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Lindsey Patterson

The importance of getting in shape

3 min read

It seems everywhere you turn you see people who are trying to get in shape. People around the world are focused on getting to their ideal weight and being in good shape. If you are one of these people and you are struggling to stay motivated, it might help to understand the importance of being in shape. Being physically fit can be beneficial in many ways. It requires work and dedication but staying in shape has a payoff that can last a lifetime. Here is a list of some of the biggest benefits of being in shape.


Lower your risk for disease


While there is no foolproof way to prevent disease in your life, being in shape is about as close as you can get. People who maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape drastically reduce their risk for a number of diseases. A 2014 study showed that women who worked out at least two hours a week had a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Being in shape also helps to reduce a person's risk for cancer, high blood pressure and stroke. There is lots of evidence that shows how being in shape makes a person stay healthy. If you need motivation to get to the gym, this is something to consider.


Improve your sleep


Sleep is crucial to the body's overall health. A 2013 study by Sleep In America showed that people who identify as regular exercisers got better sleep than those who were not active regularly. When a person is physically fit they usually don't have issues with things like sleep apnea and insomnia. Being physical activity improves sleep quality and increases sleep duration. Early morning workouts outdoors are especially effective with improving and regulating sleep cycles. Good sleep is a great benefit of being in shape.


A healthier life


People who are physically fit are more active. They tend to be more productive in their work because they have more energy. They are able to focus on improving their health by using supplements and quality products. An example of this might be the product Thrive, a patch that contains a number of healthy ingredients. Thrive reviews show that their clients are focused on being physically fit. A physically fit person will also focus on eating less and making better choices. All of this can ultimately lead to a longer life.


Longer life


Being physically fit probably means you will have more birthdays. Regular exercise has been linked to having a longer life. The best thing about this fact is that it doesn't take a lot. Just fifteen minutes a day can lead to up to three additional years on planet Earth.

Being physically fit is not easy. It requires work and commitment. There is a temptation on every corner to go in the opposite direction. If you need help staying motivated consider the benefits above. They are excellent reasons to push through the pain and find a way to become physically fit.

Lindsey Patterson

Safety and Driving Go Hand in Hand

3 min read

Driving is not a difficult thing to do but it can be potentially dangerous. The transportation industry is large each section of the transportation industry have the unique set of safety concerns. Before an automotive manufacturer can release their vehicles to the general public for road use they need to comply with safety regulations. This is to insure the driver and passengers have the highest chance of survivability. Air bags testing impact investigation and window designs are all part of this process. This is great but should not be the end to our safety concerns so drive like it's your last time every time.

Before starting your vehicle up and taking off no matter what it is you should conduct an inspection of the vehicle. Test the light high and low beams blinkers rear brake lights. Make sure the horn is in proper working condition as well check the tire pressure and fluids. Now that this is complete listen for any unusual noises coming from the engine. Under the vehicle look for fluids on the floor water can be okay if it is coming from the air conditioning oil or coolant can lead to concern. 


Check the color texture and smell of the fluids to determine what it is. Assuming everything checked out this far clime on or into your vehicle. Put on the safety belt check mirrors seat distance to the pedals slowing applying gas then checking the breaks. Squealing brakes can mean they are cold or dirty which should go away after short use if this continues a notifying a licensed mechanic would be a good idea. Warped bent and cracked routers may be the cause test to see if the brakes pedal feels spongy when pressure is applied this means the brakes need to be bled.


Once on the road defensive driving can prevent bad situations. The best drivers in the greatest vehicles are not exempted from getting into accidents. Other drivers on the road can be unpredictable. Do the speed limit this means going over the posted speed limit as well as under is not recommended. Of course traffic conditions often dictate the factor of maintaining speeds under the posted speed. Driving too fast can lead to other drivers and pedestrians not seeing you when they pull out. Blind corners along with other obstructions should always be identified. In this case slowing down could give you enough time to brake in time before hitting into other vehicles or road debris.


Always maintain a reasonable distance from fellow motorist this distance is usually dictated on the speed in which you are traveling as well as the stopping capabilities of your vehicle. Not all vehicles and brakes are created equal where the best midsize truck can stop on a dime a motorcycle may not. Drivers that are to close behind you increase the chances of an accident. In this case, pull over to the side and let them pass.


Overall there are many factors that go into driving safely on the road the list could go on for pages of what to do as well as what not to do. Based on the location vehicle and time of day or year all influence these considerations. Driving is not difficult but when you consider it could potentially be your last time driving at all. Driving like it's your last time every time can save you your passengers and other motorists.

