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Lindsey Patterson

Hot to Present Yourself As The Hot Parent

4 min read

Some people think that just because a person has had children that they no longer care about their appearance. Society has this false belief that parents are no longer interested in looking attractive to the outside world. In fact, some think that parents want to have nothing to do with sex appeal at all after they have children. These are all false beliefs. Plenty of parents still want to present themselves as hot and attractive to whomever they desire. This is why today we are going to talk about some of the ways a person can make themselves into the hot parent.



Let's face it, society cares about how much you weigh. It is not fair to you or other people in society, but it is a fact at this point. Fortunately, you do have some control over this aspect of your life. While doing things like dieting and actually sticking to it are rather difficult, this is not to say that you are just off the hook for not doing it. Rather, you have the ability to make these choices in your life if you so choose. Jordan Rubin knows that and has developed a number of programs to help parents lose some weight through dieting.


Focus On What Makes You Average

Believe it or not, most of the laws of human attraction revolve around what makes us normal and average. This is not the way that popular media shows it to be sure, but that is actually how it works in real life. When people see another person who is relatively average in certain ways, they feel a sense of security that they can also be average and even embrace their own flaws as well. It is a sense of comfort thing that really attracts people to one another.


Take Cute Social Media Pictures

There is nothing that makes a parent hotter than actually spending quality time with their children that is captured in photos for the whole world to see. If this sounds self-focused to you, then you just need to realize how often you post on social media as well about your own life. Just because someone is a parent does not mean that they don't want to have cute pictures on social media as well, in fact, it is just the opposite.


There are plenty of different photo opportunities that you can try as a parent that will make your viewing audience say "Awwhhh!". You really can be a hot parent by doing these things.


Remember That Life Is Difficult, But You Can Overcome Obstacles

One of the most attractive things about a parent is when they are overcoming challenges that are presented by life in general. People really like it when they see a person who is continuing to strive no matter what life throws at them. We do not get enough examples of this in our daily lives, unfortunately, so when we actually do see someone who is making it happen we are often very much drawn to that experience.


There are plenty of things that non-parents say about how they will raise their own children until they get to the point where they are actually trying to do so. That is the point when it becomes an actual challenge that is a lot more difficult to handle in reality. Thus, it is important to remember as a new parent that you are going to face a lot of challenges that you did not anticipate in the past, but those can be things that make you more attractive to society in general if that is how you want to play your cards.


At the end of the day, focus the most on what you can control and try to look your best if possible. You don't have to impress society as much as you might think you do. It is mostly about being a good parent in general.