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Lindsey Patterson

Brave New World: Big Data and AI-Powered Analytics Come Of Age

4 min read

As I read Forrester’s report on AI, I found it very informative but a little spooky. The report predicts that Artificial intelligence will mature in 2018. According to Forrester, 2018 will see mainstream companies adopt AI.


Blue chip multinationals will finally accept the hype around AI as justified, the report says. They will also have to accept that every technological shift planning, deployment and utilization of AI will require hard work and a lot of resources.


Big Brother is watching! Beware

A Gartner report on the same topic entitled Road to enterprise AI concurs in principle. Remember where I said the Forrester report is spooky? Well, George Orwell's 1984 book was the top seller on 25th January 2017, 68 years after publication. This is according to the Gartner report. If you have not read the book, it is about a technologically advanced society in which the government is always watching for non-conformance. NSA surveillance programs are eerily similar to Big Brother.


What's spooky is the rise in pro-privacy public sentiment. For instance, there are EU laws that require websites that uses cookies to notify users after two decades of cookie use. Both reports are big on governance and ethics so that isolated mischief does not spook the public. Such an occurrence could result in legislation that could cripple the growth of AI-powered big data analytics.


The Growth Areas:


Human-computer interfaces

2018 will see improvements in human and computer communication due to interface improvements. One such improvement will be an increase in the use of Big Data tools such as Natural Language Processing. This will enable data queries using natural language instead of SQL (Structured Query Language), which will make real-time on fly data visualizations available to non-technical users.


AI-powered real-time decision making support and instructions

20 percent of AI deployments in 2018 will be used to make decisions and provide instructions in real-time. The AI's will be suggesting what customers should be offered, which suppliers to contract under what terms, and instruct staff on what to say and do.


There will also be better offerings in the business intelligence (BI) analytics powered by enterprises deploying more cloud-based resources and a corresponding need for cloud data security. The security improvements will emerge through the AI-powered redesign of data management.

The structured and unstructured data analytics boundary will blur in 2018

Forrester found that for clients with unstructured data, over 100 terabytes doubled between 2016 and 2017. However, less than a third of the companies had the capability to analyze text data and even fewer could derive useful insights from unstructured data. But by mainstreaming machine learning techniques, more enterprises will be powered to derive insights from unstructured data.


Most enterprises will use cloud-based big data analytics

More than 50 percent of the respondents in Forrester's research indicated that they would deploy analytics, data, and big data platforms on public clouds. This would be driven by the need to keep costs in check. Also, the flexibility offered by cloud computing when compared to on-premises infrastructure and software will influence the decision.


The rise of the data engineer and insights as a service market

Already, over 10 percent of the "wanted" ad's on are data engineer openings. This indicates that organizations are increasing the value they place on big data and consider it mission critical. However, when the shortage of experienced data engineers is combined with the current business practice of outsourcing, an insight market is born. Already 66 percent of enterprises outsource a portion of their BI applications. By end of 2018, Forrester predicts that 80 percent of firms will be outsourcing BI services.



2018 will be a crucial year for AI in business. Will George Orwell be proved right by corporates and governments? Is AI-powered surveillance killing privacy? Or will it be a case of better service delivery and improved products? Can AI-powered analytics supercharge product design? I don't know. However, one thing is clear, if you are not seriously considering adopting AI, 2018 will be the year your company becomes obsolete.


Lindsey Patterson

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Application

4 min read

The new definition of internet marketing today is the advertisement using mobile ads and websites that have been optimized for the browsing of mobile devices. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become a critical part of our daily lives. The extensive use of smartphones all over the world has necessitated the development of the idea of cross platform mobile development of applications. According to a survey that was recently conducted by the tech giant Google, over 40% of all the people who access the internet on a daily basis have moved from using computers, desktops, and laptops to using mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones.


The tech giant has also redesigned its algorithms to give more priority, and better ranking in search engine results to company websites that are mobile optimized. Therefore, any business that is serious about venturing into new markets and expanding their market share must have their product promotion websites optimized for mobile use. Companies must also embrace mobile applications and software to reach more people as nowadays there are very few people who have the time to sit behind a desktop or a personal computer for them to access the internet while they can do it on their mobile phones.


