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Lindsey Patterson

Figure Out How To Have The Best Wedding Day Celebration

4 min read

Having a great wedding day is something that all brides want to do. There are television shows that are made about weddings and the big day. There are movies that highlight how this should look. What couples need to do is pinpoint things that can go wrong and look for preventive measures to make sure that this is a blissful day.


It is a good idea to make sure that everyone knows that they should be there on time. That can be a big source of stress on the wedding day if someone is late. It is good to talk with all of the people, especially the ones that are known for being late, on the day before the wedding. They need to know how important this is. Some may need to get reminders for alarms to wake them up. It is good to stress the importance of being on time to minimize your stress if they are part of the wedding party.

The Wedding Bands

When you get engaged there is an engagement ring that is given to the bride-to-be. This flawless diamond should be shined to perfection. Most women that getting married will solder the wedding bands and engagement ring together. This can be done before you are married. It is good to make sure that the ring is held by someone that is responsible. In most cases it is going to be the ring bearer that is bringing this ring down aisle. In some cases couples that have children that are ring bearers will typically give the ring to the best man. This puts less responsibility on the children that are part of the wedding ceremony.


In a number of cases wedding parties will have people that take a number of pictures after the wedding is over. Family and friends are going to want to take photos. This can be time-consuming. It also makes it harder for the paid photographer to do the job. It is much better to get the wedding party assembled before the wedding. This way pictures can be taken in advance. It also ensures that people that are part of the wedding party will get there on time. If they have to take pictures prior to the wedding they have to show up even earlier. This means that a lot of the wedding photography photos can be taken in advance in order to expedite the transition to the reception.

The Guest List

Couples compose the guest list before the wedding. It is good to do this because it cuts down on a lot of confusion. If there is a place that has a limited amount of space you don't want to find yourself arguing because there is not enough room. It is better to sort out the space that is going to be needed and make the necessary arrangements to accommodate those that are on the guest list.

Short Vows

It is easy to look at what has been done in the movies when it comes to saying your vows and assume that a long lengthy speech is what is preferred. The reality, however, is that you do not want to find yourself in this situation at your own wedding. You don't want to be nervous, and you don't want to take a lot of time trying to read vows from a piece of paper. It is better to go with short vows that are going to get right to the point. You need the ability to say what you're going to say without spending a lot of time worrying about forgetting some of the things that you may have planned to say. Keep it short and sweet.


The wedding day can be a marvelous time when the right tactics are taken to make sure that it is going to be successful. People that are serious about making their wedding day blissful will consider these steps to reduce stress.

Lindsey Patterson

Home Improvements That Increase Value

3 min read

There are many home improvements you can make to your home that will increase your home's value significantly. These improvements include adding an inground swimming pool. This is a great home improvement idea that will add value to your home and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Your inground swimming pool can also be enjoyed by guests, and clients as well. Many homeowners are adding swimming pools to their residences as this is a wonderful addition to any home. Having an inground swimming pool will also allow you to sell your home for more if you decide to move and purchase another home. How much does an inground pool cost? This is a question that many homeowners would like to know. You can research this information on the internet and find many answers to this question. The cost may vary according to your specifications, but I am certain there is an inground swimming pool to fit most budgets.


Add a Home Theater


Another idea that will add value to your home is to add a home theater. This has become very popular among today's homeowner and can be enjoyed by the entire family. A home theater is a great home improvement addition that you can add to your living room or dining room. You can also add a room to your home to accommodate your home theater as well. This is great for entertaining the family and is a home improvement you can enjoy for many years to come.


New Flooring for your home


A great home improvement idea that will also add value to your home is to change the flooring. You can do this in any room of your home. You can change the flooring of your living room and dining room to a nice hardwood texture. This is very beautiful and will instantly add value to your home. You can also upgrade the flooring in your kitchen and bathrooms to a beautiful ceramic tile. This can be done very easily and does not have to be very expensive.


