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Lindsey Patterson

How To Manage Introverts

3 min read

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Introverts are people who do not like socializing and most of the time, they are quiet. You should know how to deal with them. Here are some of the management tips you can use.


1. Do Not Assume Them

Introverts are always quiet and when in a meeting or a discussion, you will see them just looking at you airing out your views. Their silence does not mean that they are rude and so do not assume them. Look or a way of engaging them in your discussion. The fact that they stay silent does not mean that they have nothing to say. They could be contemplating one concrete decision that will help you find the best solution to the problem on the table. Keep on asking them on what they have to say about the topic in discussion and listen to them.


2. Respect Them And Give Them Space

When an introvert is working on his or her desk, do not go there and try to ask them impromptu on a particular issue. He or she will find it hard to open up and therefore you will not be in a position to get full information from them. If you want a good answer from them, give them some time and space by informing them that you will need to talk with them about a particular issue. Most of the times, they are shy and they cannot speak up when you confront them before an audience. They mostly prefer communicating via text messages or emails.


3. Use The One-On-Onee Approach

This approach involves talking with an n individual in person and in a privet environment. Introverts will open up and speak comfortably in a quiet environment and a private one. They always shy away when there are things or people distracting them. They like staying alone most of the times. If you have an employer who is an introvert, call him or her in the office and have a one on one meeting with him or her. If you want to learn something from them also use this approach. For example an introvert who is skilled in understanding the Visibility fabric management & automation software will teach it best when you meet him or her one on one.


4. Give Them Leadership Opportunities

Most of the introverts have smart ideas and if given the managerial positions they can work effectively and produce desired results. Not only are they are smart, but they are always supportive. They have good leadership skills but only they cannot speak in public. By giving them the leadership positions, you will nurture their public speaking capabilities and they will start embracing it. Most of the top leaders in business like Mr Bill Gates and others are introverts. Do not ignore and undermine them.


5. Become Their Voice If Necessary

This is the last approach you can use in managing introverts at your workplace or at school. Become their voice and try to air what they have in mind rather than leaving the brilliant not implemented. They will also feel loved and valued once they get assistance from you and their ideas get implemented.



Different people have different personalities based on their backgrounds and their upbringing. You should be ready to embrace the introverts and do not neglect them.