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Lindsey Patterson

6 Areas Of Well-Being That Will Lead you to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Leading a healthy lifestyle is an essential component to having a great deal of vitality, self-sufficiency, and ensure a lengthy life span. There are several components to observe when looking to obtain health at the optimal level, and there are various key factors that play a role in maintaining it.

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The 6 Major Areas of Well-Being


There are 6 major key areas of an individual's health that need fulfillment in order for that person to be at their optimal health. These areas include: 

1. Physical Health


2. Mental Health


3. Emotional Health


4. Social Health


5. Environmental Health


6. Spiritual Health

  1. Physical


Physical health deals with the body on both an external and internal level. Different things can affect your physical health, be it the habits you keep, and the diet you maintain. Individuals who smoke for example increase their risk for lung cancer and other health ailments; and drinking can damage the liver in the long run. Those who decide not to abuse drugs and alcohol will not only have the health benefits of clear skin, and a sustaining youthful appearance, but also increased energy and life span.


Physical health also is dependent upon proper hygiene practices such as bathing and brushing the teeth. Failure to take care of the body hygienically may lead to parasitic conditions of the skin (bacterial infections, sores, fungus) and cause the body to develop quite painful conditions if neglected. This area of physical health calls for one to be responsible for the up-keeping of important medications, and follow ups issued by physicians. Taking the steps to protect oneself from health ailments is a crucial step in having great health. Sexual health is highly regarded when it comes to physical health if one is sexually active. Sexual health practices include using condoms, and proper sexual hygiene practices such as cleaning the genitals after intercourse. Maintaining proper overall physical health will ensure the greatest chances of preventing harmful health conditions that can start on the outer body and work its way into the interior.

  1. Spiritual

Spiritual health is an area that many are misinformed about, as well as not tuned into. Taking steps to ensure your spiritual health is satisfied will uplift you in a way that no drug can, and is an area that offers miracle healing to the entire body. Those who engage in keeping up with their spiritual health often pray, attend church, do yoga, practice meditation, speak affirmations, and partake in activities such as journalism and vision boards.


Spiritual health stems from specific moral and philosophical belief systems, and therefore does not directly correlate with religion. Being spiritual can simply mean believing in energy and tapping into the positive energy of others and the environment, and/or participating in high vibrational activities such as creative arts, listening to enjoyable music, or connecting with nature. Any pampering type of activity such as soaking in an Epsom salt bath, to heal n soothe the body, is a form of spiritual care that also serves as physical. The effects of having a solid system of practicing spirituality has a profound outcome on mood, and overall security and stability.

  1. Mental


Mental health is a very fragile topic, and many different aspects of general health may have an impact on mental health. This kind of health has to do with one's method in processing information. If there is an issue with one filtering information such as... (to be able to differentiate relevant from irrelevant, the ego from the core self), there may be issues that affect one's mental health. To be mentally healthy means to have a realistic outlook on life that is open minded.


Good mental health means not becoming so centered on your own opinions and belief systems that you get lost in them and lose sight of reality. Those with good mental health are far less likely to develop mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, or committing crimes, suicide, as well as having to take medications or self medicating. Mental health directly affects your confidence and ability to function independently as an adult. Taking care of the aspects of the remaining 5 areas of well being is the best way to sustain good mental health.

  1. Emotional Health


Emotional health is one's ability to express themselves in a healthy manner according to what they mentally perceive and feel. Emotional health is the mood of a person generally, and how they express that mood externally when interacting. Examples of good emotional health include habits like being able to engage in acts of affection...(such as kissing, hugging, and listening), and being able to reciprocate loving feelings.


Those individuals with good emotional health will know how to give love and receive it, to be nurturing and empathetic. This type of health reflects maturity and good mental health. Emotional and mental health go hand in hand.

  1.  Environmental


Environmental is a form of health that is underrated and often overlooked with regards to overall health. This category affects every form of health in all 6 categories of wellness. Environmental is the state of health developed in connection with the environment around you. To have great health requires healthy surroundings that are not just clean and peaceful, but that make you feel secure and at home. Heavily polluted areas and high traffic areas where there's a ton of noise and violence is not a good community for facilitating individuals with a stable mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


Environmental health plays a huge factor in a child's development with who they become. Broken homes and dysfunction in the childhood home can undergo a serious, and permanent damage on an individual's mind, which can alter the way they view the world. On the contrary, a well established environment will nurture you like a blossoming flower, enabling you to tackle the world. Environmental health doesn't just stop at childhood, the current environments in which you interact everyday plays a vital role in your mood and outlook on your past, present, and future. Staying away from environments that are toxic, the people in them, and/or moving out of such toxic environments, could be one of the best choices you can make for your overall well being.

  1. Social


Social health is the way one can interact with others on a social level. This is a very crucial part of developing a healthy lifestyle, as the world is full of people, therefore social interaction is a necessary ability that must be worked into one's daily routine. Good social health will enable you to communicate well with others and work together well. This type of health at the optimal level will propel you forward in the workplace, allowing you to climb many heights to higher status.

In conclusion, each 6 of these areas of health are an important focal point needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and each inadvertently affects and is related to the other. The benefits of conquering the quest for a healthy lifestyle will make you appreciate life, and the people surrounding you much more, offering you more enjoyment and fulfillment than one ever dreamed of achieving. In turn, individuals will reap a reward that will allow for healthy lifestyle choices, and adaptations, to be passed along for future generations to come.