Upgrade your windows


Consider upgrading your windows by adding new blinds and beautiful new draperies. This is a low cost home improvement that will add luxury and value to your home. This is also a home improvement task that can be done by the homeowner. Beautiful blinds and draperies come in wonderful styles and designs and can be purchased at most home improvement, hardware, or furniture stores in your local area. You can also purchase these items online as well.


Add new appliances, cabinet hardware, and upgrade kitchen and bathrooms


Adding new appliances to your kitchen is a great way to add beauty and luxury while increasing your home's value. This is a small home improvement but is very popular in new homes and is a much desired improvement among new homeowners. You can also upgrade your cabinet hardware or paint your cabinets. This is a small home improvement, but has a major impact on the beauty and value of your home. Consider upgrading your kitchen and bathroom faucets as well for added beauty and value. You can also upgrade your shower curtain or door if it is outdated. Add beautiful paint colors to your kitchen and bathroom as well.

Lindsey Patterson

Ways to remodel and upgrade your home in 2019

3 min read

There are many ways to remodel and upgrade your home in 2019. One good way to upgrade and remodel your home is to start with your kitchen. You can change your kitchen cabinets or simply paint them for a nice fresh upgrade. You can also change the handles on your kitchen cabinets as well. This is a great home improvement tip that is very inexpensive. You can also upgrade the faucets on your sinks in your kitchen if they are outdated. This will enhance the beauty of your kitchen at a very low cost. Another great idea for home improvement and remodeling your kitchen is to add ceramic tile to your flooring. This will enhance the beauty of your home and is a great small kitchen design idea for your home. Add value and beauty to your kitchen by adding new appliances. This will not only add beauty and luxury to your home but will also add value to your home as well.

Upgrade and beautify your bathrooms


Another way to remodel in 2019 is to change the bathroom faucets. This is a very simple task and will help to beautify your bathrooms. You can also change the faucets on your bathtub and sink as well. If your shower curtain is outdated, you can also easily update this as well. In addition to these items, you may consider adding ceramic tile flooring to your bathroom which will give it a beautiful enhancement. Also consider changing the bathroom towel racks if they need updating. This is a very low cost improvement that will add a tremendous amount of beauty and luxury to your bathroom.

Beautify your living room with a few simple improvements


Another great remodeling idea for your living room is to add beautiful couch covers, pillows, and beautiful rugs. These are simple improvements which add luxury to your home at a very low cost. You should also consider painting your living room with a beautiful color. Painting any room in your home will add beauty and luxury and will not cost you very much. You can also add paintings and artwork to any room in your home which will be a beautiful remodeling update for 2019 and will enhance the beauty of your home.

Add a new flatscreen television or a home theater


Another way you can remodel your home is by adding a new flatscreen TV to your dining room or entertainment area. This is a great idea and something that everyone in the family will enjoy. You can also add a home theater to your home to remodel it if you want to spend a little bit more on beautifying and remodeling your home. There are many to choose from, so take a look at the wall space you have and then choose the best home theater screen size to fit your home. A portable custom bar is also a great addition to your home. This will allow you to provide snacks and drinks to your family and guest in any room of your home. Custom bars now come in many designs and will be a wonderful addition to your home that your family will enjoy.



Upgrading your home in 2019 doesn’t have to be expensive and can be done on any budget. Small improvements add beauty to your home without breaking the bank. Many of these improvements can be done by the homeowner and most of the items needed can be purchased at your local home improvement store.


Lindsey Patterson

5 Ways To Cope For Struggling Teens

3 min read

Being a teenager, especially in these modern times can be very hard. Not only are teen bodies filled with raging hormones they are also still learning a sense of what is right and what is wrong. Learning to cope as a struggling teen can seem overwhelming however there are many things that can be done to lessen the burden. Below are just a few ways to help cope better as a struggling teen.


