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Lindsey Patterson

Creative Pool Party Ideas for Kids

4 min read

Planning a pool party for your kids this summer can be a fun event that everyone will enjoy and look forward to. Plan ahead to host the best pool splash ever. Send out fun invites with details well ahead of time. There are some helpful tips that expert party planners use to make party events extra special.


Set the Mood and Theme

Decide on a theme for your pool party. Pick one that suits the age group of the kids that will be there. Try a pirate-themed bash complete with large cardboard box ship and costumes. Consider a princess theme for girls also with costume details like tiaras, costume jewelry and so on. Plan a safari adventure, movie or favorite character theme, dance party or circus fun. For older teens, plan a more mature theme and decor.


Create appropriate decor depending on the theme. Hand painted colorful signs that introduce the theme and welcome guests. Use outdoor appropriate party decorations like fun garlands with beach type adornments. Get easy craft and decorating ideas from online. Parents should consider installing a pool for the family to enjoy. Get local custom pool prices, and your home will become the fun pool party destination where everyone will want to be.


Provide Fun Games Kids Will Enjoy

All memorable parties need lively enjoyable entertainment. Some great ideas for kids games are:


  • Treasure Hunt

  • Wet Decorative Sponge Toss

  • Carnival Type Games

  • Use Kiddie Pool and Water Hose to Spray Boats in Race

  • Freeze Tag and Other Kids Games Updated With Extra Twist

The games can be in-water or out. Have fun potato sack races, ring tosses or sit in a circle and play telephone. For a teen party, think appropriate interests, outdoor movie, charades, disco dance-offs and sleepover parties with tents.


Added Entertainment and Activities for More Fun

Add additional entertainment and simple activities for extra party pizzazz. Think DJ for cool music, clown or another dressed-up character, authentic storyteller or live animals. Try a face-painting area, candid picture booth with fun props, create an outdoor play with costumes and stage, or consider a fashion show for girls or a sporting event for boys. Smaller children would like a fun puppet show, and they could even make their own.


Delicious Easy Food Ideas Kids Will Love

It is better to provide an accessible snack buffet table. Theme healthy veggies & dips, sand dollar cookies, blue jello topped with "food dyed whipped cream sand" complete with gummy bears and tiny drink umbrellas. Easy small sandwiches, kid-friendly sides, fruit bowls and other easy-to-make and digest foods. Provide homemade themed popsicles and other frozen treats, and be sure to have some kool-aid, punch or other appropriately themed drink always available. If continuing party until dark, consider grilling hot dogs/hamburgers and/or set up a campfire complete with sing-alongs, instruments, marshmallows and other fun campfire foods.


Little Extras to Make Your Pool Party Memorable

Have a sunscreen area station perhaps by the "parent lifeguard chair." Provide various sunscreens. Consider purchasing cheap beach-towels and pool toys, then roll everything up with decorative water bottles. Let parents know ahead of time that these things will be provided. Always provide some type of party favor for guests to take home when leaving. Have sunglasses in a cheery bowl, ask an older child or teen to help with fun removable tattoos or makeup sessions for girls.


Remember that this pool party is all about fun outdoors. This can be customized to meet specific needs like the kid's ages, sex, interests and more. Consider fairy lights, create a playlist of music, use balloons and cut out foam decorations in the pool for extra style and fun. The party could be for a birthday, Fourth of July event or just a water summertime bash.