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Lindsey Patterson

Why Business Security and Traffic Management Are Crucial For Success

3 min read

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Having a good website for your business is crucial for the success of your business. Nowadays customers expect an easy to use website that has all the information they need to be able to buy your product or your service. When you are taking your customer's financial information on your website, you need to make sure that it is secure and is working well in the database. Traffic management is another thing that is important for your online website. As your company grows, more people will be on your website. Your website and server need to be able to manage this growth and process information. No one likes a laggy website that is not easy to use. Here are some reasons that business security and traffic management on your company website is crucial for the success of your business.


Having your customer's financial information encrypted is crucial to the success of your business. When customers buy products from your online store they expect their information to be safe in your hands. You should be using a payment processor that includes the encryption of your customer data. This will ensure that the information your customers give you is secure. Another thing you can do is to make sure that your website has SSL certificates. These are certificates that guarantee that the connection is secure and that the information being sent back and forth is encrypted. These are cheap to have and should really be used on your online website especially if you are going to be handling sensitive information.


As your company grows, your website needs to be able to handle that growth. No one wants to have to deal with a slow website. You should choose the right website hosting that will be able to protect your website and be able to provide the speed to handle growth. Each website hosting company will offer different security packages and speeds depending on your need. If your company is going to need a large server that will be able to handle a lot of users you should choose the right company for the job. One thing you should consider is a service mesh. This is a system put in place to ensure that communication is constant between different parts of the system. Having a solid system in place to handle all those and handle business security is crucial to gain the trust of your customers. You need to make sure that you are using the right speed for your website. Each web hosting company will have different speeds available at different prices for your own needs. Maybe you have a small company and you do not need big speed for your website. Maybe you have a large company that does a lot of orders online. Depending on your needs you should be choosing the right package for you and your company, and also making sure that the growth will match the speed of your website server.


Making sure your business is secure and your website can handle as much traffic as I can is crucial to the success of your business. Customers expect to be able to securely give you the financial information and be able to easily use your website. Make sure you have both to have a successful business. 

Lindsey Patterson

The Keys To Establishing A Good Work Environment For Optimized Productivity

4 min read

Business leaders are constantly looking for ways to evolve and increase productivity. In order to do this these business leaders must find ways to make business environments that are attractive to a work force. A business leader that is mindful of creating a good work environment is going to have a higher level of efficiency inside of the organization.


Adequate Technology

The business world thrives when there is adequate technology in place. A lot of work that can be automated is easier when the right technology is utilized. There are also ways to streamline business processes that can be much more efficient when the right video and phone technology is utilized.


Employees like to work in these types of environments. Having an organization that has up-to-date technology cuts down on a lot of stress that can occur when software and hardware applications are out of date.


Skilled Employees

A good work environment is one that is also composed of skilled employees. It becomes much easier for a company to flow when they have talentpowered personnel in place to get jobs done. People that are skilled in their profession are going to bring fresh ideas to the table. They know how to complete jobs, and their ability to take the lead and handle projects reduces stress for everyone.


Skilled employees will attract other people to the organization. When a company is already running like a well-oiled machine it becomes easier to get other people on board to follow the vision.



All employees can see the benefits of flexibility. This may entail a work schedule where people can come in call on different shifts. Some employees that are also parents may have to pick up or drop off children at school. A flexible job is important for this reason.


Other employees benefit from a job that allows them to work from home. Telecommuting is big for some people that work for a company that is a great distance from where they are living. The ability to VPN into a network and get to work is important for some employees.


Promotions and Raise

The employees need motivation to prompt an increase in productivity down through the years. If they are going to rise in terms of their productivity levels they are going to want the promotion that comes with the experience that they have gained. These employees are also going to want to receive increases in pay for their level of knowledge. A good business leader sees the need for keeping employees happy with this promotion system that also results in an increase in pay.


Paid Vacation and Sick

Young employees that are just getting started inside of a business culture do not always consider the value of vacation and sick time. It is very important to build an organization that provides time for employees to take time off from their jobs. They need to take care of regular dental and doctor visits. People that work constantly without any vacation or only decreasing their levels of effectiveness. That is why business leaders should put an emphasis on paid time off for employees. This always serves as a great incentive to attract new employees that are job-hunting.


Good Communication

In some work environments there is no two-way street when it comes to communicating. The leaders tend to send down orders for employees that are under their leadership. There is no upstream communication with suggestions to be made inside of certain organizations.