Lindsey Patterson

Must visit campsites for Summer 2019

3 min read

With summer unraveling on our heads and a slight break down from the monotonous routine, it is obvious that you are motivated to take a trip somewhere to unwind. Even if you don’t actually go through the plan, the thought of planning a trip definitely crosses your mind. With trips and a few days to unwind, one often thinks about exploring the wilderness in its utmost authenticity. Camping is one such activity that most individuals like to pursue at least once in their lifetime, especially during the summer. 


The monotony of city life and the fast track lifestyle one adapts surely needs a break. Apart from the fact that camping is one of the most cost feasible ways to enjoy your vacations, it comes with a set of health benefits that surely compel you to get on board. If you are still confused about your summer 2019 plans, don’t worry we have got you covered.


Lucky for us, there are various campsites that you can visit. The United States of America has a wealth of campsites that can be explored; full of natural resources and serene beauty. Here are a few campsites that should be on your bucket list for this summer:

1. Jedediah Smith State Park Campground - Northern California:


Within striking distance of California’s redwood forests, there lies this beautiful campsite which is the epitome of gorgeousness. There are various campsites in it but due to its spaciousness, campsite 3 is recommended. The authorities require all visitors to watch a short video, describing the need to clean up the site.


2. Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area - Boston:


It will be an extremely grave crime if this campsite is not on your visit list. It has a list of activities that perhaps no other campsite provides such as hiking, running, and kayaking. The reviews of this place show how incredibly gorgeous camping here would be.


3. Havasupai Campground, Havasupai Reservation - Arizona:


Getting to this place is not an easy task; you have to be extra careful to ensure that you follow all the rules and regulations to the letter. Otherwise, your permits will be taken away. This might sound tedious but it is worth it as you are welcomed by beautiful waterfalls as well as natural pools near your campsite. That surely takes all the tiredness away. You can get here one one of the cars or sedans that you’ve got.


4. Piñon Flats Campground, Great Sand Dunes National Park – Colorado:


Sand dunes are not something that pops up in your mind when you think of camping but contrary to popular belief, the nation’s largest sand dunes do serve as an excellent site for camping and exploration. The park accommodates both tents and RVs, however, to observe the night in its utmost beauty under the stars, it is recommended that you opt for tents. The sand dunes stand high at 700 feet, posing as nature’s intricate creation in its entirety.


While there are numerous campsites in the United States of America, particularly California, these are our best picks from some other states too. Hope your summer is full of joy. 

Lindsey Patterson

4 ways to experience the mountains like never before

3 min read

Traveling every once in a while is incredibly good for you. The benefits of traveling are tremendous and there are multiple different aspects to it which allows it to be highlyrewarding as well as a healthy activity. It can be a break from the hectic city life and you can go out to see the world. It can widen your horizons and liberate your mind. A high majority of people love to travel to the mountains. Especially if you live in a place which has no traces of these magnificent wonders of nature, we call mountains, they can prove to be a much-needed change in the routine. 


What there is not to love about the mountains? The scenery is brilliant, the fresh air is breathtaking, the nature all around you calms your mind and a million other similar aspects which make traveling to the mountains a highly attractive experience. However, if you have traveled to the mountains before, going now may not be as attractive as the first time due to the marginal effect. This is why the next time you head off to the mountains, these are the things you need to do to relive the excitement on a higher level. So what are you waiting for? Fire up your trucks and make a to-do list which has all of the four activities given below:




Hiking can prove to be an enduring task, but its difficulty is matched only by the level of rewarding experience it is. It can prove to be a great adventure as well. It is not like you have to climb Mount Everest. For now, a simple hiking trail will do. The view at the top is magnificent. It also reflects life in a way that the best views are reached after the hardest climbs. Moreover, on your way to the top, you can get dazzled by the serenity of the natural beauty all around you.




This is another apparently extreme activity, but not hard at all. Okay a little hard, but rest assured this will be one of the best experiences of your life. Just like hiking, it will prove to be a rewarding adventure and nature all around you will be magnificent. This will also help you take your mind off stress related to work or any other area which is bothering you. Camping can also make you appreciative of the little things in life you take for granted like running water and stoves.




This is another activity which is bound to get your adrenaline in your body pumping. For this, you need a prudent vehicle which is up to the task. Also, you need to ensure that it does not get too dangerous. But, rest assured that taking the wheels of your car off the road is one of the best experiences you will ever have.


Get lost in nature


This is another activity of a lifetime. This is not an extreme sport at all. You can get lost in nature just be sipping a hot cup of tea while you sit on the balcony of your hotel and gaze into the stars above you and the dark yet peaceful scenery in front of you. This is bound to calm your mind. 

