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Lindsey Patterson

Best Family Movies to Watch Together

3 min read

Nowadays with new technology, games, and devices, kids don’t know about the good ole family nights. Back in the day, we didn’t have all these new fancy devices to play on. We had to go outside, get dirty, play in the dirt, stand back up, dust ourselves off and do it all again. That was our playing back in the good ole days. Your treat for the night might be a movie that you watch with your loved ones. You may of been one of those lucky children that were lucky enough to have sleepovers and your friends could come watch the movie with you. Some families didn’t have television, streaming devices or devices to watch movies when they were younger. Making movie memories are a must for everyone.


When it comes to family movie times, the newest releases are a great choice. In 2019 there are several top rated movies for your family. Depending what your family likes, the Lion King is a great family movie. You can enjoy the new remake of Lion King, while reminiscing about the old Lion King. If your family likes musical, the new remake of Aladdin is a great movie. Starring some of your favorite actors, like Will Smith. Some families have watched the Toy Story movies, Toy Story 4 is an epic must watch 2019 movies for you and your family and friends. If you don’t have a VHS player or DVD player there are other options for viewing a movie, such as Netflix, or Hulu. They both offer new releases along with many other family movie choices. Incredible 2, Mary Poppins and frozen 2 are some of the greatest movies advertised on streaming devices. Some families like to watch movies on older devices, such as a projector screen or home theater screen. If your family doesn’t have a home theater screen available, there are many choices. If you are interested in getting a home theater in your home, take into consideration that it comes with wires, receivers, speakers, Blu-ray player, and remotes. Make sure you know the area you are wanting to get the home theater system in, so that way you know what home theater screen size to get for your home. You don’t want to go to big, or too little. Movie nights with the whole family is a must, it lets you build memories, one good memory at a time.

No matter how you stream, download, or just watch a movie, there are so many possible choices for a fun filled night. No matter what movies your family likes or don’t like, there are options for everyone. The good thing about movies, is that you can pick a movie on how you are feeling. If you want to laugh, lick a comedy, if you want to be scared, pick abhorring movie. One of the top picks for movies are family movies. There is something for everyone. There are multiple ways to be able to watch a movie. Some devices you may already have in your home, or you may have downloaded to your devices. If you still need a way to enjoy your movies at home, do your research on home theater systems for your home. Your family will love it. Your friends and family will love it. Let’s start by picking our favorite movies of all times, play it, pop some popcorn, theses are the memories you want to make. Warm, happy, movie time memories with the whole family. Enjoy yourself.