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Lindsey Patterson

Great Ways to Come Up with Resolutions.

3 min read

There are many reasons for coming up with some great resolutions that can make one set up the ideas of pushing for the goals. There are some of the questions that helps one set up the ideas that will make income up with the resolution. Most of the people have indulged themselves in the retrospectives and ways of evaluating the choice of life. There are some of the perfect chance for those that have set the changes.

There are some of the important lifestyle changes that are needed. This is some of the charitable and caring factors that will make one be part of the springboard. The step will make one be part of the resolution and help one get help and realize the goals.

Some of the people that are not serious on the matters of the resolution will end up abandoning the resolution. This shows the level of seriousness that one has to invest in the resolutions to get to the set goals. Approximately 80 percent of the people in the community set up the resolution and end up failing to meet the goals.

Most of the people get tired of setting the goals and end up making the changes. The best ways of setting up the New Year resolution is discovering the challenges that will hinder the process of achieving the resolution. After that one has to set the best ways of overcoming the challenges. The setting of the goals allows one to have the chance to be good and be accountable to the best things ever.

9 percent of the people that set the resolution fell they are quite successful at the end of the year. Some of the resolutions that are common are making time with the family and also making the best ways of financial choice. There are some of the ways that makes one be part of the achievers of the solutions. These best way of making the resolution include:

Choosing Specific and goals that are realistic. The resolutions that are very realistic will make one get focused and also choose the concrete means. Achieving the goals makes one set the opportunity and planned well on how to accomplish through the best course.

Additionally, one has to pick one resolution. This will make one get focused and be serious one the way of approaching the move. The other step that one has to take is to approach the goals early. Planning is the best move that will make one be on the run in achieving the goals in the community. The people who are experts on the matters of the goal suggest that one has to be serious and stick to the matters of the achieving of the goal. This stage is quite important in achieving the resolution in the sense that one will have the chance to set the best ways of realizing the goals in the community.

The final step is to start will a smaller step and learn to appreciate each and every achievement at every step. As part of the achievement, bridge core has boosted the matters of management a company. The move will assist one to understand the better ways of being part of the achievers. Though it will make one start at the slow level. It will make one get start adapting to the new habits and also boost the chance of realizing the long term success of the set resolutions

Lindsey Patterson

5 Things To Take Into Consideration When Deciding On Company Cars

3 min read

line of cars

When it comes to deciding on which company vehicle to buy, it is important for you to keep an open mind while carrying out an extensive research. This is because there are a lot of good cars out there but only a few can serve your purpose the best way you know how. Here are a few tips on how best you can go about the business of finding the right car for your company:


The Size of the Car Your Company Needs


The size is a very important aspect when it comes to finding the best car for your company. The latter will depend on factors such as the intended purpose as well as the frequency of us. It is also important to check out the cost of maintenance of the car you are intending on buying. For instance, it is way cheaper to maintain a sedan because of its small size.


The Number of Employees in Your Company


There is absolutely no point of purchasing a huge bus to transport employees to and from work when they are only a handful. Instead, you can choose a much smaller car and use the remaining resources for something else. That said, it is also shrewd for you to for a vehicle that has a little extra capacity since there is a chance that your business might grow in the near future. And if that happens, you won’t have to worry about buying a new company car.


Your Initial Budget


Always make a point of looking for cars that fit into your budget. There is absolutely no need to exceed your budget yet there will always be more affordable options. and that’s exactly why you’re always required to carry out your research extensively before making your mind up. Thankfully, research has been made easier thanks to the internet.


Think About the Future


What thinking about the future means as far as buying a company car is looking at variables such as the long term costs as well as depreciation. Therefore, it would make so much sense if you took the liberty of buying a car that will last a long time while costing very little in terms of maintenance as well as fuel consumption.


Always Try Negotiating Your Way into Paying Less


Trying to negotiate especially when you are buying your cars in bulk can end up saving you a couple of money that you can get to inject right back into your business. Feel free to also catch the online discounts which are advertised from time to time.




