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Lindsey Patterson

Get your Sons ready for School

3 min read

Rise and Shine Son


The alarm goes off for the third time and little man has rolled over again. Mornings are very difficult for everyone but especially the youngest ones in the family. Getting your son up and ready to face his day can be challenging but with just a few tips and tricks he can be up and out the door in no time. It may take you as a parent getting your nights rest also. It also does not hurt by taking some time for yourself in the morning before anyone else is up with a cup of coffee, some quiet time to reflect before getting the day started.

Get On Up  The first step is the "get up" that takes a bit of patience especially dealing with young boys who may have wrapped themselves for the last time blanketed and tucked for some more sleep. Now how to get them up means being creative. Sticking to a bed time is a smart start. Being disciplined in going to bed early enough time to sleep resting his body and mind can mean getting up easily. This may be wishful thinking but put this as your first tip and see the difference it can provide.The next tip is the actual alarm itself. If they are using a cellphone as an alarm place his phone across the room so he is forced to get up and turn it off. that time it takes to get up and turn it off means the day has started with no going back to bed.

All Washed Up
Showers, face washing, teeth brushing are next and the trick here is to be efficient yet timely. This can take a lot or less time if a goal is set here. So with your son work together so you can move through morning wash up and yes one step closer to getting out the door. By the way you can go in any order that works best for your family in order to follow these steps of getting your son ready for his day.

Dressed for Success
Having a plan here and being as proactive and organized as possible with what your son will wear to school and where all necessary items are placed together in one place is a key to efficiency here. You can even let him pick his outfit because when a child has a say in what they like then it is easier to put it on in a hurry. In a case where uniforms are the norm it is even simpler. Many schools have opted for uniforms and that is a really great choice. The boy's school uniforms are a dress code that ensures they are able to get dressed quickly and there is no stress or pressure in fitting in. They can be dressed for the day put together and ready for success.

A Bite
Making sure your son has eaten something before they start school should be quick yet nutritious. A bowl of cereal like oatmeal, breakfast sandwich, or even a smoothie and a bar can get you on the right road for brain power they need once they hit the classroom.

Let's Go
Getting to this point means you are headed out the door, backpack and lunch in hand. Making sure you do a mental check list you can get your son out the door on the bus, in the car and through those school front door. the day for him can off to a great start with organization and time management.