Get Involved


One of the best things you can do as a struggling teen is get involved. Although many turn towards sports and athletics that is not the only option for teens. There are drawing, acting, singing, instruments, writing and a variety of other different clubs and activities. Getting involved not only helps teens to be more social but also helps them to find an interest and a passion for something.




Many teens are unaware of the importance of exercising. Regularly exercising is not only a good way to stay in shape, it is also a great way to ease the mind. Exercise helps release endorphins which helps you to be happier and more positive person. Exercise also helps to build endurance and energy levels.

Different Forms Of Therapy


When most people hear the word therapy they automatically think of one version of therapy. Sitting down speaking to someone usually in a private setting perhaps with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. While this type of therapy has been proven to work for many individuals not everyone benefits from this type of therapy. Some teens may benefit from art therapy or perhaps even family therapy. Other teens may prosper with behavioral therapy or even Wilderness therapy Utah which aims to challenge teens to look at life with A new perspective. 




Typically in the US teens only need to be around 16 years old to get their first job. Not only does working help to give teens a sense of responsibility but it also allows them to become independent and make their own money. Work is especially a great idea for teens who are struggling to cope as it gives them some stability and discipline.


Eat And Sleep Right


Eating and sleeping are both very important to teens. Not only do both help them to grow and develop but they can both also contribute to their physical and mental health. Getting inadequate amounts of sleep can cause teens to be tired, groggy and possibly even angry. Eating foods that may be harmful to them such as over-processed and over sugary foods may be contributing to lack of energy or even brain fog. Be sure teens are getting at least 8 to 10 hours of peaceful sleep every night and are fueled with whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.


Over all these are just a few of the things teens can do to help cope with struggles. The most important thing is to try to stay active and immerse teens in a variety of different activities and sports, get adequate sleep and eat a well balanced diet.         


Lindsey Patterson

CPQ Software Builds Faster Quotes for Customers

3 min read

Software to Help Your Business Sales


Wouldn't it be great to know exactly how to price your products in an accurate and financially beneficial way? Getting real time pricing with quotes that have been configured to be the most up to date in the market? This has become a reality these days. There is software now that assists your business with more revenue and the ability to sell anywhere at anytime. You can have the tools needed to increase profits by offering the best quotes to your most loyal customers both old and new. It is a much more streamlined way to conduct important deals with customers and give them the information they want so much quicker. It is an innovative way to conduct business


Learn About Configure Price Quote Software


Using this software assists your team of sales professionals to sell products or services according to the most recent pricing guidelines and rules of discounting. It tells you when to do it, and when to hold back. You also have control over who sees your private business information with access based on the role of the person logged in. An entry level employee will have access to more basic features while a management team member has more information available to them. You can grant or deny access to different people within the company. Confidential information is protected to only those who need to see it.


Understanding Shipping Fees


The software calculates what to charge for shipping based on the latest statistics available on the web. You can also check on sharing the revenues. It will show you what sells best so you can market based on the location of the customer. Sales trending patterns are fully visible to you as well. It is important to have the latest information on calculating rates so that the customer doesn't go to another vendor instead. Responding quickly to what shipping will cost, gives you an edge to the competition.


CPQ Gets Rid of Using CRM Software and Excel or Word to Quote


Quoting prices accurately is a detailed process. Many companies rely on Word or CRM Software to figure prices out manually when needed. CPQ decreases the use of multiple products to create pricing guidelines. Errors also happen more frequently when using more software manually. When the CRM doesn't do everything they need, they have to use Excel or Microsoft Word to fill in the rest of the data by hand using graphs or templates.


Speed and Efficiency


When selling to vendors, studies suggest that half of the sales go to the vendors that contact the customers first. Sales that take too long fall by the wayside. It is quicker to use CPQ software because it's one stop business transaction information. It automatically gives the vendors up to date sales and business regulations. The software guides you to upsell as well as cross sale and generate quotes in one easy format.