A good work environment is one where there is a two-way street. Employees need to have the ability to voice what they feel about the organization and the business processes that are being utilized. Employees want to know that they are valued when it comes to their opinion on the work that they are doing. Sometimes these types of communication sessions will lead to a better method for performing some of the work.


Lindsey Patterson

Reasons Why Working for Oneself Is So Fulfilling

4 min read

Most people have had a similar experience at some point in their lives. They're immobile within a cramped workspace. Stressed and annoyed over their job. And they think about their employer's freedom. This brings up a common "what if" scenario. They wonder what life would be like if they had their employer's freedom. And they might even think about leveraging their skills into a career path set by their own needs and preferences. But for most people this is where the speculation ends. Not many people follow up with the dream. But what happens for people who do strike out on their own? Do they find it fulfilling, and if so in what way?


Freedom always feels better than a lack of it


The fact of the matter is that one can ever say with total certainty how lifestyle changes will impact people. And the time it takes to reach full self sufficiency also has some impact on how people feel about the process. But in general, even when people are struggling, they prefer to do so while working for themselves.


One of the big reasons is freedom. People often forget the underlying reasons for their work. But the reality is that people work in order to essentially buy freedom with it. Money is basically a way of getting relief from the constant needs of the world. It's a way by which one doesn't need to worry about shelter, food and other concerns. But ironically enough work tends to eventually shackle most people. In trying to buy more freedom they give it away.


And this is the fundamental joy which comes from self employment. One finally sees what true freedom is like. It's the ability to take a longer break if needed. Or conversely to get more work in to complete a concrete goal without begging for overtime. One starts to finally live freedom instead of searching for it.


People need social connections with each other


Another area where freedom comes in is that people get to actually communicate on the job. Most people are so focused on the workplace that they forget how limiting it can be to true communication. For example, take discussions about health, diet and exercise.


Nobody would doubt that people feel better when they're fit an healthy. Someone selling le-vel thrive or the like will essentially get paid to discuss how much it's helped them. This involves speaking from the heart about what might well be subjects that literally saved his or her life. But now imagine talking about it at the average workplace. People could accuse someone of judging people by weight, of being blind to possibly offending others, and it goes on and on. Of course none of that would have been intended. But that's the nature of most offices.


There really aren't actual connections between people in an office. But people need those connections to feel human. Humans are social creatures and need connections with each other. People find those connections when self employed. But when one is in an office or structured workplace it's something of an uphill battle.


Working to get a job finished vs. working for the sake of work


Most people have experienced busy work before. It's a process of effectively doing nothing while on the clock. And it's usually because one finished with a personal aspect of a project. One might have a new project ready to start. But it can't be worked on because that's what the red tape says.


It's not a very fulfilling way to structure one's life. In contrast when working for oneself the job becomes goal oriented. One can actually work toward accomplishing something. And this makes one feel a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis. It's not work for the sake of work. It's work to actually make a change in the world.


The time to start is now


Again, most people have thought about this type of thing before. But the majority of people just sigh and regard it as a dream which will never happen. But all it takes to make that dream a reality is determination. A drive to make it so will be able to do it. But it only begins when one is ready to take action.             


Lindsey Patterson

A Few Ideas Which Can Help One Age Gracefully

4 min read

People have been searching for the fountain of youth for a very long time. At one point they were searching for a literal fountain. In more recent times this has been a more metaphorical search. But in the end it boils down to the same shared desire. People simply don't want age to steal away some of the most important parts of life. But at the same time we do see some people who seem to age gracefully. And one can learn a lot of important tips by considering their example.

Woman Wearing Red Hat and Sunglasses

Get Plenty of Exercise


When thinking about aging, one should look for areas where the gracefully aging congregate. And there's few areas as good as tracks or trails for moderately paced joggers. One will often find older people who can keep up with jogs that would rapidly drain people half their age.


And this is one of the most important points for someone concerned about aging. Exercise can be something of a double edged sword. When done right it helps keep one healthy and active. But it can also predispose people to accidents and physical damage. It's important to consider that the people who do the best long term tend to keep exercise both consistent and moderate. This provides the benefits of exercise while also


Nutrition is Vital to a Long & Healthy Life


Exercise is important. However, food is what fuels an active body. It wasn't that long ago that people couldn't conceive of eating too much food. Food was such a precious resource that humanity just didn't have many examples of what over abundance would do.


