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Lindsey Patterson

How to Pick Hairstyles That Suit Your Face Shape

4 min read

No matter what kind of structure your face follows, there will always be a hairdo out there for you. Styling your hair the right way can take you looking like the girl next door to a glammed up Hollywood diva in a matter of seconds. Finding the right haircut is easy, and just requires a few easy steps that you need to do before you step into the parlor. Whether you want to look glamorous in a dress, or cute in a simple denim jacket, the right hairstyle can do the trick for you.

Before you figure out your hairstyle that you are going to pick, you need to determine the face shape. Haircuts work differently depending on the kind of shape your face follows. On the other hand, having a haircut that does not suit your face shape can be disastrous and can drop your overall look more than you can imagine.

If you aren’t sure what kind of face shape you have, there is an easy way to do this. All you need to do is take a picture with the front camera of your phone. Make sure that the photo shows your entire face flat on, and not at any angle. Don’t try to pose during this, and let your face sit naturally as it would be if you weren’t taking a picture. Don’t worry if this isn’t your ideal photo angle since it will only help you understand your face structure, thereby enabling you to get a better haircut. After you have taken the picture, open it in some editing app and outline your face with a pen or marker tool. The shape that this follows will help you determine the shape of your face.

Now that you know for sure what the shape of your face is, the next step is to find the right haircut for you. To make the task of finding one easier, we have compiled a list of haircuts, and have noted down which hairstyles would suit that kind of face shape.

Circular Shaped Face

For those who have a round face, a pixie cut or any short hairstyle looks the best. Because of the shape of the face, longer and bulkier haircuts would add more width to it, thereby making you look broader and fatter. If you do want to keep your hair long and don’t want to chop it all off, try to wear your hair as sleek and straight as possible, as any amount of volume can add a few pounds to your face. If you want medium length hair, that goes up to, or even a little above your shoulders, opt for a sleek, asymmetrical bob.

Heart Shaped Face

People who have heart-shaped faces are some of the luckiest since they have a wide range of hairstyles at their disposal. For those who want to keep their hair short, adding a little bit of texture like waves or spikes is always a good option. If long hair is more of your jam, get a layered haircut with bangs to give your hair more definition and to complement your face well.

Oval Shaped Face

For those who have an oval shaped face, your hairstyles are somewhere in between the ones for heart-shaped faces, and the ones for round faces. Short pixie haircuts don’t look the best on people with oval faces, and ideally should be avoided. However, for a short hairstyle, a textured bob is always a good fit. For those who want an option that has your hair falling up to your shoulders, going in for a sleek shoulder-length cut with subtle blowout waves is the best way to complement your facial structure. A fridge is not ideal for people with this kind of face shape since it makes it look longer than it is. Just like the option for shoulder length hair, longer hair can also be worn in the similar way - sleek from the top, with subtle bangs at the bottom.