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Lindsey Patterson

The Top 3 Workouts You Can Do In The Privacy of Your Home

4 min read

Exercising on a regular basis is one of the best things that you can do for your health. There are many people who simply do not have the ability to pay for a gym every month. There are numerous health benefits when you exercise your body. Not only will you feel better, but you will also have a lower risk of developing various illnesses as you age.



If you do not have access to a gym, that is no excuse to avoid exercising. Spending a little bit of money on equipment is a great start to taking your fitness to a new level.



Over the past few years, the popularity of yoga has increased greatly. There are now millions of people who regularly practice yoga throughout the week. One of the biggest benefits of yoga is that it helps with flexibility. As people get older, staying flexible is essential to avoiding illnesses and injury. By conducting just a few workouts per week, you can greatly increase your overall flexibility and body composition.


There are several different ways to enjoy yoga. You can pay a monthly fee for a yoga membership at a gym. Many people enjoy this option because it allows them to interact with other people who are also interested in health and fitness. However, there are plenty of free yoga videos online that you can follow. Throw on your yoga pants and do yoga without ever leaving your home. Simply investing in a yoga mat can give you all of the equipment that you need.


Lifting Weights

One of the best ways to maintain or improve your body composition is to lift weights on a regular basis. There are numerous health benefits when it comes to lifting weights. Not only will lifting weights increase your overall bone density, but it will also help you increase your muscle mass. A high level of muscle mass is correlated with a lower risk of disease as you age. When you reduce your overall body fat and increase your muscle mass, you are helping your body age well as you get older.


Lifting weights takes a few months to get adjusted to. Your body is going to be sore and tired from your workouts. Although you can get a gym membership to do these exercises, a lot of people would rather spend some money and have their weights at home. Not only is this more convenient, but people generally comply with their workout schedule more when they have the weights at home.


Before investing a lot of money into new weights, you should consider looking online for used options. There are always people who are trying to get old exercise equipment out of their home. This can be an effective way to land a great deal on your new equipment.



Another exercise that you can perform at home is cardiovascular work. This is where the heart is worked to exhaustion. Not only is this good for your body, but it will also help you reduce body fat over a long period of time.


When most people think of cardio work, they only imagine running outside or on a treadmill. However, there are various different cardio workouts that you can use to improve your overall fitness. If this is the exercise that you want to pursue, you should look online for different options to follow. This is the best way to find a workout that will meet your fitness needs.


Taking care of your body is one of the most important aspects of getting older. There are a ton of people who never invest the time that is necessary to have a healthy body. Eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis are two of the most important lifestyle changes that you can make.

Lindsey Patterson

Top 3 Check Ups Your Child Must Get

4 min read

Mother & Son

Parental Responsibilities

Being an adult goes along with having a lot of responsibilities and those responsibilities are even greater if adults have children to raise and look after. It seems as if no responsibility could be greater than that of having to ensure that a child is properly nurtured and cared for. Certainly, all life is precious, but a child’s life is particularly fragile and vulnerable to the environment and because of this, parents must keep their child healthy by scheduling doctor visits for the child to receive their routine child check-ups. Children are required to receive several check-ups over the course of their childhood. These wellness visits are important because they allow both the parent and physician the opportunity to monitor/manage the growth and development of the child. However, of all the check-ups, there are 3 top mandatory check-ups that every child needs to receive.


First Days of Life

Prior to any routine schedule, physicians urge parents to schedule a doctor’s appointment for their newborns after 2-4 days old up to 2 weeks of age. This mandatory check-up following the first days of life is extremely important because it is during this time that the doctor can check to make sure that everything is going well will baby and will alert the parents if all is not. During this visit, parents can expect their child to be monitored for growth, development, behavior, and food intake. Although some parents may feel that this early check-up isn’t needed, it is very vital to the health and the life of the newborn that parents have their baby examined during this time to avoid overlooking any serious issues and potentially delaying treatment for concerns the doctor may have been able to detect.