But in modern times we know that eating too much will hurt one's overall longevity. And along with that it will usually impair one's overall health. However, eating too little will do the same. It often seems difficult to find the perfect balance at the dinner table. However, recent studies affirm that getting the right amount of calories and nutrients can provide startlingly powerful benefits to one's fight against the aging process. Caloric restriction with optimal nutrition has even been shown to give people cardiac function equivalent to people 20 years younger.


The real answer is often easier than one might imagine though. It's hard to keep calories in line when restricting oneself. But it's considerably easier when one actively looks for healthy but tasty foods. It's often just a matter of substitution too. Sweet frozen berries with a bit of cream, for example, give a similar taste to ice cream. But the overall nutritional profile is vastly improved with the berries. And one can often get a nice balance with unhealthy treats by simply limiting them to dessert. That way one doesn't have to give up unhealthy food. Instead it's easier to find ways to balance it with more healthy combinations.


Planning & Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


This might seem rather complicated. And to be sure, aspects of it will often require some extra study. But that's also why many people work with pre-existing diet or exercise plans. Many of the le-vel thrive reviews, for example, talk about how quickly people have been able to make big changes. In these cases it's often a matter of being able to jump right in to the big lifestyle changes. This can provide a good boost for long term anti-aging efforts.


Consistency is Key


In the end, the most important point is consistency. All of these ideas and more can become part of a great anti-aging plan. This will help one stay happy and healthy for decades to come. But it only works if one keeps at it. Plans to age gracefully over an extended period of time will also call for extended periods of action. But if one plans properly, it's not just possible. The effort to hold tight to youthful looks and energy can even be enjoyable. 


Lindsey Patterson

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Internet

4 min read

There is nothing worse than slow Internet, especially if you frequently download stuff, or use it for your job. The good news is that speeding it up is actually pretty easy when you really think about it. Let's take a quick look at four ways that you can speed up your slow Internet.

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1. Check Your Bandwidth Usage


When your Internet is going slow, it might not be your ISP's fault. If there are other people in your home, or at your workplace using the Internet, then that could be the problem. You see, a connection has a limited amount of bandwidth that can be used at any given time. The more people online doing stuff, the more it will slow down. Usually this isn't a problem, but if you have multiple people streaming and downloading stuff at the same time, then it can slow your connection to a crawl.


If your Internet keeps slowing down and you can't figure out why, make sure you check to see if others are using up all the bandwidth before you give your ISP a call. There are even programs and apps that can help you monitor your bandwidth usage so you can see exactly who's using what.


2. Upgrade Your Connection


The simplest way to speed up your slow Internet is to upgrade your connection. This could mean finding a new ISP, or upgrading the quality of your connection with your current ISP. You will be paying more, but if slow Internet is driving you crazy, then it can be worth it.


It should also be mentioned that giving your mobile connection a huge boost in the near future is going to be a pretty big deal with 5G technology making its way to the public. If you're still wondering "what is 5g technology," all you really need to know right now is the fact that it is much faster than the current 4G that most people have, and will revolutionize Internet speeds and communications.


3. Eliminate IP Conflicts


Each device on a network is assigned its own IP address so that the ISP can keep them separate. However, there are cases when devices will end up having the same IP address, and this can create a conflict. Usually if this is the case, the device with the conflict will notify you so that you can do something about it, but what do you do?


Normally the best way to handle this is to get on whatever device is having the conflict, and manually change the IP address. How you do this will vary by device, and you may need to look up instructions online to help you figure out how to do it. If all else fails, call tech support for your device and see if they can help.


4. Open Ports on Your Router


This tip might be a little vague because how you go about doing this is different depending on what device you're using, what router you have, and what you're trying to connect to. For example, if you're trying to connect to Netflix through an Asus router using your tablet it will be different than if you're trying to connect to Xbox Live through a router provided by your ISP using your Xbox.


The general idea behind this is the fact that opening the right ports makes it easier for the data coming through your router easier to reach your device, and easier for outgoing data to reach the service you're using. This can really speed up your Internet by a lot in many cases.


Be Proactive About Speeding Up Your Internet


The one thing to remember if you have slow Internet is the fact that you can do something about it in most cases. Don't feel like you have to live with slow Internet, follow the tips here, and do your research, you'll be sure to find a solution that works for you.


Lindsey Patterson

The Party Planning Process

4 min read

If you have ever wondered how to throw a great party, here’s a guide to show you how.


First, you must choose a theme for your party. It doesn't matter if you want to throw a backyard barbecue, a rock concert, or a wine tasting, there are several ideas that you can use.

Pineapple Fruit

However, a theme is not the only thing that you should consider when planning a party. You can also choose the food that your guests are going to love. Bonus points if you select food that is high in nutritional value so that they won't get too full on unhealthy junk.