While many businesses are used to using the traditional CRM software, CPQ allows for less manual labor and thus speeds up the process significantly. There is no more waiting for someone to punch in all the numbers to get the quotes they need for business.

Lindsey Patterson

Are You Getting A Good Deal?

3 min read

If you want to know if it is worth it to buy an item, you need to know not only how much the item costs, but you also need to see what you can get out of the new item that you will have as well as what you know about how other people see the item. If the item has value to other people through their own experiences of using the item for a long time, such as through experiential marketing, you will know that the item is valuable. On the other hand, if many people do not enjoy using the item that you want to buy, you may not think it is worth it to buy the item.


If the item is cheap and a few people like the item and you can afford to buy the item, you will likely be able to justify purchasing the item. However, if the item is expensive, and only one or two reviews of the item are good, and there are hundreds of reviews that say that the item is not useful or that it has defects, then the item is usually not worth buying.


In fact, when you want to purchase an expensive item from the internet, you should pay close attention to how many reviews there are and if the person who is selling the item is honest. Additionally, when you want to buy a cheap item that is usually very expensive, you should also think before you buy the item as the item may not work, or you might be buying an item that is entirely different from the one that you wanted to buy if the seller does not have a good reputation.


For example, if someone offers to teach you about a course and it usually is an expensive course, you should probably not buy the course. Often times, people who sell things for less than the market value do not know the item well or the market well and will, therefore, try to use desperation in order to get a sale. This means that they will try to use a strong review of a similar but fake item in order to try to get you to buy an item. For example, if someone is selling you a course on how to become a better student in school, but they did not do well in school, you should not buy the course as the person who is teaching the class will probably not give you good advice.


If an item is expensive, you should also pay attention to who is selling the item and how it compares to other people who are selling the same type of item or a similar type of item. If you know the person well or if the person has a stellar reputation, you should consider buying the item from the person you are more comfortable with even if you have to pay a few more dollars for the item as this will likely affect how you see the item’s value. 


When you see that the item is valuable to have, you will know that it is an item worth buying. On the other hand, if you see that the item is not that valuable, you will see it as a waste of time and money. This explains why many people will buy a more expensive, but useful item as opposed to a similar item that is less expensive but also less useful.

Lindsey Patterson

Feeling Weak And Tired Too Often? These Tips Will Help

3 min read

Due to our overly stressed ways of life, as our energy levels reduce, many individuals are looking for a fast fix to fight fatigue. Energy drinks mask and dehydrate the body's symptoms of fatigue. Most energy drinks contain surplus sugar, elevated caffeine concentrations, and other stimulants. Continued tiredness reduces the immune system and makes us more vulnerable to depression and sickness. In the fight against exhaustion, exercise, sleep and stress reduction are crucial. But our dietary habits also impact energy levels naturally. And throughout the day food can influence energy levels.


Breakfast Is Essential

Breakfast is the meal for the whole day setting the stage. Studies indicate that breakfast keeps you ready, begins your day metabolism and keeps you content until dinner. But the core is to have a good breakfast. Instead of donuts, pastries and white breads, good choices include whole grain cereals, wheat bread, fruit and lean protein. All healthy options are a hard-boiled egg sliced into a whole wheat pita, fruit oatmeal and full-grain toast with natural peanut butter.

Protein And Carbs Are Key

It may be a main reason for fatigue if you aren't consuming enough protein throughout the day. Meals based on proteins supply fuel for the body to repair and construct tissues. Protein requires longer to break down in the body than carbohydrates, giving a long-lasting source of energy. In fish, poultry, lean meat, nuts, milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese and tofu, you can discover protein.

Keeping your carbs sharp is the body's favored fuel source. Choose whole grains such as cereal, brown rice and whole wheat foods and prevent sweets that cause energy to decline. There is little to none fiber in so many processed carbohydrates. Make sure to always evaluate the label for nutrition.