2 Months of Age

It is very important that parents take their babies to the physician at two months of age because this age marks a very critical evaluation of the child. At this age, the doctor will not only weigh and measure the length of the baby’s limbs and head circumference, but he will perform a complete physical exam as well. This complete exam includes checking the baby for abnormalities or possible infections in the eyes, heart, lungs, ears, mouth, head, stomach, and overall condition of the baby’s development. In addition to the child’s physical exam, it is also during this time that the baby is expected to receive their first set of several immunizations which include the RV, DTaP, Hib, PCV, and IPV vaccines. Indeed, vaccines are most important to prevent children from getting sick and it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their child gets their shots during this check-up.


2-3 Years of Age

The 2-3 years of age development period is another crucial time for wellness check-ups for children. During your child’s examination at this age, the doctor will check weight, height, blood pressure, vision, eating habits, sleeping habits, update immunizations, and do a physical exam. As part of the child’s physical exam, the doctor will also be checking the child’s teeth since the teeth should be well developed at this age. Certainly, dental check-ups are just as important as wellness check-ups and because toddlers have teeth at this age, parents should make it a priority to schedule routine dental exams as well. Google your local city, as an example, check “Best Children's Dentist Calgary” to find a dentist for your child to start maintaining the health of their teeth at this age just as well as their health.


Be a Good Parent

Being a good parent means being a responsible parent and providing your children with the best care possible. Health maintenance is definitely important in the growth and development of children and these child check-ups help to assure that children are receiving the treatment and care that their little bodies deserve. In addition to these top 3 mandatory check-ups, please do try to make sure that no other routine examine is missed because they all are important for children.

Lindsey Patterson

How to Support a Loved One in Addiction Recovery

4 min read

Seeing a loved one suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be painful. The desire to help the troubled person overcome his/her problems may be strong, but the task is a delicate one. Professional counselors spend many years learning how to properly treat persons with addictions. A family member cannot be expected to possess a professional's level of knowledge and experience.

A family member can still be supportive of someone going through recovery. While Addiction Treatment Riverdale Utah or other professionals provide the formal care and treatment the patient needs, family members do their part by offering loving support to the patient. There are a few ways to do this.


Stay in Touch

Spending time away from home in a rehabilitation facility means the patient won't be in touch with friends or family. Even though the treatment may be highly beneficial to the person's well-being, loneliness can creep in. Simply writing the loved one a caring and encouraging letter or email could do a lot to lift his/her spirits. When visiting day arrives, do your best to be there to show support in person. Always let the other person know you think and care about them.

Communications with your loved one should be positive. Being judgmental or taking a condemning tone likely won't be helpful. Positive attitudes and sentiments work better when trying to show support and encouragement.


Understand Addiction and Addiction Therapy

When you know very little about substance abuse and substance abuse treatment, you won't be in the best position to show empathy towards a loved one. You may even be confused about what addiction truly is, how hard addiction is to overcome, and what a rehab stay entails. In order to better understand things, putting effort into educating yourself on all these subjects could be extraordinarily helpful.

Learning about addiction and addiction treatments does not require enrolling in a formal class. Scores of sources, excellent sources, exist in which to draw material from. Scores of outstanding non-academic books have been written on various topics related to addictive behaviors and therapies. Reading these works could open your eyes to the full scope of the problem and how it could effectively be treated. Once again, a better understanding could enhance your empathy. Improved empathy may lead to being more supportive.


Help Them After Rehab

The recovery process doesn't end when someone leaves a rehabilitation facility. Recovery steps continue through attending outpatient counseling, possibly enrolling in a sober living facility, and avoiding any temptations that may lead to a relapse. Staying in contact with a loved one and helping him/her attend all counseling sessions and follow along with suggested post-rehab steps.

Perhaps you and your loved one could take up a new hobby together as a means of channeling positive energy. Hobbies and activities known for their ability to reduce stress could be quite beneficial. Everything from yoga to golf could help with stress reduction while giving everyone something new to learn and concentrate on.


Be Mindful of Yourself

You won't be of any help if you enable a loved one's addictive behavior or choose to be willfully blind to an obvious relapse. Trying to care for a loved one while struggling with your own substance abuse issues could potentially lead to a disastrous outcome. If you have your own addiction issues, then you may find it beneficial to seek professional treatment as well.


