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Lindsey Patterson

How to Always Look Good in Photos

3 min read

woman holding DSLR camera

The camera can have a love relationship with you every time you strike a pose and the picture is taken. It can be a bit daunting when something as simple as a photo can be brings you down. Once you learn a few techniques the rest is child's play. So practice the following a few times over, the results are runway fabulous images every time.


The Right Makeup

You can be that stylish example using every outer application such as hair, makeup, and attire bringing out the best in your look when preparing to take that photo. It does not have to be scary if you remember a few things. First conceal minimally, as all over the concealer will cause a flat and washed out cast of your face. Use cover up on dark under eye areas as well as spot treating redness. When it comes to makeup keep the shimmer maybe in your outfit only not lids or cheeks. Too much shimmer will often appear harsh and stark in pictures. Eyes are the window to the soul so yes focus your attention highlighting here, it's okay to play a bit . Eye shadow, liner, mascara all done with artistic restraint ensure that when the camera captures your face eyes are conveying elegance, drama, and style. Highlight cheekbones, chin, tip of nose and the impact will be a sharper, more polished face.

Natural Lighting

It is really surprising how much lighting plays in the impact your picture can have or what shadows, brightness can do to the end result. Proper lighting is key and the rules applied vary depending on the location of the picture. Indoors or outside requires a specific lighting element to bring out the best in the photo so never leave this tip out. It is one of the most important steps in taking a really flattering picture. Natural light especially right before dusk and after dawn is the best case scenario for utilizing nature's light. Placing a light source such as a lamp with softness in it's illumination makes everyone look better in pictures.

Strike a Pose

Body and posture now that is all you implementing the best in position, posture, focus and direction. Use your body to its advantage showcasing your assets prominently yet tastefully. It may take some practice to figure out just how to use your body and that snapshot will be awesome. Now here are just a few tips to take to heart and apply or practice in the mirror or with your camera taking various selfies in different positions showing you how to stop slouching. Placing your upper torso forward and upwards aligns you with the camera angle that places you in a flattering position. when it comes to your face angle your head upwards to feature a strong jawline erasing any mistake of a double chin. There is something to be said for that "red carpet" pose, called that because it works. In this case the object is to angle your body to the side a bit turning your head towards the camera. With a fun attitude and a bit of practice you will become a pro at always looking good in the photos. 


The Main Takeaway


There are many ways to look your best when in front of a camera and the tips above will help you never be afraid the next time that photo opportunity presents itself.