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Lindsey Patterson

Ways to Treat Yourself in 2020 on Any Budget

4 min read

Treating yourself needn’t be expensive, lavish or time-consuming. The only requirement is that it makes you smile, relax and live life to the fullest. With the new year fresh upon us, treating yourself is important. It’s the best way to start 2020 the right way. You feel better, relax easier, and give yourself something to look forward to in the coming year. Take a peek below as we reveal a handful of simple ways to treat yourself this year, regardless of your budget.


Treat Yourself for Under $20


With $20 or less, treating yourself will improve your mood and overall happiness. It’s the small things that count in life, after all. A manicure is a simple under $20 treat. Other women will compliment your nails, which is a reward in itself. What about a nice meal? A solo meal at a decent casual restaurant, with a drink, should cost about $20. A delicious meal always soothes the day. Or, take a friend out for dessert and coffee instead. Stop by the florist and purchase a flower. Roses, daisies, or even a sunflower, you can give yourself this pick-me-up and expect a fantastic day ahead as a result. Stop by the coffee shop and grab that overpriced cup of coffee on your way to work. Or, stop by the mall after work and pick up that t-shirt, lipstick, or other items that you’ve wanted for some time. $20 goes a long way when it's time to treat yourself, believe it or not!

person doing manicure

Treat Yourself for Under $50


Pamper yourself for $50 or less with a trip to the spa. A half-hour massage will easily fit into your price range. Choose from massages such as a Swedish or Deep-tissue massage and melt away your stress. Purchase tickets to a theater show or to a local movie for yourself and your SOS and turn your treat into a fantastic date. Sometimes, spending time with our favorite people is the best treat in the world. It’s a great time to improve your health. Whether you want to reverse the signs of aging or need help shedding unwanted weight, Thrive has the power to help you succeed. Check out some of the Le-Vel Thrive Reviews online and discover why this is the top way men and women are treating themselves to good health in 2020 and join in on the fun. Perhaps it's time to sign up for a class. Whether you love yoga, pottery, cooking or another hobby, fun classes help you meet others who share the passion and teach you new tricks, techniques, and fun.


Splurge Treats for All


If money isn't a concern, a splurge treat always soothes the soul. Think long and hard about the expensive items that you’ve wanted or needed and spend that money to reward yourself? Why not head out on a road trip to a nearby destination and see what it's all about? Perhaps you could even fly away to an exotic location. A new piece of jewelry always helps us shine and feel our best. Confidence is so often overlooked virtue that we all need. Buy new furniture or appliances that you've needed for some time. Or, why not purchase a whole new wardrobe? Dressing up and looking your best is always fun, especially when we’re wearing new clothes.



With the ideas above, 2020 is a new year that’s started off the right way. Everyone deserves a treat now and again, even if it's for no other reason than ‘because'. These ideas are only a handful of easy ways to treat yourself the right way, regardless of your budget.