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Lindsey Patterson

3 Wedding Items You Shouldn’t Have to Compromise On

4 min read

Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in your life, and you are probably getting questions from everyone. Have you set a date? Have you chosen your dress yet? Where will you be getting married? It may seem like the questions never end or that you have more decision-making than you could ever handle. Since this is a big day for so many people, you may find the need to compromise with family, vendors, or even your groom on some wedding details. While you may decide to negotiate or delegate certain items to others, there are three important items you shouldn’t have to compromise on.


1. The Setting

Most brides have had visions of their wedding day that include a specific place and maybe even the particular aisle she will walk. Even if this is not true of you, you know what settings make you feel comfortable or create the mood you are looking for in a wedding location. Whether you envision a church, a beach, or a serene mountaintop, this location is a dream that can come true for you.


Since budgets play a big part in picking your location, let’s look at what you can do to make your dream location a reality. After researching popular wedding locations in your area that fit your description, you will have an idea of venue costs. If none of your options fit your budget, do not worry! This is the time to get creative with your connections. When coworkers, friends, and family ask about your wedding details, mention what you are looking for in a location. You would be surprised how many people have just been at a wedding that matches your description in a setting that may fit your budget. With some out-of-the-box researching and thinking, you will often find more than one option that will create the perfect setting for your big day.


2. The Dress

You may have expected this item to make the list, and it definitely deserves the spot. Nothing makes you feel confident and creates the look you want for the day more than your dress. Taking time to make sure it’s the one for you is not a decision you will regret. First, take some time to do some “experimental” shopping. Go to as many bridal boutiques as you would like, try on the dresses, and take pictures in the dresses. Your picture of the ideal dress may even change, and now you know what is out there. Here is where you get creative! Look online for styles that match your favorites. Another great option is to consider vintage wedding dresses. These can be a great way to save some money while still finding a design that fits your personality. Remember that the dress needs to be a good fit or slightly big, but alterations can adjust the look to create your perfect dress.


3. The Photographer

The final item you don’t need to compromise on is your photography. Everyone has seen the difference between wedding photos where the couple invested in good photography and ones taken by a well-meaning relative with marginal photography experience. The difference can be huge, and you will never regret the decision to hire an experienced photographer. Your wedding day will be wonderful, but will also be over when you leave. Your photos, however, will last your lifetime. Look at photographers’ websites, including their galleries. These are their favorite photos; so if you are not impressed, move on to the next one. And while you may know a friend who takes great pictures, take time to ask them about their wedding photography experience before hiring them. Your experience with your photographer and his or her work is definitely worth the investment and will give you memories to cherish forever.

Lindsey Patterson

How to Survive Fall and Winter When You're A Warm Weather Person

4 min read

Winter blahs get their reputation honestly. It is no fun to wake up to another cold, grey day for weeks or months on end. But just when you think you can't wait one more day for the warm sun to return, you might find inspiration to survive fall and winter from these tips!

Tip 1: Buy cute, comfy winter wear.

No matter how much you hate the cold, you will always find it slightly easier to venture outside if you love your winter wardrobe. A down or down alternative coat with a hood will keep you warm and cozy even if it is snowing outside. Knee-high winter boots will insulate your feet and keep them warm and dry.

Choose your winter wear wisely. If you don't love it, leave it on the rack. Look at your winter outerwear as an investment in warmth and morale. If you love your coat and boots so much you can't wait to show them off, you will be more motivated to wear them.

Tip 2: Add a rug....or few.

Few experiences are more miserable than having to get up in the morning and tiptoe across any icy cold floor. Simply adding a plush pile rug to your indoor decor can make your mornings so much brighter and more comfy.

Unless you plan to invest in wall to wall carpeting, however, at some point that area rug will end and you will have to confront the floor again. For this, place a pair of fluffy slippers by your bed. Slip your feet into them first thing and never feel that awful cold floor again.

Tip 3: Be sure to load up on vitamin D.

Vitamin D is one of the new "star" vitamins, cited by leading medical professionals for its role in guarding against cancer, osteoporosis (brittle bones) and other serious health issues. But more importantly, Vitamin D can really boost your mood, especially during the blah winter months.

Ask your doctor about sun therapy, supplements or diet changes to increase your daily intake of Vitamin D.

Tip 4: Order your groceries to be delivered to you.

