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Lindsey Patterson

What Sports Involve Cars?

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Sports typically classify as physical activities for people to compete in so many people overlook automotive racing as a sport. However, racing is a physically demanding sport that usually requires physical training so that drivers can remain fit. In addition to racing there are a number of traditional sports that include cars in their events. In this article we will explore three sports that include cars and dig more into the history of each of the sports.


Formula One

Aside from NASCAR and drag racing, Formula One is one of the most popular and televised forms of automotive racing. Formula One, abbreviated as F1, involves high-performance single-seater cars completing a number of laps around a course. Drivers in F1 compete with one another to win a series of races. A driver can lose several races but still win the series due to the fact that the series is won through a point system. Drivers win points towards the series by completing races in a certain pole position; the higher the position a driver finishes in, the more points they are awarded for the race.


Since sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) in the mid-twentieth century Formula One has undergone an immense number of changes to its rules and regulations. Over the history of the sport many manufacturers have developed designs and technology that they later used on their road cars.


Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing has been around for nearly a century and originated with desert racing. In fact, desert racing and rally racing are two of the most-known forms of off-road racing. The objective of most off-road races are to make it from one point to another point in the quickest time possible. However, several off-road races consist of drivers completing laps around a course with other competitors.


Off-road racing is a sport that can be done with any vehicle that is modified accordingly. However, trucks are mainly used for off-road racing due to the ease of modification to fit the sport. While cars are used in the sport, truck models are normally able to navigate courses easier than cars due to their lifted heights and increasingly durable suspension setups.


Road Bicycle Racing

People often participate in road cycling for fun, but the more competitive road bicycle races are popular as well. Like with Formula One races, cyclists usually race with a team in the same race. There are multiple types of road bike races, from single day races to time trial races and stage races.


Cars are often used as pace cars for certain sections of road bike races; motorcycles are often used as pace vehicles as well. A viewer may see several different types of cars used to pace a road bicycle race, anything from minivans to sports cars.



Automotive racing has been around for over a century and has continued to undergo improvements over the course of its history. Initially used to test the performance of cars and make adjustments to early car models, automotive racing quickly became a competitive event. However, there are many sports outside of automotive racing that regularly involve cars. Whether a car is the main subject of these sports or simply used to enable the sporting event, these sports rely on cars to succeed.