All points considered, it is very important for you to also check your personal budget. Doing so is very important as it will also determine the cars that you’ll end up going for. But even if you have a limited budget, you should always strive to go for well designed company cars that will in the end bring more income than it takes in expenditure.


Feel free to ask around simply because extensive research is exactly what will end up giving you exactly what you want. In such matters, hurrying around is exactly what will end up misguiding you when all has been said and done. Last but not least, always take good care of your company cars in order for them to serve you for the long haul without costing you an arm and a leg in repairs.

Lindsey Patterson

Rudy Gobert: A Star in the Making

3 min read

The world of professional basketball requires athletes to be on top of their game year-round, the NBA is the hardest league in the world. Not only do athletes have to train every day but they have to work hard to be a relevant player to their team. Since there are so many top players in the league a few talented athletes go unnoticed. Rudy Gobert is a great example as he is a really essential player in his team but goes unnoticed.


On this Rudy Gobert bio, you will learn why fans should appreciate him more as a top tier talent in the league. Born June 26, 1992, Rudy Gobert is a French basketball player who currently plays for the Utah Jazz as a center. He is also a player for the French national basketball team whenever there are international competitions. Standing at an impressive height of seven feet this makes him a giant among a lot of basketball players that play in his position. With a height like that and a wingspan of almost 8 feet it's no wonder, he had the most blocks in the 2017-17 season. He scores an average of 15 points a game with 12 rebounds which really shows that he is a major contributor to his team. Currently, on his sixth season, he is still a young player that can accomplish a lot in his career. He has already won a few awards such as the defensive player of the year in 2018. His talent has also helped his team get into the all NBA second team and two times all-defensive first team awards. With him, in the team, the Utah Jazz has seen a good amount of success and will only see more if he keeps playing at that level day in and out.


Big men have always played a big role in the NBA with several players becoming icons from the position. It is no secret that the NBA would not mind having a tall player on their team which is why skilled players with a big frame are always sought for in the league. Legends such as Shaq and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dominated in their positions due to their overwhelming defense and offense both being at least seven feet tall. The reason centers are so essential is because of how easy it is for them to get rebounds and block shots in a game. These things alone can change the outcome of a game but most of them go above that by being skilled scorers both in the paint and outside as well. Imagine trying to guard someone who is tall enough to touch your ceiling. It is almost impossible. Many modern big men are expanding their skill set by shooting three-pointers and taking on play-maker roles by helping with assists. Rudy Gobert has the potential to be an even bigger name in the NBA and possibly be an example as the ideal center of this new generation of elite players.

Lindsey Patterson

What you need to know before selling your art online

3 min read

In reality, most specialists truly battle with deals and promoting and confront reliable disillusionment. Offering your craftsmanship doesn’t continuously happen the way you think, and it’s imperative not to accept that it'll. Indeed somebody who is normally drawn to your show might not feel unequivocal at once around a particular work. Sometime recently you begin reexamining your entire career path as a craftsman, know that there are a few common issues that can be influencing your craftsmanship deals.



As well numerous specialists think you'll be able to offer your craftsmanship by casting the net wide and seeing what it catches. This is often a colossal squander of time and vitality and regularly leads to frustration with the craftsmanship world. Who ought to you offer your craftsmanship to? Most artists don’t give this address about as much thought as they ought to, which could be a disgrace since the reply to this address is key to success. Who is your perfect audience? If your reply is everyone, at that point I encourage you to undertake once more, to go more profound. Have you had deals within the past? Take a long look at who has bought your work, what are their common denominator? It truly is worth putting effort into each interaction with anybody who communicates intrigued in your work. It might fair create into a deep-rooted relationship of shared appreciation and advantage. And of course, assist you to offer your craftsmanship!


Online Platforms

Online, things aren’t much simpler. There are more than a dozen starting an online store that claims to offer craftsmen the opportunity to offer their works specifically to buyers.







