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Lindsey Patterson

Beneficial Diet Ideas For 2018 and What to Avoid

4 min read

We’re well into the New Year and hopefully you have done pretty well with sticking to your New Year’s resolution diet, whatever plan you chose to take on. Many people let their diets and resolutions fall behind after just a couple of weeks. If you tried out one of the new diet ideas for 2018, you may have found success. Some have been around for a number of years but just recently gained popularity, while others are relatively new and have been based on recent findings. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new diet ideas for 2018 as well as some other things you can work into your day to day life for better health.


Mediterranean Diet

This is a diet plan that follows a lot of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine that is actually very healthy for us in its natural form. The typical Mediterranean meal is very high in vegetables with the use of olive oil. Vegetables, obviously pack a big punch when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. Olive oil is very beneficial to the digestive system as it keeps things flowing and helps with the detox process.



There are a couple different versions of the DASH diet but essentially, they both focus on foods in their whole form. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruit are popular items on the diet and you are expected to stay away from things like high-fat dairy products, red meat, and refined sugars. The body does really well with this diet and not only is it easy to lose weight on the DASH diet but many people feel a lot better after a very short amount of time.



Regardless of what diet plan you choose to use, fitness is something that needs to be worked in. This contributes to the loss of fat but also helps with heart health, lowering cholesterol and maintaining a healthy blood sugar. It is important to make sure your meals consist of enough protein to give you energy and if you would like some assistance with recovery, you can utilize casein protein in smoothies, shakes, etc. Casein is very slow releasing and will provide you with a lot of protein over a lengthy amount of time. Even at night, your muscles will receive the energy they need to recover by the next day. You can also utilize casein to help build muscle at a faster rate.



While it’s not one specific diet plan, there are a number of programs that provide people with the accountability they need in order to succeed. This has been used for decades by Weight Watchers. Now, you will see programs popping up all over the internet that group people together who want to lose weight or get in better shape. They are required to post their progress and goals as a way to hold them accountable.



If you want to find success with your diet plan, it is best to be realistic. Find something that you know will work for you and won't be incredibly difficult to incorporate into your daily life. Avoid crash diets or anything that deprives your body of the calories or foods that it needs.


It seems that the most successful diet ideas are based off of real food that is reasonable to incorporate into your day to day life. People often can jump on the bandwagon with just about any diet. They often experience a loss of weight and feel better, but they fall off the wagon shortly after because the diets are too hard to follow. These fads that require you to purchase pre-made meals become too expensive and too inconvenient. With people leading very busy lives these days, the best diet ideas are ones that can be easily utilized. A little tweak here and there to your already existing routine is ideal.