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Lindsey Patterson

Barriers to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

3 min read

A healthy lifestyle will leave you energetic, fit, and reduce your risk of getting a disease, based on the decisions that you make in your daily routines. Eating right, exercising daily, and getting plenty of sleep is the bedrock for lasting great well-being. You should get 6-8 hours of sleep a night. You also need to keep your stress levels down. Handling stress in helpful ways, instead of back habits such as smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages, reduces damage to your body. If you want to live a longer and healthier life, you should plan for a healthy lifestyle and stick to it.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy for everybody. There may be a lot of barriers to living a healthy lifestyle. Many mental or physical barriers might block your route when trying to make changes that are healthy in your life. You can establish methods to overcome your barriers and focus on getting back to living a healthy lifestyle once you identify your barriers. Below are some barriers that can hinder your path to living a healthy lifestyle.


Many people believe that living a healthy lifestyle has to be expensive. This is just a misconception. Although memberships at gyms and organic foods can be expensive, there’re a number of low-cost options are available. Free exercise options include walking or running indoors or outdoors or just exercising at home. Many exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, and lunges do not require any special equipment. To save money on food, grow a little garden at home. You can also save some money when grocery shopping by buying seasonal fruits and vegetables. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables when not in season.

Time Constraints

A lot of people find it hard to find time for exercising and preparing healthy meals. But a few things can modify your schedule to give you more time for healthy changes. You can cut some time on television or time on the computer for an exercise session. Save time on preparing meals by preparing various meals at once and keep them frozen as a convenient and fast meal option.

Temptation and Knowledge Deficiency

Temptation and a deficit of knowledge are also barriers to living a healthy lifestyle. There are many unhealthy temptations available. Fast food is cheap and convenient. This is perfect for people with busy schedules. Probably the biggest barrier to living a healthy lifestyle is insufficient knowledge. If you do not know what kinds of changes need to be made to enhance your lifestyle, you will not know where to begin. You can start by talking to your doctor. Also, there are many resources on the internet and many books on this subject. Le-Vel Thrive is another great place to start. Their company sells many products to help you live a healthy and fit lifestyle.


It is very important that you take care of yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating, exercise, and adequate sleep. These things will make you more fit and energetic and reduce disease risk. There are many barriers to achieving this. But it can be done.

Lindsey Patterson

How to Fit Into the College Lifestyle

3 min read

When a student is ready to go off to college they are going to see the world in a new view. They are going to have some new experience and live with a diverse group of people. College students live on a budget and are far from affording new trucks. These are some tips to fitting into the new life at college.

Find a Place to Live

When a student is entering college they can live in the forms or in off-campus housing. Living in the dorms will allow a person to get to know the other students but they will need to live with a roommate and learn how to get along with others. Dorms are often crowded and everyone often has to share a bathroom. Norms of often noisy and a person may have trouble studying. Living off-campus will allow a student to have more privacy but they will need to be more responsible and learn to live on a budget. A person needs to find the housing unit that is right for them. 

Go to Class

At one-time college students do actually need to go to class. They need to do the homework and the required reading to be successful. If a person does not go to class they are wasting on average $100 an hour. If a student is struggling there are tutoring services for extra help and professors often have office hours will they will provide extra assistance. 

Get Enough Sleep

College students are always on the go. It seems that they are up all night and get a couple of hours of sleep and are then on the go. It is important that they get plenty of sleep and develop regular sleeping habits. If a person does not get enough sleep they may develop a headache or fatigue.

Develop a Budget

Learning how to live on a budget can be a new experience for a college student. Books are expensive but they are needed for the classes. Some college students get a part-time job while others do not have the time to go to class full-time and work. A student should watch what they spend their money on. They can learn how to use coupons and look for deals.

Get Involved

There are many activities for a college student. This is a great way to meet new people and have new experiences. There are sports that a person can join. There are many different clubs and organizations. There is a club for just about any interest that a person can find one that they like. They can also start a club if they choose to. A person should not just sit in class and stare. They should ask questions and get involved in the discussion. Greek life is a big part of college as well.

These are some ways that college students live. Going to college can be a fun and rewarding experience if a student goes to class and continues to take care of themselves.

Lindsey Patterson

The Importance of Proper Lifting

3 min read

Your body was designed to move through the proper usage of muscles and joints. However, overexertion and not following proper techniques can cause severe damage over time. Lifting improperly is one cause for injury, especially in the workplace. Therefore, it is essential to follow protocol when it comes to lifting heavy objects and use proper technique to avoid injury.