You can even incorporate food into the party itself. For example, you can throw a party with a chili cook-off. Not only is this easy to pull off, but it tastes good. Additionally, not only will you know what foods people are eating, but also how much they are eating. Also, by knowing the amounts of calories of each serving, you can make sure that your party is suitable for people with special diet considerations.


More Tips on Choosing a Theme


Another popular theme is a block party. For this kind of party, you can bring music to set the mood for the party. There are several choices of music that you can choose. Additionally, you can incorporate a theme to match the food, music, and the event. Also, by choosing music that is appropriate for the party you are throwing, you can keep the environment fun and enjoyable for everyone.


Another tip on how to throw a great party is to choose your party location carefully. Pick a place where you and your friends will feel comfortable. Don't go to a public site and risk the possibility of a fight. You will also want to pick a place where the guests can mingle and talk about different topics, instead of just watching TV.


One other thing to consider is what kind of people you want to see at your party. Do you want to have all types of people or just your close friends? It's best to let your friends choose the group they want to see at the party. And, if you do have friends you want to invite, make sure that everyone can get in.


Other Tips to Consider


In addition to budgeting for the things that you want to include in your party planning, you also need to consider how much time you will want to devote to your planning and organizing activities. Just like the venue, the amount of time that you dedicate to your party planning should also be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Furthermore, when it comes to the other aspects of planning a party, you should get your guests involved before the party. Ask them what their favorite party games are. Do they have a favorite kind of beer? What about entertainment? And should there be a pool? Can’t afford a swimming pool? Don’t fret! There are plenty of swimming pool financing companies that can loan you the money to get the swimming pool that will make your party truly unforgettable. Remember, any party can be fun, enjoyable, and memorable. But, it all depends on how you plan it.


The Last Step


One final tip on how to throw a great party is to choose a playlist that you will play at the party. If the party is something that the guests want to repeat, it's better to select a playlist that everyone can appreciate. That way, everyone can enjoy themselves and have a good time for the entire event. 


Lindsey Patterson

Finally Get Your Garage In Order with These Ideas

4 min read


Garages Are Not Just for Parking

Garages are often underutilized areas. With one large empty area, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do with the space, especially if you do not need it to park your car. With a few tips, you can turn your garage into the perfect workspace, man cave, or storage area for you and your family. It may take some time and elbow grease, but you will be grateful for the additional square footage of actual living-space you gain from the project. Use one, or two, or tweak a few of these ideas to match your needs and quit wasting the space and get your garage in order today.

Image result for garage


Whether you are the neighborhood shade-tree mechanic, or you like to tinker with woodworking, your garage can become the perfect workspace with a few adjustments. Cover at least one wall in pegboard to hang all the tools of your trade and customize a bench that fits your needs. Add storage drawers underneath, or place a toolbox to organize additional items. Stack small plastic drawers to separate and store small things, such as drill bits, or screws and nails. Do not forget about task lighting above your bench to ensure you can see when inspiration strikes you in the middle of the night. 


Store items in labeled clear containers so you can easily find the materials you need to finish a certain project. This is especially helpful if you have many projects going at once. Refinish the cement flooring with garage paint specifically formulated to be easy to clean up paint, oil, or other accidental spills. It comes in many attractive colors to match any design requirements. Hang open shelving to proudly display your finished projects.


Man Cave

Easily turn your unused garage space into an entertaining area by throwing down an indoor/outdoor area rug over your painted floor and placing a few comfy chairs or a couch around a coffee table. Hang a large screen TV and add a bar in one corner to create the perfect man cave or neighborhood hangout. If you have the space, put in a pool table and/or dartboard to entice others to visit your custom lounge. Insulate, drywall, and paint the walls, as well as invest in a good garage heater to use the space year-round, no matter what the temperature is outside. Your neighbors will thank you for the fun hangout space, especially if you live in an area that is known for harsh winters.



If you just need to get your garage into order for storage space, there are many options available on the market to fit your specific needs. Hang a bike rack on the wall or from the ceiling and add hooks to keep other accessories, such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads in one place. Use exposed rafters as additional storage areas to place lighter boxes or seasonal items, such as sleds or surfboards. Invest in good shelving units and plastic bins to keep holiday décor, such as fragile heirloom Christmas ornaments safe and protected from breakage.