Your Pricing

Typically the foremost common address I listen. Shockingly, I cannot tell individuals what to charge. I cannot tell somebody else what their time and ability is worth. Once you put a cost on your work, your client will esteem it agreeing to how much they pay for it. There's a really wide run of costs to consider. I go to extremes. I either provide it as a gift from the heart, which is priceless, or I put a tall dollar cost tag on it. Estimating your work can regularly feel just like the hardest portion of the entire handle.



Was it a specific color? At that point, you might need to center on works that incorporate it. Are they reminded of an excursion of which they have affectionate recollections? At that point, you’ll need to concentrate on comparable scenes. Help them to create this prepare of thought. Maybe they discover the color alleviating, or possibly they would like to tell you more approximately that get-away and why they appreciate recollecting it. I realize none of this sounds all that fun. As a matter of fact, when it gets to be a trade, craftsmanship can lose a small of the bliss and motivation. Be beyond any doubt to proceed to do rousing craftsmanship for yourself.

Lindsey Patterson

Educational boot camp programs help people get ahead

3 min read

Intensive educational programs are a trend that has shown value over the past few years. People use such programs to get ahead in life. People do not always want to go to a traditional educational setting, such as college, so they have choices to better themselves. Sometimes these programs will help someone get to positions in their company they did not think they could get. This will also allow for someone to feel better about themselves, as self improvement always does. At the same time, people do not always know what is out there. Most people associate these programs with computer programming, but there are other choices to be had.


Computer related boot camps

Not all boot camps in the computer realm are about programming. One type is the QA bootcamp. These will give you an intensive look at software quality assurance. This allows for people to move up to the next level if they are already programmers. If someone wants in the field, but have no talent for coding, this could be in for a person.

Others might want to learn computer repair for a job in that field. The best way to get into that is to have a certification, like A+ or an MCP. There are all types of certifications to be had. There are many boot camps for this. People can go from a want to being able to diagnose hardware or software problems. It is a way to change departments or start with a new company.


Foreign languages

As the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has shown, an intensive program to learn a foreign language is possible, as they have done with their missionaries. Companies are starting to need people who need multiple languages. People who come to the United States may want to be able to communicate more effectively. A person who is wanting to get into management might want to learn Spanish to look better for the company. The need to speak multiple languages is not new, but this will help people succeed in building a more effective team by not letting language barriers get in the way.


Moved to universities

One of the ways that such boot camps have shown to be effective is that they are now going from companies that are in it for the profit to universities and colleges. The way that these types of educational programs have developed, it has become productive. People do not always have the ability, for whatever reason, to complete a four year degree. With this option added in, this allows students to have yet another choice.

Boot camps are not just a fad. They have shown to be effective, even if they are a little oversold with promises. A person who wants to get ahead in their job can choose this option and succeed. People need the information to get ahead. This approach has shown to be effective for many people. If a person is looking to move up in their company, or even start their own, this is one way that has shown to be extremely effective.

Lindsey Patterson

Three Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

4 min read

The kitchen can be one of the most exciting parts of your home, especially because it is a place where friends and family can gather not only to socialize, but to also work as a team to make fun meals and delicious desserts. However, the harsh reality is that, despite the fact that so many of us dream about a new custom space with sleek, stylish cabinetry and a granite-top island, the majority of us are working with small kitchens. With a small space, it is easy to feel like even two people make up too many cooks in the kitchen, even though you may want to accommodate as many people as possible so that you can all gather and chat over meal prep. So, many people sacrifice style for function. If you are one of those people who wishes you could achieve both style and function in your kitchen space, but are unsure of where to begin the upgrades, this article provides three ways in which you can begin customizing your kitchen to meet your vision. There are smart solutions available for you as you reconsider the design of your space.