Types of Injuries

Lifting improperly can cause many different types of injuries, most specifically to your back. These injuries can be minor or severe. Typically, even a minor injuries become severe over time if proper lifting techniques continue to be used. Injury to muscles and joints in the back are the most common types of injuries that occur from improper lifting. One type of back injury that can be sustained is to the discs in your spinal column. These discs are located in between each vertebral bone. Improper lifting can cause these discs to rupture, tear or dislodge out of place. The disc may then press against a nerve that can cause pain and parts of your lower extremities to go numb. Another type of injury is an injury to the joints in your spine. Improper lifting can cause these joints to become irritated and cease up making you not as flexible. Lifting improperly can also cause injuries to the muscles in your back. This usually happens to the muscles in the lumbar area of the spine and typically occurs when you move position during a lift, such as a spin or a pivot. The motion causes the muscle to strain or tear and can cause your shoulders, hips, neck and knees to not work as they should.

Proper Lifting Technique

It is important to follow proper lifting techniques in order to avoid unnecessary pain and injury. To lift a heavy object properly, you will first need to know where it is going and clear anything out of your path to get it there. Having to sidestep something can potentially cause more injury. If it is a team lift, make sure your team members all know where the object is going and how you are going to get it there. To pick up the object, you will want to stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bending at the knee and then picking the object up as close to your body as possible. Avoid bending at the waist, instead use a squatting position. Once you have the object firmly, rise using your leg muscles and not your back muscles being sure to keep your back straight.


If you have a job that requires you to do heavy lifting on a normal basis, be sure to follow all the proper lifting techniques. You can also take dietary supplements, like the product Heal-n-soothe, that provide enzyme therapy. These supplements will help you to stay more flexible and mobile by helping your body better respond to inflammatory muscles. However, if an injury occurs, see a doctor right away. Not all injuries can be helped or cured by a supplement like these.


Following proper lifting techniques is not only essential to prevent unnecessary injury, but can also ensure you don't lose your job if you become injured. Many companies have lifting policies that must be adhered to in order to make injury claims that happen while on the job and if not adhered to can be questioned. Be sure to follow all the rules for proper lifting and you should keep yourself injury free!

Lindsey Patterson

Why Newly Weds Should Invest In Multiple Types Of Security

3 min read

Security is important in everyone life because it helps us to keep ourselves and our family safe from crime and robbery. Having multiple types of security is also a good idea because having multiple types of security means the house will be much safer since the thief have to figure out how to disarmed multiple security which is not an easy task to do. Even a good robber, when encountered with multiple different types of security can be tough because and the chance of them getting caught will be too high for them to take a chance.


Investing in Multiple Types of Security


Newlyweds should invest in multiple types of security such as network traffic monitor that can allow their network to be safe from cyber criminal and in case they have children, they can protect their children from online predators. The newlywed couple should also invest their money into other security such as alarm systems that will alert them when there is a robbery, a fire, or tornado coming so that the family can stay safe under extreme condition. Robbery, cybercrime, fire, tornado and other natural disasters can happen at any time so the family must invest in different types of security to protect them from different types of threats. With today's information technology and everyone can get access to the Internet so easily investing in information security will allow one to protect their family from cyber attacks such as identity theft, fraud, scamming and other unwanted activities. There are many fraudsters online today because it is so easy to pretend to be someone else and use different tactics to steal money or information from an individual that does not know security so it is wise for newlyweds to invest in not only physical security but also information security as well.


If the couple is not technical and do not know how to install monitoring software on their home network they can purchase the hardware monitoring tools like the Dojo Smart WiFi which has the capability of monitoring not only the WiFi network but it can monitor the traffic between the computer and the Internet as well. The Dojo Smart WiFi is very easy to use, all the user have to do is plug into the network, follow the instruction in the manual and they are ready to protect their network from unwanted traffic.




In conclusion, everyone should invest in more than one types of security whether it is online or offline because today there are criminal everywhere and they can rob the family at anytime and on top of that there are natural disaster that can occur at any time so it is best to invest in multiple types of security in order to keep the family safe from robbery, cyber-criminal like hacker, cyber predator, fraudster and natural disaster. The security might be expensive upfront but in the long run, it will help the family and it will be very well worth it. ADT is one of the best security systems in the world that will monitor the user home 24/7 and it is very easy to install.     

Lindsey Patterson

How To Manage Introverts

3 min read

person on computer

Introverts are people who do not like socializing and most of the time, they are quiet. You should know how to deal with them. Here are some of the management tips you can use.


