegan. But did you know that going vegan can also improve your physical and mental health? There is no shortage of health benefits when you eliminate meat and dairy for more fruits and vegetables.


Here are 10 ways that going vegan can improve your physical health and mental wellbeing.


#1: Eating vegan can lower your cholesterol.

When you eat vegan, you are cutting out all products that contain cholesterol, specifically dairy and meat. Without added cholesterol in your diet, your own cholesterol levels may reduce significantly.


#2: Eating vegan may lead to weight loss.

Aside from cholesterol, eating a vegan diet may also aid in weight loss. This is largely due to the fact that most vegans are consuming less fat than before by opting for healthy, high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.


#3: Veganism is linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

According to studies, eating a vegan/plant-based diet can protect your heart. A big part of this is due to the elimination of red meat from your diet.


#4: Eating vegan may lead to a more nutrient-packed diet.

The majority of vegans will consume a higher volume of fruits and vegetables, which are nutrient-powerhouses. From essential vitamins to minerals, eating a plant-based diet can increase your intake on all fronts.


Those who are not interested in cooking or do not have time to cook healthy, nutrient-packed meals should look into vegan meal delivery services.


#5: You may feel a sense of peace when going vegan.

Knowing that you can save almost 200 animals a year is enough to bring you a newfound sense of peace. You will be contributing to a greater good. Compassion is one of the greatest side effects of going vegan.


#6: Eliminating animal products will reduce your hormone consumption.

When you consume meat, you are also ingesting the hormones that the animals were given when being raised on a factory farm. Without meat, you will avoid the extra hormones that have been linked to an increase in cancer.


#7: Eating vegan will reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Researchers have discovered that eating a vegan diet led to improvements in blood sugar levels. Overweight individuals “showed improvements in insulin sensitivities.”


#8: Healthier skin is often a side effect of a vegan diet.

Due to the extra vitamin A and E from both vegetables and nuts, many vegans will experience an improvement in their skin’s elasticity and a reduction in acne and blemishes.


#9: Veganism may lead to longevity.

Studies have found that veganism may lead to a longer lifespan. Lower cholesterol, lower risk of heart disease, and more nutrients all-together are all factors in why eating a vegan diet may lead to a longer life.


#10: Plant-eaters may be happier people.

Various studies have cited that mental health and mood are improved when switching to a plant-based diet. A study published in Nutrition Journal found that plant-eaters were less likely to be depressed than those who consumed meat products.


With so many health benefits, it is a wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to go vegan. Whether you decide to go vegan for the animals, the environment, or for your health, it is safe to say that going vegan is a healthier and kinder way of living.


Lindsey Patterson

5 Important Ways to Save Your Struggling Business

4 min read

Is your business struggling? No matter how hardworking you are and concerned about the success of your business, you can still expect there are many days ahead when you will not actually be making any meaningful progress until you change tact. The truth is that entrepreneurship is hard. Devise proper strategies to be able to remain competitive. Here five useful tactics you can use whenever your business is struggling.


Focus on People

People-related issues are often the main cause of problems in businesses, especially those that were once successful. As such, before you consider other factors such as brand and cash flow management. There needs to be a clear connection between the owners’ concept and what your people do with it for your business to flourish. Laziness, complacency, and entitlement are often the cause of the problem. Ensure your new members of staff understand your vision and are properly equipped to help the organization meet its objectives. If you want employees who have been helped to re-orient themselves in the job market to assist you to meet your objectives, you can click here for instant outplacement pricing. Focus on people as people are your greatest resource.


Evaluate Your Brand

That disconnect usually manifests itself in areas such as brand and sales. After fixing people-related issues, your next step is to evaluate whether your brand has eventually lost its core attraction. If this has happened, find the right ways to restore it. Deliver on your promises and invest heavily in marketing to recover the value and register increased cash flow.

