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Lindsey Patterson

Three Thoughtful Ways to Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood

4 min read

Many people struggle to keep up with the Joneses in a proverbial sense, and you may have fallen into that mentality on more than one occasion over the years. However, have you considered the possibility of being the Joneses? What if you could create a home that was so amazing that your friends and neighbors were green with envy? Of course, there are other reasons to dress up your home in numerous ways. For example, a gorgeous, well-designed home with exceptional features may be more enjoyable for you and your loved ones to live in, and it may increase your property value. If you are ready to update your home and make it as appealing as possible, turn your attention to these intelligent ideas.


Install a New Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

When you live in a warm weather climate like Mississippi, it makes sense to dress up your backyard so that it is more ideal for personal enjoyment and for entertaining. Custom pools Jackson MS are a great option that may be well-suited for many homeowners. If you have a mid-sized or larger backyard, you can install a gorgeous pool and perhaps even a hot tub. This is the ideal space to enjoy low-impact exercise on your property. It also can increase your home’s resale value and overall appeal. A yard with a pool is the perfect location for entertaining friends and family throughout most of the year in Jackson as well. You can even combine a new pool and hot tub with other features, such as an outdoor kitchen, a beautiful outdoor living area, an amazing sound system and more. Focus on making your backyard the ultimate place for outdoor parties and get-togethers.


Create Impressive Curb Appeal

While you should create the ideal backyard space, you also should dress up your home’s front exterior. Friends and neighbors who you have grown close to may be invited to backyard barbecues and other events throughout the year, but you also want your home to have a recognizable presence that the entire neighborhood talks about. Your yard needs to be among the most beautiful in the community, and hiring a professional landscaper to design and maintain your yard is a smart idea. Many people struggle with curb appeal because they lack the special skills required to create a stunning look in the space or because they simply do not have time to maintain the yard. Curb appeal makes the home more appealing, and it could even increase property value. Remember to add hardscape features, lighting and other elements for more dramatic results.


Choose Impressive Interior Upgrades

If your goal is to create an impressive home that others talk about with great admiration, you cannot overlook the importance of interior upgrades. The home should be beautifully decorated, but it also needs to have features or elements that take it a step above and beyond. One idea is to invest in smart home technology that you can demonstrate when you are entertaining your neighbors. You can also create a huge and well-outfitted media room that is perfect for inviting neighbors over for a movie night or to watch the big game. Think about how you currently use your home for entertaining and which features may make your home a stand-out with your neighbors and friends.


Unless you have a huge budget to work with and are able to hire a contractor to execute all of these ideas and other improvements that you have in mind, you should plan to be patient with the process. Focus on one improvement at a time, and make that improvement as amazing as possible. It may take several years or longer to create a perfectly wonderful home that lives up to your expectations. However, your friends and neighbors may understandably be envious of each new improvement that you make to your space between now and then.