You can begin with your small kitchen design by working on the lighting of your kitchen space. Lighting really can become your best friend in a small kitchen area, and there are so many different ways to use lighting to make the most of your tiny kitchen. First, try under cabinet lights. They only change the mood of your kitchen, but they save your necessary counter space by attaching underneath your cabinets. If you invest in dimmable lights, you can change the light gradient throughout the day to meet your lighting needs. Second, try a chandelier. I know that sounds crazy, but even a stylish chandelier can work in your small kitchen space. As long as you focus on purchasing a chandelier fixture that is to scale with the rest of the kitchen, as well as its specific placement, your can add a sleek and chic look to the space. Lastly, recessed lighting is always a play-it-safe option that still enables you to not only light your space efficiently, but achieve a seamless ceiling profile in the process.


You might be saying, “I don’t have anymore room in my kitchen for storage. Kitchen tools are literally spilling out of my cabinets!” If this is you, don’t be discouraged. As long as you’ve got space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling, you’ve got extra space. Try adding a flare of style to the ways in which you store additional items on top of your cabinets. For example, purchase some wicker baskets or some sleek containers that match the look and style of the rest of your kitchen. Even though the space on top of your cabinets provides for more storage room, store the lesser-used kitchen tools up there. That way, you don’t have to pull out the step ladder or climb onto your countertops every five seconds to grab a commonly-used kitchen item. Another way to store items is to put some money towards a double-duty backsplash. What I mean is, install something like a stainless steel pegboard as a backsplash to not only keep your walls clean from spills, but to also provide hooks on which you can hang frequently-used kitchen tools.

Corner Space

When you are working with a small kitchen, every little bit of space counts. So, think about installing corner shelves to maximize the space that you already have. A 90-degree shelf can ensure that your corner space doesn’t go to waste, and is perfect for storing smaller items like spices and cooking oil. Also consider a wall-mounted table or cutting board, which can fold back flush against the wall when you aren’t using it. These ideas will not only help you make the most of your tiny kitchen, but they will also give the space a modern, minimalist feel. Many people don’t consider vertical space when they think about customizing their kitchen, but vertical space can make a world of a difference when you are looking for new and chic ways to store things while at the same time achieving that functionality that is so necessary to kitchens, and especially small ones.  

Don’t be intimidated by your small kitchen. Get creative by using the ideas listed above, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the changes you see, both in style and function.

Lindsey Patterson

Invest in your business

3 min read

There are many ways to invest in your business that will help it grow. One way to invest in your business is by improving the type of equipment you have. Upgrading your computers, faxes, or copy machines is a great way to invest in your business. Improvements in these items to modern standards will increase efficiency and improve your business.


Market your business to your customers and clients

Another way to improve your business is marketing. You can market your business online in many different ways that will be very cost efficient for you. This is a great way to invest in your business. Global opportunities such as foreign investments are always a good idea as this allows your business to reach clients globally and increase your business sales.



You can also choose to outsource source a lot of the tasks that are repetitive or that you do not like to do. This will save you money as you will not have to hire employees for your business and put them on salary.


Social network

Additional ways to invest in your business is to create social network profiles for your business. This is always a great way to connect to potential buyers, clients, and customers.


Provide training to your staff

Another way to invest in your business is by training your employees and staff to do a better job relating to their responsibilities. You can train your employees in new and different ways that will be more efficient for them in functioning in their jobs. You may include learning new ways to operate your business for your personal improvement as well. You can do this by taking courses in classes or online . There are many courses available for you to learn how to improve your skills to operate your business and to learn more about your business product and services.


Study your clients needs

You may also want to increase your business flow by learning what type of clients and customers you have and what their specific needs are. Doing this will allow you to customize your business products or services to their specific needs. You may also want to open additional locations to fit their needs. This will increase the number of customers you can service and accommodate. This is a convenient way to invest in your business.