Do Proper Financial Planning

Most businesses struggle because they overestimate their projected income and under-estimate their expenses. We are all always attempted to do it, especially when the future does not look promising, yet we want to remain hoping for the best without taking any action. But this is suicidal. In any project, double the total cost. This way, you may somewhat put all the hidden costs into consideration without your knowledge. Failure to understand the total cost of starting and running your business could mean your inability to meet all your expenses in time. Or it could mean you must use your personal finance to pay the bills until the business starts bringing in adequate revenue to meet the expenses. Plan properly in advance to avoid these undesirable scenarios.


Create a Debt Collection System

Debts can make your business to struggle and eventually go under. So minimize collections by creating an effective collection system. The system should ensure bills do not become overdue for long periods since when that happens, the chances of repayment are significantly reduced. Besides, find ways of recovering money from people who are not ready to pay, no matter what happens. Also, ensure you stay within the law on debt collection. This way, you will be able to meet your debt collection goals without problems.


Plan for Business Disasters

Disasters do happen, and you need to mitigate the related risks. Without an appropriate disaster management strategy, your struggling business is exposed to fatal danger. An effective strategy should not only help you to prepare for disaster but also recover from it. Keep your business records secure and ensure the safety of your employees and business assets. Furthermore, get to know the worth of your business now, ensure the business, learn about reliable disaster relief assistance programs in your area, and much more for the best results.



As an entrepreneur, you have full control of your day-to-day operations, and this is likely very attractive to you. However, you must appreciate that the business can go up and down, and what you do when it is down matters a lot and can determine whether you own a struggling or prospering business. Use the above strategies to be able to overcome the low moments and keep moving towards your destiny no matter the challenges that come your way.


Lindsey Patterson

Beneficial Diet Ideas For 2018 and What to Avoid

4 min read

We’re well into the New Year and hopefully you have done pretty well with sticking to your New Year’s resolution diet, whatever plan you chose to take on. Many people let their diets and resolutions fall behind after just a couple of weeks. If you tried out one of the new diet ideas for 2018, you may have found success. Some have been around for a number of years but just recently gained popularity, while others are relatively new and have been based on recent findings. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new diet ideas for 2018 as well as some other things you can work into your day to day life for better health.


Mediterranean Diet

This is a diet plan that follows a lot of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine that is actually very healthy for us in its natural form. The typical Mediterranean meal is very high in vegetables with the use of olive oil. Vegetables, obviously pack a big punch when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. Olive oil is very beneficial to the digestive system as it keeps things flowing and helps with the detox process.



There are a couple different versions of the DASH diet but essentially, they both focus on foods in their whole form. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruit are popular items on the diet and you are expected to stay away from things like high-fat dairy products, red meat, and refined sugars. The body does really well with this diet and not only is it easy to lose weight on the DASH diet but many people feel a lot better after a very short amount of time.



Regardless of what diet plan you choose to use, fitness is something that needs to be worked in. This contributes to the loss of fat but also helps with heart health, lowering cholesterol and maintaining a healthy blood sugar. It is important to make sure your meals consist of enough protein to give you energy and if you would like some assistance with recovery, you can utilize casein protein in smoothies, shakes, etc. Casein is very slow releasing and will provide you with a lot of protein over a lengthy amount of time. Even at night, your muscles will receive the energy they need to recover by the next day. You can also utilize casein to help build muscle at a faster rate.



While it’s not one specific diet plan, there are a number of programs that provide people with the accountability they need in order to succeed. This has been used for decades by Weight Watchers. Now, you will see programs popping up all over the internet that group people together who want to lose weight or get in better shape. They are required to post their progress and goals as a way to hold them accountable.



If you want to find success with your diet plan, it is best to be realistic. Find something that you know will work for you and won't be incredibly difficult to incorporate into your daily life. Avoid crash diets or anything that deprives your body of the calories or foods that it needs.


It seems that the most successful diet ideas are based off of real food that is reasonable to incorporate into your day to day life. People often can jump on the bandwagon with just about any diet. They often experience a loss of weight and feel better, but they fall off the wagon shortly after because the diets are too hard to follow. These fads that require you to purchase pre-made meals become too expensive and too inconvenient. With people leading very busy lives these days, the best diet ideas are ones that can be easily utilized. A little tweak here and there to your already existing routine is ideal.


