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Lindsey Patterson

Keeping Insects Away From Your Shed and Yard

4 min read

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Keeping your backyard and shed bug-free is not easy, but that doesn't mean it cannot be done. Some bugs are not only invasive; they could pose a danger to you, your family, and your pets. The following are some preliminary actions you can take to keep your property bug-free.


Sensor Lights Option


One thing that attracts insects and other lifeforms to your yard or shed is light. Now, you are going to need light in your shed and backyard, but it is better to have lights that come on automatically.


Sensor lights or smart lights can turn on when they sense movement and turn off when you leave the backyard or shed. This reduces the chances of attracting more bugs or critters to your yard. It should also be pointed out that sensor lights can deter would-be criminals, who might get scared the moment strong lights are flashed in their face.


Calling In the Pros


Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to keep bugs and critters under control is to make sure you give professionals an opportunity to deal with them. These individuals are going to inspect your yard and shed to find weaknesses that bugs can exploit.


There are many reasons bugs might be attracted to your yard, like the one just mentioned, but there are other things, like leaving rotted leaves on the ground, so make sure you keep that in mind. Be sure not to hesitate if you notice harmful insects in your backyard, like ticks, which could cause your family to get sick. Allow professionals to deal with this issue by looking for tick and bug control near me in your search engine.


Develop a Mowing Habit


It is important that you maintain your lawn, and mow it regularly. Tall grass is attractive to many insects and critters. Fire ants, ticks, and other living creatures love tall grass because it protects them from predators and gives them nourishment.


Tall grass also helps protect insects from sunlight when the heat gets too intense. Now, no one is saying the grass should be cut too short because that may promote the growth of weeds; just make sure your grass doesn't get too tall. Those who do not have the time to mow the lawn themselves should hire a professional lawn care service to make sure it gets done regularly.


Standing Water Woes


Most insects and critters need water to live and are going to seek it out at some point. Running water is not necessarily the kind of water these living creatures want because it is too unstable for them, but standing water will definitely attract insects.


Mosquitos use standing water to breed and give birth. Other living creatures come to drink water, and their predators come for them if there are enough in your backyard or shed. You want to make sure all standing water is removed and that your pool is properly covered when it is not going to be in use.


Flip the Mulch


Mulch can look beautiful at times, but this organic material can also attract insects and critters. Organic materials, such as mulch, is what insects and other critters use to build their nests and sometimes their homes.


You can prevent this from happening by making sure you flip the mulch from time to time. All you need is a rake and some good gloves to protect you hands while flipping the mulch in your backyard. Flipping the mulch makes it harder for insects and critters to use the organic material.


These are just some tips you should consider if you are serious about keeping your backyard and shed pest-free. Of course, you could also talk to your pest specialist to see if he or she has additional tips.             

Lindsey Patterson

The Internet and Medicine

4 min read

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Nearly every single market and aspect of society have become intertwined with the internet today. Medicine and pharmaceuticals are no different. Today, people can order medicine online, refill prescriptions, receive diagnosis and even download discounts for the medicines they need. The internet has become the basis for home medical processes and access to medicine. And with a decent internet connection and apn, you can easily use the internet to do some research. If you’re wondering what is an apn, check out the following site that explains it in simple terms. 


The following are just a few of the wide variety of ways that the internet is transforming the world of medicine.


Home Delivery Services


By using the internet to buy and order medicine, patients can have their prescription drugs delivered directly to their doorsteps, without even leaving the house. This is especially beneficial to sufferers of illnesses that render them bedridden and house-bound. Debilitated patients no longer have to visit doctors and go to drug stores and pharmacies to procure the medicine they need. Prescription medicine is but a click away, with certain online sites. 


Online Discounts


Websites are doing their due diligence by providing patients with affordable discounts for medicines that would, otherwise, be too expensive for customers to actually buy. As the price of pharmaceuticals sky-rockets, not only in the United States but internationally, patients are finding it harder and harder to attain the medicines they need to heal and treat their diseases and disorders. Various websites have come to the rescue, offering codes and coupons to use to get a much lower price for medicines. Some sites, like Reddit, will even offer to buy patients' medicine for them, making it free, as opposed to simply cheaper. Forums. like r/assistance and r/vagabond, witness a sense of community that is ready to help its members, especially when they can't seem to afford the help they so desperately need.


