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Lindsey Patterson

CPQ Software Builds Faster Quotes for Customers

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Software to Help Your Business Sales


Wouldn't it be great to know exactly how to price your products in an accurate and financially beneficial way? Getting real time pricing with quotes that have been configured to be the most up to date in the market? This has become a reality these days. There is software now that assists your business with more revenue and the ability to sell anywhere at anytime. You can have the tools needed to increase profits by offering the best quotes to your most loyal customers both old and new. It is a much more streamlined way to conduct important deals with customers and give them the information they want so much quicker. It is an innovative way to conduct business


Learn About Configure Price Quote Software


Using this software assists your team of sales professionals to sell products or services according to the most recent pricing guidelines and rules of discounting. It tells you when to do it, and when to hold back. You also have control over who sees your private business information with access based on the role of the person logged in. An entry level employee will have access to more basic features while a management team member has more information available to them. You can grant or deny access to different people within the company. Confidential information is protected to only those who need to see it.


Understanding Shipping Fees


The software calculates what to charge for shipping based on the latest statistics available on the web. You can also check on sharing the revenues. It will show you what sells best so you can market based on the location of the customer. Sales trending patterns are fully visible to you as well. It is important to have the latest information on calculating rates so that the customer doesn't go to another vendor instead. Responding quickly to what shipping will cost, gives you an edge to the competition.


CPQ Gets Rid of Using CRM Software and Excel or Word to Quote


Quoting prices accurately is a detailed process. Many companies rely on Word or CRM Software to figure prices out manually when needed. CPQ decreases the use of multiple products to create pricing guidelines. Errors also happen more frequently when using more software manually. When the CRM doesn't do everything they need, they have to use Excel or Microsoft Word to fill in the rest of the data by hand using graphs or templates.


Speed and Efficiency


When selling to vendors, studies suggest that half of the sales go to the vendors that contact the customers first. Sales that take too long fall by the wayside. It is quicker to use CPQ software because it's one stop business transaction information. It automatically gives the vendors up to date sales and business regulations. The software guides you to upsell as well as cross sale and generate quotes in one easy format.


While many businesses are used to using the traditional CRM software, CPQ allows for less manual labor and thus speeds up the process significantly. There is no more waiting for someone to punch in all the numbers to get the quotes they need for business.