1. Do Not Assume Them

Introverts are always quiet and when in a meeting or a discussion, you will see them just looking at you airing out your views. Their silence does not mean that they are rude and so do not assume them. Look or a way of engaging them in your discussion. The fact that they stay silent does not mean that they have nothing to say. They could be contemplating one concrete decision that will help you find the best solution to the problem on the table. Keep on asking them on what they have to say about the topic in discussion and listen to them.


2. Respect Them And Give Them Space

When an introvert is working on his or her desk, do not go there and try to ask them impromptu on a particular issue. He or she will find it hard to open up and therefore you will not be in a position to get full information from them. If you want a good answer from them, give them some time and space by informing them that you will need to talk with them about a particular issue. Most of the times, they are shy and they cannot speak up when you confront them before an audience. They mostly prefer communicating via text messages or emails.


3. Use The One-On-Onee Approach

This approach involves talking with an n individual in person and in a privet environment. Introverts will open up and speak comfortably in a quiet environment and a private one. They always shy away when there are things or people distracting them. They like staying alone most of the times. If you have an employer who is an introvert, call him or her in the office and have a one on one meeting with him or her. If you want to learn something from them also use this approach. For example an introvert who is skilled in understanding the Visibility fabric management & automation software will teach it best when you meet him or her one on one.


4. Give Them Leadership Opportunities

Most of the introverts have smart ideas and if given the managerial positions they can work effectively and produce desired results. Not only are they are smart, but they are always supportive. They have good leadership skills but only they cannot speak in public. By giving them the leadership positions, you will nurture their public speaking capabilities and they will start embracing it. Most of the top leaders in business like Mr Bill Gates and others are introverts. Do not ignore and undermine them.


5. Become Their Voice If Necessary

This is the last approach you can use in managing introverts at your workplace or at school. Become their voice and try to air what they have in mind rather than leaving the brilliant not implemented. They will also feel loved and valued once they get assistance from you and their ideas get implemented.



Different people have different personalities based on their backgrounds and their upbringing. You should be ready to embrace the introverts and do not neglect them.

Lindsey Patterson

Advice for the Future Bride

3 min read

You’re Engaged!

Getting engaged can be so exciting and fulfilling. After you get your engagement ring which could be lab created diamonds you are so joyful and you are ready for your life ahead of you. This is an exciting and happy time and you should definitely feel all of these emotions however we still need to prepare and be ready as a future bride because there are so many things to do to prepare for the wedding and your big day that it could be somewhat stressful if you are not careful. This is the time to get organized and begin to plan to make your big day go as smooth as possible. There are a few things that you can do to eliminate as much stress as possible such as have a reliable friend or assistant, hire a wedding planner, stay on top of deadlines.

Support System

Having a support system is so important when planning your big day as a future bride. The more support that you have in your side when planning for your big day the better! Don’t turn don’t turn down any help just because you think have enough help there can never be too much help when planning for a wedding. It’s also important to have those on your side that you can trust and that you know will want your day to go as great as you do. There are so many small details that goes into preparing to be a bride that you will be in shock, especially if you are having a large wedding. Having a relatively support team is essential because you can assign everyone to their different parts of the wedding and big day and not have to worry about that particular section because you trust and know that that part will be taken care of.

Wedding Planner

One of the best pieces of advice that can be given to a furtive bride is to get a wedding planner. Having a wedding planner not only take the stress off of the bride but it also ensures that nothing will be missing and you dot have to worry about missing any details because a good wedding planner will know what to do. The only thing you should do before getting a wedding planner is to know what you want in detail and explain that to them. Before you even hire the wedding planner make sure you know all of the things and tiny details that you may want to incorporate and you shouldn’t have any problems. The only thing you would have to worry about as the bride to be is making sure that you look beautiful on your big day!

You Got This


Planning and having all the guest list is one of the first steps to becoming a prepared bride. You need to know how many people you are inviting, where you would want to have your wedding, and how big your wedding party will be. It’s great to get these details out of the way so that you can know what to tell your wedding planner and you can also have your budget prepared for venue, food, and any other small essentials that you are looking to customize your big day. With these few tips it’s a guarantee that you will be one of the most prepared and ready future brides and not stressed out.

Lindsey Patterson

What Sports Involve Cars?

3 min read


Sports typically classify as physical activities for people to compete in so many people overlook automotive racing as a sport. However, racing is a physically demanding sport that usually requires physical training so that drivers can remain fit. In addition to racing there are a number of traditional sports that include cars in their events. In this article we will explore three sports that include cars and dig more into the history of each of the sports.