Less Stress More Energy

Emotions caused by stress consume enormous quantities of energy. Talking to a friend or companion, joining a self help group, or seeing a psychologist can assist spread stress. Also efficient instruments for decreasing stress are relaxation therapies such as exercise, cross-hypnosis, yoga, and meditation. Soften your load over working is one of the primary causes of exhaustion. Career, social and family responsibilities may include over work. Try revamping your must-do activity list, you could find that to be useful. Look up heal-n-soothe-reviews for inspiration on this topic. Specify priorities for the most significant duties. Look down the less significant items. If needed, remember asking for additional assistance at the workplace.

Have An Energy Boosting Snack

If you happen to get too hungry between designated eating times, your blood sugar will drop. Simply by eating quick snacks, keep your blood sugar and power level steady throughout the day. Deciding on the correct snacks will deter energy-intensive highs and lows. The fat and protein slow the blood sugar cycle, avoiding tiredness. Having a snack can also stop dinnertime over eating. Some intelligent snack options include fruit yogurt, combined nuts, veggies, peanut butter, pears, whey protein shake, or cheese sticks, and blueberries. These will help boost natural energy immensely.

Lindsey Patterson

Tips You Need To Know For Bringing The Movies To The Back Yard

3 min read

There's something mystical outside watching a film, even in this era of cyber-techy where you can enjoy anything on your smartphone. You could organize a movie night outdoors by taking a big Flat screen TV out of the backdoor and putting it up on the back deck, but to be honest with you: it just doesn't have the very same special sensation.

Holding outdoor summer film parties are easy, and cost-effective events that enable us to mark off a lot of social commitments in one evening. There is no excellent reason to spend time inside when summer is in its peak. People of any age are going to enjoy lounging, having delicious food and beverages, and viewing a massive blockbuster.


Get The Snacks Ready!

On the candy and film hand, a little early planning enables you save a lot of cash. Begin with a journey to Walmart or Target and pick up , which has bulk candy have and the best deals. Try to get at least 8-10 varying candy types. Show it in a variety of various glass containers. Teenagers would say it's as fun to arrange the candy as the film night as a whole. Don't forget to serve using mini scoops or tongs, as well as some small plastic bags.


Make It Look Nice, Sound Right, & Set The Mood

Torches are essential for both bugs and light. Lay out all your lawn chairs and a lot of comfortable pillows, sheets, blankets. Choose from JVC vs Epson Projector for great visual experiences. A film night's greatest challenge could possibly be the sound. Crickets and a few chatting people will drown out the film if it is not loud enough. It may sound loud enough in the house, but it's not going to perform as much as you believe outside with background noise and individuals spreading out and that seemingly continuous hum of child noise. You don't want to share the film three blocks away with the people of the community, but make sure you have enough speaker strength so your visitors don't struggle to listen.


Pick The Right Film For Everyone's Sake

Know the visitors. Consider something that caters to all but doesn't have a lot of quiet story line or grim scenes. If children come, don't have anything that begins slowly or is hard to comprehend ; the smallest people will discover the swing set and be in the dark above the jungle gym before anyone knows they're gone. It's not a terrible idea to bolt for some glow bracelets. It will not distract but enables parents to keep a record of their children.


Set Up The Night Before

If feasible, the evening before. It currently can't get dark till late during the summer and you probably will not want to move the screen or sound system back and forth for optimal viewing while visitors are there, so set up a test the night before and label the places. Take these tips and bring the theaters to your backyard! Get the popcorn, grab the kids and tell your friends!

Lindsey Patterson

How To Start Working From Home

3 min read

If you want to make significant amounts of money from home, you will need to start your own business. Depending on the type of work you are interested in doing, starting an online store is a good idea and can require a ton of money or very little money. If you want your home based business to be as successful as you can, you will need to make sure that you have strong marketing skills so that you can find plenty of clients as soon as possible. It is also essential that you have a good reputation and that people see you as someone who wants to learn and take on new challenges, regardless of how difficult this can be. For example, you may want to make sure that you can solve challenging problems for a client under time pressure. If you can do this regularly, you will make a substantial amount of money from home as you are helping out a wide variety of people on projects that they value.