Internet Diagnosis


While sites like Wikipedia and WebMD should never be used by anyone to self-diagnose any mental or physical illness, doctors are currently using web-chatting technology to help diagnose illnesses. While the world is still a ways off from perfecting these techniques of diagnosis, patients can now connect with professionals and qualified doctors to receive review and diagnosis of their ailments from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. If you have something small you would like to be evaluated by a doctor, like a rash or other skin condition, it is perfectly plausible to consult a doctor over the internet. However, if there is an emergency or some sort of internal disease at hand, nothing can supplement the physical care of a medical professional.




In today's increasingly technological and virtual world, the internet dominates almost every industry and facet of human life. We have become more connected than we, as people, ever dreamed before. Medical advances have picked up on this trend, moving patient care to the internet in a variety of ways. Patients can now visit a doctor's office simply by opening up their laptops or tablets and accessing the internet. The internet provides a plethora of help to patients trying to attain the medicines they need and seeking proper diagnosis. Sufferers who are unable to leave their homes, for whatever reason, now have less to worry about, as medicine can be delivered directly to their doors and doctors can be easily contacted for treatment tips, diagnosis, and advice on treating various conditions. 


While there are still flaws to these medical advances, the internet has opened many doors of opportunities for patients and professionals alike. In the future, perhaps patients will no longer spend long hours in hospital waiting lines and doctor's office lobbies. Echoing the golden days of house-calls and doctors visiting patients' homes, the internet provides a certain level of care, in its own right.

Lindsey Patterson

6 Surprisingly Good Investment Opportunities That Provide Positive Returns

4 min read

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Do you hope to steer off the conventional way of thinking that has limited most individuals' understanding of investment to just the money markets and real estate? Consider opening your mind up to exciting opportunities that don’t call for massive investments, like the popular foreign direct investment. Ideally, most of these ventures only need a small capital injection, personal effort, a fair deal of patience to watch them blossom and tear into profitability. If well taken care of, these investments in a less competitive industry can overtake the most sought after real estate and money market investments in terms of return on investments. These surprisingly good investments include: 


1. Invest In a Robo-Advisor 

Are you incredibly busy pursuing a career or other aspects of life but still want to make a decent passive income out of your savings? Invest in a robo-advisor. This refers to a digital investment platform that invests your money into different mutual funds. In this case, how much you make from a robo-advisor solely depends on your initial investment, your risk tolerance levels, and chosen portfolio. 


2. Redistribute Entertainment Merchandise 

Almost every movie blockbuster being released today provides the market with more than just a new story. It also brings in a new culture by selling the merchandise associated with the characters. This entertainment industry niche is fast growing, and you might be surprised at how fast some of the popular merchandise sells. 


You only have to learn how to spot popular brands like the spider Gwen figure, an adaptation of the Spiderman films and capitalize on its distribution. The investment is also pretty solid considering the fact that the entertainment industry is here to stay. 


3. Peer-to-Peer Lending 

The last thing you need is lending to friends and charging them interest. While this business idea may seem tempting, lending to friends and colleagues continually features on the list of factors prompting disrespect among friends. Peer-to-peer lending platforms have, however, made this easier by connecting lenders to borrowers online. You get to invest your share of capital to a system that lends this sum to borrowers who then pay it back with interest. Interestingly, you can invest from as low as $25. 


4. Invest in an Online Course 

For centuries scholars have hailed investing in oneself as the biggest investment one can ever make. But this doesn’t necessarily refer to getting back to class. The proliferation of online programs both for free and at ridiculously subsidized rates grants you the freedom to learn numerous life-enhancing courses. 


Consider investing in one course that you can convert into a profit-making business such as writing computer programs, learning virtual assistant skills, or even knitting. A course that equips you with employable skills and gives you an edge over the competition in the employment industry should also fall in the investment category. 


5. Invest in High-Yield Savings Accounts 

Most individuals always have their money and even savings lying around current accounts even when they don’t hope to use the funds in the foreseeable future. And while this cautions them against extravagance spending, it doesn’t help that these accounts don’t earn them an income. Save your money in a high-yield savings account and earn interest. While most have a minimum saving amount of $100, they are free to open and are covered by the FDIC insurance. 


6. Settle Your Debts 

Have you ever considered paying up your debts as an investment? Ideally, the money you borrow often costs you interest. Settling your debt today instead of waiting for the loan to become due either eliminates the interest charges or lowers it significantly in the case of compounded interest. Therefore, how much you save in terms of future interests by settling a debt can be categorized as the returns for the money spent. 