Formula One

Aside from NASCAR and drag racing, Formula One is one of the most popular and televised forms of automotive racing. Formula One, abbreviated as F1, involves high-performance single-seater cars completing a number of laps around a course. Drivers in F1 compete with one another to win a series of races. A driver can lose several races but still win the series due to the fact that the series is won through a point system. Drivers win points towards the series by completing races in a certain pole position; the higher the position a driver finishes in, the more points they are awarded for the race.


Since sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) in the mid-twentieth century Formula One has undergone an immense number of changes to its rules and regulations. Over the history of the sport many manufacturers have developed designs and technology that they later used on their road cars.


Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing has been around for nearly a century and originated with desert racing. In fact, desert racing and rally racing are two of the most-known forms of off-road racing. The objective of most off-road races are to make it from one point to another point in the quickest time possible. However, several off-road races consist of drivers completing laps around a course with other competitors.


Off-road racing is a sport that can be done with any vehicle that is modified accordingly. However, trucks are mainly used for off-road racing due to the ease of modification to fit the sport. While cars are used in the sport, truck models are normally able to navigate courses easier than cars due to their lifted heights and increasingly durable suspension setups.


Road Bicycle Racing

People often participate in road cycling for fun, but the more competitive road bicycle races are popular as well. Like with Formula One races, cyclists usually race with a team in the same race. There are multiple types of road bike races, from single day races to time trial races and stage races.


Cars are often used as pace cars for certain sections of road bike races; motorcycles are often used as pace vehicles as well. A viewer may see several different types of cars used to pace a road bicycle race, anything from minivans to sports cars.



Automotive racing has been around for over a century and has continued to undergo improvements over the course of its history. Initially used to test the performance of cars and make adjustments to early car models, automotive racing quickly became a competitive event. However, there are many sports outside of automotive racing that regularly involve cars. Whether a car is the main subject of these sports or simply used to enable the sporting event, these sports rely on cars to succeed.

Lindsey Patterson

Underrated Places Abroad That You Should Consider

3 min read

If you are traveling abroad you may want to go to well-known tourist destinations. Some places are not as popular but are still beautiful. These are some underrated places you should consider for your next trip abroad.


The Archipelago Sea in Finland

This sea is part of the Baltic Sea and is the largest in the world. There are 25,000 miles of coastline. You can go swimming, kayaking, and see some wild animals. The sea does war, up in the summer months. There are also many trails for hiking.



It is now safe to travel to this country and tourists are well protected. This is a very biodiverse country. There are 59 national parks and many exotic animals to check out. There is some early architecture as well.



For those living in Bahrain, there is a lot of cultures to see. Many people have never heard of this area but it is rich in history. There are man great places to see for those that want to experience something new and different.


Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

This is one of the busiest and richest cities in the world. When a person visits this area they will know what it is like to live in luxury. There are many high-end shops as well as local markets. A person can make a trip out of sightseeing and get a feel for the finer things in life.


Coron, Philippines

This island is one of the 10 best islands in the world. There are beaches and reef wreck diving for those that want to see some reef wrecks. This island also has lakes and lagoons to swim in. A person will love the natural beauty of the area.


Uyuni, Bolivia

This area is an ancient city and there are still standing. There are also salt flats that a person must-see. An entire area is nothing but salt. There are also many other attractions in Bolivia and a person can see everything from the jungles to exotic animals. This country will allow a person to experience a new culture.


Sri Lanka

This country has a lot to see. There are beautiful beaches and plenty of colorful wildlife. The beaches are not crowded and a person will get a feel for the local culture. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located in this little country off of India.


South Korea

A person cannot judge this country based on what they hear on the news. South Korea is a nice place for tourists to visit. The people are friendly and the landscape is breathtaking. There are many festivals taking place and people are encouraged to join in and experience the culture. There are some museums and there is even a glass castle theme park.

These are some of the most underrated but fun travel destinations that many people do not even think to visit. These areas are still not crowded and they should be seriously considered for the next trip abroad.

Lindsey Patterson

What Are The Safest Cars In 2019

3 min read

Whether you're a street racer going 100mph on the highway or a soccer mom going 10mph in the carpool lane, we all want to feel safe inside our vehicle. A car accident can happen at any time whether it's your fault or not, so we need to know that our cars are equipped with the defenses necessary to protect the lives of yourself and your loved ones.


Luckily, there are organizations such as The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that specialize in testing cars and making sure that they can handle any and every emergency. Every year they test cars and measure their protective capabilities, rating them based on how safe they are. Today we’ll use their ratings among other factors to list some of the safest cars you can buy in 2019.


