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Lindsey Patterson

Alternative Business Management Solutions

4 min read

If you run or manage a business, you are probably always looking for new ways to improve how you manage it. However, this can seem overwhelming at first. After all, there is a lot you can do and choosing where to start is not easy. But it can be. If you have a few simple alternative business management solutions on hand, you can create better results in the workplace faster than you imagined. It will position you to take more market share and attract more revenue:


Open Office Plans

Traditional offices are stodgy and closed off. You have to walk around halls and walls all day to speak with someone. Not only does this decrease employee morale, it also causes more time just for simple communication. On the other hand, if you have an open floor plan, you can enjoy faster communication and a sense of transparency and community, creating better relationships in the workplace.


Workforce Development

What is business Workforce Development you might ask? Put simply, it is the art of continuing to place systems within your company that allows your employees to grow and improve. When people are developing, they don't just have improved confidence, they also bring more value to your company. Every dollar you spend on this will pay dividends down the line.


Performance-Based Pay

If an employee is paid a salary for a certain amount of work, then they will work just hard enough not to get fired. However, take the same person and tie their pay to an outcome such as increased efficiency, reduced complaints, or increased sales, and they will feel motivated to perform better. You might think this would be risky for employees who want a secure salary, but it doesn't have to be one or the other. You can find unique ways in your management role to add incentives for people, whether they are salaried or not.


Pragmatic Approach to Goals

It's true that nepotism can take over in the workplace sometimes. As a manager, one alternative solution you can use is to evaluate goals and milestones for the company and even departments and individuals based solely on the numbers. This pragmatic approach prevents jealousy from forming. After all, if one employee sees you commending someone who has been performing poorly while overlooking them for a promotion, it could end up messy on the management side of things for you.


Innovation Periods

Innovation is the key driver of all company success in the long term. With proper innovation, you can enjoy more creative feedback from the marketplace and compete at a high level. Without innovation, you may watch as other companies pass you by. Make sure that you have periods of innovation, whether it is a day of the week or a monthly event where employees can let loose and get creative.


Customer Centric Focus

Sometimes, as a manager, you might find yourself becoming too focused on what the business wants. In doing so, you could lose focus on the bigger picture. The end game is to make the customer happy. Whatever it takes to make them happy should be your primary focus. With this focus, you can enjoy having a real growth business that is set up for the long term. Then, you also get the added benefit of having loyal fans who share your business with their friends. This will bring you free customers so you spend less on marketing.


When it comes to modern-day business, it can be hard to get ahead. If you are going to have the best business in your industry, you can't sit in the middle of the pack. You need new ways to stand out. Otherwise, you risk losing customers. Use the alternative business management solutions above to take your company to the next level now and going forward.