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Lindsey Patterson

Marketing Tips for Your Online Business

4 min read

As an online entrepreneur, it can be frustrating when you are not getting enough foot traffic or when your sales are down. It is during such times that you need to analyze your online marketing strategies to realize where you are going wrong and turn things around. Online entrepreneurs can look at these marketing tips to help them increase sales as well as get enough foot traffic to their ecommerce website or online pages.


Use a personalized call-to-action

Entrepreneurs who measure their conversion rates can attest that they increase sales. Hence, it is vital to optimize places where conversion takes place such as the calls-to-action. A call-to-action is an important element of pages that encourages readers to take a certain step. For instance, in product pages, readers are encouraged to buy now or add to cart. Calls-to-action can also encourage readers to follow a social media page, subscribe to a mailing list, or share content. A personalized call-to-action is more precise than others because they address individual page visitors separately because they consider your sales funnel. The call-to-action should address visitors, paying clients or leads separately, and you can be sure that will increase conversion rates for your online business because visitors are converted to leads.


Display prominent guarantees

Online stores can also increase conversion rates by giving visitors guarantees that their services or products are of highF quality. For instance, you can use security badges that indicate that all transactions on your site are secure and private. However, badges are designed differently, but consumers trust those that come from familiar brands such as Google. You can also use return policies and money-bank guarantees, which earn trust from potential clients because they feel assured that they can get refunds if they find the services or products not satisfactory. Also, industry-specific badges are also instrumental. Your online store should ensure that it use badges from its field or industry such as awards, ratings, accreditations or membership to specific bodies.


Write clearer headlines

Headline texts are vital factors that increase sales regardless of whether it is for a squeeze page, an article, homepage or product page. You should make your offer clear in the headline like being specific on your target group and what you can do for your target customers. People prefer explicit headlines about the content that a business offers as opposed to headlines that are ambiguous. Online businesses should review their primary page's headlines such as product pages and homepages by incorporating what the business hopes to do for its target customers.


Use pop-up offers

Most people when they hear the word pop-up often think about the annoying distraction that appears while browsing through websites. However, they can assist in increasing conversion rates and lessening shopping cart abandonment rates when used strategically and sparingly. You should make sure that the pop-ups perform well by providing relevant information to readers. For instance, if you are giving promotional products or freebies that your readers are excited to use then your pop-up window will not be a distraction, but a gift. You can design a pop-up design that offers discounts for your products. Additionally, you can increase leads by creating a window that encourages visitors to give their names and contacts in exchange of a 15 percent discount.


Prove customer satisfaction

One of the ways you can use to increase your online store sales is by proving to your readers that your business has a good reputation of offering satisfactory services or products. Your proof can in the form of a list of current or former customers, testimonials, case studies, and industry awards. Besides, many reviews translate to better conversion rates. The proof is mostly important for new ventures that are trying to establish as trusted brands. You can make sure that each product page displays reviews or ratings.


Now that you have been inspired by these guidelines, you can adopt them for a complete turnaround on your sales. Most importantly, make sure that you offer quality services or products to ensure customer loyalty. You can also talk to an expert to help you design unique pages.