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Lindsey Patterson

The Internet and Medicine

4 min read

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Nearly every single market and aspect of society have become intertwined with the internet today. Medicine and pharmaceuticals are no different. Today, people can order medicine online, refill prescriptions, receive diagnosis and even download discounts for the medicines they need. The internet has become the basis for home medical processes and access to medicine. And with a decent internet connection and apn, you can easily use the internet to do some research. If you’re wondering what is an apn, check out the following site that explains it in simple terms. 


The following are just a few of the wide variety of ways that the internet is transforming the world of medicine.


Home Delivery Services


By using the internet to buy and order medicine, patients can have their prescription drugs delivered directly to their doorsteps, without even leaving the house. This is especially beneficial to sufferers of illnesses that render them bedridden and house-bound. Debilitated patients no longer have to visit doctors and go to drug stores and pharmacies to procure the medicine they need. Prescription medicine is but a click away, with certain online sites. 


Online Discounts


Websites are doing their due diligence by providing patients with affordable discounts for medicines that would, otherwise, be too expensive for customers to actually buy. As the price of pharmaceuticals sky-rockets, not only in the United States but internationally, patients are finding it harder and harder to attain the medicines they need to heal and treat their diseases and disorders. Various websites have come to the rescue, offering codes and coupons to use to get a much lower price for medicines. Some sites, like Reddit, will even offer to buy patients' medicine for them, making it free, as opposed to simply cheaper. Forums. like r/assistance and r/vagabond, witness a sense of community that is ready to help its members, especially when they can't seem to afford the help they so desperately need.


Internet Diagnosis


While sites like Wikipedia and WebMD should never be used by anyone to self-diagnose any mental or physical illness, doctors are currently using web-chatting technology to help diagnose illnesses. While the world is still a ways off from perfecting these techniques of diagnosis, patients can now connect with professionals and qualified doctors to receive review and diagnosis of their ailments from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. If you have something small you would like to be evaluated by a doctor, like a rash or other skin condition, it is perfectly plausible to consult a doctor over the internet. However, if there is an emergency or some sort of internal disease at hand, nothing can supplement the physical care of a medical professional.




In today's increasingly technological and virtual world, the internet dominates almost every industry and facet of human life. We have become more connected than we, as people, ever dreamed before. Medical advances have picked up on this trend, moving patient care to the internet in a variety of ways. Patients can now visit a doctor's office simply by opening up their laptops or tablets and accessing the internet. The internet provides a plethora of help to patients trying to attain the medicines they need and seeking proper diagnosis. Sufferers who are unable to leave their homes, for whatever reason, now have less to worry about, as medicine can be delivered directly to their doors and doctors can be easily contacted for treatment tips, diagnosis, and advice on treating various conditions. 


While there are still flaws to these medical advances, the internet has opened many doors of opportunities for patients and professionals alike. In the future, perhaps patients will no longer spend long hours in hospital waiting lines and doctor's office lobbies. Echoing the golden days of house-calls and doctors visiting patients' homes, the internet provides a certain level of care, in its own right.