Bottom Line 

The general rule of the thumb in the world of finance is that how much you earn from an investment depends on your stake. A little effort and patience, however, go a long way in altering these natural laws and guaranteeing more meaningful returns on any investment.

Lindsey Patterson

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Save More Money

4 min read

The 8 Simplest Ways You Can Save Money Without Feeling Deprived

The first step in improving your personal finances is finding ways to save back more money than you currently do. This extra money can be set back for unexpected expenses or invested to generate additional income for you. Many people, however, struggle to find ways to save money in their daily lives. Fortunately, with a little creativity and some planning like learning about the effective infinite banking concept, there are almost innumerable ways to manage this. Here are five of the simplest and most effective ways for you to tighten your budget and build your savings. 


Switch From Name Brands to Generics


Whenever you buy groceries, consumable goods or practically any other common product, there's a good chance you're overpaying. This is because most people pay a premium price for name brands, even though their generic equivalents are just as good. Most generic products are up to 30% cheaper than name brand counterparts, so making the switch to generics can help you save a substantial amount of money compared to your current expenditures. 


Pay Off Your Existing Debts


If you carry credit card debt, a car loan or even student loans, you're paying interest that could be put to better use in your savings or investment account. Try to pay down your debts as quickly as you can, since this will prevent you from having to make the maximum interest payments over time. Though this approach to saving will require you to put out more money in the short term, it will produce considerable savings in the long run. 


Cut Out Restaurant Meals


Even if you only go out to eat once a week, the expense involved in going to restaurants can add up over months or years. For instance, if you go out to a mid-priced restaurant once a week, you might spend $30 for dinner, a couple of drinks and a tip for your server. Extrapolated out over the year, that seemingly small weekly expense would amount to $1,560. Avoid restaurants as much as possible, and you can see remarkable increases in your savings over time. 


Take Advantage Of Available Tax Credits


When tax time comes around, you might be surprised at just how many tax credits you could be eligible for. From the EITC for low-income families to the solar tax credit for people who power their homes with solar panels, federal and state tax agencies make many different types of credits available. Find out what you're eligible for, and you could easily reduce your tax bill. 


Keep Your Old Car As Long As Possible


Buying a new car when your old one is looking worn out can be very tempting, but it's a temptation you should resist if you want to improve your financial well-being. Keeping your old car is an easy way to avoid new debt and delay the expense of making a down payment. Even if your old vehicle needs routine maintenance more frequently, it's likely still less expensive than actually purchasing a new one. The longer you can keep the old one going, the better off you will be. 


The Overall Takeaway


By using these simple tips, you can reduce your cost of living, build up your savings and prepare yourself for any financial challenges life may throw at you. Once you have enough money saved to cover emergencies, you can even start investing the extra money you aren't spending, thereby increasing the amount of income you generate each year. Remember that saving money will require building long-term habits. By taking small steps now, you can begin to develop habits and ways of thinking that will improve your finances for the rest of your life.

Lindsey Patterson

How to Always Look Good in Photos

3 min read

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The camera can have a love relationship with you every time you strike a pose and the picture is taken. It can be a bit daunting when something as simple as a photo can be brings you down. Once you learn a few techniques the rest is child's play. So practice the following a few times over, the results are runway fabulous images every time.


The Right Makeup

You can be that stylish example using every outer application such as hair, makeup, and attire bringing out the best in your look when preparing to take that photo. It does not have to be scary if you remember a few things. First conceal minimally, as all over the concealer will cause a flat and washed out cast of your face. Use cover up on dark under eye areas as well as spot treating redness. When it comes to makeup keep the shimmer maybe in your outfit only not lids or cheeks. Too much shimmer will often appear harsh and stark in pictures. Eyes are the window to the soul so yes focus your attention highlighting here, it's okay to play a bit . Eye shadow, liner, mascara all done with artistic restraint ensure that when the camera captures your face eyes are conveying elegance, drama, and style. Highlight cheekbones, chin, tip of nose and the impact will be a sharper, more polished face.

Natural Lighting

It is really surprising how much lighting plays in the impact your picture can have or what shadows, brightness can do to the end result. Proper lighting is key and the rules applied vary depending on the location of the picture. Indoors or outside requires a specific lighting element to bring out the best in the photo so never leave this tip out. It is one of the most important steps in taking a really flattering picture. Natural light especially right before dusk and after dawn is the best case scenario for utilizing nature's light. Placing a light source such as a lamp with softness in it's illumination makes everyone look better in pictures.

