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Lindsey Patterson

The Great Memories Of Summer

3 min read

After going to school all year long, only having a few months of summer to enjoy, is a little tricky. Whether it's due to work, money, or scheduling, there is always something that seems to come up. Some families have plans all summer long, whether it’s to the ocean, the beach, or to a relatives to visit, there are always summer plans to attend to. Some families don’t get to enjoy all the perks of summer, which is a little sad. There are many options for great summer choices for your children and teens to enjoy, that will fit your budget, your calendar and your children’s hopes and dreams.


If you have older teens in your home, some summer activities sight include, hiring a college student to help Tudor your teen for the summer, so your teen is at the top of his or her class when it comes to returning back to school after summer. Classes or camps are also suitable for an older teen in your home. Taking classes or attending camp will help your teen relax and enjoy the following year of school. Summer work is also a fun, energetic way for your teen to do certain activities this summer. It will teach your teen to have goal, have their own money flow, help with expensive, it will teach your teen to grow in a way they didn’t know how to before. There are plenty of other options for summer fun. The Wilderness program Utah is a great place to start for a fun filled summer. It lets you be creative, inspired, real, empowered, and mainly you will feel connected. Take a month away to look at yourself, your life, your relationships. The program is dedicated for children and teens only, no parents. They do offer one phone call a week to be able to call home to talk to your parents. This is give you a sense of maturity. They offer rock climbing, rappelling, standup paddle boarding, and outdoor obstacle courses. This camp is great for your family, it let your children and teens work together with children and teens that have the same issues, and let them work through them and help each other and themselves. If your budget doesn’t allow your family to attend camps, classes, or programs, there are plenty of other activities that are summer friendly. Taking your children and teen bowling, skating, hiking, or just out for ice cream, are all activities your children are going to remember and love. Even maybe take up a dance class or even an art class, will also teach your children and teens the life lessons of summer. 


No matter what your budget looks like, there are so many different things you and your family can do for fun throughout the summer. There are classes, work, and programs available to help you find the best for your family. If money is an issue, no worries always remember to do your research on free things to do with the family in your area. Your children and teens will love everything you have planned this summer. Even if they don’t seem to like it at first, every new thing in life is a lesson being learned. The more lessons learned the better your child or teen may be. Remember your children love you and will love anything you choose for them to do. This is how memories are made, enjoy your summer family vacation, with one activity after another.

Lindsey Patterson

Different Vitamins and Their Purpose

4 min read

In order to stay healthy and strong, the body requires a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals work together to create a balance in the body, and help the body rejuvenate and remain healthy and strong throughout the years. Some of the most important vitamins that the body needs or vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin K. They’re also different combinations of vitamins and include vitamin B one which is thiamine, vitamin B two which is riboflavin, vitamin B three witches niacin, Biotin, Vitamin B6 and vitamin B 12. All of these vitamins work together to ensure that the body has all of the minerals needed to live a healthy lifestyle.


usually, vitamins are generally grouped into two different categories. They are divided into two different categories that include fat soluble vitamins which are in charge of storing the bodies fatty tissue. The fat soluble vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. The body does a better job at absorbing these vitamins through dairy products. The other category of vitamins are water-soluble vitamins. The water-soluble vitamins are the leftover vitamins that the body gets rid of through urinating.

Agent every vitamin has an important in charge and impact on the body. If somebody has a vitamin deficiency, this can cause severe health problems, and it is important to be treated right away. It is also highly recommended to make sure to eat enough fruits, lentils, and vegetables because vitamins are usually found in these types of food products. Living a healthy lifestyle and consuming these types of food is a great way to take care of the heart and other important organs as well.


Here are important vitamins and what they are known for:


Vitamin C is a very important vitamin to have in my body because vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to have healthy teeth and healthy gums. Having a good oral health is definitely something important to prevent any sort of illnesses and bacteria from entering the body.


Vitamin D is the type of vitamin that can be received directly from the sun. It is recommended that people spend on average of 10 to 15 minutes out in the sunshine three times a week so that the body can absorb all of the vitamin D necessary.


Vitamin a is another very important vitamins because vitamin helps maintain healthy bones and healthy teeth. It is also closely related to maintain a healthy skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is very important to know how to take care of it.