The Takeaway

Use just one of these ideas or incorporate all of them into one space using clever spatial planning. For example, put a curved sectional sofa facing a TV in one corner of the garage with a nice indoor/outdoor rug that defines the entertaining area, and place your workspace in the opposite corner with a bench that is out from the wall so you can place your stool behind it and still see the TV while you work if you wish. Buy storage containers that complement your design scheme to store everything out of sight and keep a clean overall look to your space


Lindsey Patterson

Benefits of CBD Oil

4 min read



Cannabidiol oil as it is known in full refers to oil that is extracted from the hemp plant, a plant that is closely related to the marijuana plant. This medical marijuana component is otherwise among the most ubiquitous cannabis active ingredients. Unlike other marijuana components, the oil does not make its users high, and this is in line with the study that the World Health Organization carried out. The cannabinoid has been attributed to have the following benefits;

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Managing Anxiety

In recent studies, cannabidiol has been proved to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, manage effects of anxiety, keep in check PTSD symptoms and even induce sleep curbing insomnia. The cannabinoid achieves this by altering how one's brain receptors respond to Serotonin.


Keeping Seizures at Bay

As much as the research into using CBD to treat epilepsy is still ongoing and not yet concluded, it has shown positive results. According to the American Epilepsy Society, clinical trials of cannabidiol show a considerable reduction in the number of seizures in victims and has no side effects.

Pain Relief

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) a body system that regulates functions like pain, sleep, appetite and many more has been known to bind with the cannabinoid and just like in managing anxiety, cannabidiol manipulates the brain receptors. This has seen to it that cannabidiol makes the perfect choice to be used along with other tasking treatments such as chemotherapy. According to research by the National Institutes of Health, conditions like muscle pain, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, arthritis, MS pain, among others, make perfect candidates for using the cannabinoid.

Cancer Treatment

Being a marijuana product, the cannabinoid, of course, has properties that curb the growth of cancerous cells. The National Cancer Institute firmly believes that the cannabinoid can be used to not only control the cancer treatment side effects but also assuage the cancer symptoms. This is despite being in the very early stages of researching on how the cannabinoid can be used to mitigate inflammation, treat cancer and alter cell reproduction.


Acne Treatment

CBD does not only interact and deal with cancerous cells only, instead, but it also deals with the entire body inflammation. It attains this by altering the functioning of the immune system receptors. As per the Journal of Clinical Investigation, CBD keeps the sebaceous glands in check by regulating how much sebum they produce, as it has been proven scientifically that more than enough sebum causes acne.



Aimed at helping individuals that suffer from neurodegenerative disorders, a study on how the oil can be used to manipulate the receptor CB1 to curtail nerve deterioration is underway. In so doing, ailments like stroke, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Alzheimer's disease can be treated using the Cannabidiol oil.


Keep the Heart Healthy

The cannabinoid 's ability to lower high blood pressure not only ensures the well-being of one's circulatory system but also the heart in general. In doing so, heart conditions such as heart attack, strokes and even the metabolic syndrome are kept in check.


The Legality and Safety of Cannabidiol


Just like most cannabis products, cbd oil is not legal all over the US. In some states, it has been legalized for medicinal purposes only, and as far as FDA is concerned, the oil should not be used officially to treat any medical conditions. The cannabidiol has a few side effects such as raising levels of certain medications in the blood nausea, irritability and fatigue.


Closing Remarks


In conclusion, the cannabinoid has shown with no doubt that it can manage cancer symptoms, chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety. More studies to elaborate the effective doses of the cannabidiol need to be carried out, however, if you are in for it now, please ensure to consult your doctor to prevent any effects that may arise especially as a result of other medications currently in use.


Lindsey Patterson

Best Makeup Products for Clear Skin After a Workout

4 min read

Working out is important for overall health and well-being. Working out is not always good for clean and clear skin. Some makeup products can be used after working out to keep the skin clear.


Image result for clear skin after a workout

Le-Vel Thrive

Le-Vel Thrive Reviews show that this supplement can do many great things for the body. This supplement can give the body energy. It can also be used to help keep the skin clear and fight off pore-clogging bacteria. This is great to take before working out for the extra boost of energy and for the skin benefits after exercising.


Yuni Beauty

There are products from the Yuni beauty line that will be able to help a person after they have been working out. This makeup can be used to clean the skin after working out and the line can refresh the skin. There is the Chillax muscle recover gel to reduce inflammation. The Flash Bath is a no-rinse cleansing foam that can be used on the body. This can take the place of a shower and remove sweat and dirt from the pores. This formula can be applied to acne and by the next morning, it will be gone.