If you have ever looked outside at the cold, icy weather and wished you could just have someone bring your groceries to you, now you really can! In fact, with the rising number of grocery delivery service options, increasing numbers of cold-averse shoppers are choosing to do just that!

Whether you need just a few ingredients or a whole cart full of supplies, you can stay warm and dry inside all winter long with grocery delivery services.

Tip 5: Notice things you do like about winter.

This can be challenging if you really hate the cold. But maybe you really like how the world looks (from the indoors) when covered in fresh white snow. Maybe you love the winter holidays and all the festivities they bring.

By making a "winter gratitude" list, or simply keeping mental tabs on what you do appreciate about the cold weather months, you can boost your mood when the endless cold gets you down.


Tip 6: Stay active as much as you can.

You may have to make some adjustments to keep active in winter. But one thing that is nearly guaranteed to bum you out is staying inside on your couch all winter long. You won't feel connected to life, to other people and to yourself unless you make a concerted effort to get out there and live even when temperatures are plunging.

Finding an indoor sport you can pursue or a workout class you can take with a friend can be a great way to stay active. Plus, as a bonus, working out in the winter will give you an instant warmth boost from the inside out!


Winter isn't for everyone, and if you love the warm temperatures of spring and summer, you may not ever be able to really warm up to fall and winter as well. But there are many ways to ease the chill of winter emotionally, mentally and physically, and some of those ways can even be fun too!

Lindsey Patterson

3 Tips To Pulling off a Barn Wedding

4 min read

Barn weddings hold limitless possibilities for homemade details and stunning photos, but they can be tricky to plan. There are extra things that need to be taken into consideration when you start to plan your barn ceremony including dress attire and weather. Here are three tips that will help you to pull off a memorable barn wedding successfully:


Prepare for Weather Conditions

Barns aren't usually designed to accommodate a range of weather conditions. They often don't have cross ventilation, which means it will hold in the summer heat. Barns also often lack insulation for cooler temperatures. No matter what month you're getting married in, if your barn venue isn't properly climate controlled, you will have to make extra considerations for your guests to ensure they are comfortable. For example, give your guests must-have paper fans and parasols that work double duty as pretty décor and a way for them to keep cool if your barn wedding is taking place in hot temperatures.


Another good idea would be to create a gift bag for each guest that includes specialty products that will help them get through whatever the weather may be on your wedding day. You could put items like natural bug spray, hand fans and water in your gift bags to help keep your guests comfortable during a barn ceremony and reception taking place in warm weather. For a barn wedding in a colder climate, fill each gift bag with gloves and a large scarf that'll help keep each guest warm and cozy during your ceremony.


Wedding Attire

A rustic barn venue will often mean that the floors will most likely be rustic too. Barns will often have pebble, wood and even dirt floors. You'll want to seriously consider wearing flats and providing flip flops or ballet slippers for your female guests so that they don't ruin their heels. You may also want to write a special note on your invitations to let them know what to wear for shoes so they don't ruin their favorite heels on the barn floor.


Casual vintage wedding dresses are the perfect choice for any bride having a barn wedding. A 1950s knee-length wedding dress with lace detail and complimentary bridesmaids gowns with a floral print would be the ideal attire for a barn wedding. A long wedding dress could be problematic because if the barn floors are rough, it could snag the bottom of your gown.


Lead the Way

Transportation needs to be seriously considered when you're having a barn wedding. If your wedding and reception are in different locations, consider how to transport your guests from one location to another and back to where they're staying. It's also a good idea to make sure there is plenty of planned out parking at your barn venue. If your guests have to walk a distance to the barn, make sure that there is a removable pathway like outdoor runners and rustic signs that'll help lead them to your barn ceremony. A removable pathway leading to your barn venue will also help keep your guests' shoes clean.


If you're having a large barn ceremony, you can hire a shuttle that'll take your guests to your wedding events. If you're planning a more intimate barn ceremony, hire someone to bring your guests back and forth by a retro truck or horse-drawn wagon. Both transportation choices will be a fun treat for your guests along with unique and fabulous photo options.


Following these tips will help guide you in creating a magical barn wedding that both you and your guests will fondly remember for years to come.


