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Lindsey Patterson

Small Home Decor with Big Impact

4 min read

You love the holidays, but your home is so small. Putting up bulky decorations and large Christmas trees just make your space look overcrowded and cluttered. You are looking for the ways and means to decorate without filling up your already small areas. Suggestions and tips include the following:

Decorate Your Walls

One eye-popping method of decorating that will take absolutely no floor space is decorating your walls. Hang a colorful holiday tapestry, an array of holiday plates, or a grouping of Christmas photos from the past. Put up watercolors or oil paintings of holiday scenes. You can even purchase holiday decals to stick on your walls - a unique Christmas message or poem will touch everyone's heart.

Purchase a Smaller Tree

There are now so many Christmas trees available to fit almost any space. If you do not have much room in your living area, you may want to consider a slim Christmas tree. It will fit much more easily into the corners of the room, and you can almost put the same number of ornaments on it - the taller the tree, the better. Or you can purchase a tabletop style and scale down on the ornaments you use or even buy miniature lights and ornaments.

Utilize Color

Instead of adding multiple decor items, add color. Switch out that blue throw on the sofa with a red and green one. Change all the candlesticks to bright red and pine green candles. Throw pillows with unique holiday designs will not only add pops of color, they will also add comfort and coziness to your little home. Set up cheerful place settings on your dining room table with bright linens, placemats, and unique floral centerpieces.

Another way to make your small home look larger and much more spacious is to use the color white. A white Christmas tree, white or ivory rugs, light-colored tablecloths and tree skirts, white or champagne-colored slipcovers, and white or off-white drapes will give a feeling of airiness and space to your residence. White accessories such as candles, poinsettias, ornaments, and figurines will only add to this unique decor.

Spread the Decor Through the Entire House

Most homeowners will decorate the exterior entrance to their house and then the dining room and living areas. If you have a small home, spread out all of your decorations throughout the entire residence. Place small Santa figurines in the restrooms, garlands around all of the railings, and even a small, well-lit Christmas tree in a front-of-the-house window of an upstairs bedroom for passers-by to enjoy. Top bedroom mirrors with swags of pine, place a bowl of ornaments on a hallway table, add greenery and ornaments to chandeliers, and hang an Advent calendar on your stairway landing. Switch out all the family towels for fluffy gold, red, green, and silver ones. These small touches will take little space but have a huge impact on your overall decorating scheme.

Take it Outside

If your home is already bursting at the seams, you can always focus on the exterior of your house. Place a live tree in a sturdy pot on your front porch and put "fake" gifts made from bricks and fabric underneath. Set up a nativity scene on your front lawn. Add hanging poinsettias to your front porch for an extra burst of color, and choose a unique wreath for your front door. Line your walkways with spots of solar light and throw fairy lights over your bushes for a welcoming look. If you are not afraid of heights, add a rooftop decoration such as Santa on a sleigh or a simple Christmas star.

As you can see, it is easy to avoid clutter and overcrowding of your Christmas decorations when your living spaces are limited. Using these suggestions will make your home cheerful, inviting, and full of the Christmas spirit. The compactness of your lovely home will just bring family and friends closer together while they enjoy all the delights of the season.