Vitamin B6 is highly important to have in the body because vitamin B6 is in charge of maintaining a good and healthy brain function. Vitamin B6 ensures that there are enough red blood cells in the body, and it ensures that the brain is functioning properly with the sufficient amount of hormones and chemicals needed.


Vitamin B 12 is known to be the vitamin that helps regulate and maintain a good metabolism in the body. How are you good and healthy metabolism will ensure that you are not gaining too much weight in the first period of time. Have a good metabolism also means that your body is properly getting rid of any toxins that may be left behind due to eating unhealthy foods.


Trying out the Heal n soothe products is a great way to get in all of the vitamins and the minerals that are needed in the body. These products do an amazing job at regulating what the body needs.


Agent every vitamin listed above has a specific wall in the body. We all work together to ensure that the body is maintained healthy and strong throughout the years. It is important to consume a healthy diet that includes a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits to remain healthy and strong.

Lindsey Patterson

Home Warranty v. Home Insurance

4 min read


People that have never owned homes before have a lot of questions when it comes to things like home insurance and home warranties. Some potential buyers may assume that these two things are relatively similar, but these are two completely different things. People that are getting ready to buy homes need to become familiar with both.

Home Insurance

The home insurance is something that is required if there is a mortgage present. People that have homes with a mortgage are borrowing money from a bank. This means that they do not actually own the home until the home is paid off. This means that they do not have the ability to bypass homeowner’s insurance. What this insurance does is cover the replacement of the home if it is destroyed through some type of accident. Homes that are in the path of natural disasters, water damages or accidental fires are covered for the home insurance policies in most cases.

Home insurance is also something that is utilized when people are trying to cover the cost of the repairs that may come with things like water heaters that flood homes or fires that may cause structural damage. Home insurance covers these types of things up to a certain point. For matters like this people will typically file claims.

Home Warranty

The home warranty Arizona is going to be a lot different because it will not cover structural damages or the replacement cost for the home. Instead, the home warranty covers appliances inside of the home. Unlike the home insurance for people that have mortgages home warranties are not required. This is something that people can get or bypass even if they have a mortgage. It is all about what they feel they may need when it comes to potential failures of appliances inside of the home.

Getting a home warranty is something that people will appreciate if they have appliances that may need to be covered. It can be very difficult to find the money to pay for a replacement if the appliance that is malfunctioning is not something that can be fixed. With a home warranty homeowners you do not have to worry about this. If appliance cannot be repaired there will be an allowance for a replacement of these appliances. This is what makes the home warranty valuable for many people that have different appliances in the home that may have stopped working.


Some homeowners might say that the home insurance and the home warranty are policies that work hand-in-hand if you are looking for complete coverage for natural disasters and appliances that are malfunctioning. You want to have all of your grounds covered when it comes to replacing items or replacing the home if it is damaged.

People that have home warranty issues will set up a service call. With this someone is going to come out and inspect the problem. Service calls are the only things that people pay for it when they have signed up for Home warranties. The home insurance, however, involves a different process. People call in to file a claim when they are having issues with something like water damage or fire damage. When people file this claim a check will be sent out once a home insurance inspector comes out to inspect the property and verify that there are indeed issues with the home. This check will be the remaining balance after the deductible taken out.

A lot of people are going to recognize that there is a need for a home warranty even though it is not required. People that no longer have a mortgage can essentially drop their home insurance, but most homeowners are going to see a need to keep this insurance in place. It is helpful for those unexpected things that can destroy a home and make it hard to repair or replace the home without the warranty. 

Lindsey Patterson

Best Islands to Visit

4 min read


Taking a good family vacation is something that is necessary to relieve some stress and get your mind off of things. It is also the perfect way to spend some quality time together and to create new memories with one another. Here are some of the best islands that you and your family can visit to experience new things and have the time of your lives.



One of the best islands that you and your family can take a vacation to happens to be Hawaii. Hawaii is definitely one of the most popular islands because of its geography and the amazing views that it has to offer. In Hawaii, you and your family will be able to experience Blacksand beach is and amazing rain forests as well as volcanoes and national parks. You and your family will have the opportunity to experience new things such as zip lining, visiting the beach, enjoying different foods and visiting active volcanoes! Visiting all of these amazing activities and experiencing this for the first time will definitely be something that you and your family will never forget.