Know Your Limitations

While you may love the other person very much, you can only help the person so much. Only trained professionals can effectively treat the complex condition of addiction. In certain situations, it may be best to contact a professional for assistance.

Lindsey Patterson

How to Earn a Fortune With Bitcoin

4 min read

By now, most people have heard more than a few stories about keen individuals who took a risk on Bitcoin several years ago and who are now millionaires many times over off of a rather small investment. If those people made a fortune with Bitcoin, it seems like there is no reason why you should not be able to profit from this cryptocurrency as well. While some say that Bitcoin’s high price indicates that late-comers may have missed the boat, the reality is that there are still substantial ways for you to earn a fortune through Bitcoin activities.

Earn Bitcoin

One of the first steps that you should take when looking for ways to profit from Bitcoin is to explore strategies to earn Bitcoin. You may have read that mining Bitcoin is not as profitable as it once was. It is true that it will take more time and effort to mine coins, and it may also cost you a small fortune in energy bills. Nonetheless, you can still profit nicely from this activity, and this is a great way to earn Bitcoin when you cannot afford to purchase it with your own cash. There are other ways to earn Bitcoin as well when you have more time available than money. For example, you could launch a cryptocurrency blog and build a huge base of followers. Advertisers may pay you to tap into your followers by buying advertising space on your website.

Trade Bitcoin

You can also pool together your own cash to buy Bitcoin. Some will cash in stocks or use other financial resources. Others may apply for auto title loans or pull cash out of a credit card. Once you have funds available to buy Bitcoin, you must develop a money-making strategy. One strategy is to use a short-term hold concept. You buy Bitcoin at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. As is the case with many other types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin’s price is highly volatile. If you monitor the market closely, you may be able to make a considerable profit off of frequent trades throughout the day. Because you cannot predict movement in one direction or another, there is inherent risk in this type of investing activity. Remember that coins are usually purchased through an exchange, such as Coinbase. You will pay a modest fee for buy and sell orders completed through the exchange. Factor these fees into your trading activities so that you profit fully.

Invest in Bitcoin

The other primary investment option is to buy Bitcoin as a long-term investment. Many of the Bitcoin millionaires purchased their coins at a very low price a few years ago. They did not buy and sell frequently as the price increased. Instead, they held onto the Bitcoin for several years. There is some talk of a Bitcoin bubble, but others say that Bitcoin will continue to increase in value over the course of several more years at least. A long-term hold is therefore potentially risky as well. If you are looking for an alternative to owning coins, you can also consider buying shares of the Bitcoin Investment Trust or even investing in companies that are closely related to Bitcoin. For example, accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment, and its stock price has closely mimicked the price of Bitcoin over the last several months. By not directly investing in Bitcoin, you may be able to mitigate some of the risks that are commonly associated with buying, selling and holding Bitcoin.

While the price of Bitcoin increases and decreases regularly, the overall trend continues to move the price upward at a rapid pace. You can still be hopeful to realize great profits from your upcoming Bitcoin activities, including both direct and indirect cryptocurrency activities. These are some of the leading options to consider if you want to get involved today.


Lindsey Patterson

Why I Refuse To Settle In A Relationship

4 min read

I've been through it all when it comes to relationships. I've had ones that seemed like surefire wins that turned out to be disasters when he revealed more about himself. I've also had ones that were going so well until they weren't. It's impossible to tell where a relationship will go. Experience gives you a better idea, but that can make it all the more frustrating.

Some people I know are happy to settle. Well, they aren't exactly happy about it, but they figure that they have no choice. I try to tell them that they do have a choice. It's a matter of their determination, personality, and maybe a charming maxi skirt. Here's why I refuse to settle in a relationship.

It's About Me

Relationships are such an interesting and tricky concept because it requires you to be there for another person while also being there for yourself. You need to be generous, but you also need to aware of your own needs. It's a balancing act that can't always be easily managed. If you're doing everything for your partner, you're going to look like a pushover. But if you don't consider their needs, you're sabotaging your relationship. How can these two thoughts be resolved?