The mobile first index that has been adopted by Google will affect your online retail enterprise. It is paramount for a business owner or manager to know about the mobile first index experiment by Google because this will have an impact on your digital marketing campaign. In this article, we are going to highlight the reasons why mobile applications, software, and optimization is critical to the success of any company in the 21st-century cut-throat capitalist world market economy.


Ensures that consumers can see your business at all times

According to a recent study, it was inferred that the average American citizen spends more than two hours in the 24-hour day in their mobile device be it a smartphone or a tablet. While there is a probability that only a few applications make up for this total use of mobile devices, it does not change the fact that the user of the mobile gadget has to scroll through many applications to find their preferred app. Your business enterprise can take advantage of this fact by devising as many mobile marketing applications as possible and making them available of Appstore or Google Play. It has been proven that the human mind records every text and image we come across unconsciously which may help your firm reach as many people as possible.


The creation of a direct marketing channel

Mobile applications can serve numerous functions. For instance, they can offer the general information about a product or service, news feeds, messengers, user accounts, search features, booking forms, prices and much more. One of the most significant advantages that accrue to a business enterprise when using a mobile application is the ability to provide your consumers with all the information and data that they may need including special promotions and discounted sales at their fingertips. Your business will even get close to interacting directly with its consumers by the use of push notifications. Such incentives will quickly give a reminder to existing consumers and potential clients about the products and services offered by your company whenever it is relevant.


The provision of value to your consumers


You can digitize a loyalty program that you already have in place or make arrangements for a new one whenever you want to give your consumers on-hand information about your products or services. You can also make it possible for your consumers to collect their rewards from your business through your mobile application instead sticking to the traditional point-collection card that is now becoming obsolete. Such an incentive will result in more returns from your consumers which creates a loyal clientele as customers can download more from your mobile application. When you give value to your customers, they will always come back with a friend or family member which widens your market share.


Lindsey Patterson

5 Of The Most Dangerous Food Lies You May Have Been Told

4 min read

The diet industry is a $20 Billion a year industry. As such, there is a lot of money to be made by convincing people of certain "facts" about food that may or may not be factual. Most fad diets consist of convincing people that certain foods are the root cause of all their ailments ranging from weight gain or an inability to lose weight to a lack of energy. $20 Billion a year tends to buy a lot of advertising and as a result, a significant amount of misinformation and disinformation is spread every year. Here are 5 of the biggest food lies


1. Fat makes you fat

It seems that every decade brings with it a new kind of food to fear. For years, anxious dieters struggled to eliminate and eradicate every ounce of fat from their diet - to their detriment, it turns out. In fact, beneficial fats like those found in olive oil, coconut oil and a wide variety of nuts are a critical part of a healthy, balanced diet. While there are certainly a number of fats to be avoided, such as the trans-fats found in most partially hydrogenated cooking oils, healthy fats should be included as a necessary part of a balanced diet.


2. Eating a gluten-free diet is healthier

Just a decade ago, only a very few people suffered from a condition known as celiac disease, which is a serious gluten intolerance. While there may be many more individuals that have a stronger sensitivity to gluten while not suffering from full-on celiac's disease, the reality is that a gluten-free diet is not necessary for the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, an entire industry has sprung up around this notion that eating a gluten-free diet is healthier. Even more unfortunately, gluten-free products often use a number of even unhealthier alternative ingredients to wheat, which means a gluten-free diet may actually be even less healthy for you than one that includes gluten.


3. All additives and preservatives are bad

Almost all commercial foods, including organic foods, use additives and preservatives of some kind. While there are certainly more healthy and less healthy options, many food manufacturers use natural ingredients to preserve foods and give them a longer shelf life. Chemicals such as sulfites and nitrites have been linked to cancer and an increase in asthma symptoms, but a wide range of natural preservatives such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and carrageenan are generally recognized as being perfectly safe alternatives.


4. Labels never lie

While food labeling standards have gotten more stringent in the last decade, there are still a great number of ways food information can at the very least be highly misleading. One of the ways in which they do this is to list serving sizes as being significantly smaller than what a normal portion size would be. For instance, a small bag of chips may be labeled on the front as only having 100 calories, while a closer look at the back will show that the bag is considered to be 2.5 servings. Always read label information carefully when determining calorie counts and portion sizes.


