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Lindsey Patterson

Great Family Vacations to Plan for this Year

4 min read

Going on a family vacation will allow members of the family time to relax and get away from the mundane routine of daily life. A family can take a road trip in their new truckor they can go somewhere far away to learn about new cultures.


This national park has a lot for young people to see. They can check out the geysers and the natural springs. There are many different programs to participate in including wildlife workshops and guided boat tours. A family can stay at a hotel or they can choose to stay in one of the designated camping areas. This are some great sites here.


This is a great vacation place for those families that are active and always on the go. There are many trails to select from and each one offers something exciting for the family to see. Some trails have waterfalls and large sequoia trees. Summer is the best season but the early fall and spring times still offer nice weather and smaller crowds. The family can camp out here as well or they can stay in the comfort of a hotel.

Washington, D.C

The capital of the United States has plenty to do for a family and they may even be able to sneak in a small history lesson. There are museums and many of them offer free admittance. There are some monuments to visit that tell of some of the leaders of the nation. The Smithsonian museum is one of the top attractions as well as the Lincoln Memorial. A family can explore the city by renting a bike or an electric scooter. There is so much to do and see it will take several days to take in Washington, D.C.

Outer Banks

This is one of the best beaches in the country and this area does not get as crowded as other beach vacations. The beaches are free to visit and there are waves to keep everyone busy. The Pirate Adventure is also a big hit with visitors. For those that want to take a break from the beach, they can visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial. There are some other seas activates to enjoy such as spending time on the Duck boardwalk or trying something known in these areas as ghost crabbing. It is best to book this vacation in advanced because hotel rooms fill up quickly.

Myrtle Beach

This is another great place for a beach vacation. The beach has great conditions and plenty of attractions in the town. There are water parks, mini-golf courses, and an aquarium. Of course, there is the beach which offers free entrance. There is a huge boardwalk that is 350 acres as well as entertainment and shopping. There are also concerts along the beach and the boardwalk for the family to enjoy.

San Diego

This city has many things to keep the family busy and the weather is nice and warm most of the time. There is the famous San Diego Zoo to see. There are many beaches to sit in and relax and enjoy the Pacific Ocean. There are also some museums such as Midway Museum to learn a little about history. It is a good idea to book a vacation early since the hotels do fill up quickly. For a big city, most of the attractions are affordably priced.


These are some of the best places for a family to take a vacation and they should plan their visit to them this year. This is much to do to keep a family busy and allow them to spend some quality time together.