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Lindsey Patterson

Tips to Keep Increase and Maintain Your Sales

4 min read

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Even the best businesses fall into a rut, finding that their accumulation of new customers is reaching a standstill. While this is bound to happen, there's no rule that says you have to accept this as the new status quo. In fact, there are things you can do to attract new consumers and to renew interest in past customers.


Re-Examine Your Approach

Before we go any further, it might be wise to take a fresh look at your marketing approach to determine if it's working for you. If you're not offering a solution to a unique problem, that may have something to do with your slump in sales. It's not enough for your customers to want your product. You have to convince them that they need their product and the best way to do that is by advertising how your product or service solves a specific problem. 


And from an employee standpoint, you may want to hire a motivational keynote speaker to aid your employees on how they can be successful selling their product. 


Connect With Your Customer Base

If you've succeeded in business for any length of time, you know the importance of social media in marketing. Both consumers and businesses turn to these platforms, because it provides a way to bond. Consumers are looking for a more personalized experience with their favorite businesses, so the most successful companies are those that engage in the practice of customer loyalty clienteling. By providing a more personalized experience for each consumer, your customers will feel valued and that will encourage them to keep returning. Quality of service is just as important as the quality of your products.


Create a Buzz

Years ago, this meant spending money on advertising gimmicks meant to draw in local customers. Today, this can be done for free or for just a few bucks, while enabling you to reach consumers from around the globe. You can use social media to generate a buzz by sharing original content that appeals to users. If you can make an emotional connection, perhaps by relating your business or product to a heartwarming story, more people are likely to share that post. You can also pay for advertising on social media sites, which can generate web traffic to your site in a similar way.


Exploit a "National" Day

It's difficult to find a day that isn't celebrated for something, whether it's to raise awareness for a social issue (National Love Your Red Hair Day) or to celebrate a favorite food (National Pizza Day). You can use these as an excuse to host a special sale or giveaway, capitalizing on the day by relating it to your business. For example, supply free pizza slices to your customers on National Pizza Day. People love to celebrate, so this is a great way to generate a big crowd and boost sales.


Move Your Products Outdoors

The sidewalk sale gained popularity for a reason. People gathering in large crowds are both noticeable and intriguing. By moving your products out into your parking lot and maybe inviting a local radio station to broadcast the event, people driving by will be interested to learn more about the action. You'll gain visitors who were just driving by and those listening to the bustle on the radio broadcast. Just make sure to check the weather forecast, when planning your outdoor event.


Remember to be Social 

If you get on social media solely to push your products, you'll likely chase away users instead of attracting new consumers. People no longer go in for the hard sell. They want to feel like business owners have an interest in them and they want to see that businesses are interested in social issues. By engaging with others and replying to comments, you'll earn a better reputation and more users are likely to visit your page.



Pulling your business out of a slump requires a revitalized marketing campaign that seeks to connect with local consumers and compete in the online global marketplace. By engaging in traditional advertising ploys and connecting socially with online users, you can broaden your sphere of influence. While you may not see a change overnight, your persistence will pay off.