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Lindsey Patterson

5 Secrets to Looking Cute and Staying Comfy As a New Mom

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You don't have to give up your fashion sense when you have a new baby on your arm. Mommy style can be interesting and fun without adding extra stress to your life. Comfortable, airy fabrics and baby-safe accessories are the mainstays of mom fashion. There's lots of room for creative expression as you explore your new life as a mother. Don't be afraid to step out of your style comfort zone without making yourself too uncomfortable in the early months. These tips will help you prepare the ideal mommy wardrobe that will carry you seamlessly from stressful sleepless nights to long days full of discovery with your new baby. Incorporate these ideas with your own flair:

Carry On

As a new mom, your bag is your best fashion friend. A large tote is chic but also necessary to hold everything you and your baby need. Because the diaper bag will become an essential accessory in your wardrobe, it should be something you feel proud to carry around. An elegant black or gray satchel will match any pattern or color you wear, and the dark color is mess-resistant. Adjustable straps allow you to wear the bag as a purse or a backpack. 

Try Some Heavy Metal

Babies' boundless curiosity is a joy to witness. But it also means they will grab, tug, and taste everything within reach. A new mom's earrings and necklace aren't safe when she's carrying her little one. There's the danger of baby ripping out dangling earrings, and the choking hazard of small pieces like gemstones and charms. Luckily, it's still possible to accessorize. Try a stack of matching bangles in your metal of choice: gold, silver, or bronze. Matching rings add a touch of glam and are too tight for baby removal. According to your style, you can even add a matching anklet or metal headband. Monochromatic jewelry is a subtle way to make your outfit look luxurious. 

Be a Good Sport

Over the past couple of years, fashionistas have incorporated a new term into the style lexicon: "athleisure.” A portmanteau of athletic and leisure, the trend translates gym wear into everyday clothing. For new moms, sporty materials provide comfort. Trade in your jeans for faux-leather leggings and joggers. Flats and heels can put a lot of strain on your feet. Choose trendy white leather sneakers that go with just about everything. 

Bundle Up

Cardigans are an enduring fashion trend. They transform a minimalist outfit into a chic, layered ensemble. For new moms, the open sweaters are both flattering and functional. They glide over post-baby curves and provide a barrier between baby messes and mom's clean shirt. Mothers who breastfeed can use a cardigan to shield their babies while nursing. A cardigan is a comfy, cozy addition to a new mom's fall/winter wardrobe. They come in many different lengths and cuts to suit different body shapes. 

All In One

A 2016 survey found that 43% of new parents (with babies 0-6 months old) only get 1-3 hours of sleep per night. Only 5% get the recommended 8 hours. It can be difficult to look put together when you're feeling exhausted. In the early months, it can be a hassle to search around for a clean, suitable top and bottom every morning. That's where the one-piece outfit comes in. A maxi dress is light and breathable during the hot months. Rompers offer fun patterns and breezy fabrics, ideal for a weekend play date. And for the working mom, a jumpsuit cuts a sleek, sophisticated figure. One-piece mom-sembles eliminate hassle while creating a stylish silhouette.