Important Car Safety Features


When talking about car safety, there are a plethora of advanced safety features many modern-day cars utilize. Some of these car safety features include:

Lane Departure Warning

Forward Collision Warning

Blind Spot Detection

Electronic Stability Control

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Automatic Emergency Braking

Pedestrian Automatic Braking

Side Airbags

Advanced Frontal Airbags


Top Safety Picks of 2019


These cars have been tested and given the Top Safety Pick+ by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and given a 5 Star Safety Rating by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). If you want to see a full list of every car approved by the IIHS click here, but these 5 sedans are our favorites:


Honda Insight


This hybrid Honda comes standard with automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist and LED headlights as taillights. All trims of this vehicle meet the requirements for the Top Safety Pick+ rating so you don’t have to spend extra cash to get all the latest safety features.


Hyundai Sonata


The base models of this car don’t meet the safety requirements to reach Top Safety Pick+, but the more expensive Limited trim of this car does. The Limited trim comes equipped with automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, pedestrian automated braking and LED headlights and taillights.


Kia Optima


Like the Hyundai Sonata, if you want all the advanced car safety features this vehicle has to offer, you’ll have to go for the top of the line Optima SX. This car offers automated emergency brake, forward collision warning, LED headlamps with automatic high beams and a 360-degree exterior camera.


Subaru Legacy


Subaru offers its bundle of driver assistance technologies called EyeSight and it comes standard on all trims. That means every Subaru Legacy sedan you find will have adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, automated emergency brakes and lane-keeping assist. Only the Limited trim comes with LED headlamps though.


Toyota Camry


The top of the line Camry XLE is the trim to receive the Top Safety Pick+ rating because it's the only trim with adaptive headlights. With that said, every single trim of the Toyota Camry comes standard with a lane-keeping alert, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, automatic high beam headlights and 10 airbags.




There are many more cars on the road that are extremely safe and will protect you just fine, but these 5 get my recommendation as well as the recommendation of the IIHS and the NHTSA too. Make sure to check out all the cars listed, and feel free to leave feedback about your experiences with any of these vehicles.

Lindsey Patterson

Figure Out How To Have The Best Wedding Day Celebration

4 min read

Having a great wedding day is something that all brides want to do. There are television shows that are made about weddings and the big day. There are movies that highlight how this should look. What couples need to do is pinpoint things that can go wrong and look for preventive measures to make sure that this is a blissful day.


It is a good idea to make sure that everyone knows that they should be there on time. That can be a big source of stress on the wedding day if someone is late. It is good to talk with all of the people, especially the ones that are known for being late, on the day before the wedding. They need to know how important this is. Some may need to get reminders for alarms to wake them up. It is good to stress the importance of being on time to minimize your stress if they are part of the wedding party.

The Wedding Bands

When you get engaged there is an engagement ring that is given to the bride-to-be. This flawless diamond should be shined to perfection. Most women that getting married will solder the wedding bands and engagement ring together. This can be done before you are married. It is good to make sure that the ring is held by someone that is responsible. In most cases it is going to be the ring bearer that is bringing this ring down aisle. In some cases couples that have children that are ring bearers will typically give the ring to the best man. This puts less responsibility on the children that are part of the wedding ceremony.


In a number of cases wedding parties will have people that take a number of pictures after the wedding is over. Family and friends are going to want to take photos. This can be time-consuming. It also makes it harder for the paid photographer to do the job. It is much better to get the wedding party assembled before the wedding. This way pictures can be taken in advance. It also ensures that people that are part of the wedding party will get there on time. If they have to take pictures prior to the wedding they have to show up even earlier. This means that a lot of the wedding photography photos can be taken in advance in order to expedite the transition to the reception.

The Guest List

Couples compose the guest list before the wedding. It is good to do this because it cuts down on a lot of confusion. If there is a place that has a limited amount of space you don't want to find yourself arguing because there is not enough room. It is better to sort out the space that is going to be needed and make the necessary arrangements to accommodate those that are on the guest list.

Short Vows

It is easy to look at what has been done in the movies when it comes to saying your vows and assume that a long lengthy speech is what is preferred. The reality, however, is that you do not want to find yourself in this situation at your own wedding. You don't want to be nervous, and you don't want to take a lot of time trying to read vows from a piece of paper. It is better to go with short vows that are going to get right to the point. You need the ability to say what you're going to say without spending a lot of time worrying about forgetting some of the things that you may have planned to say. Keep it short and sweet.


The wedding day can be a marvelous time when the right tactics are taken to make sure that it is going to be successful. People that are serious about making their wedding day blissful will consider these steps to reduce stress.