Lindsey Patterson

Why You Shouldn't Expect a Kleinfeld Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

4 min read

If you’ve seen Say Yes to the Dress, you know exactly what the “Kleinfeld's Experience” includes. You enter the bridal salon with each and every one of your bridesmaids, your best friends, your mother, the groom’s mother, and every single person you hope to share this special day with. After sitting down and explaining that you are open to all dress ideas, one of the bridal experts rushes off to the back to pick out some dresses.

Based on the little description that you gave them, they come back to your fitting room with a collection of dresses – including “the one.” From the first moment you saw it on the hanger, you knew it was perfect. You try it on and it fits you like a glove. Even more, it’s right in your price range. You’ve found the perfect dress!

Unfortunately, typical bridal dress shopping doesn’t go this smoothly. While some people may luck out and find the dress of their dreams in the first round, not everywhere is Kleinfeld's. If you want to make the most of your bridal gown shopping experience, you need to come prepared.

Here are three tips that can help you get find the dress you’ve been dreaming of:

1. Start Slow

When you first begin trying dresses on, you’re going to feel tempted to put on everything you see. If you’re not sure what style looks best on your body, it may be good to try on a number of different kinds – ignoring the additional details – and focus primarily on the cut. This can help you understand what is most flattering on you and what you should continue looking for.


That being said, trying on too many dresses will make it harder to remember the dresses that you really liked. With each dress you try on, really take in the dress. Don’t allow yourself to think about what you still have hanging up back in your dressing room. Soak up every detail of the dress you try on while you still have it on.

2. Shop on the Weekdays

This tip doesn’t work for everyone, but if you are able to make an appointment during a weekday or early morning on a weekend, you are likely to get more attention and will have a less stressful time picking out your dress.

When the shop is the quietest, the employees can really focus on you, regardless of if you’re looking for a standard or plus size wedding dress. They’re not trying to worry about a dozen different women all fighting to try on the same dresses. When you’re the only one there, you get all the attention.

3. Don’t Bring a Huge Pose

Bringing a huge group of people gets in the way of the bride’s opinions. When you bring your entire bridal party, all your best friends, and every member of the family, there is bound to be someone who disagrees with what is best for you.

Instead, only bring with you two or three people that you really trust. It might include your mom, your sister, your best friend, or your soon to be mother-in-law. Whoever you decide to bring should know your tastes, want to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and most of all, be encouraging when you need to make the tough decision on picking a dress.

Searching for the dress of your dreams should be fun and exciting. While it can be stressful, make the most of your experience by being fully prepared. These three tips can help you understand what to expect at your next dress shopping appointment.


Lindsey Patterson

How to shoot a film and digital wedding

6 min read


There has been a rise in weddings being captured in film and digital media on cameras. This duo is extremely popular in the wedding world as many people want both types of images.This can be a huge hassle for photographers and it takes a great amount of talent to accomplish this. So how does one actually shoot a film and digital wedding?


1. Plan, Plan and Plan


Shooting with two cameras on your hip is a bad idea. It will take too much time to switch back and forth while keeping your subjects happy and energized. Instead plan out before hand in which settings and shots you want in film and shots you want in digital. This is a great time to include the bride and groom in on the planning to go over the setting, time of year, time of day, set up and parties involved. You can find out what moments are the most important to the couple that they want captured on their big day. From those planned out moments you can then break down each part of the day by a film or a digital camera capture for strategic shot list.


2. Film For Formal, Digital for Dancing


In my experience and from friends in the industry using film and digital can work wonderfully but for very specific occasions. Using film photography achieves a timeless look for formal portraits, a bride getting into her vintage wedding dress, the groom waiting down the aisle, or any other moment where the action is still or slow and you can control the variables is the perfect moment to whip out film. Before you capture the magic moment make sure you have a solid set up for the type of film. Each brand of film will react and develop differently for every type of camera. Try out several types of film before you start shooting for clients. Try a film type with an ISO of 400, it’s super versatile for varied lighting conditions for either color or black and white photography. For black and white, go with a tried and true brand and model like the Kodak Tri-X 400 which happens to be the best selling roll of black and white film ever. For color photography, Kodak Portra is still their most popular roll of film and a great option for reliable colored film.

