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Lindsey Patterson

Ways To Get Your Kids To Hang Out At Home

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There are different ways to get your kids to hang out at home. You can also talk to them about what they want to do while they are at home. Some weekends you can even let friends come over. With younger kids like my daughter who is only five, it's very easy. Now my son who is twelve that's a big difference. We talk about the things he wants to do at home. So we have set down and talked. He loves to have friends come over which that's fine with me. Which, I am very happy with that I would rather have my kids at home than anyplace else. This way, I know my kids are safe.


So if you're anything like me, then you want your kids to be at home where it is safe. When we have my son's friends over, we watch TV. We All love horror movies. It's so much fun to be in a room full of teenagers, and they get scared and scream. They are always coming back for more. They want to watch horror movies. We also pop our own homemade popcorn. They love our home theater screen size TV. It's better than going to the movies. When the kids get tired of popcorn then we will make our own homemade pizza. The kids who come over love the fact that we make our own homemade food. I also love the fact that I am saving money while my kids have a great time.


We will order pizza once every three months for something new and different. Even now that all the kids are teenagers they still love board games. Along with many other games. My daughter and I will play also. It's so funny when I wake up at two am and see the kids still playing. Then I'll ask would y'all like to play on the computer? Then everyone will rush to the computer room. Always look to the computer room. Always look to make sure they are age-appropriate. Never let them play any game other than there age. Always make sure that it's okay with the other moms as well. My son has one friend who's not allowed to play anything except for board games. His mom has never told me the reason why.


I always respect everyone, so I stick with that. This way, the kids are always allowed back to my home. If the kids are not playing on the computer, then they are on the Xbox. Inside mini golf is so much fun. And very cheap to make. You just use what you have. Everyone of my son's friends was shocked by that. I always pick the one in my bedroom to use for my golf course. My daughter picks her bedroom. She doesn't have to do anything because it already looks like a golf course.


My son and his friends pick the kitchen. Just so they can make an exploding volcano. But as I have said before it's cheap and so much fun. And we love bingo we make our own everything that we need. We don't use balls, we draw cards instead. We can't find the actual bingo game or even the set, so we made our own. It's still so much fun. I do try to stay away from video games some. I always win at bingo. The kids love to play, which makes me very happy. Hide and seek is so much fun for everyone. Even I play with the kids sometimes we will play outside. But the house has the best hiding places. My daughter loves to hide in the cabinets. My son loves to hide in the closet. I love to hide in the shower. My son's friends are really good at hide and seek they hide everywhere. They never hide in the same place. But it is very hard to find them at times. I'll get scared at times and tell them to come out, or you will be going home.