Get to know your clients personally

Keeping personal profiles of your clients so that you know exactly what their needs are and what they expect from your company is a great way to customize products and services for every client and customer. You can also invest in your business by offering promotions and discounts to repeat customers depending on their specific needs. This will build your customer base and client list thereby increasing business.


Always add new products and services

Another way to invest in your business is to always continue to add new products and services for your clients to ensure you are providing the best service to them at all times. You may also want to provide online services for your clients who want to get information about the products and services and allow them to purchase these products and services online. This makes it very convenient for your clients to purchase your products and services.

Lindsey Patterson

Social Anxiety Disorder

4 min read


There are things people never told you about growing up. Being an adult is not like it was when you were little. Pretending to be your mom or dad, you probably played at talking to other adults and doing adult things. What they never told you, what they never cover is what to do when the world scares you. More specifically, what do you do when you have social anxiety and suffer from panic attacks? More than likely, you are told to suck it up and go to work. Which is doable, but what happens when you are literally curled up and paralyzed with fear, hyperventilating, thinking about all the things that can and will happen to you if you set foot outside the house? It can be mind-numbingly frustrating at times. But, you have to figure it out because there are people who depend on you.


My Security Chili

When an opportunity comes along to get out and do something with friends, my wife and I usually jump at it. Well, my wife does, dragging me along kicking and screaming. When I let slip that a friend was having a potluck, my wife ‘happened’ to talk to my friend’s wife and I was told we were showing up with chili. Oh yeah, and I was making the chili.


Already on edge before I walked in the door, having to relinquish my spicy security blanket (I thought maybe I could walk around all night with the pot of chili), a hand dug its claws into my shoulder. The owner of the hand pulled me aside to talk about hunting, the 'how-tos' of financing inground pools, and how to make the perfect craft beer. All stuff which I had no clue. I heard none of it. Kind of like when Charlie Brown’s adults talked at the kids, ‘wuh-wah-wah-wah’. I didn’t want to be rude and excuse myself or at least tell him I had no idea about such topics. Nondescript head motions and sounds and words made the conversation bearable and pass for something cordial and inoffensive. I thought, I was convinced, that the outdoorsy craft-beer financier knew I didn’t want to listen to how to best skin a deer during tax season and is going to forever hold it against me.

What is it?

You want to be around people, but then you don’t like people. You want friends, but you don't want to maintain friendships. You don’t like being around people, but you are lonely. Symptoms of social anxiety disorder range from a general uneasy feeling to immobilizing panic attacks. The effects of social anxiety disorder can happen whenever you are around other people. Effects can be noticed when you have to use a public restroom, when you have to speak in front of a group of people, or even at a gathering with friends, to name a few. You could be worried about people observing and judging you, or you might be worried about offending someone. There is some science behind it, too.


Oh Amygdala, my Amygdala

Scientists think anxiety stems from the amygdala, the almond-shaped region in the brain that regulates emotions. Its size is directly correlated to aggression and decreases in males after castration. It is also related to conditions such as autism, phobias, depression, and even post-traumatic stress. But, there are ways you can cope.


Of course, there's medication and other treatment as well as therapy. It is always best to ask your doctor or therapist before trying any home or quick remedies. There are no guarantees, but you will never know if you do not follow through.


It is no surprise that the world can be a scary place. Sometimes making the best of it is easier said than done. Being an adult can suck, but it is something you have to do because there are people who depend on you. Experiencing social anxiety is an often debilitating way many brains cope with having to be around others in common situations, such as public speaking, just being out in public, and even being around close friends. There are better ways one can cope. If you experience symptoms of social anxiety, there are ways you can get out there without wanting to rip out your sitting

Lindsey Patterson

Things to do Before Your Next Roadtrip

3 min read

With warmer weather comes time for more and more people to take road trips. There is nothing like hitting the road and seeing the sites that you always hear people talking about. With that being said, it is important that you make sure that you do a little preemptive maintenance on your vehicle before you hit the road. Having your vehicle in proper working order will be vital for a couple of reasons, the main one is that you will be able to prevent you from breaking down and your trip being ruined. This can also go a long way in helping you improve your gas mileage and save you serious money. Even the smallest detail can make a huge difference so without any further delay, let’s dive right into this subject and see the things that need to be tended to before we hit the road this summer.


