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Lindsey Patterson

The Details On Skin Care Routines

4 min read

Since the explosion of Youtube, blogs, and social media the secrets of the beauty world have been let out to the public and it's much easier to find information on specific things such as skin care. And with this budding popularity in skin care routine many companies have begun creating multiple products for specific skin care needs. From pore cleansers to face masks, exfoliating scrubs, hydrating sleep masks, and eye cream it's hard to figure out what should become a permanent fixture in your skincare routine. Each routine is solely based on the individual and what type of skin you have. There are some standard items that are necessary for all skin types and ways to ensure your skin is looking its best.

The "Top Dog "Cleanser

Cleaning your face is the simplest of the routine and should be carried out at least once a day. Depending on if you use make-up daily or are around toxins that get on your face like dirt, art supplies, dust, etc you may want to cleanse twice a day. However, too much cleansing can strip your skin of natural oils and nutrients needed and have the opposite affect. Start with a gentle cleanser and if it's not doing all you need it to there are harder cleansers that work with tougher skin.

Moisturizer With Added Sunscreen

Moisture is an important part of keeping your skin healthy especially if you suffer from combination or dry skin. Picking out the perfect moisturizer may take a few different tries depending on how your skin reacts. Having sensitive skin can make it tough but it's best to find the right one since it is an item you should use every day. Just a dollop of the right brand does the trick. Buying moisturizer with sunscreen is important as well and helps prevent skin cancer and damage from harmful UV rays.

Repairing Serum

This is best saved for night time routines as it is meant to help repair damage done from the day. Harsh weather, toxins, and make-up can all clog your pores that can lead to pimples and acne. Repairing serums can be dropped on the face and rubbed in overnight to provide skin with moisture and fill in any problems caused by outside entities. Skin heals itself naturally over night which is why dermatologists suggest using the serum at night as an additive boost to your body's natural routine.


Eating properly and getting enough hydration is a big factor in having clear skin. Fatty foods that are often the easiest to grab while you're on the go can negatively affect your skin. Foods that have a high GI (glycerin index) change the way the body's oil secretions act making them more glue like rather than smooth which causes them to get stuck under the skin thus creating pimples. Unhealthy amounts of sugar seems to have the same affect. High amounts of sugar have also been linked to premature aging that can lead to dark spots and wrinkles much earlier in life.

Having a good diet is not always the easiest when years of bad eating habits follow you around. The added stress of having to make meals when you're exhausted from an extremely busy day can be a deterrence too. Using Le-Vel's Thrive nutrient packed shakes may be your angel in disguise. Packed with healthy vitamins and the day's nutrients these enriched shakes can help balance out your body's nutrient levels. It'll help cut out extra sugar or bad fats that could be making your skin worse without your knowledge. Not only will Thrive help your skin it will create a well-balanced and healthy diet that boosts your mood, energy, and cognitive function. Le-Vel Thrive Reviews are full of information and testimonies.

Having great skin isn't just about what goes on your body it has a great deal to do with what goes inside it too. Take the next step and help change how you feel inside and out.