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Lindsey Patterson

How To Stay Up To Date On Technology

4 min read

If your job involves purchasing or using technology for your clients or internal use in your business, it is a pretty good idea to have a system for keeping up on technological change. The better the system that you have, the more job security you retain and the more your firm has a chance to move forward.


Here are some ways that you can stay up to date and help your company make better technology decisions:


Go pro with your reading choices:

It is easy to take a look at overall technology trends when you read financial newspapers. Consumer magazines will provide you with end-user technology ideas. But it is industry news that will give you the best insight on market technology changes themselves. The challenge for you, then, is to find the best resources available. One company that has consistently provided the right technology answers in software and IT over the past few decades is If you scan their headlines regularly, you should end up with a better understanding of what is going on than you will with most other publications.


Don't forget specialized papers:

In addition to magazines, sites like Google scholar allow you to see the true research that is going on in North America. If you have an application that you are interested in developing in any field, checking into the topic on that site should allow you to see what the current state of development is. In most cases, papers that are scholarly do cost extra to access, making it a good idea to look at sites that offer subscriptions if you are looking on a regular basis.


Using a webdev guide to help you accomplish a specific task in IT or business software is another popular way of shortening the amount of time it takes to master technology that you would have to spend hours studying otherwise.


Interact online:

One of the more popular ways for people to get a group of employees up to speed on a technology is to have either an online course or a localized technology course that takes them through an entire set of skills germane to their jobs. With online courses, the positive is that it can be done at whatever pace your employee wants. They can also normally interact socially to get questions answered using social media that has been set up because it is complementary to the main class service.


Another way of interacting online is to work with a lab that has the latest equipment hooked up for your use. Several years ago, some talented people got to thinking about the makers labs that were springing up locally everywhere. The idea was that people would share tools and then they could build things that they couldn't otherwise build. They decided that they should take some of those capabilities online.


Today, it is therefore possible to use a variety of tools that you could only dream about purchasing by accessing them via an Internet interface. If you need hands-on training for a specific technology or machine, you can certainly access them on this site with no wait and no need to travel to a different city to try it.


Staying update on technology is one of the more important aspect of many peoples' jobs. As you grow older, if you have a system that helps you to keep up with the changes going on in your industry, it should make it easier for you to keep your job and do more for your company. Using specialized papers and websites for training while you keep up with technology hands on in the classroom or online is one approach that can pay dividends throughout your career.