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Lindsey Patterson

Four Exceptional Ways to Spice Up Your Backyard

4 min read


You may have taken many significant steps to improve the look and functionality of your home’s interior, but you need to show your backyard some love as well. Your backyard is the ideal place for the kids and pets to run around and burn off some energy, but it also is perfect for enjoying family time together, for entertaining friends and neighbors and more. When you look around your current backyard, you may not be pleased with what you see. The space may be anything but functional, and inviting may be the last word that you would use to describe it. The good news is that you can jazz up this space so that it has the resort-like feel that you desire by focusing on a few important areas.

Install a Pool

Before you begin looking at inground pool pricing, imagine the possibilities for your space. A pool and hot tub could be used for entertaining, personal relaxation, quality family time and more. A hot tub may even be enjoyed year-round regardless of your climate. A pool will give your kids a great place to have fun with friends close to home, and it may remain in place for years for your grandchildren to enjoy. This pool could be surrounded by exceptional landscaping that creates a true paradise in this space. Simply glancing out the window each morning and seeing this beautiful feature could instill you with a sense of relaxed peace.

Add a Fire Feature

There are an extensive range of fire features that you could incorporate into your backyard design. A fire pit is a common type of fire feature for homeowners to enjoy, and this type of feature brings charming ambiance to your space and even warmth during the cooler months of the year. You and your crew could roast marshmallows or even enjoy casual conversation by the fire. There are other fire features that are designed to enhance décor. Their style has an artistic element, and the glow of a fire creates a touch that you cannot generate from any other type of feature. Examining the many styles available may help you to find the right feature to add to your yard.


Upgrade Your Patio Area

In many homes, the patio is a basic concrete slab with a square shape. It is nondescript and even ugly in some cases. You can easily enlarge this space by covering the area with pavers or other attractive coverings. You can also create an awning or shade, add vegetation and lighting and more. Your patio area would not be complete without comfortable seating. The type of seating that you choose may depend on how you plan to use the space. For example, you could choose lounge chairs or a dining table seating option.

Jazz Up Your Cooking Space

These efforts can dramatically transform how you use your backyard space and how enjoyable your time is alone or with your favorite people, but you should take one final step to complete your backyard experience. Your current cook area in your backyard may be a small, outdated grill. You can retire this grill and install a permanent cook area or even an elaborate outdoor kitchen with a fridge, a stovetop and more. This type of feature is perfect for enjoying family barbecues, for entertaining friends with lunch or dinner by the pool and more. When a cooking area is installed in your backyard, you do not have to worry about one person being isolated alone indoors doing all of the cooking.


Your current backyard may be plain and uninteresting. It may be the last place that you think about gathering for quality time with friends and family. However, there is hope for your backyard. Spend time envisioning the possibilities with each of these options in mind. Remember that you could make upgrades and improvements all at once, or you could tackle each of these projects individually as time and funds allow.