Lindsey Patterson

5 Things You Need to Start Your Own Business

4 min read

While starting an enterprise may seem ideal, people often fail to prepare for the patience, research, time, and money needed to start a company. It's essential to know things that one needs to start a business to determine whether you are capable of running a successful venture or not.



You require capital up front to start a business. Alternatively, an aspiring entrepreneur may need to make a lump sum payment to buy an existing business. Unfortunately, many people want to establish a company even without any money. Such unprepared entrepreneurs can get themselves buried in debt. It's a fact that everyone will need capital to start a business. While injecting more capital may not guarantee the success of a business, you can be sure a company without adequate capital will sink in the long-run. However, thorough assessment of the amount of money needed to run a business can help avoid such situations. You can use that analysis as your baseline and consider the likelihood of encountering several unanticipated costs along the way. You may need to budget for expenses such as designing a website, creation of business cards, installation of AP automation software, and advertising costs.


Create a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is often tedious. However, it's so important especially for businesses that intend to seek financial aid from banks or investors. It also serves as a litmus test to help aspiring entrepreneurs assess if they can run a business. You are probably not prepared to run a successful business if you can't take the time to create a business plan.



Lack of sufficient time is one of the stumbling blocks for aspiring entrepreneurs. Time management skill is one of the essential skills that a business owner will need to balance life and work activities. While learning to manage time may seem daunting, failing to do so may result in the alienation of vendors and customers. As such, it's critical to learn to prioritize tasks that are urgent and delay undertaking projects that can wait.">Tasks prioritization is essential to the survival of a company. You may need to carve out sufficient time for personal fulfillment as well as devote to your startup.



A unique idea may not always turn out to be a successful venture. You can turn any idea into a profitable venture as long as your target audience demands your product. In fact, killer ideas may not always translate into successful ventures. There is a reason nobody has ventured into your target niche. It could be because nobody wants to buy products similar to yours. However, research can help understand your target market and learn to turn an idea into a reality. Almost every business needs a social media presence and website to increase its customer outreach. However, aspiring entrepreneurs may need to rethink their domain name to make it as unique as possible.


Many startups often strive to grow faster than they can. The best way to build a successful venture is to focus on the growth that one can sustain in the long-run. Your business will encounter all sorts of challenges as it scales up. As such, you can burn yourself out trying to do things that are beyond your reach. Patience will help an aspiring business owner to maintain enthusiasm and energy in the long-run. While the early bird always catches the worm, other times the steady and slow carries the day. Aspiring entrepreneurs should be patient and don't get discouraged if you make fewer sales than expected. It takes time and perseverance to see forward progress. It can take a while before a startup gets off the ground and reaches its monthly costs.


Lindsey Patterson

5 Steps To Help You Bring Down Your Business Spending

6 min read

Every business comes with an operational cost. While there are few business models that have near zero operational costs, most businesses tend to spend a great amount of money in their business spending. For any business to be successful, it has to make great profits.

But then, the profits will naturally decrease when an unusual amount of revenue is spent on business costs. Therefore, for any business to become successful and perform well, controlling the business spending is essential.


It is a well-known business mantra that you must always start cheap. We all come across those businesses that spend an outrageous amount of money on useless things that contribute less to revenue generation and end up being defunct.

A fixed or a variable amount of business spending is a must in almost every company. In such cases, how do you take control of your business spending?

Here are five steps to take control of your business spending


Keep track of your expenses and know all your strategic costs.

According to Pareto principle, 80% of profit comes from 20% of efforts. You must work towards identifying that 20%. By investing money selectively into such efforts helps you increase your profits and keep the business spending low as well. Also, make sure that you are not accustomed to spending money on routine expenses. Keep a track and eliminate all the redundant expenses that do not contribute on the whole.