Strike a Pose

Body and posture now that is all you implementing the best in position, posture, focus and direction. Use your body to its advantage showcasing your assets prominently yet tastefully. It may take some practice to figure out just how to use your body and that snapshot will be awesome. Now here are just a few tips to take to heart and apply or practice in the mirror or with your camera taking various selfies in different positions showing you how to stop slouching. Placing your upper torso forward and upwards aligns you with the camera angle that places you in a flattering position. when it comes to your face angle your head upwards to feature a strong jawline erasing any mistake of a double chin. There is something to be said for that "red carpet" pose, called that because it works. In this case the object is to angle your body to the side a bit turning your head towards the camera. With a fun attitude and a bit of practice you will become a pro at always looking good in the photos. 


The Main Takeaway


There are many ways to look your best when in front of a camera and the tips above will help you never be afraid the next time that photo opportunity presents itself. 

Lindsey Patterson

The Best Inventory Management Strategies

4 min read

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With the growth of your business, it is uncommon to lose track of your inventory and also its location. Since most brands start with little or no management of stock, it is mostly done manually, which is inefficient and takes time. With growth, accountancy becomes a vital aspect of any business depending on the product and the industry of operation. Concerning this, a creative, innovative, which is effective and efficient is crucial as the company scales up. Inventory management I a collection of strategies, techniques, and tools for tracking, stocking orders, and delivering of stocks. The following are some of the best inventory management strategies which are necessary for proper accounting of inventory.


Automation of Inventory Management System

For efficiency of stock management, the automated inventory system is not only time saving but also reduces errors encountered in the processes of inventory. With the system, it is easy to track Your goods throughout the supply chain, starting with purchasing: production and selling. Depending on the nature of the company, it is possible to manage stock in a company customized ways.


Just In Time Inventory

This method allows the company to maintain low stocks and replenish it when required. This method keeps your inventory low as it saves the costs that are associated with having the stock in the stores. Also, in place should be mro supply chain management, which translates to Maintenance, Repair, and Operations inventory that are not directly connected to day-to-day business operations.


Setting Product Levels

This is achieved by setting per level of the products at all times. When the product level is below the set one. The company is aware of the time the requirement to fill up the gap. Per level differs from product to the other, depending on the frequency by which the product is demanded. Although this process requires elaborate research and prior decision making, having it in place will create a system that can save the company a great deal.

First-in First-out (FIFO) and Last in First Out (LIFO)

FIFO plays an essential role in the management of an inventory; it ensures that the stock that was received first in the stores is sold or taken care of before the new ones. This method is convenient for handlers of food management inventory because the food is perishable, and the more the stick in the store, the more they get bad fast. In LIFO, it will work well for non-perishables that improve the quality if stored for longer in the warehouse.



From an inventory management perspective, dropshipping is almost an ideal scenario. Other than doing the whole process of shipping on your own, whether internally or through third-party logistics, the wholesaler or the manufacturer does it. Although the process might be a bit expensive, it may still be the best option.


Regular Auditing

Regular reconciliation of the inventory is crucial. Even with the use of tracking the stock, it is advisable to reconcile to verify the accuracy carefully. This can be done through various methods of auditing, such as physical inventory audit, spot-checking, and cycle counting.


Contingency Plan

There are a lot of issues connected with inventory; these issues can bring the business to its knee if a proper plan is not in place. These may include; cash flow shortfall, spiking of sales unexpectedly, discontinuation of services from the manufacturer, and considering these issues as a risk to the business, it is necessary to have a contingency plan to maintain business activities.

Always have it in mind that with a proper inventory management system, you will be able to keep the business in a profitable position, reduce costs and observe the sales pattern, which is useful data for predicting future trends. Choose the best and the most efficient inventory management strategy that is in line with your business activi

Lindsey Patterson

Succeed In Your Weight-Loss Goals By Hiring a Health Coach

3 min read

When trying to lose weight, many people do not know where to start. People seem to want to skip the result of losing weight rather than having to put in the work. Many people also do not know how to diet and exercise works. This is a big reason why people skip over trying to lose weight and just stay in the way they are. One great way to lose some weight is to hire a health coach. A health coach will be able to guide you through working out a nutrition plan and also how you should exercise so you can get the most out of your exercise. Here are some ways a health coach can help you lose weight.

woman in black tank top and black shorts kneeling on mat

The first thing a health coach can help you with is your diet. A health coach will be able to help you walk through what you should be eating. They also can help you build a diet plan to help you find meals that you can easily cook and are very healthy. Many people commonly complain that cooking a healthy meal takes too much time and too many ingredients. A health coach can help you with this process by thinking of healthy meals that you enjoy. Another way health coverage can help you with your diet is by eliminating unhealthy food. A health coach would look to your diet and pick out things that you should be changing. Some common things that they will help you with is cutting out soda and cutting out snacking such as chips. Simple things like cutting out snacking and making sure your meals are healthy can really help you stay on the path to good health.