Shooting for weddings has taught me one thing and that is plans can and will change quickly. If the lighting goes dark or a impromptu dance party erupts get your digital camera ready to snap away. Film cameras are only effective when there is great natural light and not a lot of motion going on. With a digital camera you can simply crank up the ISO and capture moments in a hurry. With film I’ve seen photographers walk away from a wedding reception shooting around 100 pictures and only a handful are good or worthwhile. While using digital you can easily capture well over 500 images that can get every memorable moment. A digital camera allows you the freedom to explore the space, different lighting options, angles, and really push the creative boundaries that are limited by film. Just as film photography has a myriad of options for types and brands, the same goes for digital cameras and memory cards. To ensure a stress free shoot I always have 2 SD cards for each ‘section’ of the wedding (ex: Wedding Prep, Formals, Ceremony, Reception, etc.) This way if one card goes down, nothing else from the shoot will be compromised. Also, make sure the cards you purchase is fast enough for shooting with DSLR’s. I always love having a class 10 card with a read speed right around 92 MB/s.


3. Post-Production Problems


After the loving couple has driven off to their happy ending, a photographer’s work and time management becomes paramount. With only shooting film you are limited to the time of a processing facility or your own processing studio. Living in this social media saturated world means having great images ready before the bride and groom log onto Instagram. Digital allows you to send the couple images instantly so that they can make their love “Facebook Official”. But this instant access to images also means editing. With digital you computer becomes your best friend as editing the photos begins. That’s why I love the freedom that film provides because after the image is captured your work is done.


4. Embrace the Good and Bad of Each Format


Film and digital both offer so many wonderful things for photography. Film truly can capture that timeless feel that is often so wanted by brides. The soft look and grainy feel achieved by film is something that even digital tools still haven’t been able to compare too. The freedom that comes after a film shoot is great for running your photography business and not your editing business. Film however requires a deeper understanding on how an image is captured. There is no auto setting for getting the best shot and it can take years to master film photography. Start slow and only offer film shots for planned, prepared and posed moments. As your comfort levels increase with film so can your ability to offer more opportunities on film.


Digital takes the stress out of any uncontrollable situation. If it’s a low lit ceremony or reception or if you are in a hurry with crunched schedules a digital camera makes it almost impossible to not capture a great image. Digital can get unnumbered moments from the couple smashing cake into each other's faces to grandma getting her boogey on, digital will be there. Digital photography will give you the peace of mind and the couple the instant gratification that they so badly need in this technology driven world. With digital you are giving time away after the shoot. Instead of moving on to the next project you will have to filter through all the extra photos and then edit them to be ready for final delivery.



Shooting with both film and digital cameras is easier than you think. Simply plan out a shooting schedule and shot list, have the right camera with the right equipment at the right time. As your skills grow you can continue to get more creative with one medium over another and truly capture moments the way you see envisioned them and get what the couple is looking for.



Lindsey Patterson

Technology can Create a Better Work/Life Balance Overview

4 min read


Technology can Create a Better Work/Life Balance


Technology is drastically changing many fields in business today. There are many advantages to leveraging technology to improve work and life balance in your company. There are more ways than ever before for people to leverage technology to help with customer service as well. Over the past few years, many companies have made investments in various areas of their business in order to help in this area. Using analysis tools that are available today, companies have gone from being reactive to proactive with customer service. This has a lot of implications over a long period of time in various industries. Here are several ways that technology can create a better work/life balance and why this is so important to your customer service team.



Customer Service Today

The way that customer service is done today is changing. There are many companies that are moving away from the old style of customer service where a customer would call in and ask about an issue they are having. Over sixty percent of companies with high customer service ratings are actually increasing the size of their teams over the next year. This has a lot of long term implications for many companies in various industries. However, the role that these workers will be performing is different than before. Customer services workers today are using a lot of analysis and diagnostic tools to help them better the customer experience. Customers today want a much more personalized customer service message than they have received in the past. This represents a huge area of opportunity for companies that are able to provide this to their customers. If you are a business owner, it is essential to be ahead of this trend.

Predictive Technology

Perhaps the biggest change in customer service over the last couple of years is the amount of predictive technology that is available. There are more ways than ever before to be able to predict the needs of customers in your area. If you are someone who wants to help customers on the front end, it is essential to invest in the software that will allow you to do this. Over half of high performing teams are now able to predict customer service needs over eight percent of the time. This represents a huge shift in the market where customers no longer have to wait to call into a company's customer service team. Over the long term, these advances in technology will increase customer satisfaction and company performance.