A regular review of your spending and expenses is one more technique that helps you identify where your money goes. This way, you can identify the spots where you are spending money and eliminate them if required. As mentioned above, take Pareto principle into consideration. Focus on the ventures and expenses that drive the maximum result.


Exercise control over your expenses.

Make sure that each and every transaction is checked, verified and approved. You don’t need to spend a fortune to employ people to do this for you. Start automating things. With automation becoming a great aid to businesspeople, you must reap its benefits.


By automating the payments and expenses, you tend to get a clear picture of where your money is going and setting approval levels helps in perfect scrutiny over all payments. Also, staying updated with your business’s current financial situation is of huge importance. Schedule regular reports and stay on top of your finances. This way, you tend to have a better view of business spending; cutting down costs when necessary will be easier too.


For setting up all the updates mentioned above, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money. Leverage the services provided by your bank and stay aware of all the free and reliable applications which help you do so.

Outsource your work.

In many cases, businesses tend to spend more money on acquiring people for specific job roles that can be done better using a tool like a web app or a mobile application.

For instance, you can now enjoy the luxury of having a Virtual Assistant that will help

you out as much as a personal assistant can do. On top of this, virtual assistants like Echo are relatively less priced, and the probability of error becomes very less. Similarly, people spent a huge amount on hiring staff for data entry. But now, with applications like QuickBooks and by doing an integration with QuickBooks, it can help you manage your data entry without any issues.


Manage variable and fixed costs

Start off by calculating the variable costs that your business incurs and measure it against the sales and revenue they generate. If the equation looks profitable overall, well and good. Otherwise, make sure that your variable costs are closely examined from time to time.


When it comes to fixed costs, most businesses tend to turn a blind eye towards them as they happen on a regular basis. However, you must keep looking at the market and industry standards from time to time. This way, you stay updated with the current market trends and can cut down your fixed costs if there is any scope to do so.


Become tech savvy.

Technological innovations are truly amazing. By using tech wherever possible, you can save a great amount of money on operational costs. Tech can be easily upgraded and comes with near zero error. This makes technology highly reliable and promising.  For instance, instead of storing your data in a dedicated server room on your company’s top floor, you can simply move on to cloud computing.


Cloud computing is everywhere today. Migrate your data and websites on to the cloud. For instance, Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) is a great place to get started when it comes to cloud computing and migrating your data.


With tech solutions like data analytics, it is now easy to understand your business in and out. This way, it is easy to plan not only your business expenses but also the other aspects of your business as well. Analytics helps you get a clear-cut understanding of your fixed and variable costs; this way, planning your business expenses becomes effortless.



For cutting down on business spending, one must work upon various factors and have a robust plan of action. While all the above techniques are useful, one of the final advice is this—treat employees well. Though it seems unrelated to the particular context, treating your employees well and giving them enough credit, compensation, and gifts keeps them motivated. Also, they are less prone to commit mistakes that cost the business hefty amounts.

So by practicing the mentioned techniques vigorously, it will be quite an easy task to cut down on the business spending. Planning, tracking, managing the costs effectively and leveraging technology effectively is important. All of these have to go hand in hand so that the business spending does come down.


While few practices might seem like they need an extensive amount of spending upfront, they’ll, however, impact the business in the long term and bring down the business spending up to a great extent.


Lindsey Patterson

Being, Finding and Making Leaders for Your Business Success

4 min read

When your business has excellent leaders, from the boss to the management staff, then your business has real direction and vision to impart to its other employees. When real leadership is lacking, your company will lack direction and it will also lack a pattern of genuine success. In today’s business world, where fierce competition is the name of the game, your business will need innovative leaders that can help you and your employees navigate the murky waters of such a cutthroat corporate environment with strategies that really work to propel your company to the top. The following are three areas where leaders will come from in your endeavor to fill positions with leadership quality in your company.


