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Lindsey Patterson

Importance of Having Satisfied Employees

4 min read

The employees of a company are one of the most important people in any firm. Most companies have a human resource department that looks into affairs of employee recruitment and management. However, most of these departments fail in executing their mandated duties. Employee management stretches beyond payment of salaries and defining the different roles of a company’s workers. They should also check if the employees are comfortable with their working conditions and everything about the company. This way the administration will be able to apply the respective measures to improve the attitude of employees. Happy employees are very productive. They also create a very vibrant working environment for each other.


Three major factors determine the productivity of employees. When these crucial factors are fully satisfied, the productivity of any company will soar to immense levels. They include:


1. Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction revolves around the fulfillment of the individual employee’s feelings. A dissatisfied employee is sad and lacks the motivation to work hard. On the other hand, a happy employee has an internal self-drive to bring positive changes to the company. What makes employees happy or sad is the working environment that the employer offers them. When the working conditions are favorable, the employee owns the company’s plans as his/her own and strives to fulfill them. Therefore, the human resource department should ensure that they create the most conducive employment that brings satisfaction to the employees. This can be done through the following means:

• Reviewing their salaries regularly. Employee dissatisfaction develops when one realizes that he/she is not paid according to their value. Underpaid employees are always in a revolt of new ideas that are brought up to increase the company’s profits. Instead of embracing reforms, they look at changes as tools of continuing to exploit them. Ultimately, such employees will spread their discontentment to others, and the entire company will be in revolt.

Giving employees a chance to open up. Every person likes to be given a chance to express themselves. This also applies to the employees. A company that offers its workers a chance to air their grievances has a more conducive working environment that results in staff satisfaction. When employees are granted a platform to speak up, they also put forward new ideas that can be used to improve the company.

• Giving them a chance to be creative. Every institution has principles and procedures that they follow in conducting their daily activities. A company that rigidly sticks to the set methods has limited chances of improving. Employees should be given the liberty to come up with new ways of doing things. This will make them more adventurous and satisfied. In the long run, they will discover new means of doing things that are easier and less tedious.


2. Engagement

Employee engagement is a consequence of satisfaction. Satisfaction brings about the physical feeling of happiness. Engagement is the positive response of the employee after being fully satisfied by the working environment. An engaged employee is highly self-driven to the fulfillment of the company’s ambitions. He/she owns the company and carries its interests personally. An engaged employee will also defend the company whenever its reputation is questioned.

However, it important to note that satisfaction does not always bring employee engagement. An employee may be unhappy with the company, but his engagement levels remain high. Therefore, engagement is an unconditional situation for employees who have a self-drive to achieve irrespective of the work environment.


3. Experience

Most people have past experiences from institutions that they have worked with. These experiences play a very crucial role in determining the degree of satisfaction of an employee. Every company should strive to build positive experiences so that when the workers relate to their past, they feel motivated to stay in the company. Treating employees in a fair manner will ensure that they are satisfied and they will speak well of the company. Rewarding them regularly for improvements and achievements also makes them satisfied, and they gradually build a nice experience for the company.


In a nutshell, keeping employees happy is crucial to ensuring that they are always productive. Every company should look into the specific conditions that cause discontentment to the workers and rectify them as fast as possible. The human resource department of any company, therefore, has an enormous task of continually tending to the concerns of the employees.