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Lindsey Patterson

The Keys To Establishing A Good Work Environment For Optimized Productivity

4 min read

Business leaders are constantly looking for ways to evolve and increase productivity. In order to do this these business leaders must find ways to make business environments that are attractive to a work force. A business leader that is mindful of creating a good work environment is going to have a higher level of efficiency inside of the organization.


Adequate Technology

The business world thrives when there is adequate technology in place. A lot of work that can be automated is easier when the right technology is utilized. There are also ways to streamline business processes that can be much more efficient when the right video and phone technology is utilized.


Employees like to work in these types of environments. Having an organization that has up-to-date technology cuts down on a lot of stress that can occur when software and hardware applications are out of date.


Skilled Employees

A good work environment is one that is also composed of skilled employees. It becomes much easier for a company to flow when they have talentpowered personnel in place to get jobs done. People that are skilled in their profession are going to bring fresh ideas to the table. They know how to complete jobs, and their ability to take the lead and handle projects reduces stress for everyone.


Skilled employees will attract other people to the organization. When a company is already running like a well-oiled machine it becomes easier to get other people on board to follow the vision.



All employees can see the benefits of flexibility. This may entail a work schedule where people can come in call on different shifts. Some employees that are also parents may have to pick up or drop off children at school. A flexible job is important for this reason.


Other employees benefit from a job that allows them to work from home. Telecommuting is big for some people that work for a company that is a great distance from where they are living. The ability to VPN into a network and get to work is important for some employees.


Promotions and Raise

The employees need motivation to prompt an increase in productivity down through the years. If they are going to rise in terms of their productivity levels they are going to want the promotion that comes with the experience that they have gained. These employees are also going to want to receive increases in pay for their level of knowledge. A good business leader sees the need for keeping employees happy with this promotion system that also results in an increase in pay.


Paid Vacation and Sick

Young employees that are just getting started inside of a business culture do not always consider the value of vacation and sick time. It is very important to build an organization that provides time for employees to take time off from their jobs. They need to take care of regular dental and doctor visits. People that work constantly without any vacation or only decreasing their levels of effectiveness. That is why business leaders should put an emphasis on paid time off for employees. This always serves as a great incentive to attract new employees that are job-hunting.


Good Communication

In some work environments there is no two-way street when it comes to communicating. The leaders tend to send down orders for employees that are under their leadership. There is no upstream communication with suggestions to be made inside of certain organizations.


A good work environment is one where there is a two-way street. Employees need to have the ability to voice what they feel about the organization and the business processes that are being utilized. Employees want to know that they are valued when it comes to their opinion on the work that they are doing. Sometimes these types of communication sessions will lead to a better method for performing some of the work.