How to Be a Boss and a Leader

When it comes to finding good leaders, it helps if you, the boss of your company, have some experience as a leader yourself. Honing the skills of a leader will help you to find people who aspire to what a real leader should be doing for your employees. For example, one of the most important traits of a leader is putting the needs of others before the needs of the self. Learning to think of others is sometimes contrary to the inherent greed that is found in many executives and business owners. These are people who are trained to make money at nearly any cost but to be a leader it requires the ability to make sure the people working for you have their needs met. Fail to do this, and your business will suffer at the expense of your own personal bottom line.


Searching for Leadership Talent

According to, you want to find the right executive-level leader for a decent price without compromising talent or skill level. This can be difficult, and it will require working with recruiters who have your business’s best interests in mind. To assess such a recruiting effort, you will need to pay close attention to online reviews and to the quality of the candidates a company will send you to try out in your company. It may help to speak with other trusted business owners to find out if they have used recruitment companies to help put top quality leaders in key positions of their business too. This way, you can get a good recommendation from someone you consider a trusted colleague.


Making Leaders out of Your Employees

If you are having difficulty finding leaders to help you run your company, sometimes you need to look no further than in your own employee pool. Certain employees will probably stand out, and you can begin to groom them with management skills that can help them function as a leader in your company. Since you are grooming these individuals from the ground up, you can mold them to do things the way you want to do them. This way, you will not have to untrain the molding other executives have imposed on individuals coming into your organization. Rather, you can design a leader over time to fit the role you need them to fit the right way.



When you have leadership skills yourself, it becomes easier to spot others who have the potential to gain and master these skills too. You can see it in the way they conduct themselves in a professional setting, and you can see it in the way they approach problems to solve them. Some of these individuals will need guidance, and others will be naturally intuitive as leaders. Everyone would like to work with natural leaders, but this is not always possible or practical. Sometimes, you simply have to take a green employee under your wing and train them to be a formidable leader in your company to ensure that your business has the right people to lead it to a consistent string of successes. It is here that your own leadership skills will become a key to imparting those traits into the person who will become the leader you envision them becoming.


Lindsey Patterson

Tips for Making Your Company More Profitable

4 min read

Owning a business and running it well is not for the weak people in the society. It requires bold-minded individuals who have good organizational and planning skills. Additionally, to succeed in business, you must be ready to face challenges and severe risks. Today, every business owner wants to make more profit than his or her competitors. However, as a businessperson, it is not possible to increase profits in your company without coming up with an effective strategy that will beat the competition. You need to understand that there are variables that determine the level of profitability of every business. Therefore, in order to increase your profits, you must work hard to improve these variables. This guide provides essential tips that will enable you to make your business more profitable than others.


1. Hire the Right People

You should not focus only on basic qualifications when hiring employees to work in your organization. If you want to improve your profits, you must employ staff members who are driven by passion and motivation. Your workers should be creative and determined to achieve the goals of the company.


2. Focus on Finding and Retaining New Customers Daily

You should attend networking events regularly to attract new customers to your company. As a businessperson, you need to spend most of your time interacting with your customers and informing them about your goods and services. After winning customers, you need to treat them respectfully. Once you treat them well, they will become loyal to your brand and play a significant role in making your business profitable.


3. Advertise Your Brand Wisely

You should hire experienced marketers to create awareness of your brand to your customers and prospects. Additionally, if you want to achieve more in your business, you must be ready to use unique techniques to reach your target audience. For instance, you should use social media platforms to create brand awareness. Also, you can start sending cold pitches, setting up sales calls, and sending customized commercial emails to your customers and prospects. If you get a good customers base, your profits will increase.


4. Use Resources Well and Cut Costs

One of the perfect strategies to become profitable is by cutting costs in your business. You should get your raw materials at a lower price. Additionally, you need to work smart to minimize the production costs. When marketing, you can start by using free resources like social media sites to avoid overspending. When you start getting good money, you can now start investing heavily in marketing and other operations.


5. Motivate and Empower Your Employees

Your employees require an excellent environment to perform their daily activities. A clean and favorable environment will motivate them and increase productivity and profits for your business. Moreover, your employees require training and inspiring messages regularly. Therefore, you should hire an expert every year to train and inspire them. It is advisable to keep the records of your employees accurately. You can use a human resources database to track everything in your organization. The database will enable you to monitor the performance of each employee and work on their weaknesses to improve productivity.