Bora-Bora is another very popular island to visit because it is the perfect place to go and relax. Bora-Bora has amazing clear aquamarine water where you and your family will be able to take boat trips throughout the island and enjoy the amazing scenery there. Bora-Bora is one of the most popular destination islands for honeymoons because you and your significant other will be able to enjoy and relax laying down next to the water or explore the island with an experienced tour guide.



Another amazing island to go visit with your family is a Bali. Bali has gorgeous mountains and pointed pagodas. You and your family will also be able to explore ancient temples and you will be able to use rice puddles and you also have the opportunity to lounge around and relax on the amazing and beautiful beach. There are many different tour guides that will be able to show you around the island and you and your family will be able to learn more about the history of this island and how we came to be the way that it is now.



Singapore is an amazing island to visit because you and your family will be able to relax along the white sand beaches and you will be able to soak up all of the cosmopolitan atmosphere. The Singapore flyer will allow you and your family to enjoy the Birdseye view of the island and you guys will be able to connect with nature with the beautiful gardens that they have in the jungle. Singapore also has an amazing city with a lot of green space and skyscrapers.



Last but definitely not least Bahrain is an amazing island to visit with your family because of its culture. This island has a highly tolerant culture that has many different tourists throughout the entire year. You and your family will be able to have a lot of freedom and will be able to get away from the city and all the hectic activity that comes with that. The name of this island means 'two seas' and throughout the years, they have experienced a growing amount of tourist audience. It is more common to visit this island during the cooler months because there is an endless amount of indoor and outdoor activities that you and your family will be able to enjoy. The culture of the rain will allow you and your family to enjoy and try out new foods as well as experience a different culture that you will definitely love. Visiting this amazing island will be something that you and your children will never forget. 

Lindsey Patterson

Why Should You Go with Energy Efficiency in Your Vehicle?

4 min read

Now is the time that the world wants to become eco-friendly. Cars and trucks have been polluting our environment with gases for years. What are some of the best companies for environmentally friendly cars? What are the best models to use? How can you become environmentally friendly?


The world is becoming eco-friendly because of the many carbon emissions the world has pumped out over the past 50 plus years. We have been polluting the environment in many ways, and now we’re starting to feel the brunt of our actions. With warm weather getting hotter, cold weather getting colder, and natural disasters becoming stronger, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Our oxygen levels are low, the carbon dioxide levels are the highest they’ve ever been in the history of earth, and now we’re finally trying to take action.


One of the many things that has been putting out a lot of carbon emissions that we use daily are cars. So, how do we change what we’ve known our whole lives. You fill up with gas at the gas station and drive your cars and trucks all over the place. However, no one really knew the strong effect it would have on our world as a hole. So the best things to do to fix it are; ride a bike where you need to go, drive one of the eco-friendly cars like sedans or trucks, car pole to work, and then it will get better.


Some of the best companies to buy these eco-friendly vehicles from are Tesla, Hybrid, and most of the main car manufacturers. Some of the main manufacturers create some eco-friendly cars for people to drive. Tesla is innovative and designs only electric powered cars for their buyers to feel like they’re actually doing something good for the earth. Then there are Hybrid cars that have fuel and electric fuel systems.


Some of the best model cars to use are Tesla’s. They are great and extremely great for the environment. With only electricity powering the cars, you can forget about carbon emissions, and focus on driving to work without polluting our atmosphere. The Hybrids are also good as they don’t depend on gas as highly as regular gas vehicles because it also uses electricity. So what is the best model? Well, that differs by the person. Some prefer the Tesla because it has all electric fuel, and some like the Hybrids because they don’t use as much fuel.


You can help the environment by driving with another person to work, recycling, biking to the store, and stopping extremely dangerous carbon emissions. If you ride with another person to work, you will save on carbon emissions by half. Recycling helps the environment as a whole, not just human-kind, but for wildlife and marine life too. There is plastic at the bottom of the deepest parts of our oceans, and we’re to blame. Recycling is a big part of helping the environment. If you bike to the store or walk to the store, you won’t be emitting carbon into the air by driving down the block. This will help cut down carbon emissions by none at all, and you can feel better about helping the environment in the process.


