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Lindsey Patterson

Get Going Strong in Summer

4 min read

Summertime is the perfect time to get in shape and to start developing fitness habits that you can then extend all the way around the year. Summer is the nice long break you need to clear everything out and get going strong on good money, a good body, great family time with the kids, and lots of love and romance.


1. Get Your Kids Involved with House Ideas

Get the entire family together and make them leaders of their own decisions. Tell them you want to clean the house out and use what you have and to either store or give away what you no longer want to use. Make sure everyone knows that if any of you want to keep and use something, they will be able to do so, provided they have a place to put it and a time in which to use it.


This gives wild ownership to each member of the family and helps all of your kids feel like the cleaning process is something they would actually want to be invested in. Take all of their ideas seriously (even the silly one!) and talk aloud about different ways you could implement them.


It has been seen time and time again that cleaning house helps everyone in the family drop a noticeable amount of weight. It's an energy thing.


2. Make a List of Activities which Cardio Hack Your Body (Let Your Kids Choose Which One for Today!)

Make a list of fun activities that YOU would actually want to do (go swimming, walk in the evenings with your family, race to the tree and back, bike ride to town for a treat and a talk with the sweet shop owner, etc.). Don't put any options on the list that you would hate to even get involved with and make sure that each activity gets your heart pumping. Cardio activity increases the enzymes which also burn fat.


Have your kids pick one activity per day to do. After the summer is over, continue this on the weekends.


3. Cut Down on Costs and Time by Getting Meal Delivery

One of the best ways to lose weight is through prepared meal delivery. Many services are available which provide this and your body will thank you for the many varied options which are automatically delivered to your home. Order an extra meal per day for your family to try and get their feedback on it. This is a great way to get your family involved (and perhaps even subscribed to!) the same plan you are on. Asking them their opinions will also make everyone feel included.


4. Shoes by the Bed Every Morning

Habits are created and kept by making them so small and so easily obtainable that it's almost nothing to perform them. Cue your brain every morning by putting your shoes beside the bed. It's a quick thing to put them on and go for a morning run early in the morning.


If you have any early riser little ones, put their shoes beside the bed to make sure they get to bed early enough so that they have all the sleep they need and get them up to join you in the morning.


This one habit is a tiny but very real habit which makes you want to stick to all of the other little habits you've set up for yourself throughout the day. Remember to only practice one habit at a time for several weeks before implementing a new one. Why? Because the human brain can only handle so much change at one time and life around you needs to change, too. So, therefore, it will have to be a gradual process.


5. Reading Together Every Evening

Calm down, breathe deeply, enjoy warm food and laughter together, and fellowship with your family every evening by reading together. Begin with the books for the young ones first, so that they can then go to bed earlier. This is a great hack because, if they sneak back in to listen to the older kids' books, they are developing a strong habit of the love of reading. If they go immediately to bed, they are developing a strong habit of the love of sleeping. Either way, you and your kids all win.


Using the summer to develop good habits with your body, your own spirit, and your family is one of the most effective things you can do. Everyone is already in the good habit before they go back to school and it can be easily modified and maintained to fit the new, slightly busier schedule. Be sure to drink lots of water, both with and without food, and enjoy the beautiful sun while it lasts. Happy Summer!