Be successful from home


It is a good idea to work from home if you can put in the work that is necessary to succeed. In many cases, you will have to work hard up front to get more money later on in life. For example, working from home also requires that you have plenty of self-determination, as nobody is going to tell you what to do or help you if you make a mistake. You also will need to make sure that you can concentrate for long periods to get enough work to pay all of your bills and make ends meet. Once you can do this, though, working from home is often the best option and the one that many people in the United States aim to achieve.


Working from home allows you to make money when you want to, so if you have a lot of other responsibilities such as taking care of your children or have a condition that makes it hard for you to go to work in an office every day, it still lets you improve your financial situation. Working from home also allows you to make a little extra money even if you already have a full-time job. This extra money is helpful to have in case of an emergency, or if you want to save a little bit of money so that you can pay your debts faster.

If you want to work from home, you should consider doing data entry tasks or transcription tasks to start with as you can make quite a bit of money from home doing these tasks right away and they are easy tasks to learn. Even though these tasks are boring to some people, they can appeal to other people who like repetitive work and a little extra money. They can also be fun and exciting for people who can type fast or who want to have a routine when they work.


If you like to have a little more variety, you can also tutor other people in a wide range of different subjects. Tutoring can be quite versatile as people in many different continents often need help in many different subject areas. Due to the different types of opportunities you have when working from home, you will never run out of work, and it is therefore definitely an option you should consider if you want to improve your lifestyle and worry less about money in the future.

Lindsey Patterson

The Dos and Don'ts to Get in Shape

3 min read

Fitness and health are the goals of many no matter whether it's the beginning of the year, pre-swimsuit season or gearing up to prepare for end of the year holidays. Most of us want to be a little healthier and in better shape but don't know how to get there. If you are struggling and want to get in shape, here are some dos and don'ts that can help on the quest for better health.




Do try to eat a healthy diet with varying macro and micro nutrients. Getting in shape does tend to give a picture of working out but getting energy in order to do those activities is going to be influenced by nutrition. Getting enough protein, vegetables and such will help to influence your progress in the challenge to get in shape. There is also the classic saying that abs are made in the kitchen. Not the only place since working out is what affects the actual muscles but there is some truth in the fact what you eat will influence overall weight and visibility of muscle. Don't go on a crash diet. Some products and companies can help in order to reach goals. Thrive is one of the companies that works to provide people with options in order to meet their nutritional goals through supplements and meal replacements. Le-vel Thrive is a community based approach with many of the customers using their social media to discuss their successes and struggles in focusing on health and getting in shape. They often boast about increased energy levels along with finding ways to improve their overall health.


Move More


Do become more active. Cardiovascular health is important and it's nice to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. However, you don't need to go from the couch right to running marathons. Start off small and build your way up using different ways to work bits of exercise into your schedule each day. Take the advice of a life hack and find simple ways to add a little activity into your life on a regular basis. Don't let the excuses build up. "I don't have enough time" is the most common excuse people make in relation to fitness. However, if you use the advice of finding little things to add or change in your regular day then you should be able to beat the excuses..


Do resistance training. This can mean a gym membership but there are other options too. If you have access to barbells, dumbbells or any other type of weights that is great but there are other options. Muscles can be worked with bodyweight and/or resistance bands too. Check out different programs and find the one that works best for you. Don't workout without a plan. In particular if you are new to fitness, going and doing whatever with a random made up split will be better than nothing but the progress you'll make will not be optimal. Following a program will give structure and direction so you can work harder and smarter.

If you follow some of these simple dos and don'ts, that goal of getting fit and in better shape will be less of a dream and more of a reality.