For me, the keyword is "consider." I always consider my partner's needs in a relationship and determine if they are feasible. This might seem like something you have to agonize over, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Most things I am able to do happily for my partner because they are things are would like to do as well. However, if there's something I'm not comfortable doing, I let them know. This doesn't mean I don't make sacrifices. It just means I have my own personal priorities in place.

I'm Not Going to Commit to Something Unhealthy

If I'm happy in a relationship, I stick with it. If I'm not happy, I leave it. It's a deceptively simple concept, and it's not always hard to live by. (I'm only human, after all). Sometimes, I think that being single would be worse than staying in an unhealthy relationship. Then, I snap myself out of this thinking by remembering that I have two choices: either I end this bad relationship or I don't. This means if I don't take action, it will be till death do us part. How romantic?

No. That's not going to fly. I'm not delusional. I know that fairytales aren't real and that even the best relationships take work. But that's exactly why they're the best relationships because both people in them have respect for one another are willing to work to make their union even stronger. A relationship doesn't even have to be abusive to not be worth continuing. If I'm sticking with someone only because they aren't hurting me, then I'm setting an incredibly low bar.

I Deserve the Best

Am I the greatest person that ever lived? No, I'm not (despite how hard I try). I am, however, someone who is always looking to do better. I can examine my past and see what mistakes I made and learn from them. I'm still doing it and will continue to. It's all part of the exciting journey I'm on.

Which is why I'm not going to get myself tied into a relationship that is no good for me. It's selling myself short if I am committed to self-improvement but decide that my dating life doesn't need to be held up to a particularly high standard. I imagine myself as another person. If I saw what kinds of relationships I was getting in from an outsider perspective, would I want to speak up? I'm honest with my friends when they ask me about their relationships and I would expect the same from them. By keeping my self-improvement in check, I can make the right decisions for relationships.


Lindsey Patterson

5 Ways to Keep up with The Changing Retail Industry

4 min read

The retail landscape has had tremendous changes in the last decade, and the face of the retail industry has changed. The decision-making process by the consumer has transformed thanks to the advent of technology which has changed the luxury shopping focus. Consumers can now use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to compare prices from the different retail online stores. Friends and family directly influence the shopping decisions by consumers through instant social media messaging. When a customer has a decision to make the purchase, more and more retailers are willing to deliver the product to the desired destination as an after-sales service. A growing number of retailers is making the delivery to the consumer on the same day that the purchase is made.


Retail observers have inferred that these changes may lead to the end of the industry as we know it. Some financial and retail analysts have made predictions that the retail sector is likely to transform in the next decade that it has in the whole of the 20th century. The traditional brick and mortar retail outlets are set to become extinct shortly according to the industry observers. However, it is important to note that just lime in any industry, change is inevitable and retailers have to adapt to these changes for them to survive and thrive. One of the biggest drivers of the transformations that we have seen in the recent past is the change in consumer behavior, tastes, and preferences. With the development of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and the growth of internet accessibility, consumers now have a wider variety to choose from than ever before.


In this article, we are going to highlight the different factors to put into consideration for any retail business to thrive in the current competitive market.


Data collection

It is critical for the management of any retailer to have a solid ground to make vital decisions for the business’s future. One of the essential aspects of decision making is the analysis of data collected on consumer needs, competitors and employees. With the advent of the internet, market trends and predictions are easily made from analytics, and retail stores can access this data now more than ever. A retail store can track a consumer since the day they first made contact and record it using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM enables the retail management to track the behavior of the consumer and what they like or dislike without the infringement of laws regarding data protection. With the help of consumer analytics, a retail store can make informed decisions based on the tastes and preferences of the customer. This will, in turn, leads to an improved consumer brand experience.


Keeping up with current retail trends

In the business world, there is a famous saying that goes trends end up becoming opportunities. This is also true for retail stores. Retailers can make predictions of what their consumers will prefer to be served in the future just by analyzing the trends in the industry. With such information, the management can adjust to fulfill the consumer's needs and maintain a loyal clientele. Keeping up with the trends will also help a great deal in the ability of a store to venture into new markets both locally and nationally. For instance, in the last five years, online stores have taken the retail market by storm. Retailers who failed to adjust have since struggled to remain relevant or have been driven out of business.