Cars, trucks, and other vehicles are the biggest leaders in carbon emission and will continue to rise in that area if we don’t do anything about it. It’s not the only one that emits carbon, but it’s something that we can control. Driving a hybrid or a Tesla and cutting out gas or cutting down on gas use is something that you can feel good about. This isn’t the only way you can help the earth though. You can volunteer to help pick up trash, give people rides around to save on gas, and plant some trees, because the earth is running out of oxygen, and trees are getting torn down daily. 

Lindsey Patterson

Best Family Movies to Watch Together

3 min read

Nowadays with new technology, games, and devices, kids don’t know about the good ole family nights. Back in the day, we didn’t have all these new fancy devices to play on. We had to go outside, get dirty, play in the dirt, stand back up, dust ourselves off and do it all again. That was our playing back in the good ole days. Your treat for the night might be a movie that you watch with your loved ones. You may of been one of those lucky children that were lucky enough to have sleepovers and your friends could come watch the movie with you. Some families didn’t have television, streaming devices or devices to watch movies when they were younger. Making movie memories are a must for everyone.


When it comes to family movie times, the newest releases are a great choice. In 2019 there are several top rated movies for your family. Depending what your family likes, the Lion King is a great family movie. You can enjoy the new remake of Lion King, while reminiscing about the old Lion King. If your family likes musical, the new remake of Aladdin is a great movie. Starring some of your favorite actors, like Will Smith. Some families have watched the Toy Story movies, Toy Story 4 is an epic must watch 2019 movies for you and your family and friends. If you don’t have a VHS player or DVD player there are other options for viewing a movie, such as Netflix, or Hulu. They both offer new releases along with many other family movie choices. Incredible 2, Mary Poppins and frozen 2 are some of the greatest movies advertised on streaming devices. Some families like to watch movies on older devices, such as a projector screen or home theater screen. If your family doesn’t have a home theater screen available, there are many choices. If you are interested in getting a home theater in your home, take into consideration that it comes with wires, receivers, speakers, Blu-ray player, and remotes. Make sure you know the area you are wanting to get the home theater system in, so that way you know what home theater screen size to get for your home. You don’t want to go to big, or too little. Movie nights with the whole family is a must, it lets you build memories, one good memory at a time.

No matter how you stream, download, or just watch a movie, there are so many possible choices for a fun filled night. No matter what movies your family likes or don’t like, there are options for everyone. The good thing about movies, is that you can pick a movie on how you are feeling. If you want to laugh, lick a comedy, if you want to be scared, pick abhorring movie. One of the top picks for movies are family movies. There is something for everyone. There are multiple ways to be able to watch a movie. Some devices you may already have in your home, or you may have downloaded to your devices. If you still need a way to enjoy your movies at home, do your research on home theater systems for your home. Your family will love it. Your friends and family will love it. Let’s start by picking our favorite movies of all times, play it, pop some popcorn, theses are the memories you want to make. Warm, happy, movie time memories with the whole family. Enjoy yourself.

Lindsey Patterson

Great Family Vacations to Plan for this Year

4 min read

Going on a family vacation will allow members of the family time to relax and get away from the mundane routine of daily life. A family can take a road trip in their new truckor they can go somewhere far away to learn about new cultures.


This national park has a lot for young people to see. They can check out the geysers and the natural springs. There are many different programs to participate in including wildlife workshops and guided boat tours. A family can stay at a hotel or they can choose to stay in one of the designated camping areas. This are some great sites here.


This is a great vacation place for those families that are active and always on the go. There are many trails to select from and each one offers something exciting for the family to see. Some trails have waterfalls and large sequoia trees. Summer is the best season but the early fall and spring times still offer nice weather and smaller crowds. The family can camp out here as well or they can stay in the comfort of a hotel.

Washington, D.C

The capital of the United States has plenty to do for a family and they may even be able to sneak in a small history lesson. There are museums and many of them offer free admittance. There are some monuments to visit that tell of some of the leaders of the nation. The Smithsonian museum is one of the top attractions as well as the Lincoln Memorial. A family can explore the city by renting a bike or an electric scooter. There is so much to do and see it will take several days to take in Washington, D.C.

Outer Banks

This is one of the best beaches in the country and this area does not get as crowded as other beach vacations. The beaches are free to visit and there are waves to keep everyone busy. The Pirate Adventure is also a big hit with visitors. For those that want to take a break from the beach, they can visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial. There are some other seas activates to enjoy such as spending time on the Duck boardwalk or trying something known in these areas as ghost crabbing. It is best to book this vacation in advanced because hotel rooms fill up quickly.

