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Lindsey Patterson

Advice for New Mothers with a Cluttered Home

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Being a new mum is no easy task because with it comes tons of responsibilities. As a new mother, you are expected to carry out certain duties to ensure that your home is decluttered and safe for your child. For instance, you may need to quickly replace cabinet doors so that you can lock in items that need to be kept out of reach of children. Moreover, having an untidy place congests both your mind and emotional state. This means that it inhibits your ability to focus, and your stress hormones could level up.


How Can You Deal With a Cluttered Home

It does not really matter if you are a stay-at-home mom or a mother who is busy with her profession and you have to juggle with chores and raising your kids. Decluttering your home is crucial because it helps you to focus on other important things and family. Here are a couple of tips that new moms could implement to tidy up a messy home.


1. Embrace a positive mindset

Substantial research done on the topic indicates that letting go of our clutter is quite stressful. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when decluttering is to feel positive about tidying up the house so that you do not give up in the middle of the process.


2. Do it gradually

Decluttering can be a tedious process and to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by the tasks, it is advisable to declutter one area of your home at a time. This way you are able to carry out the process a lot easier rather than doing it all in one day.


3. Include members of your nuclear family

A home has numerous rooms and large spaces. Therefore, you should think about involving your husband to help you in the process. This also helps to keep your home clutter-free in the future.


4. Draft a list of the rooms you want to start with

Before you start the cleanup process, you need to ensure that you make a list of the cabinets, closets, junk drawers, and the rooms that you would like to declutter. The list makes your process much easier.


5. Formulate a plan on how you will undertake the project

Planning is very important in this process. This is one way to make sure that you achieve all your decluttering goals within the stipulated time. You should be in no rush to do so, and if it helps, you can mark on your calendar how you will go about this task.


6. Settle on what you will do with the unwanted junk

There are many things that you could do with your unwanted belongings. For instance, you could donate them, dispose them at a yard sale, or deliver the belongings to someone’s custody. It is of great importance to ensure that you come to a resolution on what you will do with your unwanted property before you begin its removal.


7. Assemble some bags and boxes

After you have decided what to do with the clutter, it is vital to have boxes and bags in which you will place the items for donation, sale, and those that you are cosigning.


8. Create a laundry routine

When you set up a laundry routine, you are able to remedy piles of laundry and free up some time for yourself. The goal here is to avoid being overwhelmed.


9. Make a rule of not leaving things on the floor

This is one way of ensuring that your home is clutter-free all the time. You will also feel relieved and have a better focus when nothing is spread all over the floor.


10. Assign a place for each item


If you follow the aforementioned steps to the letter, you will be able to carry out the decluttering process hassle-free. A tidy home clears your mind and helps you to focus on important aspects of your life. This helps you to lead a healthy life.