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Lindsey Patterson

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Set Up Your New Website for Success

4 min read

The internet has changed the game for small businesses. No longer do you have to compete directly with huge corporations for finite shelf space at major retailers. Instead, you can offer your wares to anyone in the world with a shipping address through the power of the internet.


Despite the possibilities, however, not every business that launches a website is successful. Some estimate that the failure rate for online businesses may be as high as 90 percent. That’s nothing to scoff at. If you want to avoid becoming part of this horrifying statistic, you need to learn how to properly implement digital marketing to make sure your new online businesses turns a profit. With that in mind, below are five digital marketing tips you can use to set up your new website for success.


Content Is Key


Advertising isn’t anything new. People are bombarded with ads pretty much from the day they are born. As such, most people consciously try to filter them out. In other cases, they manually filter them out as is the case with “spam” email.


If you want to attract people’s attention, you’re going to have to do more than simply bombard them with ads. Instead, you should provide them with relevant content. Whether it is blog articles, recipes, entertaining videos, games or something else, the content you offer should inform people of your products while providing value apart from that. Content marketing is one of the strongest forms of online marketing. For example, it produces three times the leads that paid search does for the same amount of money.


Sell a Variety of Products


While you may be intending to use your store to only sell your own products, you may want to reconsider that plan. If you sell a variety of items including those produced by other companies, you could in fact increase your profit margins if you sell those items with a healthy markup. If you produce cosmetics, for example, you may also want to consider making your online store into a Lipsense distributor as well. If offering more products results in people placing more items into their digital shopping cart, this can be a winning strategy.


Implement Strong SEO


Search engine optimization is one of the most important marketing strategies you can implement for a website. There are over 1.3 billion websites on the internet. Without strong SEO, it will be pretty much impossible for someone using Google, Bing or another search engine to find your store. Make sure to optimize your website for keywords and search terms that customers would be likely to use. If you can accomplish that, you’re sure to reap the financial rewards.


Market with Social Media


Social media is an excellent marketing tool you should certainly take full advantage of. Unlike other marketing platforms like radio and print, it’s completely free to sign up and publish marketing materials on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you use your account well, you can build a huge following that you can market to directly by informing them of new products and promotions at your online store. If your social media postings manage to go viral, you’ll be able to reach many new customers.


Cater to SmartPhone Users


You should also be aware that the majority of your customers will likely be making purchases using smart phones as opposed to desktop or laptop computers. Keep this in mind in regards to your marketing materials, web design and SEO. If your web design isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, Google and other search engines will likely punish your ranking for mobile search results.


The internet is a powerful tool. It can allow you to reach far more consumers than you could ever hope to reach with just a brick and mortar location. However, that doesn’t mean that selling your products on the internet will be easy. You will have to make the proper investment into the right marketing strategies to make your online store a success.