5. All "healthy" foods are good for you

There are a wide range of foods that are considered "healthy" that are actually laden with sugar, fat and a number of unhealthy ingredients. Breakfast cereals and protein bars, for instance, can be laden with sugar, artificial sweeteners and even trans-fats. Whenever possible, your best option is to skip the pre-packaged foods altogether and settle for a good old fashioned apple, orange or banana and a handful of nuts.

When it comes to food, the best rule of thumb is that the closer it is to its natural state, the better it is going to be for you. While there is much discussion and debate over the differences between organically and commercially grown foods, in the end an apple - whether commercially or organically grown - is going to be better for you than a cereal bar with apple filling. Try to opt for whole, raw or real foods whenever possible and you will most likely be headed down the right path.

Lindsey Patterson

7 Cybersecurity Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

4 min read

The fewer steps you take to ensure to secure your online business, the more you're putting yourself at risk. In fact, nearly 43 percent of cyber attacks are focused on small businesses because they're easier to target. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, almost 60 percent of small to medium-size businesses that have been hacked go out of business within six months of being hacked. Now that you know the consequences of not having security, you'll realize the full importance of investing in cybersecurity.

One of the worst things for a business is to have an inexperienced IT department that sees cybersecurity as intimidating. This is why it's important to invest wisely into online protection, such as the tools we'll talk about below. You'll be surprised how cybersecurity tools can protect you and your business in the long run.


Password Tools

Nearly 90 percent of all passwords are weak enough to be easily hacked. Since it's one of the largest vulnerability points of a business, it's crucial that you choose a complex one and change it regularly. However, challenging passwords are often hard to remember. Fortunately, you can take advantage of password tools like 1Passowrd, which manages all your passwords and keeps them in one safe place.



Using a VPN, or virtual private network can help keep your business secure by encrypting your network traffic to avoid letting other people spy on what you do. After all, a hacker only needs one vulnerability in your network to gain access to your sensitive information. Investing in VPN tools like Safer VPN can offer you protection for a multitude of users on your business devices.


Antivirus Software

To protect your business online, you should really invest in good antivirus software. Although it won't directly protect you from hacking attacks, it will let you know if you receive email scams or if your device is infected with malware. Fortunately, AVG Technologies offer free antivirus software for their users and premium packages for businesses.


Firewall Protection

After you install antivirus software, the next thing you want to download is firewall protection. This will help monitor which threats are trying to scam you and block potentially dangerous sites. Although it won't be able to protect you from every threat online, it’s another layer of protection worth investing in.


Improved Hardware

Since older computers tend to have outdated hardware that poses as security threats, it's important that you update your hardware to lower potential hacking risks. In fact, you should regularly update your hardware every year, if not every couple months to offer yourself the best security.


Improved Software

In addition to getting newer hardware, you should also get updated software. This includes the software for project management, communication, data storage, and network monitoring. Since every platform has their own strengths and weaknesses, be sure to pay attention to which apps and software you use. The vendor you choose to buy from should have a long history of reliability. Read customer reviews to determine which brands and vendors you can trust.


Training and Education

Last, you should obtain training and education tools for yourself and anybody who works with you. Use these to learn about the most recent updates in the field of cybersecurity, train your staff, and protect your business. The majority of hacks are caused by ordinary human error. By ensuring you and your staff are well-versed in security, you can reduce your risk of errors and, therefore, cyber attacks. Every month, review new updates and old policies like changing passwords and staying away from disreputable websites.


Entrepreneurs and small businesses are hacked every single day. However, you don't need to be a tech expert to save yourself and your customers from this type of cyber attack. With these seven tools, you can protect your personal information and prevent your business from falling into ruin.

Lindsey Patterson

You Can Be Creative with Whey Protein Powder Recipes

4 min read

Protein is called the “building block of muscle.” Such a statement is backed by scientific evidence. Eating protein in proper amounts supports the preservation and growth of muscle tissue. After a workout, taking in protein becomes important since muscle breaks down during the session. Ingesting protein supports the repair of the muscle afterward. The muscle should, hopefully, growth back bigger and stronger.

Sources of protein do vary. Consumers may discover supplements boosting high-quality egg, pea, or soy protein. Of all the protein supplements, whey protein probably is the most popular. Contrary to what some believe, whey protein can be served in ways other than a shake. An artful mind could even come up with some very unique Progenex whey protein powder recipes.


What is Whey Protein?

