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Lindsey Patterson

The Great Memories Of Summer

3 min read

After going to school all year long, only having a few months of summer to enjoy, is a little tricky. Whether it's due to work, money, or scheduling, there is always something that seems to come up. Some families have plans all summer long, whether it’s to the ocean, the beach, or to a relatives to visit, there are always summer plans to attend to. Some families don’t get to enjoy all the perks of summer, which is a little sad. There are many options for great summer choices for your children and teens to enjoy, that will fit your budget, your calendar and your children’s hopes and dreams.


If you have older teens in your home, some summer activities sight include, hiring a college student to help Tudor your teen for the summer, so your teen is at the top of his or her class when it comes to returning back to school after summer. Classes or camps are also suitable for an older teen in your home. Taking classes or attending camp will help your teen relax and enjoy the following year of school. Summer work is also a fun, energetic way for your teen to do certain activities this summer. It will teach your teen to have goal, have their own money flow, help with expensive, it will teach your teen to grow in a way they didn’t know how to before. There are plenty of other options for summer fun. The Wilderness program Utah is a great place to start for a fun filled summer. It lets you be creative, inspired, real, empowered, and mainly you will feel connected. Take a month away to look at yourself, your life, your relationships. The program is dedicated for children and teens only, no parents. They do offer one phone call a week to be able to call home to talk to your parents. This is give you a sense of maturity. They offer rock climbing, rappelling, standup paddle boarding, and outdoor obstacle courses. This camp is great for your family, it let your children and teens work together with children and teens that have the same issues, and let them work through them and help each other and themselves. If your budget doesn’t allow your family to attend camps, classes, or programs, there are plenty of other activities that are summer friendly. Taking your children and teen bowling, skating, hiking, or just out for ice cream, are all activities your children are going to remember and love. Even maybe take up a dance class or even an art class, will also teach your children and teens the life lessons of summer. 


No matter what your budget looks like, there are so many different things you and your family can do for fun throughout the summer. There are classes, work, and programs available to help you find the best for your family. If money is an issue, no worries always remember to do your research on free things to do with the family in your area. Your children and teens will love everything you have planned this summer. Even if they don’t seem to like it at first, every new thing in life is a lesson being learned. The more lessons learned the better your child or teen may be. Remember your children love you and will love anything you choose for them to do. This is how memories are made, enjoy your summer family vacation, with one activity after another.