Myrtle Beach

This is another great place for a beach vacation. The beach has great conditions and plenty of attractions in the town. There are water parks, mini-golf courses, and an aquarium. Of course, there is the beach which offers free entrance. There is a huge boardwalk that is 350 acres as well as entertainment and shopping. There are also concerts along the beach and the boardwalk for the family to enjoy.

San Diego

This city has many things to keep the family busy and the weather is nice and warm most of the time. There is the famous San Diego Zoo to see. There are many beaches to sit in and relax and enjoy the Pacific Ocean. There are also some museums such as Midway Museum to learn a little about history. It is a good idea to book a vacation early since the hotels do fill up quickly. For a big city, most of the attractions are affordably priced.


These are some of the best places for a family to take a vacation and they should plan their visit to them this year. This is much to do to keep a family busy and allow them to spend some quality time together.

Lindsey Patterson

Home Improvements Of 2019

3 min read

Home improvements can be a great way to completely transform your house and give it a whole new life. Each year it seems like there are a few home improvements that everyone is raving about. In 2019 the trends were pretty basic, but they were all something that would make a huge impact on the appearance and functionality of your home.

Backyard Makeover

If you have a backyard, then you know how fun and entertaining they can be. They can also be a lot of maintenance and hard work. A backyard can also be a great way to have friends and family over. One thing that you can do if you have the space, is to install a pool. The most popular type of pool is an inground pool, especially for adults. Inground pool prices are a bit higher than above ground pools, but they are well worth it. They are a lot easier to clean and maintain, plus they will last a lifetime.

Bathroom Remodel

As far as remodeling goes, bathrooms tend to be one of the easier projects. Of course, this all depends on what exactly you will be doing with it. Since most bathrooms are smaller than other rooms, like the kitchen, they shouldn’t take as long. Plus, if your house has more than one bathroom you won’t be pressed for time. So, you won’t be rushing and can just do it as a side project on the weekends. Almost everything that you would need to remodel in the bathroom, you can do yourself which will cut down on the cost a lot.

Replace Doors And Trim

Replacing the doors and trim around your house is a pretty simple home improvement project, but it can make a huge difference. The most expensive part of this improvement is going to be the supplies. It is also a pretty easy project that can be done in a single day or weekend. Having new trim will make your rooms pop. If you want to take it a step further, then you can even repaint the walls for more improvements.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are the focal point of many homes. Having a beautiful kitchen can motivate you and your family to spend more time in the kitchen, instead of just always ordering food and eating in the dining room. Kitchen remodeling can be one of the pricier home improvements that you can do. Something as simple as repainting the cabinets or changing out a few appliances can make a huge difference in terms of appearance.

Home Improvement Guide For A Beautiful Home


Home improvements are a great way to add value to your home, as well as make it unique. If you keep your home updated, then when you go to sell it, it will be worth more money. Improvements you make your home will never be a waste of money or time. Plus, home improvement projects are a great way to spend time with your family if you choose to make it a family project.

Lindsey Patterson

How To Be An Asset In Your Company

4 min read

For your boss and other colleagues to see you are a key asset in your company involves you doing a whole lot more than hitting sales target and generating leads.


So, what does a key asset mean? It’s a product, service, or person that plays a crucial role in helping to achieve a company’s short and long term goals. Note key assets do not work alone. Even the most experienced and skilled sales representative cannot perform without his team members.


Similarly, income-generating assets depend on the support of the company. As efficient you think you may be, it is only your colleagues and seniors who decide how efficient you are. Their views are based on how you network with other people, how you treat them, and the company at large.


So, to make yourself become an essential asset in your organization, do the following:


Increase Your Energy Levels and Health

Work can be too much at times, and if your energy levels are low or if your health is no mint, you would barely make through the day. You cannot perform your duties as you would and help your organization grow.


So, eat as many vegetables, take a stroll down the street, get enough sleep, and drink more water. There are many things you can do to ignite your spirit.


Learn New Skills

Crucial members of a company can always be seen trying to learn new skills to stay on top of their game. They know the importance of being updated and increasing their knowledge to contribute to a company. This is a wise thing you can do for yourself.