Lindsey Patterson

Must See Celebrations Around The World

3 min read

There are must-see celebrations that take place all over the world that some people aren't even aware of. From the United States to India and everything in between there are a variety of different fun Multicultural celebrations. Below are just a few of the must see celebrations that take place around the world.


St. Patrick's Day Parade


The Saint Patrick's Day Parade which typically takes place in March is a fun and unique event that takes place in New York, New York. The first parade which took place way back in 1762 was a way for Irish military personal and Irish ex-patriots to show homage to their country. Parade goers would often wear green and play Irish songs and pipes and march by the beautiful St Patrick's Cathedral which is full of old world history. This parade is very historic and very important to the state of New York and is a must see.


Carnival In Rio De Janeiro


It would almost be impossible to make a list of the must-see celebrations in the world without mentioning Carnival which takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event typically takes place sometime in February or March and draws thousands of individuals from all over the world. It is a celebration of dancing and music as well as elaborate costumes. During Carnival time the whole area of Rio becomes a fun, loud music filled place full of people looking to dance and enjoy. 




Although Holi is one of the biggest celebrations in the world many individuals wonder what is Holi? Holi is a popular Hindu festival that typically takes place sometime around February or March. It is also known as the Festival of Colors as festival-goers often throw various colors and water at each other often to celebrate the new beginning of spring as well as to commemorate many different Hindu Legends. Although it is mainly celebrated in India and Nepal the celebration has also spread to many other countries and cities around the world. It is a colorful and joyful festival that signifies victory over evil.


Mardi Gras


Although Mardi Gras typically takes place in New Orleans celebrations can be found all over the state of Louisiana. The event typically takes place in early February or March. The first Mardi Gras was said to be recorded sometime back in the late 1600's and celebrations have been written about in the 1700s as well as the 1800s. During Mardi Gras large parades are often seen marching through the streets of Louisiana boasting loud music and colorful images. The traditional colors associated with Mardi Gras are green, gold, and purple and parade goers often don colorful masks, headrests and even beads. Many other fun events take place during Mardi Gras.


Overall these are just a few of the most popular must see celebrations around the world. Most of these celebrations offer fun lively music as well as a variety of different events and costumes. Some other key celebrations include New Year's Eve in New York City, the Full Moon Party in Thailand, and Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Germany.  

Lindsey Patterson

Three Great Locations for International Business

3 min read

You are a businessperson, or you are thinking about becoming one. If you want to make it in this new marketplace, you need to be prepared. The world is becoming increasingly more globalist, which has profound impacts on the way we do business. Businesses are no longer local enterprises. They are international affairs. The most common struggle for international businesses is determining where to have their headquarters. Lucky for you, we have three suggests for you.



When it comes to international business, Ireland has been a hot spot for quite some time. The number of international businesses on this Island nation has been growing at an alarming rate since the 80s and 90s. And, it is not by chance alone. The corporate tax rate is 12.5% in Ireland, making it one of the lowest in the developed world. For international businesses, this allows for two benefits.

Firstly, an international business in Ireland will lose less of its income to taxes. This allows for bigger investments and a larger selection of investments. Because taxes are less, investments with lower returns are profitable there. These two effects then lead businesses in Ireland to grow at a faster rate than in other places.

Secondly, due to Ireland's geographic location and political ties, Ireland gets special treatment with the EU. They are a preferred trading partner. This can be seen with Irish products like whiskey, which have special protections in the EU.



In the Middle East, it is a country that should not be overlooked. Despite their small size, it boasts some large benefits for businesses. Any serious businessman should take heed of the potential of Bahrain as a place for business growth.

Just as Ireland had a low corporate income tax, the Bahraini corporate income tax is small as well. Their corporate income tax is actually so low that it is zero. Notably, only businesses dealing in oil and gas have to pay corporate income taxes—for those businesses, the tax rate is 46%.

Additionally, when in the proper sector, businesses can be owned entirely by foreign-entities in their country. This can have some splendid benefits for international businesses as they can set their headquarters in the Bahraini capital of Manama and pay nothing in taxes. This can be done through a strategy of transfer pricing, something done by Apple.



Another powerful consideration for international business is Kenya. Its geographic location is prime. Its economics and government is stable. And, its neighbors are beginning to boom.

The stability in Kenya has been unheard of in Africa. The country rarely has conflicts and their government has maintained control since their creation in 1964. With its neighbors experiencing civil wars, unrest, and corruption, it is a testament to the security surrounding investments in Kenya.