Whey, itself, is the name of the liquid that forms during the process of turning milk into cheese. The liquid certainly shouldn't be looked at as something to be discarded. Within whey is one of the two major proteins found in milk. Extracting the protein from whey is how whey protein is made. Numerous pre-made drinks contain whey protein, but millions of dollars are spent each year on whey powder. Whey powder-based shakes remain common choices of weightlifters hoping to build up their muscle mass.


The Basic Way to Drink Whey Protein Shakes

The common way to drink whey protein shakes involves mixing a flavored or unflavored powder with whole milk or nonfat milk. Others may choose non-dairy liquids such as almond milk or unsweetened almond milk. Nonfat milk and unsweetened almond milk come with far fewer calories, which makes them preferable choices to those hoping to lose weight.

Drinking whey protein can be made a bit more enjoyable by adding other ingredients to a shake. A combination of chocolate whey protein with bananas and peanut butter is preferred by those wishing to bulk up. Vanilla whey, pineapples, oranges, and unsweetened soy milk might be appealing to persons looking for particular nutrients. Tons of different whey protein flavors exist, which is a plus. Unflavored whey protein, however, may be beneficial to those who want to mix up their protein with any and every smoothie recipe. A tub of chocolate chip cookie-flavored whey protein probably won't mix up well with an afternoon shake containing spinach and kale. Plain whey protein won't clash with other ingredients and their distinct flavors.

Now, shakes may be the most common way to serve up whey protein but they aren't the only way to use way. In reality, whey powders mix with many other things.


Other Ways to Make Whey Protein Selections

In the morning, a little bit of whey can be added to a cup of coffee. The whey should mix well in the hot liquid and add some extra flavor. Others may choose to put a little whey powder into their cereal or mix it in with pancake batter. Actually, "protein pancake" mixes already containing large amounts of whey sell quite well.

Breakfast isn't the only time whey supplements can be cooked up. Adding whey protein to pizza dough or low-carb chocolate cake dough remains an option. Yes, whey can fit nicely into a number of baking recipes.


Keep Tabs on Your Protein Intake

No matter how good a particular brand of whey protein might be, you don't want to use too much of it. The body only requires so much protein per day. And whey protein powder won't be your only source of protein if you eat eggs, chicken, and other food choices during the day. So, keep tabs on how much protein you eat in order to avoid going overboard. In terms of the amount you require, activity level and body weight factor into how many grams per day would be beneficial.


Quality Counts

Not all whey protein brands are the same. Always choose ones known for their high quality. The best proteins bring forth the greatest potential for delivering the best results. They also come with the best taste, too.

Lindsey Patterson

8 Technologies that are Changing Everything

4 min read

Technology seems to be changing the lives of people at a growing pace. With so much innovation around the internet and other digital platforms, only time will tell what the future could bring. And it is almost impossible for any industry to remain unaffected by technology. No matter what industry you are in, it pays to know what technologies are on the rise. Here are eight you should be paying attention to.



You may have heard of the recent increase in the use of Bitcoin. This is a digital currency that is becoming more popular. It works on the concept of a blockchain, which is a ledger that keeps track of interactions between different "wallets." These wallets are akin to bank accounts.


Previously, blockchain technology had a few major problems. Namely, it could not scale very well. Every time the currency became more valuable, it became too expensive to do transactions due to higher fees. New technology built by programmers is promising to remove this limitation. That way, more people can take advantage of this digital, decentralized currency to exchange value across the world without going through a third party. You might even be able to pay for your daily expenses with digital currency such as this in the coming years.



Augmented reality and virtual reality are in their infancy. They promise to bring much more in the future. Video games, medical procedures, and sports training are all areas to keep an eye on.


Smart Cars

There are smart cars that have Bluetooth to sync your phone to your radio, and then there are the "truly" smart cars. These vehicles can drive themselves from your home to your destination with ease. While the kinks are still being worked out, the possibilities are profound. Imagine a world where your car software would take care of your vehicle needs for you. This would free up a lot of free time to focus on all the other things that are important to you.



The recent drone craze may not be so unfounded. With an increase in the ability of cheaper drones, almost anyone will be able to afford it soon. They don't just make fun toys, but great business tools such as delivery and photography.



Modern intersections and traffic technology may not look the same way they do now in a few years. Technology is rapidly changing the way that traffic light systems work. With smart algorithms and predictive technology, cities are able to time their grids better to get more people moving through with less stopping. After all, who likes to sit in traffic? Technology is also making parking easier to track. Companies and traffic cops can easily know who is supposed to be parked where with new towing software and tow any vehicles that don’t belong. With this technology, you will want to make sure you don’t park anywhere you’re not supposed to or park too long in those 2-hour parking spots.