So, do not hesitate to learn new skills when you can. Look for something that would be valuable to your organization. Learn a new language, tech, or programming. Do not shy away from spending money on a new skill. It will pay off sooner.


Establish Long Lasting Relationships

People are not walls; they are not the same. For this reason, you cannot compartmentalize them. Otherwise, employers would not care about which positions and departments they place their employees, or they would not even care whom they hire to work for them.


Even though people aren’t the same, managers and bosses tend to treat them the same. This is where you come in handy, positioning yourself as a valuable asset to the employer, regardless of the circumstances your colleagues find themselves, make it your priority to put others first while establishing strong relationships at the same time.


Avoid things such as backbiting or passing judgments to other people, which is something that rookies do. So, your main goal is to be a mainstay of your expertise in moral makeup.


Be a Self-Starter

If you know, you have value and what you have to offer to your company is exceptionally crucial, become a self-starter. Do not just stand or stay there when there are issues that need solutions.


So, you can recommend an idea or a course of action to your managers rather than requesting for permission to do something. By now you know, that people will only place importance on workers and managers that are always willing to take action, regardless.


Exceed People’s Expectations

At the organization you work for, you will be given a particular role to play, and one way or another, your job will be to make money for your organization. If you do not perform, you are bound to lose a lot of customers, and your company will see you a considerable loss or rather a liability.


When you become a loss to your company, you are on your way to losing your job. So, to make sure that you perform exceptionally well, you should learn how to do it, you’re your organization’s standards.


So, learn from your mentor, workmates, and register for some negotiations training courses and year for more knowledge. People will judge you based on your results at work.

Lindsey Patterson

Time To Consider A New Vehicle For Your Newlywed Life

4 min read


When you are single and spending time going out with friends and taking weekend trips you probably don’t put a lot of thought into the type of car that you will want to drive later in life. At this point in your life you are focusing on reliability and style. You also want something that is economical for your single life. What happens when you get married? Have you considered the type of vehicle that would suit your new life the best? Before you can think about that you should probably ponder the many ways your life will positively change and how to easily adjust to those changes.


How Will Life Change In A Way That A New Vehicle Would Be Ideal?

First, your sporty little car will not need to continually accommodate two adults. While married people do tend to do their own things and are not always joined at the hip, they also like to spend time together and create fun memories; this is one of the reasons they got married after all. Second, you will be moving in together as newlyweds and need to have a reliable vehicle that can also help with transporting any bigger items or things you may need from home renovation stores. No matter how perfect your shared home is; you’ll still want to put your personalized finishing touches on it. Third, the right type of vehicle will easily move you from newlywed to seasoned married couple and possibly even family stages or pet ownership.


How Will A Different Automobile Do All Of This?

Selecting the right automobile will set you up for a lot of things that the future may throw at you. When you decide to purchase a new one as newlyweds you have the opportunity to pay it off before you acquire more financial obligations such as a hefty mortgage payment or children. Being free of a monthly car payment is a smart choice to make if the opportunity presents itself. To do this you must think ahead and at least envision where you would like your life to be. If you plan on moving to a larger residence, adopting a dog or two or eventually starting your own family then a small car would not be ideal but new suvs make fabulous choices that will help you get through all of these amazing life changes.


What Type Is Best For These New Life Changes?

The type of SUV that you decide to purchase is entirely up to you. There are so many wonderful choices on the market that include more compact ones that seat 5 passengers but have roomy cargo areas as well as extended cab suvs that can seat 7 to 9 people and haul luggage and pets for family vacations. Luxury suvs give you all of the luxury features you coveted in your luxury car but with all of the room for a growing family. The best way to truly decide what type will be best for your new life style is to have some fun weekend dates with your spouse and go test driving different types of suvs. If one of you tends to be more sporty and the other more classic this could be a fun outing to get to know what each other likes when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Keep notes about each make and model as well as the warranty and service information and make a well-educated decision.


The best part of being newlyweds is the blissful early marriage stages. This is an ideal time to focus on growing as a newly married couple and to begin planning for your future together. Make each large purchase a fun experience and take each other’s likes and dislikes into consideration as you enter this new phase of your life together. Once you have found the perfect new sports utility vehicle take it out on some memorable trips and begin making your new memories as a married couple.