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Lindsey Patterson

The Basics of Decryption

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In the world of technology and security, there have been many changes that are always constantly going on in the world. Decryption is one of the important aspects of providing security to the users. By decryption what is meant is to decode an encrypted data that has been sent securely so only the person that is ended to gets the data decrypted. Encryption and decryption are common methods that are used to provide security to users. In this article, a basic guideline is provided to make the readers with the technologies that are involved with decryption and to list out the uses of decryption.


In making sure that your data is transferred to the users securely the first thing that is needed to be made sure that the data that is to be transmitted is encrypted. Encryption is to break down the data into bits and change it with algorithms and sequences that would be unreadable for any normal person. In simple words, the data is ciphered and changed so it becomes of no use to anyone in that format. So even if the data is hacked during the transmission, the hacker would be able to obtain any information for the data.

Decipher Key

To decrypt the data a decipher key is needed. Without this key, the encrypted data cannot be decrypted. When a website is secured by SSL what it means is the data would be encrypted to provide security to the users. If you are thinking about what is SSL, then it stands for a secure socket layer and it can be used for providing authentication and encryption on a website. The decipher key is enabled only on the recipient's end so when a data is transmitted to the recipient only on that end the data would be decrypted. There are many kinds of deciphering keys that are available to make the system secure. Often multiple keys are used to make the system more secure so if even the hacker can get one algorithm he still would have to struggle to find the other keys. One of the most common decryption keys is the public key. There are also private keys that are more secure. There are also symmetric keys that provide only one pair of algorithms. There are asymmetric keys that have two layers of encryption to provide more advanced security to the users. Another type of key is the pre-shared key that is shared with both parties to add an extra layer of security.


The method of decryption works after identifying the recipient. This process is called authentication when the recipient is verified. After verifying the recipient the data is decrypted for only the recipient to be able to read in the format which was sent by the sender. Authentication is an important part of the whole process of encrypting and decrypting data. To make the system safe and secure multiple factors of authentication could be ensured in the backend.

Use of decryption

The use of decryption is fairly simple to recognize. With numerous hackers lurking around on the website to extract the precious data from the website decryption provides a secure method of receiving the data from the sender. There are now more modern encryption methods that can make the system much safer for users.

Some common encryption and decryption methods

There are many methods that are popular when it comes to encrypting and decrypting data. One of the most common ones is Triple DES which was reliable at a time but now many hackers have figured out the way to defeat it. Another encryption technique is the RSA encryption that provides better encryption to the system. Unlike Triple DES it takes a lot of time for any hacker to break the algorithm and within that time the system can detect the security threat.