Comprehending consumer needs

Customer satisfaction is always the primary objective of any business enterprise. A retailer can use the existing systems and technology to offer the consumer exactly what they want. Consumer loyalty schemes that have been around for a while now can be paired with product information which increases product relevance to the customer. Combining information collected online and what is present in the physical store can lead to customer satisfaction.


Lindsey Patterson

How Retail Companies are Competing Against Amazon

4 min read


How to Compete Against Amazon in the Retail Market and Win

The world of retail has completely transformed. Online retailers have certainly shaken up the status quo that existed before. There is no other online retailer that has had such a humongous impact on the market as Amazon, the world’s largest online store. According to its own numbers, Amazon sells almost 400 million different products in a plethora of different product categories.


The sheer volume of Amazon’s retail sales is amazing and can certainly be a frightening prospect for competitors. With a competitor like Amazon, many retailers may wonder if it’s even worth it to try to compete at all. However, there are some strategies you can use to survive and even prosper in this market. Below are a few you should consider.


Target a Niche


Perhaps Amazon’s biggest strength is the sheer vastness of the products offered in its online store. If it’s a physical product, there’s a very good chance you will be able to find it in Amazon. As already mentioned, there’s hundreds of millions of choices. However, that strength can also be a drawback from a certain point of view. Even if Amazon sells everything, it can’t be great at selling everything.


This is where another retailer could come into the picture. You could choose a niche and devote your company around selling a certain kind of product. For example, you may want to sell books, models, toys and other merchandise relating to science fiction properties. This is actually a growing market. According to Variety, Star Wars merchandise sales are in the ballpark of $252 billion.


If you try to stake out that niche, you may get rather good at serving that particular community of consumers. Amazon, on the other hand, doesn’t have enough manpower to serve every single niche to that extent. This is where you can gain an advantage.


Build Brand Loyalty


Another way a retailer can compete against Amazon is by building brand loyalty. Building brand loyalty in the age of Amazon is very possible. You may fear that a person could simply choose to order your products from Amazon. While that is possible, if you can convince that consumer that your brand as a retailer has value on its own, you can change that dynamic. Amazon is humongous. However, it still has limited resources and cannot cater to every consumer like smaller companies can.


Try to launch different programs to help build brand loyalty. A customer loyalty program is an excellent idea. Amazon doesn’t currently offer one. Reward loyal customers who provide you with repeat business with freebies. It will be worth it to maintain that constant stream of revenue. Try to add something in-store that can help create that loyalty as well. Something as simple as free coffee and snacks can go a long way towards pleasing people.


Provide Excellent One on One Service


Make sure your customers know you appreciate them. Make the extra effort to engage with them directly. Take their feedback seriously, and always make sure a customer never leaves your store without being completely satisfied. Train your employees to espouse this kind of customer appreciation as well.


Most of Amazon’s customer service is outsourced and distant seeming. Someone in the United States that has an issue with Amazon will probably end up talking to a customer support rep from India or some other foreign nation over the phone or through a chat pop-up. This is one place you can close the gap. As a smaller retailer, you still have the ability to provide in-person customer service.


If done well, this can be a valuable part of the customer experience. They may even tell others through word of mouth online and off. Statistics suggest that one happy customer can lead to nine referrals.


Amazon absolutely dominates ecommerce. There is no way around that fact. However, just because that is the case does not mean it’s impossible for other retailers to thrive in the retail market. If you’re able to cater to a niche, build strong brand loyalty and provide more personal customer service, you can certainly find a lot of success.


Lindsey Patterson

5 Ways to Improve Your Websites Ranks

4 min read

SEO is one of the best ways to generate more website traffic. Since there is a lot of competition out there for certain keywords, most businesses are finding it hard to improve the search rankings of their websites. Fortunately, there are so many ways to make your website rank highly in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.