Kenya is one of the most important trade hubs in Africa. It has great sea access to the Indian Ocean and Nairobi is at an important crossroads for central and eastern Africa. This allows for easy access to its neighbor states. Ethiopia has had a growth rate of 10% for the last decade. Tanzania has rested comfortably at 7% too. If you are intending to do business in either of these countries, being located directly between them, in Kenya, can be highly beneficial.

Lindsey Patterson

Why I stopped caring about my piece of crap car

3 min read


There is an old adage, "you get what you pay for." Whether it's sifting through the classifieds for Frankenstein car mods, buying knock-off parts, or spray painting your stealth look, there comes a point where nothing can salvage a well-meaning car dream. While that project car bereavement may be difficult to swallow, here are some reasons to stop caring and let it go.


Rarely shared vision

There is a nobility in seeing a diamond in the rough. It can be poetic. However, for most of us who don't have a team of builders at our disposal, a rust bucket will likely remain in it's degrading condition for years. Even if a homegrown mechanic buys "another" parts vehicle, there is a possibility it will become a worse lemon than the one you already have. This is likely to result in countless arguments with loved ones, who usually just want their yard back.


Vision against safety

The average project car enthusiast is not likely to spend money on full coverage insurance, because they want every penny to funnel back into their car. While it may be fun for some to scream past the library with a cut-off exhaust, the truth is, accidents do happen. Unfortunately most homegrown mechanics get the cheap car insurance plans with the least coverage. This coupled with the fact that 3 out of 9 fixer uppers compromise safety features with weight reduction and performance. In the long term, ditching your cars interior or cutting a support beam is only going to lower your car's value and decrease your safety.


Experiencing Car Goggles

I once bought a 1984 BMW 318i, a real European classic that rivaled all other cars in luxury in simplicity. It needed a radiator, a new a/c, a new radio, and it was slower than a school bus in San Francisco, but I had the mechanics itch. So I got to work, buying part after part, spending thousands on a car that in hindsight wasn't worth the effort. The car was only valued at $1800 and I far exceeded that price point in the first year. The more people showed disdain, the more my obsession was fueled by denying a glaring truth; They were right. The BMW was heavily modded and not worth a dime. It eventually broke down for the last time, and I fixed it up for sale. For all my laborious efforts I was met with multiple low offers. I eventually settled on a $1000 dollar offer. It made all the sense in the world that I had inflated what was supposed to be a simple economy car.



Many of us will relieve our bank accounts to chase our dreams. This is the path of entrepreneurs, but not all cars hold their value. The value of a lemon won't increase exponentially even if you spend thousands. The better course is to buy the car you want or just leave the bad car as what it was meant to be, "a beater."

Lindsey Patterson

Why It's Time To Get Rid Of Your High School Car

3 min read








As a teenager in high school, having a car is very beneficial. It will allow you to enjoy lots of freedom, such as allowing you to travel to different places on your own terms. When you attend college or start your career, that same car will allow you to commute and live a desirable adult lifestyle. However, over time the car will become old and somewhat of a liability. As a result, it will often be a good idea to buy a new car. There are a few distinct reasons why you should part ways with your old car. These include vehicle malfunctions, frequent repairs and spending too much money on its upkeep.



One of the reasons why you should get rid of the car you drove in high school is because of significant defects with it. One of the most common defects of a car is the brake light. When the brake light comes on only when the emergency brake is actually engaged, you should consider buying a new one. This is a sign that you will not be able to let other drivers know that you are stopping your car and you can risk getting into accidents. As a result, this will become a major safety issue.



Another reason why you should get rid of the car you drove during high school is because you are tired of making frequent trips to the auto shop for repairs. Trips to the mechanic are costing you too much money and therefore affecting your ability to save and invest for other more important things. With rising auto costs at the mechanic, you can find yourself in significant financial hardship after a while as well as not having any transportation to use.



As a vehicle owner, one of the things that you need to keep in mind is the cost of ownership. This includes expenses for maintenance for the vehicle. When you need to spend lots of money on things such as gas, new tires, maintenance, taxes and insurance, the vehicle becomes a liability. If you are spending more money than you should on these things it is safe to say that you will be better off getting a new car or truck. With a new vehicle, you won’t have to worry about spending an excess amount of money on repairs and maintenance.



When deciding to get rid of your old car, it will be a good idea to sell it. When you sell your car, you will be able to make some extra money and use that to pay for your next one. If you are looking to sell your car, it will benefit you to sell it on the internet. The best way to sell a car online is to list it on the major sites such as or auto trader. These sites will help you sell your vehicle quickly.



Owning a car can be very enjoyable. However, there is a time when you need to get a new one. If you are still driving a car that you had back in high school, it will be important to look for a few signs of wear and tear, this will let you know that it is time to get rid of this old car and buy a new one.

