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Lindsey Patterson

Protecting Your Home From Intruders

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Owning a home is an exciting accomplishment but there are measures you need to take now that you're a homeowner. Living in a densely crowded apartment building or duplex with multiple people inside is a natural deterrent to burglars. A separate home on a quiet street can be much more appealing especially since most people are gone all at once. It may be a scary thought but it's the reality of the world we live in. Taking precautions is a smart move and your home warranty can only do so much. There are many safety measures that will protect you and your home.

Locking Windows


Windows are an easy point of access and more hidden than the front or back door. If your house is older standard window locks aren't always the strongest around. Add extra security by putting in window bars, reinforcing the glass with security film, or add window sensors. If a window is broken or opened while the alarm is on it will make a loud screeching noise and most of the time that is enough to scare the intruder away. If no one is home and the alarm continues for a certain amount of time the alarm company will call you and if you're not home they will dispatch the police to check out the house.

Lock Your Doors


A simple and effective method because it works. Breaking in through the front door can be a loud hassle so make sure all your doors are locked even if you're home. Pad your security by adding your own deadbolt or a strike plate. A strike plate is a mechanism that attaches to the door jam with little holes on the other side so when the door is closed the metal sticks inside and holds the door shut. Strike plates are a good reinforcement to add. Getting door sensors is usually standard for alarms and will act in the same way a window sensor does.

Don't Give Them A Sneaky Path


Having lights on your front porch, side of the house, and backyard is a good way to make intruders less inclined to get into your house. Intruders get away with their sneaking in the shadows to remain unseen by neighbors. If there's light surrounding them they can't get around unnoticed. It also makes it easier for you when you're returning home at night.

Lock The Garage


If you have an attached garage this is an extra pathway into the house that homeowners sometimes forget to secure. Make sure if you're getting door sensors the garage is included. If your garage is separate intruders know you store a lot of expensive and easily swiped materials inside. Lawn mowers, power tools, even bikes are often stolen out of garages to be sold elsewhere or for parts. Upgrading to a remote control garage makes it much harder for intruders to break in. Getting a thick padlock that is hard to break physically can do the trick too.

Private Wi-Fi


Most people forget that having access to your internet at home means having access to alarms and cameras. Not only that but your wi-fi contains doorways to personal and financial information. Passwords automatically saved on web browsers can be accessed. If you do any type of online banking like most people that means intruders can get what's necessary to drain your accounts without even needing to step inside your home. Secure your wireless router, create an incredibly complex and hard password, install antivirus or malware protection, and use a firewall. Digital intruders are just as harmful as physical so it's imperative you protect yourself from all angles.


Owning a home is cause for celebration. Keep unwanted guests out by doing all the necessary steps to secure your home for peace of mind and for safety. Don't get caught off guard and always lock your doors.