Business Software

Recent tech innovations are looking to be good for business. With automatic email software, A/B testing, and customer persona emulation, profits should be more attainable and recurring going forward.



Sometimes, it can be difficult to get funding for new projects. One of the hardest parts is connecting with investors. However, the fact is that crowdsourcing is looking to change the way funding happens. By running the numbers, it can connect investors with those who have something they are building. No longer will you be limited to investors in the same city as you.



AI is on the rise around the globe and shows no signs of slowing down. One of the exciting things about AI is that it can continue to learn and improve, meaning more efficient processes and lower expenses.


When it comes to technology, it is affecting every part of daily lives. Whether it's in the home, the workplace, or the commute, tech will become more integrated into daily routines. The key is not to ignore it. Instead, you should embrace the changes and see how you can best leverage the new tech that is being created every day.


Lindsey Patterson

When Poor Mental Clarity Affects your Life

4 min read

At one time or another, we have all had to concentrate on a problem at school or work. It can be almost painful when the mind refuses to focus. The time ticks away and annoyance sets in because answers are not coming quickly or not at all. Brain fog and a constant loss of attention is nothing new to students and employees but will cost you plenty if you cannot find a way to get a handle on it. There are several reasons why the brain is off on vacation. Understanding these causes can give you a good starting point for clearing up the fuzz.


Nutrition and Brain Function

When your body starts to slow down, your brain is not far behind. Eating the proper food has a lot to do with how alert you are. Neurotransmitters control how one nerve cell moves to another. As a result, thinking patterns can become confused and cause the feeling of brain drain. Certain minerals, vitamins, supplements, and nootropics can aid in keeping the brain at full-operating capacity. Each individual needs to find their personal balance between a healthy body and a healthy brain.


Negative Emotions

Emotions play a huge role in how our learning abilities are able to function. Thinking about the end results of not completing a project can bring emotional distress to the brain. Recent studies have shown that emotions contribute to a lack of attention and decision making. Working in an atmosphere where negativity runs high can also invade your creativity and focus. Negativity comes from fear of the unknown and the mind is unable to process certain thoughts. A positive attitude helps to keep the mind stimulated and ready for action.



It is not easy to stay motivated when the subject at hand seems uninteresting and a waste of time. However, the brain can be challenged and deliver great results when you dig into the novelty of the subject. Not every project can be to our liking, but when you are able to become engaged in the subject, the thought process is increased and you find yourself suddenly able to focus on the work at hand. It is possible to enhance your motivational skills which will, in turn, pump up your brain stimulation.


Structuring your Day

The winners of the world all have one thing in common. They have learned how to structure each day. People that are able to follow schedules, set priorities, and boundaries, can better adapt to concentrating on the matter at hand. Routines and practice, even at an early age, prove that productivity improves. Structure and stability walk hand in hand when one is able to set up rules and stick to them.


Take Control

Time is an extraordinary ability that can casually be cast aside. Ask yourself what you used your time on yesterday and you probably cannot remember. This is the meaning of losing brain control. The casual surrender to time needs to be placed under control so that every minute counts. Only then can you recognize and use your mind as a powerful tool. Teaching the brain to become more disciplined and under control involves memory training exercises. Working memory training has shown to stimulate and increase the brain's capacity for storing knowledge and also improve the brain's executive control network.


It takes a combination of nutrition, positive emotions, motivation, structure, and discipline to improve your mental clarity. There is no magic wand that can increase your creativity and productivity. By knowing the elements that are required to lay the groundwork, you can become quite proficient in achieving better cognitive qualities of remembering and staying engaged in learning.

Lindsey Patterson

Five Ways To Help Yourself Feel and Look Effortlessly Beautiful

4 min read

There is no better feeling than being utterly confident in how you look without any effort. The feeling of being naturally beautiful is something we all strive for and hope to achieve. How can we help ourselves along the way to look so naturally beautiful and take advantage of what we already have? Read below for five tips that will teach/help you with looking effortlessly beautiful.


