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Lindsey Patterson

7 Cybersecurity Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs

4 min read

The fewer steps you take to ensure to secure your online business, the more you're putting yourself at risk. In fact, nearly 43 percent of cyber attacks are focused on small businesses because they're easier to target. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, almost 60 percent of small to medium-size businesses that have been hacked go out of business within six months of being hacked. Now that you know the consequences of not having security, you'll realize the full importance of investing in cybersecurity.

One of the worst things for a business is to have an inexperienced IT department that sees cybersecurity as intimidating. This is why it's important to invest wisely into online protection, such as the tools we'll talk about below. You'll be surprised how cybersecurity tools can protect you and your business in the long run.


Password Tools

Nearly 90 percent of all passwords are weak enough to be easily hacked. Since it's one of the largest vulnerability points of a business, it's crucial that you choose a complex one and change it regularly. However, challenging passwords are often hard to remember. Fortunately, you can take advantage of password tools like 1Passowrd, which manages all your passwords and keeps them in one safe place.



Using a VPN, or virtual private network can help keep your business secure by encrypting your network traffic to avoid letting other people spy on what you do. After all, a hacker only needs one vulnerability in your network to gain access to your sensitive information. Investing in VPN tools like Safer VPN can offer you protection for a multitude of users on your business devices.


Antivirus Software

To protect your business online, you should really invest in good antivirus software. Although it won't directly protect you from hacking attacks, it will let you know if you receive email scams or if your device is infected with malware. Fortunately, AVG Technologies offer free antivirus software for their users and premium packages for businesses.


Firewall Protection

After you install antivirus software, the next thing you want to download is firewall protection. This will help monitor which threats are trying to scam you and block potentially dangerous sites. Although it won't be able to protect you from every threat online, it’s another layer of protection worth investing in.


Improved Hardware

Since older computers tend to have outdated hardware that poses as security threats, it's important that you update your hardware to lower potential hacking risks. In fact, you should regularly update your hardware every year, if not every couple months to offer yourself the best security.


Improved Software

In addition to getting newer hardware, you should also get updated software. This includes the software for project management, communication, data storage, and network monitoring. Since every platform has their own strengths and weaknesses, be sure to pay attention to which apps and software you use. The vendor you choose to buy from should have a long history of reliability. Read customer reviews to determine which brands and vendors you can trust.


Training and Education

Last, you should obtain training and education tools for yourself and anybody who works with you. Use these to learn about the most recent updates in the field of cybersecurity, train your staff, and protect your business. The majority of hacks are caused by ordinary human error. By ensuring you and your staff are well-versed in security, you can reduce your risk of errors and, therefore, cyber attacks. Every month, review new updates and old policies like changing passwords and staying away from disreputable websites.


Entrepreneurs and small businesses are hacked every single day. However, you don't need to be a tech expert to save yourself and your customers from this type of cyber attack. With these seven tools, you can protect your personal information and prevent your business from falling into ruin.