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Lindsey Patterson

Reasons Why Real Beauty is Internal

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There is often too much focus on outer beauty in today's society. What about focusing on your internal self? After all, almost nobody enjoys tolerating a bad attitude or jerks in everyday life. From a moral and ethical standpoint, internal beauty should be everyone's main focus. Here are some reasons you need to change your inner self in order to be beautiful on the outside.


More Likeable You

Everyone encounters the cruel employee at the grocery store counter or the motorist zooming by and honking on their morning commute. These types of negative people know how to test a person's patience. Wouldn't life be so much simpler if these people were nicer? Be greeted with a pleasant disposition and walk away without irritation or anger. It's definitely possible and all it takes is deciding to be kinder. Sometimes the employee will encounter a difficult customer. If each person learns to be a better person this issue might be eliminated altogether. Plus you'll love yourself a lot more.


Peaceful Life

It seems like most people nowadays tend to be living life in the fast lane. Hurrying to accomplish tasks is a sign of pettiness. Many rush and try to beat each other in line or to buy the last turkey for Thanksgiving. Hating oneself often follows this greedy behavior. By thinking about your actions and changing them for the better you'll be at peace with yourself instead of feeling like a loser for something that seemed big at the time but now seems foolish. Becoming more spiritual may be the best answer. Next time this happens try asking yourself about the moral and ethical consequences of your actions. The NIV Application Commentary might be a good way to learn more about God and the Bible if you feel the need to delve deeper into your spiritual side.


Ugliness of Outer Beauty

It's not admirable to be good looking and treat others badly based on your appearance. You may feel even feel entitled to receiving royal treatment while people silently hate your guts and laugh at your stupidity. People use someone who's outwardly beautiful for attention and other fake reasons then toss them aside for someone they actually like. They may even be afraid of the monstrous expression on this person's face and refrain from interacting with them too often. This way of thinking is superficial. The fact of the matter is that everyone should be treated equally despite appearance. Be yourself and you might be surprised that people like you more than you ever realized.


The Right Thing to Do

Being a nicer person is only the right thing to do. Why not try going without makeup for a day? Instead of contributing to the selfishness of the world, giving to charity might be a good idea. You can donate to a good cause or even try a fun volunteer activity. This will give you more meaning and purpose. You can leave behind the old you and have a real life to look forward to. This life will bring you real friends and a family that actually loves you for yourself.


You'll Look Better the Right Way

Treating others humanely is an honest way to change your appearance. Even if you aren't naturally beautiful on the outside your pleasant demeanor will still shine from the inside. People notice a bright, smiling face and will usually be friendly in return. If they're not, try to have some empathy because everybody has problems sometimes. Consider the consequences of your actions before you react to any negative situation.


Outer beauty can be genuinely ugly if nobody likes the way you treat them. This may be the best reason to make an honest effort to change your ways. Your behavior, whether positive or negative, dictates the kind of life you'll lead and your overall happiness.