Lindsey Patterson

5 Tips To Afford Your Next Vacation

3 min read

Travel truly enriches life. However, many people have trouble affording a nice trip. They cost money, and many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. There is little left over at the end of the month to go toward a vacation for many people. This does not mean that it's impossible to save up for a trip. Here are five tips that can help you afford your next vacation.


Scale Back Your Goal

Sure, it might be tempting to choose a vacation destination like Bora Bora or the Maldives. These are trips that many people dream of taking. They also cost a very large sum of money. Affording a vacation might require scaling back your dreams. A trip to a state or national park might provide an exhilarating vacation. So could a trip to Myrtle Beach or New Orleans. Depending on where in the country you live, these trips might be quite affordable. They will definitely be less expensive than flights to Hawaii and a top resort unless you happen to live in Hawaii.


Use Loyalty Points

One of the best ways to save money on a vacation is through the use of hotel points and frequent flyer miles. For some of the top domestic locations, a flight and a week at a nice resort can wind up costing as little as $11.20 per person. Few people would have trouble affording such a vacation. Of course, you'd have to handle ground transportation and meals, but that would be a small price to pay for a week at a resort.


Shop For Insurance

Searching for cheap car insurance online could be a great way to save money each and every month. If you save quite a bit, on your car insurance, you should be able to put that money toward your next vacation. When put together with other strategies, you could go a long way toward paying for a nice holiday.


Get Bonuses

Many credit cards come with signup bonuses. Some will offer a nice sum of the miles and points referenced above. Those will come in handy if you're looking to fly and stay at a resort. Perhaps you'd rather drive to Yellowstone. In that case, frequent flyer miles won't help much. On the other hand, cold, hard cash might help quite a bit. Some of the leading credit cards on the market offers as much as $500 just for signing up and meeting a minimum amount of spending. The bonus could help pay for the trip you're looking to take.


Start A Side Hustle

More and more Americans are working side hustles. These are jobs or business ventures that take place after a normal 9-to-5 job. Some side hustles can be pretty lucrative. Most will bring in enough money to leave a little left over at the end of the month. That money, like the other options noted above, could go into the trip fund.

Saving up for a trip does not have to be difficult. By thinking outside the box, it's possible for most Americans to save a little bit. A nice vacation might not happen every year, but most middle-class Americans with a job should work toward taking an occasional trip that adds value to their lives. Vacations allow people to recharge, and the unfamiliarity of the new surroundings can cause new patterns of thinking that can help with workplace productivity.

Lindsey Patterson

Here Are Some Things to Keep Your Company Moving Forward

3 min read

If you have ever ran a company, then you are familiar with its many ups and downs. Most of us don't realize that running a business can be a handful and it can slip away from us easily, if we are not careful. When you start your business things can seem great for that moment, but then there is the next few days or years you have to be concerned about. How many employees will you hire? How many taxes will you have to pay at the end of the year? This is just the tip of the iceberg of the things you will find yourself worrying about. They are heavy challenges, but it doesn't mean it's impossible to keep your company going and not failing. Here are some things to consider to keep your company running smoothly.


Invest in your Employees


To be honest, it's your employees that keep your business heading up the hill. That's why in order to keep things on track and moving smoothly, you must invest in them. This means giving them the adequate training that they need. It is very important to keep all employees on top of their skills so they can perform at their highest potential. The other thing is to be flexible with their schedules so everyone can not only make it to work but will be available to do the work. Employee acknowledgement programs are a great way to know that they are appreciated and their employer pays attention to them. It's a wonderful way to boost company moral and keep everyone happy. Employees are at their happiest when their employer has made various attempts to show them their work and skills are vital to the companies growth. Further, make sure you hire the best employees that you can. Your business will benefit greatly for hiring top-tier staff that can keep your business going. Owning a company is hard. While some might seek out national debt relief, your business can continue striving and being a success.




Your business has to keep up with the times and technology as it changes ever so rapidly. A business should have the right technology gadgets that can move them into the future. Further, you want these tech devices to push your productivity to another level. Internally, you can use them for accounting and making sure you stay on top of taxes, payroll and hiring employees. Social media sites should be up and running to bring you more customers. Research what exact tech can help your business grow and how you are going to use it to your best advantage.


Build on Client Relationships


Your clients are everything and you should do your best to keep them intact. Find out what more you can do for your clients by considering creating programs for them. If you have enough of them, you certainly can provide big discounts to them through these programs. Your client relationships are the main revenue of your business. Building on these will probably help you get more customers in the future. Take time to find out their individual needs and how you can better assist them. You should take every account and scrutinize your relationships and find out what is working and what isn't.