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Lindsey Patterson

Figure Out How To Have The Best Wedding Day Celebration

4 min read

Having a great wedding day is something that all brides want to do. There are television shows that are made about weddings and the big day. There are movies that highlight how this should look. What couples need to do is pinpoint things that can go wrong and look for preventive measures to make sure that this is a blissful day.


It is a good idea to make sure that everyone knows that they should be there on time. That can be a big source of stress on the wedding day if someone is late. It is good to talk with all of the people, especially the ones that are known for being late, on the day before the wedding. They need to know how important this is. Some may need to get reminders for alarms to wake them up. It is good to stress the importance of being on time to minimize your stress if they are part of the wedding party.

The Wedding Bands

When you get engaged there is an engagement ring that is given to the bride-to-be. This flawless diamond should be shined to perfection. Most women that getting married will solder the wedding bands and engagement ring together. This can be done before you are married. It is good to make sure that the ring is held by someone that is responsible. In most cases it is going to be the ring bearer that is bringing this ring down aisle. In some cases couples that have children that are ring bearers will typically give the ring to the best man. This puts less responsibility on the children that are part of the wedding ceremony.


In a number of cases wedding parties will have people that take a number of pictures after the wedding is over. Family and friends are going to want to take photos. This can be time-consuming. It also makes it harder for the paid photographer to do the job. It is much better to get the wedding party assembled before the wedding. This way pictures can be taken in advance. It also ensures that people that are part of the wedding party will get there on time. If they have to take pictures prior to the wedding they have to show up even earlier. This means that a lot of the wedding photography photos can be taken in advance in order to expedite the transition to the reception.

The Guest List

Couples compose the guest list before the wedding. It is good to do this because it cuts down on a lot of confusion. If there is a place that has a limited amount of space you don't want to find yourself arguing because there is not enough room. It is better to sort out the space that is going to be needed and make the necessary arrangements to accommodate those that are on the guest list.

Short Vows

It is easy to look at what has been done in the movies when it comes to saying your vows and assume that a long lengthy speech is what is preferred. The reality, however, is that you do not want to find yourself in this situation at your own wedding. You don't want to be nervous, and you don't want to take a lot of time trying to read vows from a piece of paper. It is better to go with short vows that are going to get right to the point. You need the ability to say what you're going to say without spending a lot of time worrying about forgetting some of the things that you may have planned to say. Keep it short and sweet.


The wedding day can be a marvelous time when the right tactics are taken to make sure that it is going to be successful. People that are serious about making their wedding day blissful will consider these steps to reduce stress.