The way a health coach will be able to help your health is through making a workout plan. A workout plan will help you stick to the exercise and also focus on areas that you want to improve. For example if you want to lose weight a health coach will be able to figure out a plan for you to do to easily lose weight. If you want to be more flexible they have a coach who will make a plan that is built just for you to become more flexible. Depending on what you want for your health a health coach can help you achieve your goals. A health coach can also help you work out so that you can avoid injury. They can attend the gym with you and act more as a personal trainer that will walk you through the workouts and tell you when to stop to hydrate. A crucial thing about a workout is making sure that you are eating right and drinking water so that the gains you make are staying there. A health coach can help you do this and stay healthy.


When you are thinking about making a plan for you to get back to good health and lose some weight, anything you should be thinking about is a health coach paired with a thrive patch. The health coach is a great asset to have for your health. They can walk you through what exercise you should be doing and also what food you should be eating in your diet, and also what food you should not be eating. And the thrive patch is perfect for boosting your metabolism and curbing your appetite. 

Lindsey Patterson

Why Business Security and Traffic Management Are Crucial For Success

3 min read

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Having a good website for your business is crucial for the success of your business. Nowadays customers expect an easy to use website that has all the information they need to be able to buy your product or your service. When you are taking your customer's financial information on your website, you need to make sure that it is secure and is working well in the database. Traffic management is another thing that is important for your online website. As your company grows, more people will be on your website. Your website and server need to be able to manage this growth and process information. No one likes a laggy website that is not easy to use. Here are some reasons that business security and traffic management on your company website is crucial for the success of your business.


Having your customer's financial information encrypted is crucial to the success of your business. When customers buy products from your online store they expect their information to be safe in your hands. You should be using a payment processor that includes the encryption of your customer data. This will ensure that the information your customers give you is secure. Another thing you can do is to make sure that your website has SSL certificates. These are certificates that guarantee that the connection is secure and that the information being sent back and forth is encrypted. These are cheap to have and should really be used on your online website especially if you are going to be handling sensitive information.


As your company grows, your website needs to be able to handle that growth. No one wants to have to deal with a slow website. You should choose the right website hosting that will be able to protect your website and be able to provide the speed to handle growth. Each website hosting company will offer different security packages and speeds depending on your need. If your company is going to need a large server that will be able to handle a lot of users you should choose the right company for the job. One thing you should consider is a service mesh. This is a system put in place to ensure that communication is constant between different parts of the system. Having a solid system in place to handle all those and handle business security is crucial to gain the trust of your customers. You need to make sure that you are using the right speed for your website. Each web hosting company will have different speeds available at different prices for your own needs. Maybe you have a small company and you do not need big speed for your website. Maybe you have a large company that does a lot of orders online. Depending on your needs you should be choosing the right package for you and your company, and also making sure that the growth will match the speed of your website server.


Making sure your business is secure and your website can handle as much traffic as I can is crucial to the success of your business. Customers expect to be able to securely give you the financial information and be able to easily use your website. Make sure you have both to have a successful business. 

Lindsey Patterson

The Keys To Establishing A Good Work Environment For Optimized Productivity

4 min read

Business leaders are constantly looking for ways to evolve and increase productivity. In order to do this these business leaders must find ways to make business environments that are attractive to a work force. A business leader that is mindful of creating a good work environment is going to have a higher level of efficiency inside of the organization.


Adequate Technology

The business world thrives when there is adequate technology in place. A lot of work that can be automated is easier when the right technology is utilized. There are also ways to streamline business processes that can be much more efficient when the right video and phone technology is utilized.


Employees like to work in these types of environments. Having an organization that has up-to-date technology cuts down on a lot of stress that can occur when software and hardware applications are out of date.


Skilled Employees

A good work environment is one that is also composed of skilled employees. It becomes much easier for a company to flow when they have talentpowered personnel in place to get jobs done. People that are skilled in their profession are going to bring fresh ideas to the table. They know how to complete jobs, and their ability to take the lead and handle projects reduces stress for everyone.


Skilled employees will attract other people to the organization. When a company is already running like a well-oiled machine it becomes easier to get other people on board to follow the vision.