How Technology Creates Better Work/Life Balance

There are many different ways that technology can create better work/life balance today. Many people who work in customer service are able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In addition, there are many people who have been able to interact more closely with customers through technology. The old days of not knowing who you are interacting with on the other side are long gone. Customers today want to be able to provide feedback on the customer service person they have worked with. This allows companies to be able to provide incentives to their customer service teams based on their performance. With all of the investments made in technology, companies will be able to provide their teams with a better overall work/life balance which will improve performance and decrease turnover.


There are few areas of business that technology is changing more than customer service. If you are someone who wants to increase the amount of customer service provided to your customers, it is important to invest in the right areas. There is a lot of predictive technology on the market today that allows companies to anticipate the needs of customers. Over a long period of time, this can go a long way in helping you with your business needs. Anyone who is looking to make an impact on their bottom line can do so through investments here. In addition, many people who work in customer service will be able to have more flexibility than ever before in their work location. This allows morale to be high for the customer service team, and this will increase the chances of a customer having a positive experience.


Lindsey Patterson

What Your Social Media Page Can and Cannot Do for Your Business

4 min read


Being a business owner nowadays often comes down to proper marketing and advertising techniques, adequate customer service and, of course, social media networking. Social media is becoming an incredibly popular way for businesses to get known and essentially get their name out there for the world to see. While many businesses can benefit from a social media page on some of the most popular networking sites, it's important to realize that social media doesn't have all of the answers for your growing company. Understanding what social media can and cannot do for your company will benefit you in more ways than one when it concerns your future.

Using Social Media as a Business Owner

Using social media is pretty easy when you
own a business. Whether you're using Facebook, Twitter or some of the countless other sites on the web, you simply create a page on that particular site and connect with customers and other business owners. In most cases, creating such an account is free of charge and definitely will not hurt your company in the long run. However, it's important that business owners do not rely solely on social media, since it isn't the end-all answer to all of your company woes. You may still benefit from utilizing small business insurance within the company itself for reputation management, and protecting assets.

What Social Media CAN Do for Your Company

Utilizing social media can help you
connect better with your customers. Customers are able to contact you and leave feedback on your product or brand, which can be beneficial for making improvements. If you notice a slew of negative feedback, this might be a way for you to know that your product or brand needs a change and how to go about doing it. Unfortunately, having these comments made public can also deter new customers from wanting to make use of your services.

Social media also gives your company more of a modern appeal to it. People are able to keep updated with things going on within your company, and this can cause them to feel more connected with your brand. For example, you might want to update your page daily with hours, sales happening and the like.

What Social Media CANNOT Do for Your Company

While social media can definitely benefit your company, there are many instances when it isn't that helpful. For example, you cannot rely solely on social media to grow a business. You still need a good sales force, marketing team and advertising techniques that are utilized both locally and on the Internet. People may still want a domain on the Internet that they can visit instead of just checking out a Twitter page or Facebook page.

Social media also shouldn't be thought of as an overnight way of becoming a success. In fact, it could take months or even years to grow a brand on social media because people will gradually like or follow your page to see what you're all about. Thinking that creating a social media page and having it be a success overnight is definitely not the way to go about running a business.

Your social media page can definitely be beneficial to your company, but it should never be thought of as the sole way of marketing and advertising to the public. You still need to integrate other software and marketing and data analyzing techniques like
Hadoop excel into the mix to get people interested in your brand and what you're all about as a business owner. Integrating many forms of marketing into your company is definitely the way to go as a business owner.


Lindsey Patterson

The real heroes behind the scene: Maid of honor

4 min read

You have to agree that the bride and the groom have to share center stage on their wedding day. This is their special day. However, one should not forget the contribution of many people behind the scenes who give their best to make this day special for the wedded couple. The Maid of Honor is one such person. Below we go into the Maid of Honor duties that most brides care about. 



The Five Main duties: (Pre-Wedding days leading up to the wedding)

Once the preliminary job of arranging the wedding is over, you can now move on towards your main duties.

·      The wedding is a special occasion. You have to be ready with a speech. You may also have to raise a toast to the occasion. Your speech should be witty as well as professional enough to suit the occasion. You should exhibit perfect table manners while raising a toast. Opening the bottle of champagne itself is an art. The maid of honor who masters this art goes a long way.