Create High-Quality Content


High-quality content is one of the driving factors when it comes to search engine rankings. There is no substitute for a high-quality content. A content that is created specifically for the target audience increases the number of visitors to the site. This improves your relevance and authority, increasing your ranking in search engine results pages. Make sure your content contains specific keywords for the intended audience. Don’t use a one-word keyword. Use phrases for more visibility. For example, if your website deals with car spare parts in California, you can come up with a phrase such as “Cheap car spare parts in California” or “High-quality car parts in California.” Also, make sure the content is formatted correctly. Use bold, italics, heading tags and other formatting techniques to create something that is easy to read and interact with.


Consider Metadata


When developing your site, ensure that every page has space for metadata. This space should be located between the head tags of each page. If you don’t know how to create a page with a space for head tags, then use a WebDev guide. The metadata is taken care of the page titles that appear at the top of the browser window. It provides a contextual description of what is on your website. The browser will use this contextual description to get a rough idea of what your site is all about. It also contains keyword combinations that target specific audience.


Create a Video Content


Any website that does not use video content is seriously lagging behind. Video platforms like YouTube have over one billion accounts, a third of the total population of people on the internet. Not to mention, Google, the most dominant search engine, prefer sites that have video contents over those that don’t. You could increase the ranking of your site significantly through video content. It has become an invaluable part of digital marketing across all industries. In addition to videos, include images on the site. Studies show that images can increase a website’s ranking by 10 percent.


Create a Responsive Website


For the last 12 months, we have seen a paradigm shift in how Google and other search engines rank websites. Google, for instance, changed its policy on rankings and made responsive design as one of the key determining factors when it comes to rankings. Not to mention, many people nowadays use mobile devices rather than desktops to access the internet. So, never ignore responsive design since it largely determines the number of people who will see your site online. Users who can’t navigate your site easily will most likely move to another site immediately. This reduces site visibility and your overall ranking.


Update Content Regularly


While a high-quality content has a strong impact on search engine rankings, its effects reduce over time. This is because Google value content that is updated, fresh and relevant to the current needs of the target audience. A content published five years ago is very different from one published two weeks ago, even if they are talking about the same thing. The one published two weeks ago is more updated and relevant to the targeted audience. Google’s webcrawlers will most likely pick it up faster than the one published five years ago. Ensure your content is updated to remain relevant and maintain a high ranking.


SEO content optimization is all about creating a site that will rank highly in Google and other search engines. By using the five tips discussed above, your site will not only rank highly, but it will also improve user experience and your site’s online presence.

Lindsey Patterson

Four Exceptional Ways to Spice Up Your Backyard

4 min read


You may have taken many significant steps to improve the look and functionality of your home’s interior, but you need to show your backyard some love as well. Your backyard is the ideal place for the kids and pets to run around and burn off some energy, but it also is perfect for enjoying family time together, for entertaining friends and neighbors and more. When you look around your current backyard, you may not be pleased with what you see. The space may be anything but functional, and inviting may be the last word that you would use to describe it. The good news is that you can jazz up this space so that it has the resort-like feel that you desire by focusing on a few important areas.

Install a Pool

Before you begin looking at inground pool pricing, imagine the possibilities for your space. A pool and hot tub could be used for entertaining, personal relaxation, quality family time and more. A hot tub may even be enjoyed year-round regardless of your climate. A pool will give your kids a great place to have fun with friends close to home, and it may remain in place for years for your grandchildren to enjoy. This pool could be surrounded by exceptional landscaping that creates a true paradise in this space. Simply glancing out the window each morning and seeing this beautiful feature could instill you with a sense of relaxed peace.

Add a Fire Feature

There are an extensive range of fire features that you could incorporate into your backyard design. A fire pit is a common type of fire feature for homeowners to enjoy, and this type of feature brings charming ambiance to your space and even warmth during the cooler months of the year. You and your crew could roast marshmallows or even enjoy casual conversation by the fire. There are other fire features that are designed to enhance décor. Their style has an artistic element, and the glow of a fire creates a touch that you cannot generate from any other type of feature. Examining the many styles available may help you to find the right feature to add to your yard.