Tires are Very Important

Making sure that you check your tires will be of the utmost importance there are so many issues that can come from tires that have not been properly inspected and lead to you having serious issues down the road. One thing you will want to make sure that you do from the beginning is that of looking at the outside of the tire and make sure there are no obvious signs of damage to the tire. Look for things like bulges from the tire or areas where the tire is worn. Be sure that you check the thread of the tire as to make sure that the tires have ample amount of rubber on them. This can make all the difference between you having an amazing road trip and you spending time on the side of the road or in a repair shop.


Take a Break to Check your Brakes

On vehicles, like a Subaru Forester, the process is not that complicated, as there are so many advancements that can tell you what the condition of your brakes is. On older vehicles, you will have to do a little more detailed inspection to make sure that these are in the best working order that they can be in. often a person will just assume that since their vehicle is stopping that the brakes are in good shape. Take it from a person that has been stranded after sudden brake problems, this is far from the case. Take a look at the brake pads, check to make sure there is plenty of brake fluid as well as making sure that there is still plenty of rubber on the brake pads.


Check your Fluids

Making sure that there is plenty of fluid will be a very important part of the overall process of getting your car road ready. Every fluid needs to be checked and if possible change. Things like oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid needs to be changed as to prevent any type of issue from forming. It is also a good idea that you make sure that you check your belts and hoses as to make sure that everything is okay. Even the smallest little area of wear on a belt can be a big deal, you will want to replace any belt or hose that seems to be showing signs of wear as to make sure that you will remember your trip for all of the right reasons.

Lindsey Patterson

Finding The Best Deals Are Usually Found On Big Ticket Items That Are Discounted

3 min read

Saving money is easier when you have a game plan. If you have mapped out something you know how you save. The people that have mapped out a plan will have the ability to save more.


Wait For The Sale

The people that are fans of saving money should always wait for a good deal to come along. It is easy to get tempted by the desire to buy something. There are plenty of consumers that spend more than the regular price on phones or trips because they want it right now. They do not have the discipline to wait, and that usually leads into much higher prices that are paid for things that will eventually go on sale.


If you can discipline yourself to wait you have the ability to save a tremendous amount of money. It is all about having the right mind frame when it comes to spending money. If you know that you can survive without making the purpose before a sale it becomes easier for you to simply wait until it goes on sale.


Buy It Used

There are a ton of items that are used that can be much cheaper than anything that you would possibly buy. The Internet has made it possible to get connected to a number of sellers that want to get rid of items that you cannot wait to purchase. This is a win-win for both the buyer and the seller. You get a chance to get an item at a good price, and someone that is no longer using it gets the chance to get rid of it.


If you want to make your money work well for you it is good to find items that are on sale, use these items for a while and sell the items to someone else before it gets too old. You can see the advantage of this from both sides (as a buyer and a seller). You get a chance to utilize something and pass it on to someone else that can also reap the savings, but you get a return on investment as well.


People that are buying big-ticket items like cars should consider cheap car insurance. This gives you the advantage to get the item for less and pay lower insurance costs for the car.


Open Box Items

There is something that is just as good as getting a used item from someone that is selling it online. This alternative is an open-box item. The good thing about these items is that there is still a warranty that exists. In most cases the item is essentially new, but it has been returned by someone that decided not to use it. That works to your advantage because the store can no longer sell the item that is new because it is not in you anymore. The advantage, however, is that you are still getting the item that has not really been put to much use. This is the equivalent of someone purchasing a brand-new car and bringing it back after they have put a couple of miles on it.


There are ways to save all around, but you need to pay attention to what you can find used. You should also wait for sales. These are the ways that you save the most.