·      The bride would naturally be nervous when she ventures out for shopping for her wedding dress. You should be able to provide a calming influence on her enabling her to purchase the perfect dress for herself as well as for the bridesmaids. Stitching the dress is the job of the tailor. However, you should ensure that not a single stitch goes awry. The bride’s future is in your hands.

·      Any wedding has many numbers of tasks. The pre-wedding tasks itself can take any persons toll. You should be having terrific amounts of stamina to be able to complete the pre-wedding tasks. Such tasks include the host bridal shower as well as the bachelorette party. You require tremendous experience to pass this test.

·      Assigning the duties of the bridesmaids is another important task for the maid of honor. You should have knowledge of the individual bridesmaid’s capacity before assigning any job to her. Once you assign a job to a bridesmaid, it is your duty to see that she does it perfectly. In case she does it correctly, it is her credit. Nevertheless, the moment she messes up things, you should be ready to take the responsibility. That is the hallmark of a good leader. The Maid of honor is no less than a leader. She should lead by example.

·      The bride would be undoubtedly nervous on her wedding night. She has to leave her parents and go to a new house. They might be having a different set of rules. She should be able to adjust. These thoughts would make her nervous. It is your duty as a maid of honor to ensure that she does not feel any pangs of nervousness on her special night. You should be with her throughout supporting her in every respect.  

Wedding day duties:

You have seen your duties for the pre wedding stage. Doing your job well during this period would give you tremendous confidence for the real day.

·      Your job is to ensure that the wedding day kit is perfect for the day. This includes her make-up kit and other essential items.

·      You should coordinate with her family in all their chores. You can leave your number with them enabling them to contact you in an emergency.

·      You should be ready with all the ingredients required for the wedding such as decorations, cakes, and so on.

·      You should be ready with the flower bouquets for the guests as well.

·      Arranging the bride’s dress and making her look resplendent on the night is your prime duty.

·      You also have to hold the groom’s ring during the occasion.

·      Signing the marriage license as a witness along with the best man also forms part of your onerous responsibilities.

·      Once the wedding is over, you have to get the bride ready for her honeymoon too.


You have enacted your role perfectly. The bride should remember you for her lifetime for making this day truly special for her.

Lindsey Patterson

2015 Geneva Auto Show

4 min read

The International Auto Show Everyone Watches
Car, Bmw, International, Auto Show, Reinvent
The Geneva Motor Show is one of the world’s most-lauded international auto events. While motor cars of all sorts are present at the show and areas of the showrooms are dedicated to partnership announcements and technological advancements, the real reason the Geneva Motor Show gains its popularity is due to one factor, the supercars. The 2015 Geneva Motor Show was no different as the wraps were pulled back on a number of new supercars like the all-new 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan and the Ferrari FXX K. Despite how badly we would all like to have one of these in our garages for those Sunday driving afternoons, these vehicles remain firmly out of reach in the one-percent bracket. Or do they? Thanks to the steadily growing used supercar market along with new regulations designed to help auto buyers when concidering types of insurance, it just may be possible to replace your Corolla or Versa with your dream Ferrari or Lamborghini.

The 2015 Geneva Auto Show's True Stars
Auto, Aston Martin, Sports Car, Convertible, Luxury
Think of the newly announced 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan. The Vulcan comes with a 7.0-liter V12 engine capable of producing somewhere over 800-horsepower. This monstrous engine sits inside a carbon-fiber monocoque and power is channeled to the six-speed sequential gearbox through a magnesium torque tube and carbon-fiber driveshaft. Couple those with the carbon-ceramic disc brakes gripped by the Brembo racing calipers near all four Michelin racing tires and you have a furiously fast car that handles like a dream. It’s even built to FIA safety standards and includes driver-adjustable anti-lock brakes and traction control systems. With only 24 of these high-dollar vehicles set to be produced, they may seem like a complete pipe dream, forever out of reach for the rest of us. But, when these models inevitably get traded in, the prices are drastically reduced in an effort to keep them out circulating through the public. Other supercars such as the Ferrari 458 are already hitting the used market, so it’s only a matter of time to see the Vulcan for sale.