1) Develop a Skincare Routine

One way you can feel and look effortlessly beautiful is by keeping your skin soft, beautiful and glowing. How much effortlessly beautiful can you feel with a fresh gorgeous face without the need to slap on any coat of foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc. When you fell you can flaunt your assets without resorting to too many accessories or makeup is such a relieving feeling and a positive influence on your mental confidence. Make sure you wash your face every day, exfoliate occasionally, apply toner as well as moisturizer to keep up healthy, clear skin. Additionally, if you really want to go full out and create a new healthy journey for your skin, you should seriously consider checking out the popular Korean Skin Care Routine


2) Drink A Lot of Water

Your skin, all around your body, looks its absolute best when it is fully hydrated. Not only does staying hydrated clear your skin, but it improves its elasticity and health. Go online and calculate how much water you should drink for your weight daily to stay properly hydrated. You will look much more awake, "alive" and naturally beautiful when you have enough water to nourish your skin. If you have trouble keeping track of the amount of water you consume each day, try filling up a giant bottle or gallon of water with the maximum amount of water you are supposed to drink a day. Keep that bottle with you so you have a reminder that you need to finish that bottle before the day's end.


3) Get Clothes that Fit You Perfectly

One cannot stress how much properly fitting clothes enhances your natural beauty. It doesn't have to be fancy, but if clothes don't outline your natural silhouette properly, you might end up feeling bulking, or looking heavier than you actually are. All your clothes should fit you properly like pencil skirts do so you have confidence in your body image. Even if you are just wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants, having clothes that are designed for your figure and shape will make you feel and look a lot more beautiful.


4) Okay, Maybe a Little Makeup

Okay, maybe makeup in large amounts doesn't make you feel so effortlessly beautiful when you can spend twenty to thirty minutes perfecting the makeup art on your face. However, some makeup techniques are very simple, easy and effective and can be done in seconds to enhance your natural beauty. One trick is putting a light coat of mascara on your eyelashes. The mascara just gives a subtle outline to your eye shape. You don't really look like you're wearing makeup to yourself or others, it just makes you look like you woke up on the SUPER right side of the bed that morning. It is a simple, beautiful addition to your natural face's features. Another quick trick is a dab of a light blush to bring some color and life into your face.


5) Find a Quick Hairstyle that Compliments Your Face Shape

Doing hair perfectly every single day is a hassle. But if you can get a haircut or style that can look the same every day and always be "put together," you are set. Hair frames the face and accents your gorgeous facial features. If you get a haircut that is easily manageable and can look moderately good to stunning, naturally, every day, you will feel stunningly beautiful every day.


Lindsey Patterson

Nutrition Changes Optimizes Health for People with Type 2 Diabetes

4 min read

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that more than 29 million people in the United States live with diabetes (2014 publication). Millions more have been identified as prediabetic, which means these individuals have increased blood sugar levels that put them at risk for diabetes. With Type 2 being among the most common level of this health condition, it is crucial for individuals to pinpoint ways they can decrease their risk, manage their blood sugar, and improve their overall wellbeing. These things can often be accomplished with a combination of doctor care and nutrition changes.


Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

As stated by the American Diabetes Association, if a person has been diagnosed with Type 2, this means that the individual’s body is not appropriately using insulin. When people have been the announcement they have this condition, following through with regular physician care is imperative. It is common for doctors to prescribe a change in diet for patients whose bodies are insulin resistant. Nutrition changes that have provided the most impact include cutting back on unhealthy carbohydrates and committing to low calorie meals.


Carbohydrates are often recommended to be consumed in small quantities due to the digestive system processing many carbs as glucose. When this occurs, it increases symptoms that can lead to decreased health. A deterioration in health for a person with Type 2 diabetes can include numbness in feet, becoming high-risk for heart disease, and other serious conditions. Understanding the health condition through patient education will empower a person to make safe and healthy choices as they work to manage their diabetes.


Proactive Meal Plans for a Healthier You

Frequently, people who have been diagnosed with insulin resistance find themselves on a new nutrition path. Having a good idea where to begin can set a solid foundation for a lifestyle change in eating. Each positive change is an investment in fighting diabetes, and this can sometimes reverse the disease itself. With healthy eating habits and consuming fewer calories, many people have been able to go off diabetes medications and manage their health through natural ways.


