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Lindsey Patterson

Make Your Friends Jealous of your Gluten Free Lifestyle

4 min read

The gluten-free lifestyle is something that many people are finding an excellent way to increase their health. Your friends may not understand your decision to give up gluten. However, they are certain to see the long-term effects of the lifestyle. Here are a few ways that you can certainly make them jealous.


More Energy

Decreasing gluten intake often results in an overall increase in energy. This usually has several side effects. First of all, you will have more energy to spend on your family. While others are exhausted after a long day at work, you will have the energy to make it through the day and more. You may choose to spend this time spending time with the people you love. You may pick up a new hobby or activity that you enjoy. This excess of energy may be spent working out. That beach body is definitely something that your friends will notice.


Having more energy can impact multiple areas of health. If you are less tired, you will feel happier. You will also be more productive. Raised productivity can lead to better job performance. This can, in turn, lead to promotions and raises. All of these can be directly tied to experiencing more energy.


Mental Clarity

Mental clarity is related to the increase in energy. In fact, many of the benefits are the same. You will experience better focus. This will help you be focused on things that you may have had trouble focusing on in the past. You may be able to pick up reading or doing a crossword puzzle. You may come to enjoy deep conversation or researching difficult topics. All of these things can lead to better overall happiness. In fact, these things also can build your brain power. This may help you in anything from retaining knowledge to leading a healthier and longer mental life.


Some other benefits of the mental clarity that come from giving up gluten may include increased job performance. This performance is very likely coming from both the mental clarity and the increased energy. If you are better at your job, you are more likely to be satisfied with your entire life. After all, you spend about 1/3 of your life at work. If you are good at what you do, you will be more likely to enjoy your job. This satisfaction is what comes from focus, clarity, and energy.


Delicious Options

The market for delicious gluten-free food has definitely grown. If you still want to enjoy the finer things in life, you can find gluten-free options for almost anything. There is gluten-free bread, and there is even gluten-free beer. All of these options are usually available in a gluten-free section of a grocery store. This makes living the gluten-free lifestyle much easier. Be advised that these products can cost more. It is ok to opt for foods that are naturally free of wheat and natural flour. You can still eat carbohydrates in the form of oats, rice, nuts, and beans. Most gluten-free options simply replace regular wheat substances with one of these other materials. Products vary in taste and flavor, so you may need to find something that works for you.


Other options that will fit your lifestyle include gluten-free meal delivery service. This has become increasingly common. This allows ingredients to be delivered to your home along with instructions on how to cook various dishes. Many people have found this a great way to learn to cook appropriate dishes. Restaurants are also having more and more gluten-free options. This allows you to be able to enjoy everything you love!


Your friends will not be able to contain their jealousy when they see the effects of your gluten-free lifestyle. More energy, better mental clarity, and delicious meal options certainly make it worth the extra work.