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Lindsey Patterson

How to make road trips enjoyable

3 min read

Road trips can be a lot of fun. There are many things that people do not think of when they go on a road trip. These are some tips to make things more enjoyable and ensure that everyone has fun when they are out on the road.

Driving Time

If a person is going across the country they are going to have thousands of miles to cover. They should make a loose plan about how far they are going to drive each day. A person should plan of driving no more than 8 hours each day. If they drive more than this they often will get tired and will miss out on many great sites. If a person notices that their foot is becoming sore they can use heal-n-sooth to help. 

Map and a Sharpie

While many people use the GPS in their smartphones for directions nothing beats a traditional paper map. They can make their path with the sharpie on the map to see where they were going and track their journey. They can then bring this map back home with them to see where they went.

Get a Gas Card

When driving across the country even a fuel-efficient car will go through a lot of gas. These gas cards will allow a person to earn points to redeem for the free field. This can help reduce the total gas bill for the trip.

Meet New People

This is a great time to meet new people from all over the country. A person can start up a conversation for local workers. Getting to know the people in this area will make the most out of the trip. They can also recommend some great places to eat and some good sights to check out that may not appear in the travel guides.

Limit Phone Contact

While many people feel more comfortable traveling with a phone in case of emergencies. A person should limit the calls that they are accepting while on the trip. They can still keep in contact with friends and family but should focus on spending time with the people they are on the trip with. They should also limit the time they are spending on the internet.

Bring Extra Keys

A person should have an extra set of car keys with them. In case they lose their keys or misplace them they will still be able to get into their car. If a person loses their only set of keys they will be in bringing trouble and this can ruin the trip.

Take Pictures

A person should take plenty of pictures while they are on the road. This will help them remember their trip and will help keep these memories for years to come. They can look at the pictures and remember their road trip.


These are some tips to make the road trip fun and make sure everyone has a good time. These tips can allow a person to see the country and enjoy their experience.