Foods that experts recommend being avoided include simple sugars that are contained in soft drinks, sweet teas, candy, and other sweet items. Foods to eliminate also include processed foods such as canned pasta and hamburger noodle meals in a box, sugary cereals, and snack bars. Other foods to avoid are condiments that are high in calories and sugar, breakfast and dessert bakery items, and foods that are fried in unhealthy oils. Eliminating these items is a helpful way to begin tackling diabetes.


Choosing the Right Foods to Promote Improved Health

Some of the healthiest foods a person can choose to help manage diabetes include nuts, legumes, greens such as spinach and bok choy, fish, grilled or baked chicken, and lean red meats. Other important foods for a low-calorie diet are foods like broccoli, green beans, apples, red onions, and squash. These provide important nutrients, and they also help the body feel full. Reducing hunger cravings by preparing and consuming healthier foods is an important step in embracing more optimal eating habits for improved health. For condiments and sauces, consider using mixes of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and natural herbs. Combining these can create a variety of health sauces, marinades, and dressings to drizzle over your favorite meats and vegetables.


Consistent actions produce steady results when it comes to controlling and reversing diabetes. While meals low in fat and carbs can be beneficial in fostering a healthier outcome, it is always important to consult with your doctor as you embrace dietary changes. With the help of a physician or dietician, you can create the best meal and lifestyle plan to prevent, reverse, or manage severe or moderate health conditions.


Lindsey Patterson

Tips on How to Build and Sustain Technology in Schools

4 min read

Tips on How to Build and Sustain Technology in Schools


With the world developing due to industrialization, education systems are turning to the application of technology to help improve students' performance. New knowledge and skills facilitated by technology are becoming key factors in the ways we learn nowadays. While incorporating new technology into an educational institution may seem straightforward, determining the right type of hardware to purchase has become a challenge. The initial acquisition of the new technology will rely on the accessibility of the equipment and skills required to use it. Buying new technology is no walk in the park, and several guidelines are essential to ensure success.

Planned Purchase of School Technology

To provide students with the right education to thrive in a globally connected world, we must find the right channels to design, fund, acquire and maintain the infrastructure that will make connectivity a reality for every teacher and student. The cost is a key factor in considering initial purchasing, maintenance and updating the technology to adapt to changes. Important points to consider when buying equipment include:

  • Reflect on buying less expensive refurbished equipment which although priced lower than the original; they will have a similar warranty.

  • Purchase enough equipment to meet your objectives to prevent future shortages and ensure the material to person ratio is adequate.

  • Lease the equipment to enable cost spread over a period and enable implementation of a "refresh" program during the course.

  • Purchase your equipment through the government pricing scheme which lowers the initial cost of buying or will provide partial or full financing.

  • The cost of professional development (PD) is based on initially purchasing your equipment or updating what you already have.

  • Enhancing Professional Development

Professional development is a term for a continuum process of learning and support activities that are designed to prepare an individual for work with young children, as well as ongoing experiences to enhance their careers.

A 2015 survey layered with Odyssey character analysis revealed that 95% of the respondents consider improving the quality of teachers as the best way to improve schools. However, the professional development of teachers is often ignored and is the first item whose budget is cut or reduced. Fortunately, professional development receives priority in the technology package since without it the implementation of the new technology would be a failure.

Covering Overhead Costs

Lack of funds is the most common element of most school budgets. However, there are ingenious ways to maximize resources by bringing together the community around you.

  • Engage local colleges and research institutions for volunteers or grants

  • Contact foundations and non-profit organizations to lend a helping hand.

  • Hire a grant writer to write professional grant proposals.

  • Share your ideas and plans with local companies and industries who may be compelled to help with regards to corporate social responsibility.

  • Sustaining Technology in The Schools

Sustainability will entail ways in which schools with the help of other stakeholders will successfully maintain and nourish the programs and equipment over time. Some of the programs that are part of sustainability include:

  • Online digital open courseware which is an open-source online curriculum.

  • Distance learning programs to facilitate students in far-away areas access online classes.

  • Use of Math Cast software program to allow input of equations and mathematical concepts digitally by students.

  • Course Hero - If you are looking for anything, such as the Odyssey character analysis, these resources can give knowledge and information to instruct students.

  • Use of touch boards instead of the typical chalk boards to teach using power slides.


Also, utilization and integration of technology into schools will only be successful if career development of teachers is allowed precedence. Training of the teachers on the new equipment will bear enable easier understanding by the students also. Develop the human skill first, then the technology hardware.