The Aston Martin Vulcan wasn’t the only amazing supercar present at the Geneva Auto Show this year. McLaren showed off several of its upcoming models, but none stood out quite like the playboy’s dream car. The 2015 McLaren P1 GTR enjoys an 83-horsepower boost over its predecessor thanks to its twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 engine and electric motor to produce a total of 986 horsepower, tantalizingly close to that 1000 horsepower threshold. Car critics are speculating that it will be equiped with internet via satellite technology in days to come, of course this is all speculation. The aerodynamics have been also been reworked to account for the extra horsepower and the new design gives around a 10 percent improvement in down force. The absurdly high rear wing is now fixed but it still contains the Drag Reduction System, a system that varies the pitch of the wing for the ultimate boost with a push of a button. 110 pounds of unnecessary body weight have also been thrown away, letting the new P1 GTR fully embrace its leaner, meaner and faster capabilities.

A Supercar In Every Garage
Car, Corvette, Chevrolet, Automobile, Auto
Cars like these can easily belong to anyone despite what you might think. It’s also important to remember that these cars sit at the absolute highest end of the auto market and other similar cars such as the Corvette Z06 can be had for much cheaper. Refinancing your current car goes a long way to affording these supercars. The used supercar market also continues to grow as more makes and models come out and new companies spring into existence. This makes it possible now for people to buy a used supercar for the same price as a new luxury sedan thanks to the multiple financing options available today.

Lindsey Patterson

Interior Design: Thoughts to Consider with DIY and Hire a Professional?

4 min read

construction, work, carpenterMost homeowners feel they need to call professionals when they have issues with the electrical workings of their home, or plumbing issues. These repairs are left to the professionals. However, although interior design is an area of improving a home, many people feel they cannot afford to hire a professional. Which method would you chose? Here are some thoughts to help you decide.

What to Consider in a DIY Project

Do you feel that your time and energy is worth spending on a DIY interior design project? Stop and think about what is involved. You will need to prepare the initial design of the space you have and decide the style you want use. In addition, you need to match colors, textures, and furniture and make things work together.

If you are the creative type and can easily visualize what the result should be, then you may find that doing the interior design in your home yourself may be a fantastic experience. If however, you do not have the ability to match colors and textures or visualize the result, you will likely need some help.

Some places to look for ideas might be at online DIY interior design sites. If you have a very small kitchen and want to make it more functional, this site might help. You can get some good ideas from online sites and as long as you are able to follow the guidelines and complete the task well, it is worth doing some or all your projects on your own.

DIY Projects Take Time
Paint, Brushes, Bucket, Paint Can, White
Remember you are doing this project along with your other responsibilities, whether a job, caring for your family, etc. You can design your schedule to do a number of small projects that can be spread out over a long period of time. This will also allow you to spread out the financial burden over a longer time. 

Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional

When you hire an interior designer to update your home, you will not only have their expertise, but you will have access to a large selection of furniture, wall coverings, fabrics, etc., available to tradesmen only, that you would not have access to in a DIY project. By hiring a professional, your upgrade will most likely be finished a lot sooner and it will add beauty and style to your home. If you can afford it, hiring a professional is the way to go. 

One of the disadvantages of hiring a professional is that you will have someone in your home for a while and your privacy will be interrupted. You will be giving up control of the project to someone else; however, you will end up with an expertly designed home. While the risks of hiring a professional are typically very limited, it never hurts to looking to liablity insurance as you consult and make decisions.. When hiring a designer, you will have to come up with the money upfront rather than spreading it out like you would in a DIY project.

Suggestions for Your Interior Design Project that offers Both Methods
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1. Do the planning and design yourself and then hire an interior designer to help you review the plans and make improvements. Some interior designers will work on an hourly basis, so you are not committed to a whole project. Use them as much or as little as you need. 

2. Interior designers know where to get some of the best prices and deals, so you may want to hire them when it comes time to make your furniture, etc. purchases. 

3. Be open to using an interior designer on an hourly basis if you are not sure about something, or are stuck. They can help you get over “interior design block.”

After thinking it through, if you decide to go ahead and do your own interior design, you should research some of the truly unique ways to make your home stand out from the rest. Using things like barn door hardware to separate your kitchen and dining room is a way to distinguish your home and give it a rustic touch. You might consider an ironwood shelf and hooks to continue a rustic theme.

Whatever, your personal tastes are, when you DIY, your home will truly be a personal work of art. It is estimated that 47% of Americans have not updated their home décor in the last five years. Some have updated for an even longer period.