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Lindsey Patterson

Reasons Why Working for Oneself Is So Fulfilling

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Most people have had a similar experience at some point in their lives. They're immobile within a cramped workspace. Stressed and annoyed over their job. And they think about their employer's freedom. This brings up a common "what if" scenario. They wonder what life would be like if they had their employer's freedom. And they might even think about leveraging their skills into a career path set by their own needs and preferences. But for most people this is where the speculation ends. Not many people follow up with the dream. But what happens for people who do strike out on their own? Do they find it fulfilling, and if so in what way?


Freedom always feels better than a lack of it


The fact of the matter is that one can ever say with total certainty how lifestyle changes will impact people. And the time it takes to reach full self sufficiency also has some impact on how people feel about the process. But in general, even when people are struggling, they prefer to do so while working for themselves.


One of the big reasons is freedom. People often forget the underlying reasons for their work. But the reality is that people work in order to essentially buy freedom with it. Money is basically a way of getting relief from the constant needs of the world. It's a way by which one doesn't need to worry about shelter, food and other concerns. But ironically enough work tends to eventually shackle most people. In trying to buy more freedom they give it away.


And this is the fundamental joy which comes from self employment. One finally sees what true freedom is like. It's the ability to take a longer break if needed. Or conversely to get more work in to complete a concrete goal without begging for overtime. One starts to finally live freedom instead of searching for it.


People need social connections with each other


Another area where freedom comes in is that people get to actually communicate on the job. Most people are so focused on the workplace that they forget how limiting it can be to true communication. For example, take discussions about health, diet and exercise.


Nobody would doubt that people feel better when they're fit an healthy. Someone selling le-vel thrive or the like will essentially get paid to discuss how much it's helped them. This involves speaking from the heart about what might well be subjects that literally saved his or her life. But now imagine talking about it at the average workplace. People could accuse someone of judging people by weight, of being blind to possibly offending others, and it goes on and on. Of course none of that would have been intended. But that's the nature of most offices.


There really aren't actual connections between people in an office. But people need those connections to feel human. Humans are social creatures and need connections with each other. People find those connections when self employed. But when one is in an office or structured workplace it's something of an uphill battle.


Working to get a job finished vs. working for the sake of work


Most people have experienced busy work before. It's a process of effectively doing nothing while on the clock. And it's usually because one finished with a personal aspect of a project. One might have a new project ready to start. But it can't be worked on because that's what the red tape says.


It's not a very fulfilling way to structure one's life. In contrast when working for oneself the job becomes goal oriented. One can actually work toward accomplishing something. And this makes one feel a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis. It's not work for the sake of work. It's work to actually make a change in the world.


The time to start is now


Again, most people have thought about this type of thing before. But the majority of people just sigh and regard it as a dream which will never happen. But all it takes to make that dream a reality is determination. A drive to make it so will be able to do it. But it only begins when one is ready to take action.