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Lindsey Patterson

Turing Your House Into a Home

4 min read

Turning a house into a home is a wonderful adventure homeowners get to experience. When you purchase the home, you see the possibilities. Turning that space into your space is why people purchase homes. Adding the right furniture and the family antiques handed down for generations will begin the journey. That piece there and...Oh... this goes right here!! The colors of paint you will choose for the interior is a big step in turning your house into your home. Adding the right collectibles and knick knacks will cozy up the place. Finish off the yard and next thing you know the house you bought is now your home. All things work together to create the image and feeling you want to spend time in.


Furniture Fantastic

The furniture you pick, and the special pieces you have had passed down, will make a big difference in your home. These pieces of furniture add character. A beautiful new couch, the one you have always dreamed of, is yours because you now have the space. Get a big comfy recliner and put it in front of the T.V.. It's your home that does what you want. A nice gas fireplace insert will make for cozy evenings in front of the fire. Add pieces as you see fit.


Paint of Passion

The colors you choose for your house will help make it a home. Nothing speaks custom better than color. White is boring. Tap into your passion and add some flavor to your walls. This also can include wall hangings and designs. There are many custom mural painters available to create what your heart desires. Doors and window sills are also on the menu. Create a new look in a small bedroom by utilizing the door and window sill for color. I have seen simple stencil work turn a common room into a showplace. Stencil pineapples above the dining room chair rail and watch the room come alive with hospitality, turning the house into a home.


Knick Knack Nice

This is where your hobbies and collections can come into the game. Nothing speaks home more than a collection of beautiful glass. Strategically placed about a home and the showcase begins. So many peoples collectibles are put away, display them and watch as your guests admire and appreciate them as you do. Special lighting is always a plus in your home. A perfectly placed brass reading lamp next to your comfy recliner lets guests know you do more than watch T.V.. Add dimmer switches to all the light controls and custom cozy comes at the touch of a button.


Backyard Beautiful

The yard will turn a house into a home very quickly. Adding your personal touches for the entire world to see, no hiding the yard. The backyard will be your oasis. A cozy spot to spend the weekends and entertain. There are so many options available. Do it yourself or have the professionals come in, it's up to you. Add a water feature, or put in a garden to use in the kitchen. However you configure your space leave room for a hammock.


It's Wrapped Up

How you turn a house into your home is up to you and your desires. Adding furniture, paint, and little things, is how this house became a home. As time goes by you will take and add things to keep it your home. The best part, the space is all yours to do with what you want. So no matter how it looks to anybody else doesn't make a difference, as long as you love it.