6. Analyze Your Competition and Be Creative

If you want your business to remain relevant in the market, you need to learn many things from your competitors. After learning from them, you can complement the best strategies that they use and apply them to improve your operations. However, to make your business stand out from the competition, you must be creative. It is advisable to come up with innovative ideas that will bring more profits.


7. Provide Great Customer Service and Be consistent

Your customers deserve excellent services whenever they come to buy goods and services. Therefore, it is advisable to make them feel valued by offering them customized services. Providing an excellent service will make them loyal to your company. They will always buy your services or goods instead of going to your competitors. However, you must be consistent in service delivery to maintain a good reputation.


In conclusion, you should keep detailed records to help you in understanding where your company stands financially. Proper record keeping will enable you to face challenges confidently to keep your business on the right track.


Lindsey Patterson

Secret Hacks For Getting Rid Of Nail Fungus

4 min read

Nail fungus, which also goes by the clinical name of onychomycosis, affects millions of people, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing. The condition is marked by inflammation and swelling of the area surrounding the nails, as well as the yellowing, thickening, and/or crumbling of the nail. As the condition worsens, the nail may crack and you may lose the nail completely, but you don't have to let the condition worsen to that degree. Here are some hacks, tricks, and tips to help you alleviate the condition.


Keep Vicks VapoRub Handy

This product works wonders on toenail fungus treatment, because the camphor and eucalyptus oil ingredients are excellent antifungal agents. In fact, the U.S. Air Force recently conducted a study on the effectiveness of Vick's VapoRub on nail fungus. The research, which was published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, asked test subjects to treat their nail fungus by dabbing a cotton swab in the product and applying it to the affected nail. As much as 83% of participants noted a marked improvement in the nail, while 20% reported that the fungus was completely eradicated.


Invest in an Antifungal Agent

There are some over the counter medications that treat nail fungus effectively for those who would like to try more traditional treatments. Typically, the medication comes in the form of a cream or ointment, which is applied to the damaged nail. The antifungal agents penetrate the nail and attack the source of the infection, eliminating irritation and discomfort as it works. Blood flow is stimulated during this process, which encourages the growth of a new, healthy nail. Once a new nail begins to form, the risks of additional infections are minimized.


Apple Cider Vinegar Works Wonders

There are many things that apple cider vinegar can treat and nail fungus is just one of them. Create a solution of equal parts of water and of apple cider vinegar, making enough of the solution to soak your foot for 30-minute intervals. After the 30 minutes, be sure to thoroughly dry the nail. If you do this each day, the nail will improve over the span of a few weeks.


Another method is to create a paste with a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with rice flour (coarsely ground). As you apply the paste to the nail and surrounding area, gently scrub. The paste should be applied several times a week. In addition to eliminating the fungus, the paste will remove dead skin cells and give your skin a softer, healthier feel.


Try Listerine Mixed with White Vinegar

The thymol and menthol found in Listerine work as antifungal agents, while the acidic nature of the vinegar also attacks the fungus. Mix equal quantities of Listerine and white vinegar to create a soak and submerge the affected nails for a 45 to 60 minute period each day. The solution will make quick work of the fungal infections.


Baking Soda Cures a Few Ills

Almost every kitchen has a supply of baking soda handy, so this is a treatment you probably already have available. In addition to resolving nail fungus, it can also help to eliminate foot odor. In four cups of hot water, add half a cup of baking soda, a quarter of a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, and a half cup of Epsom salt. Once you have mixed these ingredients together, stir in a quarter cup of white vinegar. Your nails should be soaked in this solution for 10 minutes, twice daily. After each time, wash, rinse, and completely dry the foot.


These are a few ways you can treat nail fungus at home. The condition should never be left untreated because it can worsen. If the infection does grow worse, even with treatment, contact your doctor as soon as possible. You may need a strong medication to eradicate the fungal infection.