All employees can see the benefits of flexibility. This may entail a work schedule where people can come in call on different shifts. Some employees that are also parents may have to pick up or drop off children at school. A flexible job is important for this reason.


Other employees benefit from a job that allows them to work from home. Telecommuting is big for some people that work for a company that is a great distance from where they are living. The ability to VPN into a network and get to work is important for some employees.


Promotions and Raise

The employees need motivation to prompt an increase in productivity down through the years. If they are going to rise in terms of their productivity levels they are going to want the promotion that comes with the experience that they have gained. These employees are also going to want to receive increases in pay for their level of knowledge. A good business leader sees the need for keeping employees happy with this promotion system that also results in an increase in pay.


Paid Vacation and Sick

Young employees that are just getting started inside of a business culture do not always consider the value of vacation and sick time. It is very important to build an organization that provides time for employees to take time off from their jobs. They need to take care of regular dental and doctor visits. People that work constantly without any vacation or only decreasing their levels of effectiveness. That is why business leaders should put an emphasis on paid time off for employees. This always serves as a great incentive to attract new employees that are job-hunting.


Good Communication

In some work environments there is no two-way street when it comes to communicating. The leaders tend to send down orders for employees that are under their leadership. There is no upstream communication with suggestions to be made inside of certain organizations.


A good work environment is one where there is a two-way street. Employees need to have the ability to voice what they feel about the organization and the business processes that are being utilized. Employees want to know that they are valued when it comes to their opinion on the work that they are doing. Sometimes these types of communication sessions will lead to a better method for performing some of the work.


Lindsey Patterson

Reasons Why Working for Oneself Is So Fulfilling

4 min read

Most people have had a similar experience at some point in their lives. They're immobile within a cramped workspace. Stressed and annoyed over their job. And they think about their employer's freedom. This brings up a common "what if" scenario. They wonder what life would be like if they had their employer's freedom. And they might even think about leveraging their skills into a career path set by their own needs and preferences. But for most people this is where the speculation ends. Not many people follow up with the dream. But what happens for people who do strike out on their own? Do they find it fulfilling, and if so in what way?


Freedom always feels better than a lack of it


The fact of the matter is that one can ever say with total certainty how lifestyle changes will impact people. And the time it takes to reach full self sufficiency also has some impact on how people feel about the process. But in general, even when people are struggling, they prefer to do so while working for themselves.


One of the big reasons is freedom. People often forget the underlying reasons for their work. But the reality is that people work in order to essentially buy freedom with it. Money is basically a way of getting relief from the constant needs of the world. It's a way by which one doesn't need to worry about shelter, food and other concerns. But ironically enough work tends to eventually shackle most people. In trying to buy more freedom they give it away.


And this is the fundamental joy which comes from self employment. One finally sees what true freedom is like. It's the ability to take a longer break if needed. Or conversely to get more work in to complete a concrete goal without begging for overtime. One starts to finally live freedom instead of searching for it.


People need social connections with each other


Another area where freedom comes in is that people get to actually communicate on the job. Most people are so focused on the workplace that they forget how limiting it can be to true communication. For example, take discussions about health, diet and exercise.


Nobody would doubt that people feel better when they're fit an healthy. Someone selling le-vel thrive or the like will essentially get paid to discuss how much it's helped them. This involves speaking from the heart about what might well be subjects that literally saved his or her life. But now imagine talking about it at the average workplace. People could accuse someone of judging people by weight, of being blind to possibly offending others, and it goes on and on. Of course none of that would have been intended. But that's the nature of most offices.


There really aren't actual connections between people in an office. But people need those connections to feel human. Humans are social creatures and need connections with each other. People find those connections when self employed. But when one is in an office or structured workplace it's something of an uphill battle.


Working to get a job finished vs. working for the sake of work


Most people have experienced busy work before. It's a process of effectively doing nothing while on the clock. And it's usually because one finished with a personal aspect of a project. One might have a new project ready to start. But it can't be worked on because that's what the red tape says.


It's not a very fulfilling way to structure one's life. In contrast when working for oneself the job becomes goal oriented. One can actually work toward accomplishing something. And this makes one feel a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis. It's not work for the sake of work. It's work to actually make a change in the world.


The time to start is now


Again, most people have thought about this type of thing before. But the majority of people just sigh and regard it as a dream which will never happen. But all it takes to make that dream a reality is determination. A drive to make it so will be able to do it. But it only begins when one is ready to take action.