Clinique Pep Start Gym Bag Set

This makeup set has everything a person needs to clean up their skin after working out. There are single using cleaning wipes that are used to remove sweat and bacteria on the skin. There is a duel cleanser and exfoliant to help provide the face with moisture and to remove the dead skin cells that may clog the pores. This will allow a person to work out and then they will be able to take care of their skin.



This product line has some great makeup for those that like to exercise and those that enjoy outdoor sports. Some things can be put on the skin before working out. These products have SPF to help protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. They will not come off even as a person begins to swear. There are lips products and cheek tint with built-in SPF and they will also provide a hint of color. This is great for people that run outdoors. The BB cream is lightweight but it will provide great coverage for skin imperfection and pimples. This will help protect the skin and cover anything up while working out.


Foreo Luna

This makeup line has developed care for those that work out. The Play Cleaning products will help prepare the skin for the workout. The Invisible Finishing Mattifying Gel will help clean the skin. There are products for people with dry and oily skin. They will go on smoothly with no shine. This will protect the skin from sweat while exercising.


Tarte Cosmetics Athleisure Line

This line is designed for athletes that still want to look great. There is a moisturizer that will help keep the skin hydrated. There are products for the lips including Sea Quench that will leave the lips soft even when working out. The lips and the skin products contain vitamin E so the body will stay hydrated. There are fresh wipes that can be used to cleanse the skin after working out. The skin will feel fresh and will smell nice too.



These are some of the great makeup and related products that can be used to help clean the skin after working out. While working out is good for the body, the sweat and dirt are not good for the skin. These products will allow a person to get their workout in without having to worry about their skin.


Lindsey Patterson

Ways to Treat Yourself in 2020 on Any Budget

4 min read

Treating yourself needn’t be expensive, lavish or time-consuming. The only requirement is that it makes you smile, relax and live life to the fullest. With the new year fresh upon us, treating yourself is important. It’s the best way to start 2020 the right way. You feel better, relax easier, and give yourself something to look forward to in the coming year. Take a peek below as we reveal a handful of simple ways to treat yourself this year, regardless of your budget.


Treat Yourself for Under $20


With $20 or less, treating yourself will improve your mood and overall happiness. It’s the small things that count in life, after all. A manicure is a simple under $20 treat. Other women will compliment your nails, which is a reward in itself. What about a nice meal? A solo meal at a decent casual restaurant, with a drink, should cost about $20. A delicious meal always soothes the day. Or, take a friend out for dessert and coffee instead. Stop by the florist and purchase a flower. Roses, daisies, or even a sunflower, you can give yourself this pick-me-up and expect a fantastic day ahead as a result. Stop by the coffee shop and grab that overpriced cup of coffee on your way to work. Or, stop by the mall after work and pick up that t-shirt, lipstick, or other items that you’ve wanted for some time. $20 goes a long way when it's time to treat yourself, believe it or not!

person doing manicure

Treat Yourself for Under $50


Pamper yourself for $50 or less with a trip to the spa. A half-hour massage will easily fit into your price range. Choose from massages such as a Swedish or Deep-tissue massage and melt away your stress. Purchase tickets to a theater show or to a local movie for yourself and your SOS and turn your treat into a fantastic date. Sometimes, spending time with our favorite people is the best treat in the world. It’s a great time to improve your health. Whether you want to reverse the signs of aging or need help shedding unwanted weight, Thrive has the power to help you succeed. Check out some of the Le-Vel Thrive Reviews online and discover why this is the top way men and women are treating themselves to good health in 2020 and join in on the fun. Perhaps it's time to sign up for a class. Whether you love yoga, pottery, cooking or another hobby, fun classes help you meet others who share the passion and teach you new tricks, techniques, and fun.


Splurge Treats for All


If money isn't a concern, a splurge treat always soothes the soul. Think long and hard about the expensive items that you’ve wanted or needed and spend that money to reward yourself? Why not head out on a road trip to a nearby destination and see what it's all about? Perhaps you could even fly away to an exotic location. A new piece of jewelry always helps us shine and feel our best. Confidence is so often overlooked virtue that we all need. Buy new furniture or appliances that you've needed for some time. Or, why not purchase a whole new wardrobe? Dressing up and looking your best is always fun, especially when we’re wearing new clothes.



With the ideas above, 2020 is a new year that’s started off the right way. Everyone deserves a treat now and again, even if it's for no other reason than ‘because'. These ideas are only a handful of easy ways to treat yourself the right way, regardless of your budget.