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Lindsey Patterson

Being, Finding and Making Leaders for Your Business Success

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When your business has excellent leaders, from the boss to the management staff, then your business has real direction and vision to impart to its other employees. When real leadership is lacking, your company will lack direction and it will also lack a pattern of genuine success. In today’s business world, where fierce competition is the name of the game, your business will need innovative leaders that can help you and your employees navigate the murky waters of such a cutthroat corporate environment with strategies that really work to propel your company to the top. The following are three areas where leaders will come from in your endeavor to fill positions with leadership quality in your company.


How to Be a Boss and a Leader

When it comes to finding good leaders, it helps if you, the boss of your company, have some experience as a leader yourself. Honing the skills of a leader will help you to find people who aspire to what a real leader should be doing for your employees. For example, one of the most important traits of a leader is putting the needs of others before the needs of the self. Learning to think of others is sometimes contrary to the inherent greed that is found in many executives and business owners. These are people who are trained to make money at nearly any cost but to be a leader it requires the ability to make sure the people working for you have their needs met. Fail to do this, and your business will suffer at the expense of your own personal bottom line.


Searching for Leadership Talent

According to, you want to find the right executive-level leader for a decent price without compromising talent or skill level. This can be difficult, and it will require working with recruiters who have your business’s best interests in mind. To assess such a recruiting effort, you will need to pay close attention to online reviews and to the quality of the candidates a company will send you to try out in your company. It may help to speak with other trusted business owners to find out if they have used recruitment companies to help put top quality leaders in key positions of their business too. This way, you can get a good recommendation from someone you consider a trusted colleague.


Making Leaders out of Your Employees

If you are having difficulty finding leaders to help you run your company, sometimes you need to look no further than in your own employee pool. Certain employees will probably stand out, and you can begin to groom them with management skills that can help them function as a leader in your company. Since you are grooming these individuals from the ground up, you can mold them to do things the way you want to do them. This way, you will not have to untrain the molding other executives have imposed on individuals coming into your organization. Rather, you can design a leader over time to fit the role you need them to fit the right way.



When you have leadership skills yourself, it becomes easier to spot others who have the potential to gain and master these skills too. You can see it in the way they conduct themselves in a professional setting, and you can see it in the way they approach problems to solve them. Some of these individuals will need guidance, and others will be naturally intuitive as leaders. Everyone would like to work with natural leaders, but this is not always possible or practical. Sometimes, you simply have to take a green employee under your wing and train them to be a formidable leader in your company to ensure that your business has the right people to lead it to a consistent string of successes. It is here that your own leadership skills will become a key to imparting those traits into the person who will become the leader you envision them becoming.