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Lindsey Patterson

6 Beauty Tips for Looking Your Best

4 min read

From the moment your alarm sounds, to the moment you fall asleep at night, there is something to be said about wanting to look your best. You can make excuses for not applying a little extra effort because you worked too many hours, you had a bad day, your children were not behaving themselves, but it doesn't take too much extra time, money, or effort. In this article, we will explore 6 different beauty tips for looking your best.

1. Skincare

It is important to first identify your skin type. Is it oily? Is it acne-prone? Combination? Sensitive? After a quick evaluation, decided on a cleanser, toner, serum, and a moisturizer. Finding 4 different products can sound a bit stressful, but you might actually have some of them lying around in your kitchen.


Did you know that raw honey acts as a natural antioxidant? Yes, you can pour a teaspoon of honey and mix it with your favorite essential oil for a healthy natural glow. Cinnamon-sugar scrubs also can be used for a natural face and body exfoliating treatment. That leftover yogurt you didn't finish at breakfast, simply rub it all over the face to reseal moisture back into the skin.

2. Hair care

Hair care is often times overlooked, especially when you are in a rush. Many will completely go without washing and conditioning their hair, and simply put the hair in a bun, or put on a hat. There are quick and easy steps you can follow to ensure your hair is kept healthy and clean.


There are a plethora of dry shampoo aerosols, and lightweight conditioning serums. After brushing your teeth and prepping your face in the morning, a few minutes of applying a dry shampoo and moisturizing serum will revive the life in your hair. If you have a busy schedule, these 2 simple steps are especially made perfect for you.


3. Body care

Exfoliating dead skin cells and applying a thick moisturizer can keep your skin shiny and with a natural glow. In the summer months, a thick moisturizer would not necessarily be needed but do not go slacking on your exfoliating treatments. Just like mentioned above in the skincare section, you can D.I.Y your own exfoliating treatment.


Prepping your body before you go to bed is paramount for the best body care results. Lathering on your favorite moisturizer will soak into the skin, cutting down your morning regimen. If you have severely damaged or cracked skin, try using a moisturizer that has healing properties.


4. Staying hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated will allow your body to flush out all unwanted toxins. Simply carrying a on-the-go water bottle, or setting reminders on your cellular device are ways to stay on track. Hydrating the inside of your body will show in a vibrant way on the outside.


5. Food choices

Grabbing a bag of salty chips, or sweet candy is quite easy to do when you are in a hurry and trying to settle your cravings. Opting for healthier food and snack options like green vegetables, carrots, hummus, and naturally sweetened granola will not only settle your cravings (believe it or not), but will boost your energy through the day.


6. Experimenting/Staying positive

If you are still unsure what beauty or skin hacks work for you, try scheduling a full day to experiment. This way, you can find out what is best for you. Keeping a positive attitude is also very important when you want to look your best. Make a conscious effort to maintain positive energy throughout your day.


With all of the quick tips to look and feel your best, hopefully you found something that is right for you. Le-Vel Thrive products are also an easy approach to achieving your overall health and wellness. Be good to yourself, and happy self-care!