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Lindsey Patterson

5 Side Jobs I Picked Up to Help Us Have Extra Money

4 min read

In 2018, it's not uncommon for a working professional to have at least two jobs at the same time. In some cases, when a person has two or three jobs, they're trying to make ends meet. In other cases, a person is working to get out of debt. However, there's one special space for some who are looking to turn one of their side jobs into a full-time career. It's also pretty common for people to maintain multiple jobs so that they can enjoy the benefits of multiple streams of income. If you're looking to create an extra income flow for your household, there are a few side jobs you might want to consider.


1. Babysitting

If you have a passion for little ones and are really good at taking care of them, consider becoming a babysitter. Many parents don't like the idea of bringing their children to random daycares with people they don't know or trust. Get in touch with some of your friends who have children and put out a few ads on babysitting sites. Spread the word about your services and your availability. To some, babysitting might seem like a lowly position. To others, it is a great way to generate a lot of extra money. While it's not meant to be exploitative, parents will pay to get the best for their children.


2. Blogging

Choose a topic you're extremely passionate about. Even if you don't have the most information about the topic, there's always room for growth and research. Create an editorial schedule and a marketing plan. It's also wise to hire a web designer to create a theme that's cohesive and beautiful. Once the website is officially live, it's a good idea to insert affiliate links to different products you recommend. Embed the links within relevant blog posts. Most online retailers have affiliate programs and if you stick with the process, this can be an extremely lucrative side job.


3. Beauty Sales

If you love trying on makeup and have lots of fun throwing parties, you might want to consider becoming a Senegence distributor. You'll get the great opportunity to partner with a company that already has an established brand and products. Your job is to get the products in front of people and sell those products. You can do this in a variety of ways. Consider using the internet and social media to build your own brand and use your platform to showcase the phenomenal products. Start a YouTube channel where you demonstrate tutorials while you use the products. Additionally, home parties are great because it allows you to get in front of people and have a face-to-face connection. Give the party a theme and let women know to come ready to spend.


4. Baking

There's nothing quite like enjoying homemade baked chocolate chip cookies. The same can be said for baked goods like croissants, cupcakes and muffins. If you have a knack for baked goods and are excellent in the kitchen, consider making delicious food, packaging it well and selling it. When you make an excellent product, it'll sell itself. However, it's best to get in front of the right audience first. Once you get it into the hands of a specific audience, the word-of-mouth marketing will take off.


5. Website Development

If you have technical skills and love to build websites, consider website development. You can easily promote your services in a few ways. On one hand, you can start a website and promote your services using social media. Alternatively, you can create a profile on freelancer sites. If you're not good at website development, it can still be a lucrative endeavor. Set your price, go online and find a website developer to do the work and be the middleman to seal the deal.


Through these opportunities, it's clear to see that you can have lots of fun with your side hustles and you can do many of them in the comfort of your own home. Plus, you never know. One of these side gigs could be the catalyst for helping you to gain financial freedom.