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Lindsey Patterson

How to Afford a Brand New Vehicle

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Every year car manufacturers are coming out with the latest and greatest in car technology. From cars that connect with Alexa to cars that drive themselves there is always something new and cool on the market. But these cars are expensive and along with that they cost lots of money to pay taxes and plates on every year. Many people still can afford and choose to drive these amazing self driving or alexa connected expensive vehicles. How do they do they afford it? It is actually a lot easier to afford a brand new vehicle than you would think!

Drive Pre-Owned

There are a lot of people who choose to drive vehicles for only one or two years before they trade them in for a newer model. These cars still have lots of life left in them just waiting for someone to drive them. Also, the technology in a one or two year old car is still up to date and cool. The other benefit to driving pre owned vehicles is that a lot of the bugs of the brand new car have been worked out. Although engineers do their best to develop perfect driving cars, there often are bugs that are unforeseen. This is the point of car recalls. Therefore, driving a little older vehicles allows these bugs to be worked out and the recalls to be completed before you have to deal with them.


Save your Pennies

Another option to affording a brand new car is to save your pennies and just pay cash. Buy a clunker, eat a packed lunch and save all of your extra dollars every month. Then save up a decent down payment or just buy a car cash. The other benefits to this is that you don’t have an expensive monthly payment for six years. You can save those extra money every month for your taxes and insurance. We all know that a more expensive car means more expensive taxes and more expensive insurance! By saving up your money, instead of getting a loan, that opens the door for you to buy any car you want to as long as you have the cash for it!


Buy an Inexpensive Vehicle

Although there are thousands and thousands of different cars on the market, they can be narrowed down to three main categories, trucks, sedans and suvs. Trucks and suvs can be the most expensive cars especially brand new on the market, however, you can get various brand new foriegn sedan style cars for pennies in comparison. Some cars are listed brand new and under 10,000 dollars. However, a brand new, relatively inexpensive foriegn car is more likely to run in the 10,000 to 20,000 dollar range. However, that is still really cheap and affordable in comparison to a brand new truck or suv. Also, these smaller, foreign cars tend to be cheaper to maintain, cheaper to put plates and pay taxes on and cheaper to insure. Therefore, all around a much better deal. So if you are in the market for a new sedan style car and are hoping for brand new, consider a foriegn brand such as toyota.



In the end, driving a brand new car may not be as out of your reach as you first assumed. Brand new foreign brand cars can be fairly inexpensive and in your reach. Also, putting down a large down payment or just paying cash for a car can help cut down on the major overhead expense of doing a down payment. Also, driving a pre owned vehicle that is only one or two years old can still give you the experience of a nearly brand new nice car but without the expense of a brand new car. Besides, you will also spend less time in the shop with recalls when you purchase an older vehicle!