Upgrade Your Patio Area

In many homes, the patio is a basic concrete slab with a square shape. It is nondescript and even ugly in some cases. You can easily enlarge this space by covering the area with pavers or other attractive coverings. You can also create an awning or shade, add vegetation and lighting and more. Your patio area would not be complete without comfortable seating. The type of seating that you choose may depend on how you plan to use the space. For example, you could choose lounge chairs or a dining table seating option.

Jazz Up Your Cooking Space

These efforts can dramatically transform how you use your backyard space and how enjoyable your time is alone or with your favorite people, but you should take one final step to complete your backyard experience. Your current cook area in your backyard may be a small, outdated grill. You can retire this grill and install a permanent cook area or even an elaborate outdoor kitchen with a fridge, a stovetop and more. This type of feature is perfect for enjoying family barbecues, for entertaining friends with lunch or dinner by the pool and more. When a cooking area is installed in your backyard, you do not have to worry about one person being isolated alone indoors doing all of the cooking.


Your current backyard may be plain and uninteresting. It may be the last place that you think about gathering for quality time with friends and family. However, there is hope for your backyard. Spend time envisioning the possibilities with each of these options in mind. Remember that you could make upgrades and improvements all at once, or you could tackle each of these projects individually as time and funds allow.

Lindsey Patterson

How to Pick Hairstyles That Suit Your Face Shape

4 min read

No matter what kind of structure your face follows, there will always be a hairdo out there for you. Styling your hair the right way can take you looking like the girl next door to a glammed up Hollywood diva in a matter of seconds. Finding the right haircut is easy, and just requires a few easy steps that you need to do before you step into the parlor. Whether you want to look glamorous in a dress, or cute in a simple denim jacket, the right hairstyle can do the trick for you.

Before you figure out your hairstyle that you are going to pick, you need to determine the face shape. Haircuts work differently depending on the kind of shape your face follows. On the other hand, having a haircut that does not suit your face shape can be disastrous and can drop your overall look more than you can imagine.

If you aren’t sure what kind of face shape you have, there is an easy way to do this. All you need to do is take a picture with the front camera of your phone. Make sure that the photo shows your entire face flat on, and not at any angle. Don’t try to pose during this, and let your face sit naturally as it would be if you weren’t taking a picture. Don’t worry if this isn’t your ideal photo angle since it will only help you understand your face structure, thereby enabling you to get a better haircut. After you have taken the picture, open it in some editing app and outline your face with a pen or marker tool. The shape that this follows will help you determine the shape of your face.

Now that you know for sure what the shape of your face is, the next step is to find the right haircut for you. To make the task of finding one easier, we have compiled a list of haircuts, and have noted down which hairstyles would suit that kind of face shape.

Circular Shaped Face

For those who have a round face, a pixie cut or any short hairstyle looks the best. Because of the shape of the face, longer and bulkier haircuts would add more width to it, thereby making you look broader and fatter. If you do want to keep your hair long and don’t want to chop it all off, try to wear your hair as sleek and straight as possible, as any amount of volume can add a few pounds to your face. If you want medium length hair, that goes up to, or even a little above your shoulders, opt for a sleek, asymmetrical bob.

Heart Shaped Face

People who have heart-shaped faces are some of the luckiest since they have a wide range of hairstyles at their disposal. For those who want to keep their hair short, adding a little bit of texture like waves or spikes is always a good option. If long hair is more of your jam, get a layered haircut with bangs to give your hair more definition and to complement your face well.

Oval Shaped Face

For those who have an oval shaped face, your hairstyles are somewhere in between the ones for heart-shaped faces, and the ones for round faces. Short pixie haircuts don’t look the best on people with oval faces, and ideally should be avoided. However, for a short hairstyle, a textured bob is always a good fit. For those who want an option that has your hair falling up to your shoulders, going in for a sleek shoulder-length cut with subtle blowout waves is the best way to complement your facial structure. A fridge is not ideal for people with this kind of face shape since it makes it look longer than it is. Just like the option for shoulder length hair, longer hair can also be worn in the similar way - sleek from the top, with subtle bangs at the bottom.